Unlimited Aşkta Seni Seçtim - by Johanna Lindsey, Aşkta Seni Seçtim, Johanna Lindsey, A kta Seni Se tim Evlilik a k ld r r diyenlerden misiniz yoksa ikisi de bana g re de il diyenlerden mi Evlili e ve a ka inanmayan her limanda sevgilisi olan bir adam ve kar s na k t bir tesad fle kan d nyalar g zeli bir kad n Biri a k n her eyin stesinden geldi ine inan r di eri ise Ben k olmam bana k olurlar diyerek apk nl k yapmaya devam eder Bu d nceler kad Evlilik a k ld r r diyenlerden Unlimited Aşkta Seni Seçtim - by Johanna Lindsey - Aşkta Seni Seçtim, A kta Seni Se tim Evlilik a k ld r r diyenlerden misiniz yoksa ikisi de bana g re de il diyenlerden mi Evlili e ve a ka inanmayan her limanda sevgilisi olan bir adam ve kar s na k t bir tesad fle kan d nyalar g zeli b

  • Title: Aşkta Seni Seçtim
  • Author: Johanna Lindsey
  • ISBN: 9944821759
  • Page: 500
  • Format: None

Unlimited Aşkta Seni Seçtim - by Johanna Lindsey Unlimited Aşkta Seni Seçtim - by Johanna Lindsey - Aşkta Seni Seçtim, A kta Seni Se tim Evlilik a k ld r r diyenlerden misiniz yoksa ikisi de bana g re de il diyenlerden mi Evlili e ve a ka inanmayan her limanda sevgilisi olan bir adam ve kar s na k t bir tesad fle kan d nyalar g zeli b

  • Unlimited Aşkta Seni Seçtim - by Johanna Lindsey
    500 Johanna Lindsey
Aşkta Seni Seçtim

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  1. Johanna Lindsey

    Johanna Helen Howard was born on March 10, 1952 in Germany, where her father, Edwin Dennis Howard, a soldier in the U.S Army was stationed The family moved about a great deal when she was young Her father always dreamed of retiring to Hawaii, and after he passed away in 1964 Johanna and her mother settled there to honor him.In 1970, when she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey, becoming a young housewife The marriage had three children Alfred, Joseph and Garret, who already have made her a grandmother After her husband s death, Johanna moved to Maine, New England, to stay near her family.Johanna Lindsey wrote her first book, Captive Bride in 1977 on a whim , and the book was a success By 2006, with over 58 Million copies of her books have been sold worldwide, with translations appearing in 12 languages, Johanna Lindsey is one of the world s most popular authors of historical romance.Johanna s books span the various eras of history, including books set in the Middle Ages, the American Old West and the popular Regency England Scotland She has even written a few sci fi romances By far the most popular among her books are the stories about the Malory Anderson Family, a Regency England saga.

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  1. 4,5 The Andersons are back stars I honestly don t know how the Andersons manage to do that to meEven though that i adore the Mallorys, the Andersons s stories are making me so excitedThis was the second book in the series No, the third that was for an Anderson and for once again, i lived with him a wonderful adventure full of pirates and treasure hunting and some balls back in EnglandIt was an interesting mix and i enjoyed it very much After the loss of her mother, Gabrielle Brooks are sailing t [...]

  2. Ugh Looks like I dipped in the Malory well one too many times After reading The Magic of You and Say You Love Me, and enjoying both immensely, I was looking forward to of the same with Captive of My Desires What a let down Not only were the hero and heroine totally mismatched, but I couldn t suspend disbelief enough to accept that any man would want this b ch for a wife, much less one of Georgina s brothers First of all, where did the cheeky, fun loving Drew Anderson from prior Malory novels go [...]

  3. Sorry to say it was a yawner Don t get me wrong, I finished it I just didn t feel the love and, unfortunately, it s been like that for quite some time with her latest releases I used to eat up all her novels like a fat kid eating cake Not any.The only thing I really liked about this foray into the Mallory saga was the fact that it brought to mind Pirates of the Caribbean Two Other than that the heroine s backstory is rushed it would have been a ton interesting if Lindsey had started off with, a [...]

  4. Not fully done yet, but I m completely irritated It s obvious that Lindsey is no longer writing these books the prose and voice are very different from her earlier novels But whatever, authors get old and feeble and can t type as well so they have to hire a ghostwriter Fine Just disable that damned shift 1 key, will ya Exclamation marks should be used sparingly and only in dialogue In prose, it just makes you sound like an excitable teenager on deviantArt or fanfiction Or maybe that s where Lind [...]

  5. This was so disappointing Praises to the higher powers that I didn t buy this in hardcover I think most people who read this book had read previous Malory novels so bought this hoping for a sweeping romance, a la Gentle Rogue This is not that book Drew Anderson is a jerk I can t stand the man who looks down on anyone due to their circumstances and Drew does that from the moment he meets Gabrielle He hears the word pirate and Gabrielle in one sentence and condemns her as one of their barbarous, w [...]

  6. Not one of my favorite Malory books While I did actually enjoy most of the book and my biggest complaint isn t that large of a part it did make me take off a star I was hooked at the beginning of this book and wondered who the woman to catch Drew would be I was happy when Gabby came into the picture I liked her character and knew it would be a good fit for the man with a sweetheart in every port I was hooked into their romance all the way until the capturing of Drew s ship Then we went through a [...]

  7. wow it was soo good i think that maybe it was the best book in whole series even better then James s book cant believe that im saying this D it was adventurous, romantic, sweet, cute, funny all the things that i adore in a romance book D i loved the fact that in this book we could see english ballrooms, ton, fancy life and then sea, pirates, storms and captures the contrast was absolutely fascinating D and the fact that two of my most fav characters had a big part to play in this book was a posi [...]

  8. 4.25d ndoole los restantes empujones para ir terminando la serie de los Malory algo tienen estos ltimos libros que sea lo que sea logran atraparte, y cada una de las historias son interesantes y distintas ES el turno de ver a drew Anderson, el tercero de los hermanos, un capit n sinverg enza del que se dice tiene un amor en cada puerto se da un encontronazo con Gabrielle brooks, y en un principio l la llama pirata , pues junto con su padre estaban al mando de un barco Nuevamente hacemos gala de [...]

  9. This book was missing something The chemistry wasn t there I guess it is the lack of adversity she had to overcome A scandal does not a thrilling tale make Anyways, she also had to find treasure, rescue her father, and find a husband Somehow, I wasn t thrilled to hear about her tale Her romantic adventures consisted of Drew mistaking her for a pirate and also shying away from the idea of a marriage They spent their time together denying their physical attraction but I wasn t gripped on their sto [...]

  10. Captive of My Desires was a fairly good book but definitely not as good as some of the previous books in the series After Gabrielle Brook s mom passed away she searches for her father and finds out he is a pirate For 3 years she lives at sea with her father while searching for treasure and making up for their lost time together Then the day comes where her father decides she must go back to England and find a man to marry She doesn t want to give up her life at sea but she does so in order to ma [...]

  11. After the death of her mother, an upstanding member of the upper class in regency era England, Gabrielle Brooks voyages to the Caribbean to find her father, whom she barely knows as he has been away or many years in his business as a tradesman Gabrielle discovers that her father is in fact a gentlemen pirate , though her mother never knew, and decides to stay and live with him on the island of St Kitts Three years later, her father decides it is time she find a husband and that she deserves her [...]

  12. Bu Kitab E lence in Macera in a k in Okuyun Diyorum Kitab n Ba ndan Sonuna lgi ekici arp c Hikaye Karakterleri ok G l Kendini Sevdiren Bir Kitap ncelikle Biraz Hikayeyi tlat y m K z m z n Ad Gaby Kendisi Aristokrat Bir Anne Ve Ticaret Gemisi Kaptan Oldu unu Sand Bir Babaya Sahip Annesi l nce Vasili i ok Berbat Bir Adama Verilme Tehlikesindeyken ngiltereden Ayr l p Babas n A k Gemilerde Aramaya Koyuluyor ve Gemisi Korsanlar Taraf ndan Ele Ge iriliyor Fidye in Bir S re al Konulduktan Sonra Bir Ka [...]

  13. Book 8 Captive of My DesiresPayback can be quite passionate Gabrielle Brooks was raised by her English socialite mother When her mother passed on she went looking for her father, and found out her father is a pirate Well these days he is of a treasure hunter After three wonderful years on his Island he decides she needs a season in London and she is sent to the home of James Georgina Malory Georgina s brother Drew is quite handsome but says he s a confirmed bachelor When Drew says the wrong thi [...]

  14. kali ini bercerita ttg drew anderson gabrielle brooksbrielle brooks, putri nathan brooks, teman lama james yg pernah menolong james datang ke london untuk mencari suamiorgina para wanita mallory membantu gabrielle untuk masuk kalangan atas londonbetulan dikediaman georgina ada drew boyd yg kebetulan di inggrisjak awal pertemuan drew suka cari gara2 dengan gabrielle.dia tertarik pada gabrielle tapi predikat gabrielle yg pirate s daughter membuatnya berpikir berulang2 kali.tapi herannya biar begit [...]

  15. Mallory ailesine 8 kitaptan dalm olmam g z ard ederek diyebilirim ki ger ekten g zel bir romand Serinin tamam n okumak istedim u an hatta Kitab n normalden farkl bir kurgusu vard , korsanlar n dahil oldu u bir kitab ilk defa okumu olmal y m Kitab n zirvesi ise Gabrielle in Drew in gemisini alarak onu zincirlemesiydi Durumun garipli i ok ho uma gitti a k as D Drew i ba tan karmaya al mas ve sonucunda kendisinin daha ok ba tan kmas da g zel bir k s md U suz bucaks z deniz, Karayipler, korsanlar, e [...]

  16. OHHH just wonderful I will admit that I didnt like how it began It was dragging on in the beginning itself and I was questioning myself If I should continue and the other fact was that the male lead made a serious late entry into the story Even then I was like K Drew is too sassy Do i want to read a historical romance novel where the male lead is not a mysterious and dark one Readers I was sooooo wrong Drew not only swept Gabby off her feet but also me too hahahaha After that it was just hook li [...]

  17. I was Googling for author who is similar to Judith McNaught and Johanna Lindsey was mentioned several time I don t know why or who suggested that because I failed to find the similarity This is my first book by the author and sad to say, it wasn t a great introduction I m still deciding whether or not to give this author another try because one reviewer mentioned that her earlier books are much better than this one.

  18. If I hadn t read any of the previous Malory novels, I think I wouldn t have been so disappointed with the storyline and characters in this book I hate to say it, but I think Lindsey has lost some of her writing magic because she hasn t been able to create the same quality of books she as those in the past I have always loved Johanna Lindsey s books, but her last three books have been disappointing and I probably would waste my money to purchase one for my own.

  19. Some good elements to the story, but I wish Lindsey wouldn t spend half the book TELLING you what s going on rather than SHOWING I keep wanting to skip the exposition, and I have to remind myself that this is her style, that if I skip 50% of the book I m not going to know what s going on Seriously, she s a better writer than that.

  20. bisa bilang apa lagi Drew Anderson, memang bad boy, saat merayu Gabby kasang romantis lucu, tapi kadang langsung blak blakanoh paling suka pas Gabby yang mo menghindar pas mo dicium sama DrewGabby bilang jangan.Drew bilanag berhenti ngekanjutin omonganx gabby, tapi sebenerx bukan itu maksud gabby dasar Drew, bad boy pokokx lucu.

  21. I usually love JL s books but this was one doesn t make the cut The heroine is a pain in the arse It started out nicely but the longer it went the I wanted it to be over A pirate story went bad.

  22. So great to see the series swing from Malorys to Andersons.This story has just the right amounts of piracy, swashbuckling heroism, feministic triumph, battles of wills, and life on the open ocean.Changing the setting from pirates lair, to Caribbean, to London ballrooms, to life aboard ship It creates a beautiful story to follow Gabby is a particular favourite heroine of mine because she so often gets the upper hand over Drew This couple falls in love through arguing and baiting each other, and i [...]

  23. Gabrielle daughter of an aristocratic cousin and a pirate whom they believe is a merchant, but is a pirate that is really of a treasure hunter She only sees him occasionally, a couple of times a year, but she loves him He only married her mom because her mom was looking for a husband to have a child by, and because he thought she the key to finding a portion of a treasure map 18, her mother dies and the solicitor wants to put her under the guardianship of an unsavory man until she is 21, and ig [...]

  24. I read the audio version of this book I enjoyed it There s rocky romance, poor communication, and danger It isn t the best of this series, but a fun read.

  25. Very enjoyable, in fact I had to get up in the middle of night to finish book kept thinking about it trying to sleep

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