[PDF] Diário - Volume IV | by ✓ Miguel Torga, Diário - Volume IV, Miguel Torga, Di rio Volume IV None [PDF] Diário - Volume IV | by ✓ Miguel Torga - Diário - Volume IV, Di rio Volume IV None

  • Title: Diário - Volume IV
  • Author: Miguel Torga
  • ISBN: 9722015451
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Diário - Volume IV | by ✓ Miguel Torga [PDF] Diário - Volume IV | by ✓ Miguel Torga - Diário - Volume IV, Di rio Volume IV None

  • [PDF] Diário - Volume IV | by ✓ Miguel Torga
    423 Miguel Torga
Diário - Volume IV

About "Miguel Torga"

  1. Miguel Torga

    Miguel Torga, pseudonym of Adolfo Correia da Rocha was one of the greatest Portuguese writers of the 20th century He wrote poetry, short stories, theater and a 16 volume diary.He was born in a village in Tr s os Montes, northern Portugal, to small time farmer parents After a short spell as student in a catholic seminary in Lamego, also in Tr s os Montes, in 1920 his father sent him to Brazil where he worked on the coffee plantation of an uncle who, finding him to be a clever student, paid his high school there and afterwards his medicine graduation 1933 at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal to where he returns in 1925 After graduation he worked in his village and in other places in the country, publishing his books from his own pocket for a number of years In 1941, he established himself as an otolaryngologist physician in Coimbra.His agnostic beliefs seems to reflect in his work, that deals mainly with the nobility of the human condition in a beautiful but ruthless world where God is absent or is nothing but a passive and silent, indiferent creator.After the value of his work was being recognized, he went on to receive several awards, as the Pr mio Cam es in 1989 and the Montaigne award in 1981 He was several times nominated for the Nobel Prize of Literature, being the last one in 1994, but he never won.Source enpedia wiki Miguel_T

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