Close to Home Best Download || [Peter Robinson], Close to Home, Peter Robinson, Close to Home The past returns to haunt Chief Inspector Alan Banks in this harrowing novel of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson There are human bones buried in an open field the remains of a lost teenaged boy whose disappearance devastated a community than thirty five years ago and scarred a guilt ridden friend forever A long hidden horror has been uThe past returns Close to Home Best Download || [Peter Robinson] - Close to Home, Close to Home The past returns to haunt Chief Inspector Alan Banks in this harrowing novel of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson There are human bones buried in an open field the remai

  • Title: Close to Home
  • Author: Peter Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780061031090
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback

Close to Home Best Download || [Peter Robinson] Close to Home Best Download || [Peter Robinson] - Close to Home, Close to Home The past returns to haunt Chief Inspector Alan Banks in this harrowing novel of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson There are human bones buried in an open field the remai

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  • Close to Home Best Download || [Peter Robinson]
    448 Peter Robinson
Close to Home

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  1. Peter Robinson

    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Peter Robinson was born in Yorkshire After getting his BA Honours Degree in English Literature at the University of Leeds, he came to Canada and took his MA in English and Creative Writing at the University of Windsor, with Joyce Carol Oates as his tutor, then a PhD in English at York University He has taught at a number of Toronto community colleges and universities and served as Writer in Residence at the University of Windsor, 1992 93.Series Inspector BanksAwards Winner of the 1992 Ellis Award for Best Novel Winner of the 1997 Ellis Award for Best Novel Winner of the 2000 Anthony Award for Best Novel Winner of the 2000 Barry Award for Best Novel Winner of the 2001 Ellis Award for Best Novel.

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  1. Peter Robinson image from The Guardian The body of Inspector Alan Banks childhood friend, Graham Marshall, is discovered decades after he was killed Banks returns from a Greek vacation to offer assistance He learns much about the unseen elements of the world in which he was raised, including that Graham s dad was a mob enforcer, and that Graham himself had some secrets worth keeping Inspector Banks and DI Michelle Hart raise some sparks between them but not a lot of heat Digging up the past unco [...]

  2. The discovery of the remains of a childhood friend of Banks, who disappeared when they were in their early teens, makes the inspector cut his Greek vacation short No has he gotten home, when he needs to assist Annie Cabbott with a very recent disappearance of another young boy What looked straightforward in both cases turn out to be much complicated than anyone could guess The suspense in the parallel stories of history and present and the great characters old and new was highly enjoyable and [...]

  3. Quite a nice thriller, which I enjoyed reading Interesting plot and well defined characters 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.

  4. The Inspector Alan Banks series is incredible It just keeps getting better and better, and Alan Banks is a wonderful character A good policeman, but a man with many flaws and uncertainties which he always seems to work his way through when he s working on a case I have read a lot of mysteries about past and present homicides, but this one is a step above The book is about the disappearance and murder of two teenage boys One from 1965 and one from the present day The boy lost in 1965 was a school [...]

  5. In this 13th book of the DCI Banks series, we get an interesting view into Banks childhood when he returns home to investigate a murder of his childhood friend Soon Banks finds himself engrossed in a current murder of Luke Armitage, another teenage boy I liked following the aspects of both murders while the author slowly builds the level of suspense tension as each new plot development is revealed so that you really had an on the edge of your seat feeling The characters were also well drawn and [...]

  6. i thoroughly enjoyed this Banks novel I havent read that many of the Banks novels This one intrigued me because of the time period in the past to which the murder goes back to, namely the 1960s this was my era of growing up and i can easily relate to some of the reminiscences of Chief Inspector Banks , it brought a number of long forgotten 1960s things back to mind i though the storyline was excellent

  7. RATING 4.25Inspector Alan Banks has been through a grueling time both personally and professionally and has decided to recuperate by taking his holidays in Greece for a month He s run away from his messy life and has found paradise of a kind, but not for long For things are happening back home that demand his attention.During Alan s teenaged years, he had a group of guys that he hung out with, including a boy by the name of Graham Marshall Graham disappeared and was never heard of again It s ove [...]

  8. CLOSE TO HOME Police Prod England 1965 95 G Robinson, Peter 12th in seriesAvon Books, 2003 Paperback On vacation in Greece, Chief Inspector Alan Banks learns the body of a boyhood friend is found, 30 years after the boy went missing Banks remembers that someone tried to grab his a few days before and feels he has to return to the town where he grew up to finally tell the police about it In the meantime, another 15 year old boy has gone missing Not everyone can pull off having two cases that are [...]

  9. Perhaps you will like this book if you have read and enjoyed the prior 12 books in the series While it does stand on its own, I found it utterly unreadable I stopped reading it midway From chapter one I found the main character to be a self righteous jerk The only part of which I read that I liked was when the female copper thought that the main character was dwelling on the past Spot on I really did not need to read paragraph after paragraph about what this Banks fellow listened to in the 1960s [...]

  10. AKA The Summer That Never Was This wasn t quite up to the usual high standard I felt it a little incongruous to have Banks have a long forgotten murder suddenly become relevant, and suddenly be possible to solve especially when there was quite a lot of conjecture required to tie everything together I didn t regret reading this it was an absorbing and easy read but it certainly wasn t one of my favourites in the series.

  11. It was OK nearly gave it a 1 but there are worse books around The thing I most objected to was the pretentious title fest of music and musicians, books and authors and paintings and painters OK, Peter Robinson knows a lot about these things, but frankly, I don t care about that It doesn t help the story one iota.

  12. Also entitled The Summer That Never Was we have often heard Banks mention his childhood friend, Graham who went missing the summer of 1965 Now with the discovery of old bones he travels back to his old home to help the local police in their enquiries Another good read.

  13. Very enjoyable and suspenseful I liked the way Peter Robinson presented two cases for Inspector Banks to work one in the present and one from his past I think this gave a better look at Banks and what drives him to do his job.

  14. Inspector Alan Banks life is in turmoil so he jaunts off to a Greek Island Paradise to try to forget his failed marriage, and recently his failed relationship with his co worker He hears that the body of a childhood friend missing over thirty years has been unearthed in Peterborough, and Banks must return to get answers to his many questions Perhaps some help to alleviate the guilt he has been carrying for being unable to help solve this long mystery of his long lost chum, Graham Marshall Peter [...]

  15. I received Close to Home as part of a giveaway.Chief Inspector Alan Banks returns from a sabbatical in Greece to face both personal and professional demons On the heels of a failed marriage and workplace romance, he arrives home to find that the remains of his childhood friend Graham Marshall, who disappeared in 1965, have been unearthed Simultaneously, the brooding, poetic teenage stepson of a well known professional soccer player disappeared, apparently without a trace, and it is up to Banks a [...]

  16. This is book 13 in the Inspector Banks series A long buried body is discovered buried in a field now being excavated for housing It turns out to be the long lost teenage friend of DCI Alan Banks A friend who disappeared without a trace over 30 years before But Banks is on holiday in Greece and he works in a different police force over 2 hours drive away Nevertheless, he is intrigued by the finding and feels that he can contribute to the case The cold case becomes difficult, especially when it ap [...]

  17. Disclaimer I received this for free through a giveaway.I ve never read any of Robinson s other books, so was worried I wouldn t be able to enjoy this properly as it s the 13th book in a series Luckily, that wasn t the case, as this book can stand alone without any prior knowledge of the series necessary.It s an interesting enough plot, and kept me engaged enough to read it in a day, but it s not the type of mystery with lots of twists and turns By the end, it s easy to guess how things will reso [...]

  18. This novel contains two stories One is about the discovery of the body of a friend of Banks who just disappeared one day 30 years ago from Banks home town of Peterborough With a body to work with an investigation gets under way, but Banks is not leading this investigation, he is just recalling his past and helping where and when he can Back in Eastvale, DI Cabott is investigating the disappearance of a 15 year old who is the stepson of a famous footballer, son of a model and a dead rock star Whe [...]

  19. I started reading this series a few years ago with 14 which I really loved so I then read a couple that followed and decided that I really liked this series So, decided to start at with some early books once Annie is in the series 10 I really like this series and find them all good great mysteries with just the right amount of focus on the personal lives of the characters This one, Close to Home, really captivated me It is about a missing child being discovered and becomes very personal for Insp [...]

  20. As we rejoin Banks in the thirteenth addition to the series, he is vacationing in Greece, attempting a brief escape from his failed marriage, a failed relationship and a job which is threatening to send him over the edge The constant exposure to conflicting demands, violent death and the very worst in people is threatening his very sense of self While trying to enjoy this brief holiday escape, he reads about new developments at home A construction worker has uncovered a skeleton at the site of a [...]

  21. I never really connected with the characters very much and it was just too slow long, I skipped 4 CDs and it didn t hurt my ability to follow what was happening Half the story was about a murder that happened in the 1960s so not much suspense there, the other story was a supposed kidnapping and murder but we never met the kid and the parents were kind of jerks so there wasn t much drama there, either Coming in on the 13th book of course isn t going to give the best impression of characters, but [...]

  22. This novel is the 13th in the Inspector Banks series and can be read as a stand alone The story is about the mysterious disappearance of Inspector Banks childhood friend, Graham Marshall, whose disappearance while delivering newspapers was a mystery for years Banks was on holiday when his bones were discovered many years later The mystery brings back memories of his childhood and adolescence years I received this book from the Giveaways for a review.

  23. While reading, I kept thinking that the two stories investigations would be better off as separate books it wasn t until a paragraph on the second to last page that I realized, that no, they did work together in the same book They might have died in different ways for different reasons not to mention different times but they were just two kids lost in a grown up world where needs and emotions were bigger than theirs, stronger and complex than they could comprehend.

  24. Back to Alan s childhood and the unsolved disappearance of his friend, Graham, whose bones are found in a shallow grave Then a boy of 15, son of minor celebrities, goes missing in North Yorkshire, and Annie Cabbott is on that case Banks is called back from Greece, where he has gone to recover from the events of the previous book, Aftermath, and he meets Michelle, who has been assigned to the case In the course of these investigations, he discovers how little he knew about his friend.

  25. Two seemingly related cases of the murder of young boys turn out to be independent, but are solved by DCI Banks and his team This book of the Banks series introduces DI Michelle who becomes involved with Banks, now that he is divorced Always an interesting read, as much for the backstories, as the Brit police procedural, Robinson is one of my favorite genre writers.

  26. This was my first Peter Robinson book giveaway winner I like it very much as it was than a mystery, but a biting commentary on English life from 1965 to 2002 Class, politics, work, crime and urban growth I will probably read books in the series now, starting with the first to see how Banks developed and changed as a man and a copper.

  27. I am fan of this series really like both Alan and Annie as characters I really liked how both mysteries came together and the look into Banks teenage years Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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