Free Download Heart of Glass - by Sasha Gould, Heart of Glass, Sasha Gould, Heart of Glass In a society of liars who do you trust It is in Venice and three months have passed since Laura della Scala solved her sister s murder after joining the Segreta a powerful society of women who trade protection for secrets Now Laura is engaged to her true love Roberto and she has never been happier But the night Laura is sent on her first important mission for tIn a society Free Download Heart of Glass - by Sasha Gould - Heart of Glass, Heart of Glass In a society of liars who do you trust It is in Venice and three months have passed since Laura della Scala solved her sister s murder after joining the Segreta a powerful society of women who

  • Title: Heart of Glass
  • Author: Sasha Gould
  • ISBN: 9780385741521
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Heart of Glass - by Sasha Gould Free Download Heart of Glass - by Sasha Gould - Heart of Glass, Heart of Glass In a society of liars who do you trust It is in Venice and three months have passed since Laura della Scala solved her sister s murder after joining the Segreta a powerful society of women who

  • Free Download Heart of Glass - by Sasha Gould
    267Sasha Gould
Heart of Glass

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  1. Sasha Gould

    Sasha Gould lived in Venice until she was nine years old She later studied fashion in London Her favorite things are opera, ballet, and romantic movies She now lives in the Lake District of England with her cat, Tosca, and writes about Venice, the beautiful and mysterious city she knows and loves.

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  1. There are, to my mind, two basic kinds of historical fiction those that endeavor to be historically accurate and those that really don t, merely using the lavish historical backdrop to entertain Personally, I like both kinds The only time the latter s not good is when it has pretensions to being history as well as historical fiction, and teaches readers a bunch of incorrect information Heart of Glass falls into the latter camp, and, from what I can tell, the political maneuverings of the novel h [...]

  2. While I liked this sequel to Cross My Heart ok, it was very predictable It was obvious to me who the traitor to the Segreta was and what people were behind other things too I also thought it unbelievable that Laura would be blamed and hated by people for things someone else was accused of I found it hard to believe that the people would have turned on Roberto the way they did and side with a Turk, considering the hate that a lot of people in the city harbored for him and his people, and view spo [...]

  3. A solid, if slightly predictable, historical fiction novel Gould does a fine job of capturing the atmosphere of Renaissance Venice and keeping the plot moving at a fast pace I enjoyed it, but probably won t remember much about it in a few months.

  4. In her debut novel, Cross My Heart, Sasha Gould painted 16th century Venice through the eyes of young heroine Laura della Scala Though a beautiful city, the nights of Venice hold a society of women known as the Segreta whose collection of secrets gives them power beyond measure This highly anticipated sequel, Heart of Glass, delves deeper into the darker side of Venetian society, shockingly revealing conspiracies and treachery In a city that wears deceit as a second skin, Laura must learn who ca [...]

  5. Very enjoyable, with some twists and turns I didn t expect, and some that I did I got a little annoyed with the oh, my love lines, but overall a great second book.

  6. Cover Blurb Yes or No I love, love, love the pretty black and gold fan, but there s a huge leering character impersonator staring at me Ahhh I preferred it when she wore a mask.Characters Laura continues to be a wonderfully unannoying protagonist She s capable and takes action when no one else will all without having The Attitude Heck, when she s taken captive at one point, she blows up an entire ship How awesome is that She doesn t sit back and let stuff happen all around her When people she lo [...]

  7. Nope See saws all over character development but in a simple way Laura is rather an unintelligent character to me who always does her own thing and happens to be in the right place at the right time and somehow ends up totally all right in the end And the end was too detailed in its effort to tie it all up in a triumphant way As with the prequel, this book didn t live up to its potential to me And would have been better without the aspects of romance I think.

  8. For everyone who read the incredible story, Cross My Heart, this is the sequel that, if possible, is even better than the first.Here we begin with Roberto the Doge s son honing his battle skills with the love of his life, Laura della Scala Laura is the young lady who solved the murder of her sister three months ago by joining up with the secret society of masked females who call themselves the Segreta These are women who help one and all, by trading their massive skills and huge network of resou [...]

  9. So much better than the first And I liked the first.Heart of Glass features a much kickbutt heroine than we saw in Cross My Heart No frightened, unsure Laura, but a woman who is rocking the Segreta and making Venice a better place When fellow Segreta members vote not to act on certain matters, Laura takes it into her own hand and does what needs to be done When dearest Roberto gets framed for murder, Laura has to act alone to put evidence together to prove him innocent, ignoring the tiny voice [...]

  10. This book was by far better than Cross my Heart When I read Cross my Heart I felt like something was lacking in the story I liked it an everything, but it was just missing that umph that would make it a 5 star book This book, Heart of Glass had it all.Overall, I d say this book took the first one up a level I really like the character we have in Laura now She has really grown from the na ve convent girl in book 1 and has become a strong, intelligent and independent woman More so in this book tha [...]

  11. Here we are in Venizia againThank goodness, Laura actually is not as genre blind as I first imagined so you, reader, are saved from believing that although she does, really, tell Halim she is not seeing anyone and you know how that turns out , and shows herself to be tough as nails In that regard, though, I have a qualm not only for her killing people without much remorse, also the realistic aspect of that Is it possible that a young woman, newly out of a conservative convent, would defend herse [...]

  12. This was a nice continuation of the series But there were some plot holes that should have been cleared up For example the author never said how Aysim s maid got in Roberto s apartment And was he drugged like Laura so he didn t know what happened And what s up with Aysim saying Halim sought the counsel of Carina and then saying a few pages later that he doesn t trust women And this is a little nit picky, but how come Aysim knows French fluently but not very much Italian She said her mother was f [...]

  13. What would you do if your fiance was accused of murder Heart of Glass is the Vinetian sequal to Cross My Heart tinyurl ljq5pr5 and continues the story of aristocratic Laura and her involvement in secrets and conspiracies of the Segreta It is 1585 in Venice, and three months have passed since Laura della Scala solved her sister s murder after joining the Segreta, a powerful society of women who trade protection for secrets Laura is a powerful character who has to decide to fight for what she beli [...]

  14. First I will mention that Heart of Glass gets your attention much faster than Cross my Heart Reading Cross my Heart I almost lost interest before it picked up the pace In Heart of Glass Laura is fighting not only to prevent war with the Turks and to find traitors, but to save Roberto s life Roberto has been false accused of murder and faces execution Heart of Glass is well written, detailed, and has some history mixed in This book is very serious though, and as wonderful as I found it, I do thin [...]

  15. so good the women in this series are so wonderful compassionate and kind Laura, Emilia but also smart and dangerous also Laura, the Segreta in this book we really get to see the Segreta in action, including a scene where they humiliate and threaten a wife beating soldier excellent these are women who go to any lengths for the truth and justice and protecting their society including being willing to die for it and Laura BLOWS UP A SHIP YEAH I was kinda wary of view spoiler a Turkish prince being [...]

  16. Even though I was able to guess at everything and see all the plot points coming a million miles away, this was still a fairly enjoyable read.I don t really like the idea of Laura being married to Roberto, but meh At least now her father won t be all creepy, trying to get her to marry ridiculously old dudes, simply because they re wealthy I like the idea of Carina being a long term villain I can t believe Laura forgave Paulina Ugh, that s totally going to come back to bite her I know it

  17. Rounding up what should be 3.5.I suppose the first book was much better, actions and intrigues, less romance or drama I don t know what made the author lose her original touch of suspense and mystery and all those thrill that came out in the first book, but I still enjoy the historical settings throughout the story.Overall, I would give an okay as a rating, since the story somehow turn to one of the love drama I often stumble in other YA novels.

  18. This author delivered a great adventure again There were less surprises in this book compared to Cross my heart because the author used the same writing style As a reader of this author I was able to figure out a few of the cliff hangers before their conclusions were revealed The characters in this book were well developed The plot was believable The book is worth the time it takes to read it.

  19. Treachery everywhere to behold Not only did Laura have to overcome obstacles, she had to listen and do the things she was forced to do, but she chose herself to really do the things she was supposed to Her ability to forgive is very much overpowering on herself, something I wish I sometims had But stubbornness is never rewarded or unrewarded.

  20. 2.5 5This book had such a great potential It was like the tip of the iceberg of a great story For a short book, it took a tremendous amount of time to finish it Surprisingly, I kind of want of this world In my opinion, the book lacked fluidity between the great well written scenes It felt less like a story and like a collage.

  21. I enjoyed this one a little than the first one it had an interesting plot that kept you guessing Again, the descriptions slowed down the story a bit It also had several gaps where it jumped from one place to another without any kind of transition or break, and it was a little confusing for a minute each time it did that, but overall I liked it.

  22. Even tiring than the first book, so many kidnappings Dragged on, no real story of interest And it leaves you thinking that Carina will return to hurt Laura again Did not like Niccolo dying what a waste.

  23. I love this character and the depiction of Venice This is the second book in the series and I have enjoyed both books Good adventure, mystery and romance It s also clean enough to recommend to young adults.

  24. I really liked this book It was a worthy sequel I do feel like she is too easily swayed from her beliefs and confidences sometimes but her impetuousness was an interesting read I enjoyed that she became confident and world wise towards the end of the book Very good read.

  25. Actual rating 3.5 I found this book much interesting than the first, and the quick and twisting plot made it a very quick read It lacked in some areas, but was an improvement from the first book.

  26. Some people are so incredibly useless Heaven forbid we actually think something through, question it, and seek to learn .

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