Unlimited Scandalous Love - by Brenda Joyce, Scandalous Love, Brenda Joyce, Scandalous Love Rebelliously independent Lady Nicole Bragg Shelton refuses to be constrained by the stifling rules of Victorian England And now desire has impelled the beautiful heiress toward a shocking liason with Hadrian Braxton Lowell Duke of Clayborough Bound by the dictates of honor and duty to another woman Hadrian is hocked by Nicole s daring conduct yet entranced by her fieryRebellious Unlimited Scandalous Love - by Brenda Joyce - Scandalous Love, Scandalous Love Rebelliously independent Lady Nicole Bragg Shelton refuses to be constrained by the stifling rules of Victorian England And now desire has impelled the beautiful heiress toward a shocking liason with

  • Title: Scandalous Love
  • Author: Brenda Joyce
  • ISBN: 9780061235252
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Scandalous Love - by Brenda Joyce Unlimited Scandalous Love - by Brenda Joyce - Scandalous Love, Scandalous Love Rebelliously independent Lady Nicole Bragg Shelton refuses to be constrained by the stifling rules of Victorian England And now desire has impelled the beautiful heiress toward a shocking liason with

  • Unlimited Scandalous Love - by Brenda Joyce
    392 Brenda Joyce
Scandalous Love

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    Brenda Joyce is the bestselling author of forty one novels and five novellas She has won many awards, and her debut novel, Innocent Fire, won a Best Western Romance award She has also won the highly coveted Best Historical Romance award for Splendor and Two Lifetime Achievement Awards from Romantic Times BOOKreviews There are over 14 million copies of her novels in print and she is published in over a dozen foreign countries.A native New Yorker, she now lives in southern Arizona with her son, dogs, and her Arabian and half Arabian reining horses Brenda divides her time between her twin passions writing powerful love stories and competing with her horses at regional and national levels For information about Brenda and her upcoming novels, please visit her Web sites brendajoyce, thedewarennedynasty and mastersoftimebooks.

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  1. Lady Nicole, at 23, is a spinster due to the scandal she caused when she came out several years earlier She s decided she likes her solitary life of running free with her horses and doesn t need to be married to be happy That is until she meets Hadrian, Duke of Clayborough at a masquerade party I really liked Nicole s personality, she doesn t let anyone walk all over her and stands up for herself Once she realizes that Hadrian is betrothed and only wants her for sexy times she lets him know exac [...]

  2. Hadrian Braxton Lowell, the ninth Duke of Clayborough, is a man bound by duty and honor After he and his mother suffered greatly at the hands of his abusive father, Hadrian swore that he would never allow himself to be similar to his sire in any way Yet with his driving need to be proper, Hadrian has become somewhat tight fisted He even acknowledges to himself that no one would like him if he wasn t the Duke of Clayborough for with that title comes great and exceptional power Hadrian also feels [...]

  3. 4 StarsThis great author is in my Top 5 and Scandalous Love proves why Every character is brought to life, and every page is live and in your face Nicole is a London outcast and has lived the last few years in her family s country estate She s eccentric, loves the indoors and the out, and has no idea how exotic her beauty truly is The Duke Hadrian Love that name is just like her, but where she s not conventional he is to the T Hadrian buys an estate close her family s and they meet like all the [...]

  4. Oh dear Book number six of this series was an explosive, tiresome bundle of fireworks These two butted heads like a couple of rams in the wilderness At one point, I came to the conclusion that being apart would ve been the best for everyone s sake.Nobody likes two strong opposing characters finding kindred love with one another than I but it was not the case with these characters Frankly, their constant bickering annoyed me endlessly The relentless push and pull of their attraction tired me out [...]

  5. I enjoyed this read, the characters are interesting Even though the storyline was a bit predicatable, I still enjoyed it I liked both Nicole and The Duke I like that Nicole is unconventional and has a mind of her own, she doesn t just sit around and wait for The Duke, she goes out and gets him Nicole did get annoying in some parts though, since she acts so much out of her emotions without thinking things through, almost like a spoiled child The Duke is a great hero, he s your classic tall, dark [...]

  6. Couldnt put it down So good i loved it so much I loved the duke and nicole together Amazing story Must read Loved it

  7. Lady Nicole Bragg Shelton is tall, an , she is a hoyden who rides horses astride, she is considered on the shelf as she is not married Nicole cannot find anybody worthy to get married and most of all she is considered to taller than most men, the men are intimidated by her and therefore she does not receive any proposals or even a request for dance whereas her younger sister is small petite and very beautiful she is considered a better catch this creates a complex and she decides not to attend a [...]

  8. Nicole Bragg is a free spirited lady living in relative seclusion in Victorian England after she had the audacity of crying off of her wedding On her wedding day The scandal has ruined her reputation, but not her independence When a rival practically dares her attend a party for the Duke of Clayborough, she arrives and immediately catches the eye of the Duke The Duke is looking for a mistress, Nicole a husband Nicole always seems to make the situation worse and the Duke is charmed by it.I love h [...]

  9. Seems to be the thrill one again Now about Nicole, Derek s Granddaughter, who fall in love to Duke of Clayborought As usual the female character on Brenda series always the one who opinionated, brave, dare, insensible as like Nicole, Derek Bragg Granddaughter.In this book not only love story of Nicole and Hadrian, but in the end of book about Dowager Duchess, Hadrian s mother with his long live American Hadrian Stone.Compare than previous series of the Bragg Saga book, this serie, The Bragg 06 S [...]

  10. J ai ador L un des meilleurs tomes de la s rie Ils savent ce qu ils veulent mais se retiennent longtemps Lui sait qu il ne peut pas se mettre avec elle car il est d j pris mais coup de chance sa fianc e depuis qu il a 10 12 ans d c de Son d c s m a par ailleurs intrigu , je me suis demand de quoi elle mourrait leuc mie, cancer Ce d c s est leur chance car la voie est libre Ce que j ai appr ci est que la m re du duc ne soit pas aveugle et remarque d s le d but l attirance entre les deux, tout en [...]

  11. This was my first Brenda Joyce book And since I finished this book, I ve read three other books Ms Joyce does a masterful job of building sexual tension and fleshing out characters in this book This was a 4.5 stars but I rounded it up to 5 My only complaint would be the penchant for the heroine to get hysterical towards the end of the book I understand she s a passionate creature who gives way to her passions But there is a world of difference between passion and hysteria Somehow it weakens the [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this book, as I have also really enjoyed the series as a whole, with the exception of the frustration I love the characters and the storyline, the continuity and the way I get to follow the Bragg family throughout the generations The only thing that I find SO FRUSTRATING is the fact that the couple takes so incredibly long to finally communicate their true feelings They keep going back and forth, misunderstanding and getting angry with each other, but don t TALK about it Anyway, [...]

  13. I like both Nicole and Hadrian.Nicole is free spirited, strong, smart and a bit too impulsive.Hadrian is proud, trustworthy, honorable and maybe a bit too formal He needs her and she needs him They fit perfectly And I m so happy they actually talk to each other I think this is one of the better books in this series The only negative part was when they had to marry She is afraid to tell him she loves him, he doesn t know yet that he loves her and of course that creates some misunderstandings and [...]

  14. Well written as usual for Joyce, but the storyline was a strain I didn t enjoy this book as much as I usually do her novelshad to force myself to finish the book Something was just off for me and I actually kept falling asleep while reading it All writers can have an off novel, perhaps this was hers I felt much of what went on was pointless and the fighting made me not care what happened to these people at all Basically didn t like the hero and heroine couldn t keep up interest Would not recomme [...]

  15. Brenda Joyce s writing is wonderful but the story is not There was so much unneeded angst in this story Top it off with a very spoiled heroine who keeps flaunting society but gets saved by the hero The moral and lesson of this story leaves a bad taste in your mouth since the good people seem to suffer Elizabeth s death and Hadrian s suffering from a crazy, violent, and spoiled heroine wife and the reckless, inconsiderate and selfish heroine gets everything she wants in the end.

  16. Der Titel ist passend Lady Nicole ist eine wahre Rebellin unkonventionell und nicht auf den u eren Schein bedacht Die lodernde Leidenschaft zwischen ihr und Hadrian wird glaubhaft geschildert, und der Leser fiebert bei der Handlung und den Folgen der Missverst ndnisse mit Sehr romantisch und gelungen.

  17. Really a good read Heroine a bit too implosive and totally unreasonable , a niny and a bit too selfish but I was still able to block her antics and enjoy the book.

  18. Typical of most romances drags a little sometimes I would classify it R rating lol not for kids that is for sure.

  19. A nice historical romance where the female lead chases the male Very unusual and enjoyable through and through.

  20. Chock full of great conflict and a sweet B plot about the hero s mother s true love Steamier than I expected, too

  21. I haven t read the Bragg series in order and I m usually a stickler for reading a series in order It didn t detract from my enjoyment of this book I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  22. I love Brenda Joyce and I already read many of her books but this is my favorite so far I really, really was overwhelmed with emotions during this book It s definitely my all time favorite.

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