Unlimited Morde-me - by Emily Maguire, Morde-me, Emily Maguire, Morde me A vida de Sarah Clark boa aluna e bem comportada muda para sempre quando aos anos seduzida depois das aulas pelo professor de Ingl s Daniel Carr vinte e quatro anos mais velho do que ela casado e com dois filhos Mr Carr n o se limita a declamar poemas nas aulas e a transmitir aos seus alunos o amor pela poesia de Shakespeare um homem perigoso seduz e envolvA vida de Sarah Clark b Unlimited Morde-me - by Emily Maguire - Morde-me, Morde me A vida de Sarah Clark boa aluna e bem comportada muda para sempre quando aos anos seduzida depois das aulas pelo professor de Ingl s Daniel Carr vinte e quatro anos mais velho do que ela casad

  • Title: Morde-me
  • Author: Emily Maguire
  • ISBN: 9789724149929
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Morde-me - by Emily Maguire Unlimited Morde-me - by Emily Maguire - Morde-me, Morde me A vida de Sarah Clark boa aluna e bem comportada muda para sempre quando aos anos seduzida depois das aulas pelo professor de Ingl s Daniel Carr vinte e quatro anos mais velho do que ela casad

  • Unlimited Morde-me - by Emily Maguire
    328 Emily Maguire

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    Emily Maguire Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Morde-me book, this is one of the most wanted Emily Maguire author readers around the world.

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  1. First of all, I would like to thank Iyah for recommending this book to me based on the fact that she believed me to be extremely perverted, I think.You know sometimes how you guys have to remind me to give a book a star rating because I accidentally forget No Not this time I won t rate this book I CAN T rate this book.This book is so many conflicted things Filthy, dirty, shocking, perverted, angry, degraded, frustrated It s raw, honest, painful, sorrowful, empty, begging, pitiable I hated it I l [...]

  2. 3.5 disturbingly fascinating stars Taming the Beast was a deeply disturbing, fascinating, haunting, sad, unforgettable and beautifully written story From the moment I started reading it, I could not put it down The author managed to both impress me and disgust me with certain scenes and descriptions and to say that I enjoyed reading this book does not sound quite right What I would say though is that it made me think and it made me FEEL all the different emotions the main characters where going [...]

  3. No rating When two people were completely bound in the expression of love, they ceased to be separate individuals and become one creature The act of passion, when properly performed, created an organism larger than the sum of its parts it created a beast with two backs, but one soul If I had the chance to rewind time, I would ve chosen to not read this book it s too poisonous and in general, too much I m all for dark reads the darker the better but this is the kind of book that leaves a permanen [...]

  4. You know what I don t like in fiction with erotic content A sexual relationship that seems rather pathetic and silly A sexual relationship that is violent Not pseudo violence BDSM games, mind you, extreme physical pain inflicted by both parties A sexual relationship where someone is repeatedly used And often raped A sexual relationship that s literally filthy sex in a crap hole of an apartment, up against a dumpster with rotting food and rats, etc A sexual relationship with seriously unsexy sex [...]

  5. Review from Way Too Hot BooksWhat did just happen Again I am in position where I have no clue how to write a review It took me some time before I could make myself sit down and say something coherent and not sound like a little kid that s just learning how to talk Taming the Beast is not a book for everyone It deals with so many twisted, messed up things I can t decide with what to begin with Taming the Beast could open up some old wounds if you were victim of abuse, so think carefully before yo [...]

  6. i m not going to rate this book I am, however, going to talk about it.If you re looking for a teacher studentromance , I personally don t think this fits the bill I wouldn t call the disturbing relationship that this 38 year old married man with children started with his 14 year old clueless English student romantic In fact, romantic would be the last word I would use to describe this book When I got to the second page and the story went right into their first sexual encounter I thought, Well, t [...]

  7. Before reading my passionate and lusty review of this book, I want to warn everyone that I m not an erotic genre lover or sex addict or both It was an accident that I liked this book because of its deeper meaning besides having sex with a teacher and with a restless book I rated it higher than what I expected when I started reading it, every letters of every words of this book delivers a very strong emotion of a girl who needed someone to comfort her.Sometimes, I ask myself, why do prostitutes s [...]

  8. Real love should draw no blood from the loved and buckets from the lover I have not, in a while, read a book that left me so emotionally engaged I do not think I have the words to sum up what this book will make you feel at times sad, enraged, disappointed, disgusted, repulsedand so on, and so forth.I was mostly okay, up until that fourth part, it is mainly the reason why I gave it 4 stars, even though this is an excellent 5 stars book with outstanding writing something that is probably the most [...]

  9. OhSarahohSarahohohI wish someone would ve stolen her away from Mr Carr, made her hot chocolate and hid her somewhere far away from parents and predators But also , Mr Carr said You could look at it the way I do If your mother hadn t been so distant and unloving, maybe you wouldn t have been such an easy fuck I cannot say that I m shocked that her teacher seized the opportunity That s the reality of the world we live in The fact that he wounded and ravaged her when they resumed their relationship [...]

  10. I couldn t put into words all my reaction for this book And my head is all confused so right now my face probably looks like this o.OI was actually thorn between rating this book 2 stars or 4 stars I wanted to rate it 4 stars because for an erotic literature, this book is quite interesting The sex scenes, the emotions and the actions are in full detail So much detail that probably if you have a very wild imagination it would be like watching a BDSM pornographic video.And probably a lot of erotic [...]

  11. Real love should draw no blood from the loved and buckets from the lover It feels wrong to like this book This is not the type of book that you typically enjoy or take pleasure in reading It invokes too many emotions There are too many feelings stirred up inside of me to adequately describe this tormenting piece of fiction This gut wrenching portrait of a young woman s journey was unlike anything I ve read before This book is not a romance novel, it is not a happy tale, nor a heart warming story [...]

  12. As disturbing as this book was and as dislikable every single character was, I still loved the story It showed how easy love can turn into obsession, how easy is to cross that line Jamie loved Sarah but his love bordered on obsession, in my opinion As far as Sarah goes, I don t think she ever loved Daniel, I truly don t She was infatuated as a young girl with her teacher, and later on, she was obsessed with him and everything he represented Daniel, sick and perverted old man, was always obsessed [...]

  13. This is not an easy read If you aren t a fan of Lolita than you probably should stay far away from this book This story it s bitter There is nothing blithe about this book It s crude and the author doesn t hold anything back while describing a few scenes that made my heart bleed for the heroine I must admit Miss Maguire it s the queen of dark novels

  14. In every way I look at it, I don t have any idea on how to rate this book Moreover, I don t know what to say in this review But before I say anything else, I d like to say that I read this out of pure curiosity of what the book s really about than just lust.Well, I d say it is first disgusting VERY disgusting I mean like, EEEWWWHATTHEHECKUGHWTF With all the things Sarah s doing and thinking at the age of 14, I didn t know how to react And I want to be honest, I didn t fully read the book I d fee [...]

  15. image error When your sexually abused at the age of fourteen by a half genius half psycho pedophilic, what the bloody hell will you do Will you run the hell out and call a police, keep it to yourself and have a psychological trauma about it or accept things and be addicted with it We all have a choice what path will we take, there s no destiny or fate but choice and free will You re now in that place because that s the one you have chosen And hypothetically the course of action is to always take [...]

  16. This book shattered me completely So twisted, so heartbreaking, so desperate, and beautiful, and tragic, and real I cried, my heart bled.I wish I could read this again for the first time Commence epic fucking book hangover I need to binge on all things Emily Maguire.

  17. 14 year old Sarah is seduced by her 38 year old teacher and they embark on an affair that is passionate and violent, until his wife discovers he has been cheating and he chooses to move away to save his marriage Sarah self destructs with meaningless sex with everyone she meets until years later her ex lover comes back to continue their destructive affair There is no plot to this book just sex sex sex and it got boring after 40 pages of it especially with all the sexual violence and humiliation t [...]

  18. In many ways Emily Maguire s Taming the Beast feels like a companion novel to Vladimir Nabokov s Lolita But instead of getting inside the head of a charming liar like Humbert, Maguire examines how an illicit romance between a teacher and student can impact the lives of just about every one involved.At the age of fourteen, Sarah Chalke is seduced by her English teacher At first it s their love of words and literature that brings them together, but one afternoon things become heated and the two be [...]

  19. Sarah Clark felt like a freak for two and a half years It started when she received a leather bound copy of Othello for her twelfth birthday and ended when her English teacher showed her exactly what was meant by the beast with two backs I don t have any idea on how to rate this book I don t even know what to think about it That s how confused I am right now.This book is too toxic, too dark, too twisted, too shocking, too depresingmply too fucked up It s definitely too much for me.I hated main c [...]

  20. A small autobiographical opening Once upon a time, a very lovely and Dangerously Younger girl sat back on my couch and kissed me I m a train wreck, she said, and you re a predator We re pretty much the perfect couple Which is one way of saying that Emily Maguire s Taming the Beast is stunningly powerful And of course a clear way of saying there was never a chance that I wouldn t fall in love with her heroine But anyone who knows me knows that Maguire s Sarah Clark is probably the epitome of the [...]

  21. Emily Maguire has a breathless talent and a fascination with the cloying nausea of intoxication This is a book which forces you to throw back a full tequila shot then immediately demand another two.I had equal parts of fascination and revulsion for Sarah Clark Maguire claims that Sarah is profoundly unsure of herself, yet I was profoundly unsure of Sarah as I was forced to witness her spiral into self degradation Maguire s writing is so powerful, so disturbing that I found myself alternating bet [...]

  22. BEFORE READING So, my friend Beatrix tried to make me read this book long time ago, but I was all But now she is reading one of my fav mm books I thought for sure it will never ever find itself on her tbr list, so to show my appreciation I m reading this next TER READING What The Fuck Did I Just Read O.OBrilliantly written, but profoundly fucked up.

  23. 4,5 stars WOW This book is mesmerizing, cut deep and disgusting, but also so true, emotional and intimate that I m feeling a little dizzy and shocked at the same time about what I did read.I can t talk about this book without babbling, so I ll stay with the statement that Sarah is a flashpoint between Madame Bovary and Geni, a lyrical character in a music by Chico Buarque.De tudo que nego torto Every crooked namelessDo mangue e do cais do porto The mangrove and the docksEla j foi namorada She ha [...]

  24. This book disgusted me, disturbed me and intrigued me Yet, I am not sure exactly how I feel about it Both Sarah and Mr Carr are seriously disturbed people almost to where someone might say they deserve each other Scenes where go into all the things they do to one another during sex burning each other with cigs, biting until they bleed, bruises on their face and Sarah even breaks his fingers without knowing it The seem to fall into a pit of hedonistic pleasure, but it isn t sexy at all They don t [...]

  25. This book is not for everybody It s raw, unflinching and at times difficult to read But it s also gripping, heart rending and a brutally honest piece of writing It took guts to write this book, to keep going until its raw, bitter and yet hopeful end There is a lot of sex in this book But it s not erotica, or porn It s a book about trauma and vulnerability and the ability of a predator to justify his behaviour and manipulate his prey There is a searing honesty to this book, which given its subjec [...]

  26. This is a very well written and intense book, that will disturb and likely disappoint readers looking for a happy romance Those looking for a challenging and engrossing read, with interesting and complex characters, will find much to absorb them.Sarah is only 14 when she embarks on a sado masochistic sexual relationship with her 38 year old English teacher Daniel Carr Bear in mind that the book is set in Australia, where the age of consent is 16 and perspectives on underage sex are considerably [...]

  27. 3.5 star ratingWow Honestly I don t even know what to say or what to feel Right now I am odd and hurt because of the ending in this book or this book period Don t worry I will not spoil anything for you guys This is a dark dark and very twisted story but what I like about this was that the author did not give a predictable ending A predictable story either.For myself I think that the book is OK writing wise It uses a lot of literature and that s what I like most about it is the literature used i [...]

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