Unlimited Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1) - by Joyee Flynn, Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1), Joyee Flynn, Sheriff Found Hiding Hounds Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M shape shifters bondage sex toys Mates are the stuff of legends But Toby Walker doesn t think things can get much harder than they are Sent out into the human world by his pack to find help Toby is shocked to find that the legends might be true when he spots his mate His only problem is that the s Unlimited Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1) - by Joyee Flynn - Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1), Sheriff Found Hiding Hounds Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M shape shifters bondage sex toys Mates are the stuff of legends But Toby Walker doesn t think things can get much harder than they ar

  • Title: Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1)
  • Author: Joyee Flynn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1) - by Joyee Flynn Unlimited Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1) - by Joyee Flynn - Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1), Sheriff Found Hiding Hounds Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance M M shape shifters bondage sex toys Mates are the stuff of legends But Toby Walker doesn t think things can get much harder than they ar Nobody is hiding nothing here Sheriff addresses handling of Man arrested after found hiding under covers in bed WBIW Stabbing suspect in hiding, found and arrested KVEO TV King County sheriff s office investigating missing texts of Durkan Fulton County Sheriff provides details on courthouse bathroom

  • Unlimited Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1) - by Joyee Flynn
    296Joyee Flynn
Sheriff Found (Hiding Hounds, #1)

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  1. I really do wonder WHAT criteria Siren uses to rank a book as CLASSIC I stay on top of new authors and try some of their work, even if the preliminary stuff isn t so good just to see if they improve Because sometimes they DO improve Sadly, Joyee Flynn is not one of those authors Here s some advice Joyee writing is an art in which you NEED HONEST REVIEWS AND CRITIQUE so that you can improve If you didn t want to be criticized then you should not have gotten published.Everyone on your group same o [...]

  2. I have to admit that I truly didn t like this story AT ALL The plot was okay, but then it started.First the idiotic idea of marking a guy with peeing on him, Jesus, lame Then the plot around shifters dying because of a serious illness which is killing them if not being treated That was acceptablebut then Toby and Randall had sex although Toby was ill, COME ON, really And the sentences written, when the two main characters had sex made me yawn The feelings where not true, you couldn t feel them w [...]

  3. I got bored at half of the book but finished anyway it was like any other books of JF, big top and cute little bottom, the beagle adding to the cuteness.I ll read the second book, hoping it ll be interesting.

  4. 3.5 stars maybe I just never got that into the story and Randall and Tony were just ok.

  5. There s only one thing that could be a real big deterrent to read this book the shifting point of view It s weird and I was in a mind to stop reading The shift in narration between the first person when it s Toby s POV and the third person when it s Randall s makes me feel a little bereft at the beginning it didn t get better at the end I really can t understand what the author wanted to do with that Was she trying to be innovative or did she write two story, afterwards was too tired and patched [...]

  6. I went back and forth on the rating for this one The writing and the characters are pretty typical of this author big, strong alpha meets little, cute twink , but there were a few aspects that I liked that kept me from giving it 2 stars First of all, just the idea of puppy shifters was really cute and unique Also, a lot of the information revealed at the end of story snagged my interest and made me want to read the next one view spoiler I m sort of hoping to see one of those huge bear or tiger s [...]

  7. Beagle pup shifter When did we cross Disney with m m NevermindI have the same problem with this book as with other Joyee Flynn books Take a guy off the street, tell him that there are shape shifters in the world, give him 20 minutes, and he s fine with the whole idea Barely makes a dent in his mental landscape Also, the plot and characters can be copy pasted from any of a number of Joyee Flynn s other books There s just nothing original here I m not sure why I even finished the book Or why I bot [...]

  8. My initial impression of this book was is what a stupid premise I couldn t finish it became really frustrated with the naive puppy the lack of incredulity from the sheriff Will revisit when desperate for reading material at a later date to determine if my initial dislike was because I had read 3 crap books that day or if the book is as silly as I thought.

  9. That was the best and funniest book by Joyee Flynn I ve read so far She did a really good job at giving Toby some of the characteristics of a beagle pup.When Toby got freaked out because Randall yelled at him and peed on the carpet, I got all LMAO.

  10. Sorry I didn t like it that much, The puppy shifter was annoying and cry to much, I got bored at half of the book but finished anyway.

  11. It was love at first sniff Sheriff Randall Markins was off doing business as usual when a beagle puppy goes and pees on his leg but the pup was just too cute to stay mad at When the local vet says the dog is sick and the best option was to put him down, Randall disagrees and chooses to take his new little friend home to care for But to his complete surprise the puppy wasn t just a pup but a man and was now calling him mate Toby Walker was only going to get help for his ailing pack Instead, he fo [...]

  12. This is such a cute story I really liked the idea of puppy shifters to start with, but the way this story is written makes it even attractive The world these puppy shifters live in, despised by many of the stronger shifter races like wolves and bears, is interesting and complex than I expected With rampant discrimination within the shifter world, just for being weaker, they have not only humans to fear, but members of their paranormal world as well.Toby is such an adorable character I loved th [...]

  13. typical joyee flynn serial romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical joyee flynn imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all books by joyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glennscarlett hyacinthcarol lynnegabrielle evansunless otherwise noted i d apologize, but i m not sorry i figure it s about as much time as they put into thei [...]

  14. A sweet little story about puppy shifters The idea of puppy shifters is a cute idea I liked how they were the underdogs of the paranormal world.

  15. Notes Why is he a puppy if he s a grown man Oh Weird that he shifts into a dog child That s just silly.Really cool that shifters can get sick with nonhuman diseases Weird that he can talk in dog form Dogs don t have the anatomy for it Ten inches Seriously That s ridiculous He would never fit without doing damage Fisting Blech.I thought he was supposed to be on the drip at all times Why isn t Randall asking if he could get parvo You re not going to get rich doing that level of graphic design He n [...]

  16. So puppy shifter Toby was supposed to come off endearing to the readers Im assuming But mostly he just came off childish and annoying It seemed like he was crying on literally every page So very odd Being submissive to a partner doesnt mean being child like The book was mostly well written except for some of the sex scenes Im all for dirty talk but most of the sex talk was extremeky awkward and not sexy The one scene that struck me as sexy AND not slightly awkward was the one that took place in [...]

  17. When I read the blurb for Sheriff Found, I was not sure what to think about a sexy tale whose main character was a puppy Then an amazing thing happened Once Ms Flynn s tale began to unfold before my eyes, I stopped thinking about the puppy issue and instead enjoyed this tantalizing tale full of passion, danger, and love It was an already amazing book that I was thoroughly enjoying, but to make it incredible, the author uses circumstances and obstacles that allow us to see the emotional boundari [...]

  18. Read as part of my QGB Q2 Challenge picked by Sarah As stated in my review for Tristan I have read a lot of mixed reviews for this author and her books I must say that I thoroughly enjoy reading these stories for the simple fact that they deliver exactly what I want when it comes to idealized romance, hearts and flowers She delivers the fairytale the impossible situation, lots of romance and steamy sex, and HEA Yes, it is simplistic and schmaltzy but hey, what can I say, I like it This story was [...]

  19. A puppy Beagle shifter pees on the sheriff and they are bonded for life 2,5 upgrade to 3 for the little plot near the end of the book, that makes me want to read about Quaid in Vet Found.

  20. I ve never read a romance book before The idea of puppy shape shifters intrigued me enough to try the genre While I enjoyed the story and plan to read the rest of the series as it s released because I enjoyed the story and characters, it s definitely too steamy explicit for my preferences I m not a prude but it s too difficult to find appropriate time places and too distracting to read something this steamy.

  21. This book was absolutely adorable I loved Toby and how uninhibited he was He really did seem like a puppy He was just what Randy needed, someone spontaneous and just so full life Things moved really quickly but I didn t feel rushed I can t wait to see what happens to this pack and their mates.

  22. To be honest, I just read this to get it off of my TBR Talking dogs Come on now, really I thought Randall accepted things too easily Then there s the fact that Toby s sick, yet never acted like it that we saw I like punishment, I guess, because I bought the 2nd one.

  23. this gets two stars and those are for making me laugh I could only get about half way through this before I had to give up The writing was not to my taste at all and I m still giggling at a beagle shifter snort

  24. OH MY GODS I ve heard of bears, tigers, wolves, jaguars, cougers and what notbut BEAGLES And puppy Beagles How cute is that I absolutely loved this book and can t wait for the next one in the series Tony was so SWEEEEEEET I want one

  25. Ok, So I send the book to a friend of mine that love to spork bad book and she comment on the first chapter.You can find it there wandaroxvejournal 9684.

  26. I have never been so enthralled with a book before The characters were very well written and lovable I thoroughly enjoyed this book Looking forward to the next one in the series.

  27. It was ok, i mean i really liked the story over all but some parts were a little to fast, which is a little unreal but does not make the story totally suck but does not make it a 4 or 5

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