Free Download Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit - by Sten Nadolny, Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit, Sten Nadolny, Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit Seit seiner Kindheit tr umt John Franklin davon zur See zu fahren obwohl er daf r denkbar ungeeignet ist denn in allem was er tut ist er extrem langsam Doch was er einmal erfa t hat vergi t er nicht mehr Er geht zur Marine und erlebt den Krieg Insgeheim aber tr umt er von friedlichen Fahrten auf See und von der Entdeckung der legend ren Nordwestpassage Als Komm Free Download Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit - by Sten Nadolny - Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit, Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit Seit seiner Kindheit tr umt John Franklin davon zur See zu fahren obwohl er daf r denkbar ungeeignet ist denn in allem was er tut ist er extrem langsam Doch was er einmal erfa t hat vergi t er n

  • Title: Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit
  • Author: Sten Nadolny
  • ISBN: 9783492207003
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit - by Sten Nadolny Free Download Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit - by Sten Nadolny - Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit, Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit Seit seiner Kindheit tr umt John Franklin davon zur See zu fahren obwohl er daf r denkbar ungeeignet ist denn in allem was er tut ist er extrem langsam Doch was er einmal erfa t hat vergi t er n

  • Free Download Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit - by Sten Nadolny
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Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit

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  1. Sten Nadolny

    Sten Nadolny, born 29 July 1942, in Zehdenick, Province of Brandenburg is a German novelist His parents, Burkhard and Isabella Nadolny, were also writers.His best known work is The Discovery of Slowness 1987 originally published in 1983 as Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit , a fictionalized meditation on the life and lessons of British Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin A pre publication portion of the novel titled Kopenhagen 1801 which would become the fifth chapter had earned Nadolny the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize in 1980.

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  1. Nadolny tells the story of the British Royal Navy Officer and Arctic explorer John Franklin who died in 1847 while attempting to chart and navigate a section of the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic The historical sources are well studied, but Nadolny has found an own explanation for Franklin s iron will.John Franklin is slow, very slow When other children play ball, he holds the cord because he s too slow to catch The cord however he can hold for hours This alleged handicap also has it s [...]

  2. The Discovery of Slowness is a novel of ideas, but rather than the negative connotation that term often seems to carry, I intend it here as high praise Nadolny s probing questions about what qualities make a person succeed or fail, and about the value of slow, determined strength, are engrossing and provocative Those questions are made crucial to the vivid telling of John Franklin s story the historical accuracy of which I can t speak to, but it certainly felt believable to me , so they don t fe [...]

  3. One of the highlights of my life having smoked salmon breakfast in my house with Sten Nadolny He is every bit as adorable as his books suggest, and the lesser known books by his mother would suggest also, that this is a lovely cultured family.The book speaks for itself, read it if you feel drawn to that sort of literature The sort being taking a historical character and building a novel around that persons life, based on fact and embellished by the author s ideas I d have to re read the book to [...]

  4. Een in onze contreien weinig bekende cultroman is het in 1983 verschenen De ontdekking van het langzame leven van de Duitse schrijver Sten Nadolny Het boek verwierf faam mede dankzij de Engelse vertaling bij Penguin en groeide uit tot een internationale bestseller, met ondertussen wereldwijd meer dan 1 miljoen verkochte exemplaren Het is de gefictionaliseerde biografie van de Britse marineoffcier en poolreiziger John Franklin, een van de belangrijkste ontdekkingsreizigers van de 19de eeuw die he [...]

  5. 4,5 Sterne, ein sehr kluges Buch voller Poesie Ich hab es sehr genossen, obwohl ich nur langsam vorankam Der Schreibstil ist nicht sehr leicht verst ndlich.

  6. This is a fictionalized biography of the 19th century Arctic explorer, Sir John Franklin He is slow Slowness here has nothing to do with stupidity or mental retardation He just takes his own time to do anything and hardly gives up Thus he turns around an apparent weakness to his greatest strength He shows that slowness in even desired in some pursuits Was Franklin was slow in his real life Probably yes Probably no This book is very popular in the artistic circles Probably due to the first part w [...]

  7. A little known and fine piece of literature is the novel Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit The Discovery of Slowness , by Sten Nadolny The story is a fictionalized account of John Franklin, a historical explorer around the turn of the 19th century As the protagonist, John Franklin is the most unlikely of adventurers because he is regarded as slow He has a disability restricting and affecting his physical movement as well as his perception He literally cannot move quickly or see things that move too [...]

  8. Wonderful story I m too glad of having read it to tell you how exactly glad I am Historical prose has never been my favourite genre because of its being defined in reality a storyteller can t change the end as it had already happened The same is true for historical fiction what right a storyteller has, even in a book, to change the end as it had already happened So pure fiction remains the sea I like to swim in.Nevertheless, The Discovery of Slowness is a life story of a man I didn t know much a [...]

  9. John Franklin was al tien jaar oud en nog altijd zo langzaam dat hij geen bal kon vangen Een sterke openingszin We weten nog niks van deze John Franklin, maar hij heeft gelijk onze sympathie Daar willen we meer over lezen.Het langzame zal Franklins leven bepalen Naar zee, dat is wat hij wil Weg van het Engelse platteland waar hij opgroeit Hij hoopt dat hij zijn handicap aan boord van een schip zal weten om te buigen naar een voordeel Uiteindelijk lukt het hem om als matroos aan te monsteren Alle [...]

  10. Meant to read this a long time ago and was moving at my own pace, per the underlying message of this very beautiful and beautifully paced novel about timing and being true to one s internal clock Turns out it requires weirdly unshakable confidence Also a preference for the open sea appears useful I haven t been this interested in early expeditions to the arctic in quite some time read ever But in general, it was just my speed Side note the author does not use any puns as terrible as that one I p [...]

  11. Einfach ein gro artiges Buch mit einer Langzeitwirkung, das zeigt, dass erst einmal darauf ankommt bei sich selbst zu sein, sein eigenes Tempo zu finden und das schon vor drei ig Jahren den Begriff Entschleunigung einf hrte, vision r, mit poetischen Bildern Ohne bertreibung es hat mein Leben ver ndert

  12. Follow where the path leads without doubt or fear there is only now to be addressed The main character in this book is breathtakingly well written By the end you are so in his head that everything makes perfect sense and you re so sympathetic to him that everyone who ever judged him seems utterly foolish

  13. The title describes perfectly my dawning understanding about this book Slowly, I discovered that it was slow going.Could not be bothered to finish it.

  14. Einer der hochwertigsten historischen Romane der Moderne, mindestens eine Liga ber den blichen Verd chtigen wie Rebecca Gable und Ken Follett Hier vermischen sich Fiktion und Realit t auf geniale Weise, ohne dass dem Leser jemals vorgegaukelt wird, dies sei eine tats chliche historische Darstellung, wie leider o.g Autoren oft versuchen, den Eindruck zu vermitteln.Nadolny erfindet eine ganz eigene Pers nlichkeit f r John Franklin, den er von Kindheit an begleitet, und kann sich so dem Thema enger [...]

  15. Historical Fiction of epic proportions Sten Nadolny writes of Sir John Franklin, 19th century Arctic explorer, thus dispelling the notion that one must move swiftly in matters of discovery Early on Sir John became keenly aware of his innate slowness and the advantages it afforded him by adapting to his slow nature Accepting that compensating for his slowness is what helped him become the navigator he is remembered for This would make a most satisfying topic for PBS to portray in a mini series

  16. The problem with such a book being crafted 150 years after the actual man lived is that it becomes too heavily entrenched in the contemporary norms of a hero These implausible virtues for a man of Franklin s era distracted from what this book is so beautifully centered around slowness The deluge of morality added nothing given the fact that slowness can clearly benefit the bad as well.

  17. Nadolny uses the real life and exploits of the historical John Franklin to frame a narrative both absorbing and epistemological When he composed the work in German in 1983, neurodiversity was hardly the watchword it has become today, and yet the author makes clear the virtues of Franklin s slowness.

  18. Selten ein so langweiliges Buch gelesen Langsamkeit okay Kritik an unserer schnelllebigen Zeit super.Hab ich aber nicht wirklich in diesem Buch gefunden.An den eigentlich spannenden Stellen wird total emotionslos und im Logbuch Stil geschrieben.Nicht mein Buch

  19. An interesting story about a man who truly wants to understand things As he starts understanding his slowness, it becomes his greatest skill A tough read Considering the subject, it couldn t be any other way.

  20. Wonderful story about John Franklin who had to accept his physical limitations and made them his biggest advantage Novelization of the British Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin.

  21. T rk e de Yava l n Ke fi ad ile yay nlanm t a m zda her eyi acele yapmaya al yor ve ya amay ka r yoruz elimizden.YAVA LAMALIYIZ.

  22. Took me quite a while to get into the story but it s a fascinating adventure Very well written and great character development I like how Franklin got comfortable with his own personality and his slowness as he grew older The book also aroused my interest in the actual Franklin expedition Gonna look for some documentaries or non fiction now.

  23. Eine wundersch ne Erz hlung ber das reale Leben des Entdeckers John Franklin 1786 1847 , seine Reisen unter anderem zur Terra australis, gen Nordpol, Begegnungen mit Inuits und Indianern All dies gespickt mit wunderbaren frei erfundenen Anekdoten und durchzogen von der fiktiven Charaktereigenschaft, die den John Franklin so besonders macht eine Langsamkeit, die er als St rke umwandelt Somit ein Appell an Achilles Fersen, die zu neuer Kraft genutzt werden k nnen.

  24. De ontdekking van het langzame leven heb ik grappig genoeg juist heel snel gelezen.Het is een bedachtzaam boek, Nadolny heeft het zo geschreven dat je snel lezend of onvoorzichtig kijkend, juist het mooiste mist.En wat ligt er veel moois onder de oppervlakteIn eerste instantie is sprake van een simpele stijl, verteld in de tweede persoon Maar als het verhaal zich langzaam begint te ontvouwen rond haar centrale these het systeem van Franklin, dan is het ook fijn lezen Het is geen melancholisch en [...]

  25. Reviewing in English for consistency with my feed.This story was thrust upon me by my German wife, to my unexpected joy It takes the unusual form of a fictionalisation by a German author of a British Arctic explorer and one time colonial governor of Tasmania, then a penal colony known as Van Dieman s Land and, like Australia itself, then one of the few prisons visible from the moon Tasman was the name of the discover of the island, and the explorer John Franklin was responsible for its acquiring [...]

  26. Mi aveva intrigato l idea della lentezza che da difficolt si trasforma in una chiave di interpretazione di s e in successo nel mondo relazionale Effettivamente la prima parte del romanzo, con la narrazione dell infanzia del personaggio, descrive bene, a mio avviso, questo passaggio essenziale una ragazzino che viene considerato quasi menomato e che crescendo analizza questo suo modo diverso di essere e ne fa un arma vincente Poi per la seconda parte del romanzo continua a ripetersi sempre intorn [...]

  27. I have so many books in my queue I have now come up with a scheme that places them all in a lottery system because I find it and difficult to choose one I want to really read ALL of them The lottery involves visiting this website to generate a random number That in turn has increased my knowledge of the difference between pseudo random and true random numbers when talking about computers generating said numbers See How reading opens up new worlds Ahem anywho On to The Discovery of Slowness by [...]

  28. I wasn t aware of the fact that HMS Erebus was found two years ago and the second of the ships of Franklin s polar expedition, the HMS Terror was found just a month ago HMS Terror foundWhen Nadolny wrote this book, none of the ships had been discovered yet, leaving much questions unanswered For the purpose of the novel, the discoveries don t matter Nadolny didn t want to put forth another hypothesis of what could have happened His aim is in the title Discovering slowness in an ever accelerating [...]

  29. Ultimately disappointing but Nadolny does try to tell the story of the whole of Franklin s life in 300 pages, so he was taking a lot in Simmons took 900 over just the North West Passage saga, and Lambert 450 over his naval exploits What remains, is that John Franklin was a fascinating character, and deserves written about him Nadolny does extremely well with his early life, of which I knew little, and his penultimate voyage to the Arctic For example, he had a mentor, a former teacher In Harry T [...]

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