↠ Palimpsest  Charles Stross J.K. Potter, Palimpsest, Charles Stross J.K. Potter, Palimpsest Welcome to the Stasis the clandestine near omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross s Hugo Award winning novella Palimpsest By mastering the mysteries of the Timegate the Stasis has repeatedly steered mankind away from the brink of utter extinction Through countless millennia through the mayfly flickerings of innumerable transient civilizaWelcome to the St ↠ Palimpsest  Charles Stross J.K. Potter - Palimpsest, Palimpsest Welcome to the Stasis the clandestine near omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross s Hugo Award winning novella Palimpsest By mastering the mysteries of the Timegate the

  • Title: Palimpsest
  • Author: Charles Stross J.K. Potter
  • ISBN: 9781596064218
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Palimpsest  Charles Stross J.K. Potter ↠ Palimpsest  Charles Stross J.K. Potter - Palimpsest, Palimpsest Welcome to the Stasis the clandestine near omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross s Hugo Award winning novella Palimpsest By mastering the mysteries of the Timegate the

  • ↠ Palimpsest  Charles Stross J.K. Potter
    116 Charles Stross J.K. Potter

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  1. Charles Stross J.K. Potter

    Charles David George Charlie Stross is a writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland His works range from science fiction and Lovecraftian horror to fantasy.Stross is sometimes regarded as being part of a new generation of British science fiction writers who specialise in hard science fiction and space opera His contemporaries include Alastair Reynolds, Ken MacLeod, Liz Williams and Richard Morgan SF Encyclopedia sf encyclopedia entry enpedia wiki Charles_Tor uscmillan author charle

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  1. So after finishing The Time Traveler s Wife I realized that the next book on my shelf was Family Matters The last Rohinton Mistry book I read cut me up, so I decided that before I attempted this next one, I would need something I was guaranteed to enjoy Fortunately, my awesome limited edition of Palimpsest had just arrived from Subterranean Press I first read Palimpsest when it was a nominee for the Hugo Award for Best Novella It subsequently won, deservedly, the award, and so when I heard that [...]

  2. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Agent Pierce murdered his own grandfather to join Stasis, the covert organization which works outside of time to reseed the Earth with humans every time they re about to make themselves extinct Pierce considers himself a loyal agent, and he didn t even realize that there is a group that works in Opposition to Stasis he s only in training So, why is someone trying to assassinate him Palimpsest follows Agent Pierce from initiation, through his twenty years o [...]

  3. Charles Stross ha preso il soggetto di La fine dell eternit di Asimov e lo ha riscritto, in modo completamente diverso Il risultato una novella ariosa e variopinta, che parla di viaggi nel tempo Stross dribbla beffardo i paradossi, e punteggia la sua storia con visioni del tempo e dello spazio sovrumane Lo stile di Stross vivace, alterna punti di vista, voci narranti, tempi verbali, adattando il ritmo della scrittura a quello lisergico delle realt che si accavallano tra loro a mano a mano che la [...]

  4. Un breve racconto forse troppo breve , scritto con maestria, che all evidentissimo omaggio all Eternit di Asimov lega una visione estrema del lontanissimo futuro dell umanit , con i caratteristici excursus che rivelano la portata della grande immaginazione dell autore.Eppure poco, troppo poco, da Stross mi aspetto molto di pi.

  5. While it is true that there are basically only about 4 characters in this story, it doesn t make it less valuable or interesting Quite opposite, I would say They skills it must take to compile all the actions in a logical row when you only get to use endless copies of just one man in different times and realities or palimpsests being created and overwritten I would recommend to enjoy the good sides of this story the games with reality and history, the possibilities of our planet s future and wha [...]

  6. Dans ce tr s court roman 160 pages , on suit l ascencion de Pierce, jeune agent de la Stase charg e de prot ger une lign e historique privil gi e nous menant des milliards d ann es dans le futur cette ascencion nous fera d abord passer par son initiation moment difficile entre tous, puisqu il doit devenir un tre paradoxal , avant d ele voir plong dans ses premi res missions, sa r alisation de ce qu il a perdu, avant qu enfin n arrive la compr hension de ce qu est la Stase.Bon, c est difficile de [...]

  7. Accelerando meets the Total Awareness Society Great meditation on the different ways we could be, as the universe grows colder and darker, individually and collectively That s the wrong conjunction junction, because in the world of the Palimpsest and frequent backups of EVERYTHING, we can be copied, overwritten, copied, overwritten again and again and again Whole spaceships staffed by variations on a theme Smart book, but a chilly one.

  8. Vividly sketched, but a sketch nonetheless An unwelcome dose of bullshit gender tropes our women range from the stern teacher who secretly wants to fuck you to the eager student who will also gladly fuck you, with a stop off in the middle for the pliant, dumb wife and a mysterious, sensual soldier drops Stross off my read again soon list.

  9. Quite a mind blowing novella from a master of future imaginings Good science fiction always gets the reader to think, often to think way outside the box, and Charles Stross has the mental power and writing ability to bring his stories to fruition in a way that provides challenges, and insights, and humor, and wonder for his audience s delight A terrific read

  10. I wish this was a full on novel because this was too short Everything is simply introduced and the plot is piecemeal until the end when you know how things fit into place 131 pages with this much information is intense Granted, the world building is an essential part of the plot and sometimes the characters are thrown aside The slides of the world is interesting to read but immense in scope and it made me feel like I m just reading a textbook rather than experiencing what the characters are goin [...]

  11. Magistralmente scritto, una fresca e originale rivisitazione del tema del viaggio nel tempo, alla luce delle pi avanzate teorie scientifiche odierne, con imprevedibili dilemmi etici e paradossi causali Lo consiglio a tutti gli amanti dell hard sci fi ah, ed molto ben scritto

  12. This is a really inventive book, which proves what Stross is capable of, when he leaves the comfort zone of his long running series The time travelers grandfather paradox turned on its head Quite a bit of fun, and great to come across.

  13. Palimpsest Imagines a universe or maybe it s a multi verse where an organization of time travelers flit through the millennia making adjustments to human history The time agents, an organization called Stasis, exist outside of time originally plucked from various eras of human history that has, in fact, a superficial similarity to Asimov s The End of Eternity But Stasis has a much grander plan than Asimov s time travelers ever did These time travelers concentrate on re seeding the human race to [...]

  14. I enjoyed this novella that covers some of the intricate nature of time travel The Stasis is an organisation that has access to time travel and uses it to shape human history, preserving the human race, and reseeding it on Earth after it goes extinct, as it inevitably does.Our protagonist is Pierce, someone plucked out of time in the early 21st century after he fulfils the initiation of killing his own grandfather and we follow him as he progresses through his training to a full agent of the St [...]

  15. Le th me des voyages dans le temps et des paradoxes temporels me fascinent depuis toujours Je suis donc a priori une bonne cliente pour ce genre de roman.La Stase, une organisation d agents immortels , veille sur la p rennit de la race humaine en modifiant les v nements qui m nent sa disparition L un de ses agents se retrouve confront la disparition de sa propre famille, victime d un palimpseste l histoire a t r crite Je suis incapable de mieux r sumer l intrigue, tant l auteur m lange les v nem [...]

  16. Dobre ideje, solidan koncept, lo na in na koji je pri a ispri ana.Puno nepotrebnih i neva nih podataka koji su ugu ili pri u.Visi na rubu da napokon postane zanimljivo, ali uz puno preletavanja teksta to se ne e dogoditi niti do kraja.Korektan a zahtjevan prijevod nije spasio stvar.Suho Unato dobrim sastojcima dosadno.Za neke ideje i trud poklonjena dvojkaGO 2010 The God Engines Johna Scalzija je bila nominirana u istoj kategoriji te godine.Toliko.

  17. Didn t really connect with this one, unfortunately Partly this is due to the fact that I was expecting something rather different my copy which I think I got as part of a Humble Bundle or some other download pack has the name and cover of Catherynne M Valente s Palimpsest one I suspect would have been my thing , and that I was listening to it whilst sewing, so not giving it my undivided attention The general idea was interesting enough but carried out in a fairly patchy way with space given to [...]

  18. Il Palinsesto una pergamena che pu essere scritta, cancellata e riscritta di nuovo Proprio come i paradossi dei viaggi nel tempo consentono di riscrivere la storia Qui vengono usati per impedire che la specie umana si estingua, o per lo meno, per consentire che duri pi a lungo, riprogettando il sole, la terra, il sistema solare grazie ai viaggi del tempo Ottime idee, molto brillanti, sviluppate con grande competenza cosmologica, ma forse troppo hard sf per me non sono riuscita a gustare i piani [...]

  19. Yikes This one caught me by surprise Normally, I quite enjoy Charles Stross work, though he tangents into contexts which don t interest me He tends to cover big topic SF, which seems to me to be challenging and rewarding than lightsabre pulp.Anyway, this particular story is fundamentally a mind boggling story of time travel, and he pulls it off terrifically I had a really challenging time keeping track of timelines and light cones, so I can see where some people would probably not be interested [...]

  20. This is a Hugo nominated novella from Charles Stross short story collection Wireless that was released as a stand alone e book A quick, captivating read Pierce is a agent of Stasis, an organisation that uses extreme interventions through time to prevent the extinction of the human race Stasis is very powerful, but it is not always right.

  21. I almost feel bad for buying this book, it turns out it was a signed copy, 925 out of 1000 printed, seems like that kind of book should go to a proper fan, not someone who s never read anything by Stross before I d give this novella 4.5 stars if I could, it s a very interesting mix of time travel and history, paradoxes abound.

  22. Honestly, I felt as if I couldn t understand about half the book and felt pretty stupid trying to read a book meant for experienced sci fi readers Maybe my 14 year old brain just didn t have the mental capacity to comprehend it without consulting a dictionary every few pages I might come back and read it in a few years time, after expanding my vocabulary.

  23. Je me suis ennuy e du d but la fin, je trouve que l auteur ne situe pas bien le contexte de son histoire.Je l ai trop complexe pas assez explicite pour le lecteur Parfois des termes trop scientifique voir m me incompr hensible pour un lecteur lambda Il y a peu de pages mais ce fut laborieux comme lecture

  24. Not one of Stross s best Maybe I d have liked it better if he d fleshed it out into a full novel, but as it is, too many details were left out for my taste Out feels like a concept for a story, without the story.

  25. A year or two ago I said something on Twitter about how awesome it would be if Charles Stross wrote an episode of Doctor Who, and he replied squee that it was extremely unlikely.Palimpsest is everything I would have hoped from from Stross taking on time travel, and .

  26. 4.5 stars There were just a few times when I was kind of lost Otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars A really great time travel story.

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