Welcome to Temptation Best Read || [Jennifer Crusie], Welcome to Temptation, Jennifer Crusie, Welcome to Temptation Sophie came to Temptation a small town in Ohio to help her sister make a movie Now she s making trouble for the town council love with the mayor and lemonade for a murderer Welcome to TemptationPopulation And falling Welcome to Temptation Best Read || [Jennifer Crusie] - Welcome to Temptation, Welcome to Temptation Sophie came to Temptation a small town in Ohio to help her sister make a movie Now she s making trouble for the town council love with the mayor and lemonade for a murderer Welcome to TemptationPop

  • Title: Welcome to Temptation
  • Author: Jennifer Crusie
  • ISBN: 9780330482332
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback

Welcome to Temptation Best Read || [Jennifer Crusie] Welcome to Temptation Best Read || [Jennifer Crusie] - Welcome to Temptation, Welcome to Temptation Sophie came to Temptation a small town in Ohio to help her sister make a movie Now she s making trouble for the town council love with the mayor and lemonade for a murderer Welcome to TemptationPop

  • Welcome to Temptation Best Read || [Jennifer Crusie]
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Welcome to Temptation

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  1. Jennifer Crusie

    Jenny Crusie is the NYT bestselling author of twenty some novels and lots of other stuff Her latest novel, Maybe This Time, hit shelves in August, 2010.Jenny lives on the Ohio River where she often stares at the ceiling and counts her blessings.

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  1. 5 Stars My kind of crazy Welcome to Temptation, home of the flesh colored, phallus bullet shaped water tower, where morals and reputation are everything until the Dempsey sisters come crashing into town Meet Sophie Dempsey, film maker, nervous Nelly, surrogate mother to her sister and brother, and sexually unfulfilled Meet Mayor Phineas Tucker, bookstore owner, town hottie, single dad, and all too willing sexual fantasy fulfill er The documentary Sophie and her sister are filming is slowly turni [...]

  2. I really really liked this book I have two regrets about this book though, 1 it was written by the same author as the last book that I read, Faking It I bought them at the same time but I should have read them in reverse order They are not a series persay, but they had several common characters The timeline of this book was about 2 years prior to the other book I could still follow both books very well, it just would made sense had I known The second regret was that once I finished the book, I [...]

  3. So to begin I have to say that I fell into the same trap as many others did in that I read Bet Me first, my first ever Crusie book actually and adored it I practically sprinted to the library and got every Crusie book they had and schlepped the entire armful out to the car with barely contained glee Glee I tell you.My next read was Agnes and the Hitman which was cute and occasionally funny but whereas I loved Bet Me I only liked Agnes Undaunted, though, because Agnes is a collaboration with anot [...]

  4. Welcome to Temptation was SO MUCH FUN Romance is one of my guilty pleasures to read Predominantly a thriller fan at heart, I still admittedly LOVE a good romance novel This one was just great Totally over the top and corny, but such good escapism Sophie and her sister Amy travel to the small town of Temptation to film a movie for a hollywood star Clea, who grew up there On the way they crash into another car, and that is the beginning of their troubles There is way too much to go into in detail, [...]

  5. As in this painting, the temptations of the small Midwestern town conveniently named Temptation were not apparent to me That s ok one thing I appreciate about Crusie is how she creates characters who are attractive to and romantic with one another specifically, as individuals, rather than being idealized in generically sexy ways I was willing to buy that this mayor jerk despite encumbering bitch mother and precocious daughter and this rotting, ill decorated house in this boring, oppressively con [...]

  6. I m one of the four people in the world who hate this book Here s why.Admittedly, there s a lot to like about this book The Julie and the Bear story, the dog, the dialogue, some of the time, and some other stuff, I guess, but I get so hung up on the stuff I hate about this book I can t seem to remember any other good stuff Let s break down my issues, shall we 1 Phineas Tucker, for one Sophie describes him as a townie, but I d go further and describe him as an a hole preppie He is, not to put too [...]

  7. Another great book by this talented author I am loving the way JC writes lots of witty one liners, quick comebacks and subtlety You d think most books were good on the subtle aspects of things the author wants you to pick up on, but no JC writes subtlety so well that I NOTICED And I love that I loved Bet Me, and I loved this.I m a bit of a sucker for small town romance, it s always so sweet and atmospheric This book was no different I loved Sophie She was a little anal at first but really came i [...]

  8. Just from the title you can probably guess this is what I call a smut novel Honestly, I would really rate it as a 4.5 It is a true guilty pleasure, at least for me Embarrassing to say, I ve read it three times, each time straight through I m not a huge fan of these types of books but Jennifer Crusie did it right with this one The quirky characters are engaging, the steamy scenes aren t gratuitous, overly graphic, or repetitive, and the storyline isn t just a contrived venue for the author to dem [...]

  9. 5 StarsThanks Tammy This is the second book you ve recommended to me and it was as great as the last FANFREAKINTASTIC The chemistry, the suspense, the fun and the not at all what you expected ending is what makes this book a total keeper But I have to warn you ll drag you in before you know it and every chore you had planned to do will be thrown by the waysideEnjoy

  10. I was on a reading cruise for Crusie s books, but after this one, I think I ll change author for a long time.The narrative thread of this book is a porn movie No kidding I mean, can you go any less romantic than this Minus 2 Stars.The love story between the two protagonist is a physical story where they say F word me to each other most of the time, which leads to many cheap scenes I could have lived better without It wasn t very romantic, maybe real Could be, but I don t think so, it was reall [...]

  11. 23 March 2015 3.99 on KindleReview cross posted from hereI ve read this book many times over the years It s not my favorite by Crusie that would be Bet Me , but it is one that I come back to frequently.I ve said recently that I don t think humourous books are for me, and I still think that s true because I stumble over most of them, but the humour in this one works for me It s a little bit subtle and doesn t feel forced unlike some others I ve read But it s the dynamics between family and frien [...]

  12. Great story Welcome to Temptation Had both,an excellent murder mystery plot line and well constructed characters.Definatly wasn t predictable Loved it Wish there had been an epilogue after the ending though,felt a bit incomplete.

  13. 3.5 5 4 stars B Well, despite some really over the top characters and incidents this was pretty funny and a satisfying if odd romance.

  14. So many players, so many games It was kind of difficult to keep up with all the characters and families and motives As for the story, it was enjoyable however, I wouldn t say it s going to be particularly memorable The author set this up to be a series, but I don t think I m invested in any of the characters enough to continue with it But I ve been proven wrong before

  15. Okay, short review as that seems to be all I m capable of, lately This is my first from this author and what a ride The main characters were simply fantastic and the supporting cast were great as well Welcome to Temptation has a light, easy style that conveys a story that is really quite complex which turns out to be a fantastic way to convey a complex character driven story if you can pull it off And Crusie pulls it off very well indeed I loved Sophie and Phin was a great match for her and seei [...]

  16. Everyone loves this book but if I m going to be honest I have to admit that it was a real struggle for me to finish If I hadn t been having it read to me via audiobook, I don t think I would have stuck it out Until now I ve enjoyed all of the Crusie books I ve read but this one just didn t resonate with me It s about a pair of sisters who visit the town of Temptation to shoot a documentary style movie featuring a fading movie star at least that s what I got out of it The sisters have always been [...]

  17. 3.5 stars This is the first book I ve read by Jennifer Cruise, and it was pretty good There were a few things I didn t like, though First, it didn t start off very strong and I had a hard time getting into it Once I got into it I really liked it, but the first few chapters were a struggle for me Second, the whole book seemed dated because Sophie kept referring to herself as an Outsider and Phin as a Town Boy It had the distinct smell of an eighties movie starring Molly Ringwald That is not neces [...]

  18. 4 stars for the book 1 star for the audiobook narrator It s a lovely developing romance.The first time I read it I thought it was great and laughed a lot I reread the paperback in 2015 and found it to be average the second time through The middle felt slow, but the ending was great In 2017 I listened to the audiobook The middle wasn t as slow when listening to the audiobookDIOBOOK NARRATOR Aasne Vigesaa AV was not good It was hard for me to get into the story I had to keep reminding myself to c [...]

  19. Sophie and Amy Dempsey get a job filming a movie in Temptation As they drive into town they get in a car accident and that starts rumors that the ladies are in town to make a porno Obviously Temptation is suffering from Small town idis The town gets up in arms and goes to the hunky Mayor Phin Tucker to pass an anti porn law Of course he has to investigate.I really like the Jennifer Crusie books and would recommend them to any friend who likes a romance novel.

  20. JC books are quirky have an assortment of characters and this is no less The heroine her younger sister come into town to shoot a video with a dubious star, it is a change for them since they always shoot weddings their welcome is marred by an accident with a stuffy old man his wife and the heroine who knows small towns comes from a family of cons knows that things will not be great for them ahead.The hero is a mayor only because it is a family legacy but is thoroughly bored by the job, all his [...]

  21. 30% and still nothing is really happening Sophie is an uptight little twat, Phin is a cardboard cutout of a Ken doll, Amy is selfish and awful, Clea is a lying slut, Liz is a greedy snob, Stephen is a power hungry Nazi, Virginia is a fuckin nutbag, Rachel is a boring doormat, Zane in a shady used car salesman caricature, Georgia is a jealous psycho, Frank is a clueless cuckold, and Rob is an actual Ken doll The only character introduced so far that isn t awful is Phin s daughter, Dill But she se [...]

  22. I realize that this book is very popular and well received by a great many That however, is not enough to make me recommend this book I am not critical by nature, see my other reviews , but I do like to call a spade a spade This is a story about the town of Temptation, it s citizens, and a family who comes to film a movie Phin is the mayor and Sophie is the traveling film maker This book contains crass humor, foul language, and very little romance For me this makes for a very disappointing read [...]

  23. I absolutely loved this book I can t even adequately explain why I loved the entire Dempsey family Davy especially, who gets his own story later Like the other books I ve read by JC, there were slightly imbalanced villains who try but fail to sabotage the H H relationship This time, it was actually kind of acceptable The small town drama with its politics was endearing and the comedy was definitely well executed Sophie and Phin s interactions were witty and hot The pool game and their first time [...]

  24. This is the only the second book I ve read by Jennifer Crusie, and I gotta tell ya so far she s SOLD my on her story telling and writing Her Characters are colorful and interesting, and the situations they find themselves in are funny and almost surreal, but surprisingly believable that s how good the writing is.Just finished the book, gotta get my review sorted out in my head.Review to come

  25. WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE, this was so much fun and just the kind of thing I needed after a day s worth of lugging case files around because clearly a witty romance novel is as exciting as it gets in joannaland.

  26. Anytime anybody in a movie says, What could go wrong something goes wrong SophieMy mama warned me about guys like you SophieWelcome to Temptation PhinOne night I, of course, thought it was going to be forever CleaMy first lesson was not to believe anything a guy tells you when he wants it CleaYou re never really over it You just learn to live with it CleaDon t you wish you knew then what you know now Don t you wish you could go back and fix it SophieAnd for whatever I did in a former life to mak [...]

  27. 3.5 starsI have been sitting here for 5 minutes staring at the screen, not sure where to go with this rating I think that s because I am still confused about what this book actually was.I started reading expecting a contemporary romance I think what I ended up with was something closer to chick lit To hedge my bets I have shelved it under both.Wedding videographers Sophie Dempsey and her sister Amy arrive in small town Temptation, Ohio, to shoot an audition tape for their brother s ex.Sophie has [...]

  28. DIVERSION A RAUDALES 8 10 Ya conoc a la loca, divertida y magn fica forma de escribir de Jennifer, pero a n as , me lo he pasado genial disfrutando de esta novela.Los di logos est n llenos de iron a, quiebros y sensualidad yankee.Los personajes son perfectamente imperfectos los hay caraduras, locos, bobos, mojigatos con tendencias de pschycokiller, snobs de pacotilla, Vamos, lo normal en un pueblecito de Ohio, jajajajajajajaja.Para aquellos a los que les gustan las comparaciones, Jennifer y SEP [...]

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