☆ Late for School ✓ Steve Martin C.F. Payne, Late for School, Steve Martin C.F. Payne, Late for School Getting to school has never been quite this difficult or hilarious Celebrated writer and performer Steve Martin and dynamic artist C F Payne illustrator of John Lithgow s children s books have teamed up to tell a story of the adventure danger and laughs of the journey to school Undoubtedly a new classic for readers of all ages Late to School is the perfect gift tGetting to schoo ☆ Late for School ✓ Steve Martin C.F. Payne - Late for School, Late for School Getting to school has never been quite this difficult or hilarious Celebrated writer and performer Steve Martin and dynamic artist C F Payne illustrator of John Lithgow s children s books have teamed

  • Title: Late for School
  • Author: Steve Martin C.F. Payne
  • ISBN: 9780446574662
  • Page: 111
  • Format: ebook

☆ Late for School ✓ Steve Martin C.F. Payne ☆ Late for School ✓ Steve Martin C.F. Payne - Late for School, Late for School Getting to school has never been quite this difficult or hilarious Celebrated writer and performer Steve Martin and dynamic artist C F Payne illustrator of John Lithgow s children s books have teamed

  • ☆ Late for School ✓ Steve Martin C.F. Payne
    111Steve Martin C.F. Payne
Late for School

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  1. Steve Martin C.F. Payne

    Stephen Glenn Steve Martin is an American actor, comedian, writer, playwright, producer, musician, and composer He was raised in Southern California in a Baptist family, where his early influences were working at Disneyland and Knott s Berry Farm and working magic and comedy acts at these and other smaller venues in the area His ascent to fame picked up when he became a writer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, and later became a frequent guest on the Tonight Show.In the 1970s, Martin performed his offbeat, absurdist comedy routines before packed houses on national tours In the 1980s, having branched away from stand up comedy, he became a successful actor, playwright, and juggler, and eventually earned Emmy, Grammy, and American Comedy awards.

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  1. I have been a fan of Steve Martin for as long as I can remember Whether it was happy feet or his part in Two Wild and Crazy Guys I found him not only extremely funny but extremely talented as well He had an extremely sucessful comedy career, and extremely successful acting career and an extremely successful music career So, when I heard that he had become an author a few years ago it didn t really surprise me I mean, is there anything this man can t do I was offered the chance to review Late for [...]

  2. I hope the cd is wonderful, because on the initial read without the cd I was really disappointed The joke is OK, but I like Julie Danenberg s First day Jitters better I ll post again after I listen to Steve Martin perform it The C.F Payne illustrations were nice, particularly the double page spread showing the narrator with a sequence of celebratory facial and body expressions I can see kids enjoying performing the story in pantomime I m back and now I know it s all about the banjo I had heard S [...]

  3. Liked it, love the Illustrations This book actually happened to me But in my case my brother woke me up, claiming I was LATE FOR SCHOOL I didn t fly, like fell and crashed on my bike as I rushed towards school on my bike clipping a curb in my haste I never got to school and my brother had to fess up to the prank in front of my mother 40 years later and were still not even LOLI really picked this book up because of the illustrator, C F Payne The CD included with Steve Martin s voice performing t [...]

  4. Picture Book ProjectCategory Picture Book Soak Did Not Really Care For Source Princess Anne Public LibrarySteve Martin s picture book, Late for School, takes the reader on a young boy s adventure once he wakes up with the realization that he will be late to school In order to be on time, he rushes out of the house and dodges obstacles in his neighborhood to make it to class at any cost His urgency causes many of the silly situations he finds himself in along the way On his hurried way to school, [...]

  5. Steve Martin s Late for School is the story of a boy with a track record of being late for school One morning he finds that he is about to be late again, and that this would be a very, very bad thing We follow him as he runs to school On his way he jumps a fence, nearly lands in a pool, takes a kite to school that crashes into the football field and ultimately makes it to class just before 8 00 Spoiler Alert It s Saturday, and he was supposed to go fishing with his Dad The idea of tension as a l [...]

  6. Mr Martin is an accomplished and noted writer, musician and comedian as well as actor and he brings all of his considerable skills to bear in this story about a furious rush to avoid bad grades and disappointed parents A rollicking, head long flight to school is the basis for this funny, frantic and galloping picture book The illustrations by C.F Payne make for goofy looking people with slightly oversized heads, ears and eyes that delightfully exaggerate every expression The story makes you grin [...]

  7. Late for School by Steve Martin is a funny rendering of the classic yarn about waking up thinking you are late for school In the rush to get to school on time, the young boy, jumps a fence, encounters a swimming pool and catches a ride on a kite, making it to school with just a few minutes to spare only to discover that there is no school because it s SATURDAY Martin s trademark humor translates well to children The illustrations by C F Payne are a great companion to the story Also included is a [...]

  8. Grade interest level PrimaryReading level not foundGenre Picture Book Main Characters boy who is late for schoolSetting suburban neighborhoodPOV boy who is late for schoolSteve Martin writes an extended poem of a boy who is late for school or so he thinks After rushing to get to school, he realizes it s a Saturday and come back home to go fishing with his Dad The story is also set to music that can be played This is an interesting book It s a simple reader for younger kids and can be accessible [...]

  9. For me the real star of this book is the illustrator C.F Payne The story is pretty basic, sometimes the rhyme scheme seemed chunky but apparently it was written to be a song as well The book comes with a CD but I read this at the library and didn t listen to it, but it is sung my Steve Martin himself which is cool Overall, this is neither the best nor the worst celebrity picture book I have read.Personally, I feel Weird Al s books When I Grow Up and My New Teacher and Me are the best celebrity p [...]

  10. This book is about a little boy who is consistently late Each page rhymes as it is written as a poem The little boy was late so many times to school that his mother became depressed and he was beginning to get into big trouble with school administrators It has a lot of funny rhymes in it which would make students smile and relate to They would most likely be able to make many connections to the emotions and experiences of the little boy In the end, he ends up arriving to school after frantically [...]

  11. I think this is a case of someone getting a book deal because he s already famous.Did like the banjo but it wasn t enough The song is not really one you can sing along with Pictures were OK Maybe a little better than OK but this book just didn t do it for me and I don t really see many kids clamoring for this one Maybe I m wrong.OK I m listening to just the instrumental track on the CD that came with the book THAT I love Fun bluegrass I wonder if you can download it LEGALLY anywhere

  12. I was a little skeptical about reading a book written by a celebrity, but I m glad I did It provided a comic relief to the seriousness of waking up and knowing you re going to be late for something, in this case, school It s also in song format, so that makes it even engaging It tells the story of how the young boy goes through so many obsacles to get to school on time, such as jumping fences, flying on a kite, and dealing with swimming pools The boy makes it to school in time, but there s a pl [...]

  13. As usual Steve Martin does not disappoint What makes Late For School great is the cd and Martin s recorded version of the story The pictures are very entertaining as well Kids will love this and might even sing along Word choice is great Vocabulary can be explored as well as rhyming and rhythm.I recommended Late For School to a sixth grade language arts teacher to use in a lyrical poetry lesson She said it was terrific Even her too cool for school sixth graders were trying to keep up with Martin [...]

  14. I would probably give this a 2.5 star rating instead of a 3 but it was decently fun As a book on its own it wasn t great but when you listen to Steve Martin singing it as a song it was enjoyable The kids liked the pictures and the somewhat nonsensical song made them laugh The ending was a cute surprise My oldest liked it because he was about to start school so it was fun to laugh about it I think.

  15. This is a cute picture book following the lyrics of Steve Martin s banjo tune The illustrations are quite nice The book included a CD with two versions of the song On the first, Steve Martin sings and plays the song on the second, just the tune plays so readers can try to sing along I did find that the pagination didn t always work with the rhyming, so the CD was helpful for that reason Listen to the CD several times and follow along with the book for the most enjoyment.

  16. Meh I love Steve Martin, but this book was mediocre for me I couldn t get the rhythm of the story without the cd While the cd and music are fun, the reading goes quickly, often not leaving time for page turns Predictable, with the occasional forced rhymes The only part I really liked was listening to Steve Martin singing it, which didn t mesh too well with the book.

  17. Late for School includes a CD with Steve Martin yes, that Steve Martin , the author, singing the book as a song A boy takes some wild twists and turns trying to get to school only to realize he s come on the wrong day But that s great, he d been running behind, and now he can get to class on time on Monday.

  18. I have nothing but love for Steve Martin, truly I do But, this can only be enjoyed with the CD playing while you turn the pages Trying to read this on your own will have you stumbling through the supposed rhymes I wish time was spent on writing a quality funny book that flowed easily when reading it aloud, instead of forcing rhymes together for the sake of creating a music CD.

  19. When I picked up late for school I never would have thought it was written in poem The pros on Steve martins children s book were the beautiful illustrations The cons were the poems They start out ok but some of them just seem like they don t fit As for the cd I have not heard it so I will have to redo my review after I hear it with the book but as for right now I stand at three stars.

  20. A children s book, told in rhyme, with illustrations by C.F Payne The text of this book is are actually the lyrics of a song by the same name by Martin, appearing on his 2009 bluegrass album The Crow New Songs for the Five String Banjo It s a fun, jokey little song, and it makes for a fun, jokey little book

  21. Wonderful illustrations that is the best part of this book The story is actually quite cute though it doesn t flow really well for me The book I had came with a CD and Steve Martin yes thee Steve martin sing the story on the CD Kids will love it but it goes by really quickly that way and you might have to do it twice.

  22. Rhyming, but seems like the author is trying a little too hard to keep the rhyming and still make the story cohesive at the same time This is meant to be a funny book, but kind of misses the mark Exaggerated facial expressions from the characters again meant to be funny, but struck me as kind of scary on a few of the pages.

  23. Wonderful illustrations that is the best part of this book The story is actually quite cute though it doesn t flow really well for me The book I had came with a CD and Steve Martin yes thee Steve martin sing the story on the CD Kids will love it but it goes by really quickly that way and you might have to do it twice.

  24. Share this book with kindergarten students up to third graders Students will find it hilarious at the obstacles this little boy overcomes as he races to get to school When he finally arrives he realizes that it is Saturday This book has a fun rhyme scheme and is sure to keep students excited about the next big thing the child encounters

  25. The text for this book is actually a song and since I don t know the tune, the words didn t flow smoothly as I read them The story, about a boy who doesn t want to be late for school, isn t particularly interesting or unique I was expecting .

  26. A boy finds adventure, danger, and fun as he races around the house and through the neighborhood in order to make it to school on time hcplTardinessAudio Books Blog hcpl content audio boo

  27. Late for School by Steve Martin is a song It could be used to teach poetry, about it is about a familiar topic for our students I really like the fact that the book comes with a CD of the song It makes it fun for the students to read sing along, and is great to use with my ESL students.

  28. I bought Steve Martin s CD with this song on it I loved it the first time I heard it Then I found he had based a picture book on the song so I had to check it out Both my son and I found it very funny The artwork is wonderful Definitely one of my favorites

  29. Cute book I loved the illustrations, however the rhyme in it seemedrced I did not listen to the CD in it 2 stars for the text, but I am giving it 3 stars because I liked the illustrations 2.9

  30. I have to admit that the story is just okay without the banjo music I have not listened to the CD yet, but I am looking forward to it The premise is funny and the illustrations are classic C.F Payne it reminds me of all the back covers of the Reader s Digest magazines he illustrated.

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