Unlimited Gun - by Ray Banks, Gun, Ray Banks, Gun It s a simple enough job for a very dangerous man go to the Leam Lane estate pick up a converted air pistol from a guy called Florida Al bring it back in one piece But Richie fresh out of the YOI and about to be a dad has just lost the gun to a bunch of young thugs And Goose isn t the kind of bloke who gives second chances GUN previously published by Crime EIt s a simple enough job for a ver Unlimited Gun - by Ray Banks - Gun, Gun It s a simple enough job for a very dangerous man go to the Leam Lane estate pick up a converted air pistol from a guy called Florida Al bring it back in one piece But Richie fresh out of the YOI an

  • Title: Gun
  • Author: Ray Banks
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Gun - by Ray Banks Unlimited Gun - by Ray Banks - Gun, Gun It s a simple enough job for a very dangerous man go to the Leam Lane estate pick up a converted air pistol from a guy called Florida Al bring it back in one piece But Richie fresh out of the YOI an

  • Unlimited Gun - by Ray Banks
    104 Ray Banks

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    Ray Banks Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gun book, this is one of the most wanted Ray Banks author readers around the world.

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  1. All Richie had to do was pay a visit to Al Floria of Leam Lane estate fame, pick up a gun and return it to his local physically challenged crime boss Sounds simple enough, however, Richie attracts violence like shit does flies and in no time at all he s knee deep in the thick of it with a busted up hand, bullet wound and a missing gun The gun, by in large is an extension of Richie, and fittingly, not unlike his character something people use then throw away, palm off to someone else, trouble t [...]

  2. Note perfect There s not much else to say than that Banks has written an amazingly tight and compelling crime novella I suppose it s worth mentioning that there is a lot of Scottish slang and profanity in the text It adds verisimilitude and context I wouldn t say that there was a single gratuitous word in the book If you like British hardboiled crime, this book is a virtuoso performance hitting every note in time and without a flub IMO, Ray Banks might just be the Charlie Parker of the keyboard. [...]

  3. For anyone that hasn t read Ray Banks, this is a great introduction to his work Lean and mean, this novella is a perfect read in one sitting book The very simple story plays out as a back alley version of STRAY DOG or THE BICYCLE THIEF, desperation and purpose driving our hero because he doesn t know any better.Brutal Violent Funny What Ray Banks does best.

  4. There is something about certain English accents that really makes it hard for Americans even Canadians to understand the English language I remember channel surfing one time a couple years back and MTV had some British teen reality show with actual subtitles Bollocks Anyway, if you like crime stories set in the UK but have trouble with the accents, try reading a book In fact, you should read this one.Gun is a novella about a guy named Richie Richie needs a job, but he s not cut out for the nine [...]

  5. This review is from Gun Kindle Edition Just what I needed to get me out of a little reading trough I picked up my kindle and found Gun to fill a few minutes and didn t put it down again until I d reached the end Clich or what Only it s not a clich that usually applies to me beyond the short story.Here we have a day in the life of Richie, fresh out of prison and looking for money in the only places he understands He goes along to see Goose, a man with the reputation Mike Tyson would have in the N [...]

  6. What a curious, tense and oh so perfectly wrapped little oddity While I will give Ray Banks extra points for writing an original spin on a common story, I can t help but finding that the excellence of this novella lies in its execution It s airtight storytelling, no description, no dialog, not even a single word is ever lost Some will find is very controlled, but I like controlled I like whatever can make a point so strongly Think about GUN as a business card written by a Bruce Lee type Less is [...]

  7. It s the first Ray Banks I ve read but it won t be the last Excellent gritty stuff, beautiful ear for dialogue, terse characters wise cracking in tough circumstances If Philip Marlowe had written about street crime on the wrong side of Byker Grove this also features mean streets, Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean

  8. Richie has recently been released from prison after serving a sentence for ABH actual bodily harm committed during the course of doing a job for local crime boss drug dealer, Goose Richie s girlfriend wants him to make a fresh start and get a proper job, but only 18 and with no real education Richie soon finds himself back on Goose s doorstep looking for work.Though at first Goose doesn t even remember him rather insulting since Richie did time than he otherwise would have had to because he wou [...]

  9. One of the great things about Kindle and e readers in general the return of the novella If no one else has already predicted this, I ll do the honors Novellas and short novels are coming back And thank Christ for that, maybe the days of over blown doorstop thrillers are nearing an end, eh One can only hope.If Ray Banks novella, Gun, is any indication, there s some seriously tight, noir to the bone stuff to read Although, to be honest, most of it won t come anywhere NEAR Banks quality He s one of [...]

  10. Richie is just out of jail and looking for any job that will keep him out of the minimum wage grind He goes to small time crime boss Goose looking for work even though he was partly responsible for getting him locked up in the first place Goose gives him an assignment take some money and go buy him a gun from the enigmatic Florida Al across the river Beggars can t be choosers and Richie will take whatever he can get by riding the train to Al s unusual house and bartering and then finally buying [...]

  11. Gun is biting, bleak noir with a boot in the gutter and a shooter in the waistband Banks, author of the outstanding No More Heroes and Beast of Burden has sharpened his already laser edged storytelling in this novella about a bottom feeder crim sent to collect a handgun.British crime fiction doesn t get much grittier than this foray into the mean streets of petty crooks and knuckle breaking thugs Banks portrays the street trash and derros of the inner city with an acuity few of his peers can mat [...]

  12. This is just a fabulous wee story about the boys that you see wandering around any high street in the UK and the trouble they can get themself wrapped up in The dialogue is superb and Banks shows he has a real ear for how real folk talk and I greatly enjoyed the realistic patter The story is just so typically noir it goes from bad to worse and then really , really bad for out poor wee hero Richie, who s just out from the jail and goes straight back into the same social network of small time crim [...]

  13. I like to discover new authors with as few preconceptions as possible I don t read up on them I don t read reviews I just dive into the icy waters of a new writers imagination However, everyone I know in the crime writing fraternity, which I am new to, raves about Ray Banks Still I bided my time and read his novella Gun when I was good and ready.On the face of it the plot was a simple one A guy just out of prison wants earn some cash without the drudgery of the 9 to 5 Who can blame him eh He run [...]

  14. This was a perfect example of why the British do crime thrillers better than anyone else in the world Ray Banks takes what could have been a rather dull tale and turns it on its head with scene after scene of violence and blood The dialogue was awesome once I worked out what a few words meant being an Aussie made it tricky in a few spots and the pace of the action was just about spot on.If you haven t read a British crime story, start here.If you have, then you know just how good this is

  15. Ray Banks is unputdownable This short novella grabs you from the first page and never lets go All ex con Richie has to do is pick up a gun and deliver it to a man known as Goose Of course, it s not quite as easy as all that Banks has the uncanny ability to infuse each one of his characters with so much life in so few words.Like a fresh pint of Guinness, Gun is bitter, black as hell, and goes down smooth.

  16. GUN is another gritty, sharp edged novella from Ray Banks Full of Banks fierce prose and thugged out life like characters I have yet to read a mediocre book from him Recommended to any fan of noir and hardboiled novels.

  17. Great grimy street crime novella I would have liked to read about the character, but it was a perfect length for this story

  18. Maan I loved this one especially Ray Banks manages to get you to empathise with all kinds of shady characters even so than Alan Guthrie.

  19. Cracking short read by Banks Charges along at breakneck speed never lets up Hope his Cal Innes books make it to Kindle as this guy has a massive rep amongst crime fans writers

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