Free Download Ranger's Folly - by Stephani Hecht, Ranger's Folly, Stephani Hecht, Ranger s Folly Exiled from his childhood pack and hated by his family Wolf shifter Ranger vowed that he d help prevent others from suffering the same heartbreak He fulfilled his promise first by taking in stray shifters and then by becoming a soldier for a feline coalition When he discovers a strange Eagle shifter stalking one of his friends it s only natural that Ranger becomes proExiled from Free Download Ranger's Folly - by Stephani Hecht - Ranger's Folly, Ranger s Folly Exiled from his childhood pack and hated by his family Wolf shifter Ranger vowed that he d help prevent others from suffering the same heartbreak He fulfilled his promise first by taking in stray sh

  • Title: Ranger's Folly
  • Author: Stephani Hecht
  • ISBN: 9781554879236
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Ranger's Folly - by Stephani Hecht Free Download Ranger's Folly - by Stephani Hecht - Ranger's Folly, Ranger s Folly Exiled from his childhood pack and hated by his family Wolf shifter Ranger vowed that he d help prevent others from suffering the same heartbreak He fulfilled his promise first by taking in stray sh

  • Free Download Ranger's Folly - by Stephani Hecht
    388 Stephani Hecht
Ranger's Folly

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    Stephani Hecht is a happily married mother of two Born and raised in Michigan, she loves all things about the state, from the frigid winters to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team Go Wings You can usually find her snuggled up to her laptop, creating her next book or gorging on caffeine at her favorite coffee shop.When she s not running around like crazy, trying to get her kids to their various activities, she s currently working on numerous projects In the coming months, she has several books coming out with eXtasy Books in both The Lost Shifter Series and Drone Vampire Chronicles, plus a few additional projects that are still in the development stages.Visit Stephani on the web at Email her at archangelwriter yahoo

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  1. Wolf shifter, Ranger Eagle shifter, Xavier Ranger was kicked out of his wolf pack for being gay, since then he became an Alpha of a small stray pack, he got captured by slavers and finally he and his friends were saved by Mitchell and his shifters.Xavier is an eagle and the twin brother of Riley He was saved by a brother and a sister who grew up with him Chance and Dulla And surprise these two siblings are ravens Of course they are nice ravens who avoid the rest of the smelly, disgusting ravens [...]

  2. I liked it a lot than the previous two books in the series but this was still missing something for me to like it enough to give five stars I don t really know what it was but something just felt off about the story or something was missing but i can t think of what it was

  3. 3.5 StarsI finally broke down and bought Ranger s Folly Again I m not too happy with the price tag for something that is 234 KB a novella length but I seem powerless to stop my curiosity about the Lost Shifters We all know the surface Ranger He is the little alpha of his stray shifters pack and has worked hard to keep them safe from the world Under his protection though they got captured by slavers and forced into captivity for a year, now they reside with the Feline Shifters and under Mitchell [...]

  4. Stephani Hecht really left a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the previous book, the eleventh in the series, but it set the stage for Ranger s Folly quite nicely Now this is the twelfth book in the Lost Shifters series and I just can t seem to stop buying and devouring them Yes, they can be pretty predictable Yes, they could be a little fleshed out But, I m still addicted as if they were the biggest and best chocolate sundae in the world Obviously the author is doing something right grins I h [...]

  5. The previous two books blow so bad, I came to this book with rather slow expectation Especially, since I don t really have an interest with either Ranger or Xavier Ranger might be introduced in previous books but I m not really too intrigued with him While Xavier, I guess since I don t like Riley, I m not ready to like his twinRTUNATELY, this book delivers WAY better Ranger, a wolf that takes strays is sweet and kind, and I like his protective streak that doesn t really border to being too much [...]

  6. Wolf shifter Ranger was beaten and exiled from his pack for being gay After taking in lost shifters Noah, Riley, and Trevor they formed a small pack of friends that stuck together Surviving a year of slavery together and finally making their way to Mitchell s coalition, Noah, Riley, and Trevor have founds mates and happiness but they are still close as brothers.While watching out for Riley, Ranger sees a strange shifter sneaking around and spying on Riley and decides to investigate The Shifter t [...]

  7. 3.5 StarsThis book is an improvement on the last installment Here we meet Xavier, Riley s long lost twin eagle shifter His mate is Ranger, a wolf shifter I liked both Xavier and Ranger, although Xavier was pushing the envelope into chick with a dick territory His saving grace His relationship with his adopted brother and sister Chance and Dulla They were intriguing characters and the first ravens we meet close up I am looking forward to reading about them in future installments.Bottom line this [...]

  8. I really enjoy reading Stephani Hecht books, I enjoyed Ranger and Xavier story, but it did leave me wanting to know .

  9. Not enough conflict to make a solid plot Funny in parts but otherwise too similar to other books in the series.

  10. I think this is one of my favourite in the series love the angst and the new characters and beneath that rough exterior, Ranger s has a sweet soul anyhow.

  11. I m giving this a 4.5 stars.The story is about Xavier, an eagle shifter and Riley long lost twin brother, and him stalking the coalition a third time The reason is that even though he may not like Riley for what he done those many years ago for leaving him dead, he is still his brother and wish to connect with him again In come Ranger who has been notice him and decided to make his move and find out who is this stalker is When he found out he is Xavier he try to bring him in but Xavier will have [...]

  12. 3.5 StarsRanger has noticed someone following Riley When he finally confronts the stalker, he discovers it s another eagle The twin they suspected surprised the murder of their family by their mother However Xavier freaks and tasers Ranger and escapes Xavier was raised by ravens who lived in isolation, largely because their daughter has mental disabilities and the ravens ordered her killed So Xavier considers Dulla and her brother Chance are his siblings as they were raised together Xavier falls [...]

  13. 2014 Re read Luckily Ranger is a lot nicer in this book that he was in his previous appearances Although he s awfully sex obsessed still Xavier, in stark contrast, strikes me as amazingly naive even for someone who grew up mostly in seclusion.The romance part is on speed and of course completely unbelievable unless you subscribe to love at first sight It really reminds me of the fated mates theme, even though it isn t supposed to be present in this series.However, I can roll with this since I am [...]

  14. It was nice to hear some about the Raven culture from this book, but I was already sure that the shifter Chance would find his mate in the next book Also the whole book felt kinda rushed and it is weird that the main character s mate is the brother of the guy he had a friends with benefits relationship with.In addition there was this old wolf stereotype of submission, dominance and biting again, which is basically pure myth It made me wish to finally see a wolf shifter in fiction that is actual [...]

  15. I was apprehensive about reading this installment inthe Lost Shifters, since the previous book revealed Xavier was raised by ravens and I expected they were typical raven shifters so how could Xavier turn put good Anyway, I ened up really enjoying this story.Xavier s adoptive raven family was an unexpected surprise and I m looking forward to reading Chance s story If he get s one As far as the relationship between Xavier and Ranger goes I thought they made a nice couple and liked the fact the pr [...]

  16. Xavier is a very innocent guy He and his adopted siblings were raised in seclusion so Xavier is a bit lost in the world He is a bit of the typical smaller mate that some shifter stories have Ranger isn t near as na ve The characters in this series have really made it fun to read I have enjoyed the humor and snarkiness of them I was a bit disappointed that this one was so short and so lacking in development It felt like a lot of other shifter based books There wasn t much development to the story [...]

  17. Holding a conversation while chasing Really I mean full lengthy sentences and all That s quite a talentInteresting conclusion For some reason shifters decide that two ravens are defending the eagle From what information All they know that they hang out live together How does that translate into ravens protecting the eagle They do not know the set up.Huge coincidence that Xavier gets sick at just the right moment The coincidence of the century To get rescued at just the right moment, not a moment [...]

  18. Stephani Hecht is a terrible writer I don t feel like pulling any punches here, because to do otherwise would be a disservice to my fellow readers These books are awful, but have their own compelling pull I wanted to carry on to see what happened next, even though the writing was making me insane, the characters were all the same, and the sex was becoming incredibly redundant It wasn t until I got to the third book based on Shane seriously, again , that I finally hit a wall and couldn t read any [...]

  19. Book 12 focuses on Ranger and introduces Xavier Riley s brother twin , as well as Chance and Dulla.Xavier has been brought up by Raven shifters normally the enemies of the feline coalition, so Ranger and his friends are suspicious when they scent the Ravens However Chance and Dulla are very different to the other Ravens they bathe and aren t frothing maniacsThe story was pretty interesting and I liked the new characters.

  20. Wow, I spent the first 9 pages laughing out loud, the one liners were so funny It was good to finally have Ranger s story and I loved the choice for his mate The introduction of Chance and Dulla came as a pleasant surprise The side of Raven society I never dreamed of seeing The author definitely knows how to throw a curve ball, and usually when one least expects it Fabulous job Ms Hecht

  21. Terrific felt like Ms Hecht went back to her Lost Shifter s roots with this one I felt as if I was discovering the series all over again I appreciated the slow build up to Xavier s and Ranger s relationship and the ideas keep rolling off on the appearances of other shifters Awaiting Lost Shifters.

  22. i enjoyed this book than some of the others what i like the most was there wasn t this overwhelming need for bed play, marking or got to have you cause we re mates, no just the need to help, understand and get to know each other with a slightly different insight on the enemy

  23. I stopped reading this series for a while after the menage scene by Riley But when I start this series again I just can t stop

  24. The story was simple, but enjoyable I liked this shifter couple I m glad I took some vacation time from this series, because at list now I could enjoy this part.

  25. I m so happy that Ranger finally got his own book I was so excited when I saw that this was his I waited so long for his and it was wonderful

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