[PDF] Unlimited Ò The Shark Mutiny : by Patrick Robinson, The Shark Mutiny, Patrick Robinson, The Shark Mutiny Throughout the fifteenth century China s blue water navy fleets dominated all the oceans between the Yellow Sea and the Persian Gulf But for the next five hundred years it regressed to a dim echo of its glorious past However it is now the year and the Chinese agenda has changed With a tremendous navy buildup anchored by a new base in Burma and a billion oilThroughout th [PDF] Unlimited Ò The Shark Mutiny : by Patrick Robinson - The Shark Mutiny, The Shark Mutiny Throughout the fifteenth century China s blue water navy fleets dominated all the oceans between the Yellow Sea and the Persian Gulf But for the next five hundred years it regressed to a dim echo of

  • Title: The Shark Mutiny
  • Author: Patrick Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780060196318
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited Ò The Shark Mutiny : by Patrick Robinson [PDF] Unlimited Ò The Shark Mutiny : by Patrick Robinson - The Shark Mutiny, The Shark Mutiny Throughout the fifteenth century China s blue water navy fleets dominated all the oceans between the Yellow Sea and the Persian Gulf But for the next five hundred years it regressed to a dim echo of

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ò The Shark Mutiny : by Patrick Robinson
    408 Patrick Robinson
The Shark Mutiny

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  1. Patrick Robinson

    Patrick Robinson was a journalist for many years before becoming a full time writer of books His non fiction books were bestsellers around the world and he was the co author of Sandy Woodward s Falklands War memoir, One Hundred Days.

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  1. This was an interesting book It has a decent flow to it, and I liked the author s surprise twist in it in reference to the Chinese It kept my interest throughout even though I had read it once before , and I thought the ending was decent.In this book, the Chinese and the Iranians form an alliance view spoiler to close the Straight of Hormuz with a mine field made up of Russian built mines hide spoiler A lowly analyst at the NSA is notified of over two hundred Russian mines being purchased and he [...]

  2. Again a great book by Patrick Robinson I have one left to read in the Admiral Morgan series and I am very much looking forward to it Well written, great plot, ranks right up there with Tom Clancy s better books Unfortunately Mr Robinson no longer appears to be writing new books Hope to see something new from him but I am afraid he may have retired.

  3. I enjoyed reading this book.I thought a couple things 1 Seems unlikely to me that the US would ever leave Taiwan that exposed.2 I thought the Kilo decoys would show up as a fixed grid pattern, alerting the CVBG that they were being spoofed 3 Second book in a row in this series to end in the same way.

  4. The Chinese make a deal with the Iranians and plant mines in the strait of Hormuz which results in three oil tankers blowing up This causes chaos in the world oil markets raising the price per barrel astronomically The Americans get the Indian navy to destroy the mines and send many US ships into the Persian Gulf to protect them With the Americans occupied China gets down to their real objective which is invading Taiwan The Americans can t help because all of their battle groups are occupied So [...]

  5. I liked the details and descriptive ways in which the author portrayed the action sequences It reminded me a lot of Tom Clancy actually However, I felt the characters were weak and unbelievable The SEALs were portrayed as flawless, brave, courageous, and tragic heroes While I don t mind having a somewhat over the top antagonist, the paragraphs of adoring compliments for the military quickly gets tiring The plot was also just plain unbelievable I mean, I can accept that PacFleet would flood the I [...]

  6. My actual review doesn t quite support 4 stars the variables of this book spread accross the world and strain the limits of suspension of disbelief Not a big deal With Robinson, Admiral Arnold Morgan and his ever patient fiancee secretary Kathy, disbelief is a common feeling.The Seals which were a key part of Kilo Class are once again a key part of military activies in the Strait of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean Despiste Robinson s attempts, it really is difficult to comprehend the great size of t [...]

  7. Great action sequences The political outcomes of a plot to temporarily hike oil prices turning into a war in Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East is delivered in a very believable fashion.Editing can use a little work Example, the author did not know the size of an M 60 shell and quoted them as being four inches they actually shoot the NATO version of the Springfield.30 06 which is just a longer 7.62 There is mention of Mesquite, TX being west of Dallas wrong, it s east There were some mino [...]

  8. Picked this on up at a used book, half price sale It had a submarine in flames on the cover What the heck A good action packed testosterone romp thru the pre 9 11 world Bad guys are bad, good guys are good US military uber alles Robinson loves St Ronnie of Reagan, hates Clinton, loves Iron Pants Maggie, hates journalists and any cuts to the military budget His depiction of the military action is enjoyable and realistic The seals are tough hombres Hats off to them I think the court marshal at the [...]

  9. Easy to read rollicking adventure even though nothing about the scenario is credible His descriptions of the workings and camaraderie of the different units is interesting and they may actually be like this in reality But nothing about this story would play out this way in the real world, not conflict, diplomacy or politically Give Patrick Robinson his credit the writing style helps you to just go along with what ever is being delivered after all it is just a novel.This is not his best book but [...]

  10. this sure is a long book It is first Robinson novel I ve read and will probably be the last The plot is very unbelievable, China fakes the US Navy into committing all carrier groups into the Gulf of Iran The mutiny from the title is almost an afterthought Robinson s writing is better than found in most fiction bestsellers.

  11. This series continues to extend itself and hasn t fallen into a boring pattern like some other series books.In this novel we have an expansionist China in cohorts with Iran attempting to strangle oil routes whilst also launching another surprise attack elsewhere once the US Navy is tied up in the Middle East.Enjoyable, fast paced and realistic.

  12. The gruff, bombastic and irreverent Arnold Morgan is one of the most entertaining fictional characters book readers are likely to encounter Patrick Robinson has crafted him so skillfully that you half expect the admiral to leap off the pages and berate you for not reading faster This novel rates as one of the best in the series.

  13. Another excellent book by Robinson although I could go without the cheerleading and unneeded extra adjectives describing the SEALs.I have been in Southeast Asia and China for decades and it was gratifying to see that he did meticulous research on the area and worked that into his story line on the attack in Taiwan

  14. Navy SEALs blow up a Chinese refinery and naval base because they mined the Strait of Hormuz Meanwhile China takes over Tawain because our Navy is out of place Seems like we lose big time but no one in the book seems too upset They don

  15. If you re a fan of Naval fiction, this is a great read If you like Clive Cussler, but feel it too over the top, this might appeal to you If you enjoy David Poyers Dan Lenson series, I encourage you to pick up Shark Mutiny plenty of action Great portrayal of Navy Seals in action.

  16. Some of the political aspects of these books tend to a bit over the top But the descriptions of the action taken by the SEAL Teams are by far the best I ve read, leaving the reader to feel the action themselves as of they had taken a bullet.

  17. Patrick Robinson s are always outstanding reads and always full of detail but in good way Admiral Morgan is always on the pulse with his Aussie sidekick I have always looked out for new books from Robinson Got me addicted to submarines

  18. All I can say is this Another fantastic job by Patrick Robinson He had me thinking one thing at the end of the book, when it was the other way Marvelous job, and keep up the great writing This type of book is what I long to read

  19. Arnold Morgan is again in rare form in another jewel of the dear sea I respect this author s vast naval knowledge and the ability to articulate the same Another audio masterpiece in my humble

  20. China mines persian gulf to get us out of the way, and take tiawan,us retaiates and the shark submarine rescues nAVY seals

  21. On to the next in the series I do wish he had addressed the episode from the previous book regarding the president s son.

  22. Patrick Robinson buoni cattivi sommergibili SEAL.Se l equazione vi piace il libro non deluder Ovviamente si tratta di un libro leggero, ma molto piacevole e scorrevole.

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