Unlimited Hide Me Among the Graves - by Tim Powers, Hide Me Among the Graves, Tim Powers, Hide Me Among the Graves Winter A malevolent spirit roams the cold and gloomy streets of Victorian London the vampiric ghost of John Polidori the onetime physician of the mad bad and dangerous Romantic poet Lord Byron Polidori is also the supernatural muse to his niece and nephew poet Christina Rossetti and her artist brother Dante Gabriel But Polidori s taste for debauchery has grownWin Unlimited Hide Me Among the Graves - by Tim Powers - Hide Me Among the Graves, Hide Me Among the Graves Winter A malevolent spirit roams the cold and gloomy streets of Victorian London the vampiric ghost of John Polidori the onetime physician of the mad bad and dangerous Romantic poet Lord Byro

  • Title: Hide Me Among the Graves
  • Author: Tim Powers
  • ISBN: 9780061231544
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Hide Me Among the Graves - by Tim Powers Unlimited Hide Me Among the Graves - by Tim Powers - Hide Me Among the Graves, Hide Me Among the Graves Winter A malevolent spirit roams the cold and gloomy streets of Victorian London the vampiric ghost of John Polidori the onetime physician of the mad bad and dangerous Romantic poet Lord Byro

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  • Unlimited Hide Me Among the Graves - by Tim Powers
    446 Tim Powers
Hide Me Among the Graves

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  1. Tim Powers

    Timothy Thomas Powers is an American science fiction and fantasy author Powers has won the World Fantasy Award twice for his critically acclaimed novels Last Call and Declare.Most of Powers s novels are secret histories he uses actual, documented historical events featuring famous people, but shows another view of them in which occult or supernatural factors heavily influence the motivations and actions of the characters.Powers was born in Buffalo, New York, and grew up in California, where his Roman Catholic family moved in 1959.He studied English Literature at Cal State Fullerton, where he first met James Blaylock and K.W Jeter, both of whom remained close friends and occasional collaborators the trio have half seriously referred to themselves as steampunks in contrast to the prevailing cyberpunk genre of the 1980s Powers and Blaylock invented the poet William Ashbless while they were at Cal State Fullerton.Another friend Powers first met during this period was noted science fiction writer Philip K Dick the character named David in Dick s novel VALIS is based on Powers and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Blade Runner is dedicated to him.Powers s first major novel was The Drawing of the Dark 1979 , but the novel that earned him wide praise was The Anubis Gates, which won the Philip K Dick Award, and has since been published in many other languages.Powers also teaches part time in his role as Writer in Residence for the Orange County High School of the Arts where his friend, Blaylock, is Director of the Creative Writing Department Powers and his wife, Serena, currently live in Muscoy, California He has frequently served as a mentor author as part of the Clarion science fiction fantasy writer s workshop.He also taught part time at the University of Redlands.Excerpted from.

808 thoughts on “Hide Me Among the Graves”

  1. byron is not in this book at all.which is a shame.when this came in to the store, greg handed it to me and grunted something like, here byron and i was like yayyyy because of all the millions of books i have read that have byron as a character, tim powers is the only one who ever got it right and i skimmed the dust jacket and saw polidori s name and saw byron s name, but didn t really read it too closely because i knew i had to borrow it immediatelyd i kept waiting for byron to appear, in some f [...]

  2. The unwary might stumble upon Tim Powers new novel, Hide Me Among the Graves and think latecomer to the vampire craze Powers longtime fans, though, will recognize the book as a sequel to his excellent 1989 novel, The Stress of Her Regard, but with those readers, belated recognition of the relationship would be understandable nowhere on the Hide Me cover is the link between the books mentioned, so buyer beware Does it matter Yes and no The reader who has completed Stress will be far comfortable [...]

  3. A couple of observations about Tim Powers and the books that he writes First, he can weave a hell of a tale Second, he certainly does his homework, as his blending of historical fact within his fiction borders upon both the sublime and brilliant Hide Me Among the Graves is only the third novel by Powers that I ve read, but it is easily the best The other two were The Anubis Gates and The Stress of Her Regard.By way of background, and as some of you may know, I am a huge fan of the Victorian poet [...]

  4. Was it horror or sci fi or just a drama I couldn t really tell It didn t pull me into the story and it took quite awhile to understand what was happening Having figured it out, it was a bit too weird for me but i Wouldn t hesitate to try another book by him, this one was just well.Boring ever with vampires

  5. I ve been a big Tim Powers fan for many years now, and a new one from him is always a delight HIDE ME AMONG THE GRAVES is no exception I adore the way he attacks a plot with exuberance and bravado In this one we re tossed into the lives of the Rossetti family, a veterinarian, a prostitute and an adventurer in Dickensian London all plagued by a family blood curse that has come back to claim its own It s also a sequel to an earlier work, but you don t need to know that to enjoy this one on its own [...]

  6. 3.5 stars Tim Powers s The Stress of Her Regard was one of my favorite random used bookstore discoveries After reading it ten years ago, I talked it up to all my friends It was out of print at the time, so I constantly lent out my own copy until the time I didn t get it back When I got wind of Hide Me Among the Graves, a sequel of sorts, I was thrilled and hoped it would be one of my favorite books of the year So how does it stack up Well, to be honest, I didn t like Hide Me Among the Graves qui [...]

  7. I bought this at the local literary leaning SFF con after hearing the author speak He s very witty, and the brief discussion of this book during his session really piqued my interest.A good read I would ve finished it sooner if not for various external distractions What an inventive, atmospheric, complex, intelligent, and creepy story Of the intriguing characters, I especially liked Christina, Crawford, McKee, Trelawny, and Johanna.

  8. Like almost every other reviewer of this book, I have to say do NOT read this if you haven t read The Stress of Her Regard, to which this book is something of a sequel Tim Powers excels at creating alternate explanations for actual historical events, and at revealing the truth behind those mysteries, but in this case, those revelations all happened in the first book Combine this with the return of characters or their descendants from The Stress of Her Regard and you have a book that can t comple [...]

  9. Having worked my way through all 500 pages of this work of speculative fiction it s a case of Hide Meh Among The Graves.Powers specialises in basing his novels around real historical characters in this case the Rossetti family and then weaving in some supernatural hokum in this case vampires.This is a sequel of sorts to his 1989 novel The Stress of her Regard which need not be read first.I won t go through the plot in detail here It s reasonably well worked out, and it s linear which is a bonus [...]

  10. The idea of this one is terrific a sequel to my Powers favorite, The Stress of Her Regard Keats, Byron, Shelley, and lamia like vampires which spark your creativity but destroy your loved ones This one has the entire Rossetti family, including some fabulous Christina Rossetti selections as chapter headings, plus Swinburne, Trelawney, Polidori as vampyre, and the son of the protagonists from Stress I liked Powers characterization of Christina, particularly The text doesn t quite seem to flow some [...]

  11. Rese a de Lorenzo Mart nez Nota 9 Rese a en Fant ficaPese a la antig edad del tema vamp rico, cada cierto tiempo surgen autores que refrescan el g nero y lo actualizan bajo su propia perspectiva, y justo eso es lo que hace Tim Powers su cr nica de los nefilim en La fuerza de su mirada y ahora en Oc ltame entre las tumbas es de lo mejor en novela vamp rica que se ha escrito en las pasadas d cadas Pero no lo digo solo yo, lo dicen los miles y miles de lectores que avalan a Tim Powers como uno de l [...]

  12. Update Ripped through it Didn t love it Liked it though, enough to slow down and re read passages, at times.A good enough read, but for Powers fans, it ll be familiar stuff, images and ideas already hashed out in The Stress of Her Regard, Declare and others What seems to be missing is the sense of something larger at stake, which Powers grasps for in the story legend of the ancient warrior woman Boadicea which continually made me think of one of my top 10 favorite words, bodacious , but it doesn [...]

  13. It was a disconcerting coincidence that brought this book to me and if I weren t a skeptic and a rationalist I might be worried I had been researching the history of Speculative Poetry for a panel I was moderating at Continuum X and had of course come across the English poet Christina Rossetti, most famous perhaps for her poem Goblin Market, a snippet of which is presented below Lizzie met her at the gateFull of wise upbraidings Dear, you should not stay so late,Twilight is not good for maidens [...]

  14. There was a time when rumors of a new Tim Powers book sent me into a frenzy of motion to track it down and read it immediately He produced an amazing run of books that I loved Anubis Gates, On Stranger Tides, The Stress of Her Regard, and Last Call in particular Each book was better than the one before, and I thought I d found a writer who could do no wrong.Since then Powers has, for me at any rate, faltered from time to time Don t get me wrong, I still find his writing intriguing and worth my t [...]

  15. This book is a sequel to The Stress of Her Regard, and I suspect that deliberately it is detached and languid as the pre rafaelites that are the main characters, compared to the fiery passionate Romantics of the previous book In the 25 years between both books Powers has slightly improved his technique but he has lost the passion that made Stress resonate so strongly with its lively characters and the Nephilim that preyed on them The fact that the previous book is one of my all time fantasy favo [...]

  16. Disclaimer I read the novel in its proof copy, so the published version may be slightly different.Hide Me Among the Graves ranks as a middle of the road Tim Powers novel, which still gets it 4 5 stars from me The story concerns Rosetti family, famous for their poetry, art and criticism in the Pre Raphaelite, haunted by the pseudo vampires who also appeared in Powers The Stress of Her Regard which I have not read , and using the concept of eating ghosts which appeared in Expiration Date which I h [...]

  17. In London, 1845 a 14 year old Christina Rossetti, who will become a well known poet, accidentally awakens the vampire ghost of her uncle This will set in motion three decades of struggle as Christina, her brother Gabrielle, a hapless veterinarian and a reformed lady of the night are haunted and stalked by the two great vampires of London The vampires inspire the Rossettis to create great poetry, but jealously kill anybody their poet family might love than the vampires.Tim Powers writes fantasie [...]

  18. Please note I received an ARC of this novel through the First Reads program The novel itself will be published on 3 13 12.Tim Powers is an author I have been reading for at least 25 years His particular blend of dark fantasy and historical fiction may not appeal to everyone, but I have always been impressed with the way Powers weaves his fantasy throughout the historical narrative, without disturbing the threads that are already there Not surprisingly, my favorite Powers novels tend to be those [...]

  19. Original review posted on The Book SmugglersIn Tim Power s 1989 acclaimed novel The Stress of Her Regard, the protagonist Michael Crawford battles vampiric forces of evil side by side with Byron, Keats, Shelley et al.Hide Me Among the Graves is a standalone sequel to that novel, following John Crawford, the son of that novel s protagonist as he battles the same sort of vampiric forces of evil, this time alongside another group of artists the Rossetti family Dante Gabriel, Christina and their sib [...]

  20. I have survived a string of Tim Powers novels that I didn t care much about but also _Declare_, which I loved So I worried about a long interval sequel to _The Stress of Her Regard_ Unnecessary This is one of the good ones.The original book had Byron, Shelley, their crowd of artsy associates, and protagonist Michael Crawford This one, set a couple of decades later, has Christina and Dante Rossetti, their crowd of artsy associates, and new protagonist John Crawford Plus the vampires, of course, i [...]

  21. This one took a while to get into and figure out what was going on and which version of the vampire ghost mythology was being put forward.Turns out that John Polidori, friend to Byron and a doctor, became a vampire when he committed suicide and he s infected his brother in law, Gabriele Rossetti Rossetti s children, including Dante Gabriel and Christina, take on the role of fighting these risen ghosts Garlic, metal, silver bullets, staying in an enclosed area and using birds to capture the soul [...]

  22. A warning this is a sequel to The Stress of Her Regard which, strangely, is mentioned nowhere on the cover The reader is assumed to be familiar with the non standard vampire mechanics from the first book The mechanics are further elucidated here I admit I came out of Stress without a very good understanding of them but I wouldn t recommend anybody read this book first Tim Powers always has good ideas, but in recent years he seems to have and trouble putting together a captivating story This bo [...]

  23. No me gusta, 4 novelas le das de l y una media de un 4 10 Y vaya fama que tiene.Los hay que rellenan con mucha paja, pero por lo menos lo hacen con arte y algo bueno saca de ella aunque no tenga nada que ver con la historia Tim mete personajes que no tienen relevancia, unido a que alarga los di logos y explicaciones.Este relato trata sobre la b squeda de una hija supuestamente muerta y el acabar con el famoso malo, en un planeta en que conviven vampiros y humanos Poco original Y no solo eso, sin [...]

  24. I just love Tim Powers Well his writing anyway, having never met the man What s not to love about a book about proper vampires they don t glitter set in 19th century England with Christina Rossetti and her brother Dante Gabriel struggling to avoid being overcome by vampiric possession and maybe save the world as well This book is up there with the best of Tim s work So much atmosphere that it practically rolls in off the cold river Thames like an early morning mistJust get it and read If you ve [...]

  25. As a pre Raphaelite fan and devotee of Christina Rosetti, I loved this book The book is filled with characters from the time and the characters themselves are imbued with paranormal influences that are oddly apt for what is known of their personalities and writing This is a masterful blend of poetry, paranormal events, vampires, myth, and adventure Fans of On Stranger Tides will not be disappointed While this is not a quick read, particularly if one is tempted to reread the poets during the same [...]

  26. Here s the Fifty Page Fridays mini review I wrote about this novel farbeyondreality 2012 03 1Short version looks like a great novel, but it s probably best if you read The Stress of Her Regard first.Long version click on the link above

  27. DISCLAIMER I haven t read the entire book, I didn t finish it , but I wanted to review it, so here we are Some of this stuff may be, and quite possibly will be, settled at the end of the book, please keep that in mind If you have read this book till the end, feel free to let me know if I m completely missing the point.I didn t want to keep reading, simply because I really didn t like it Here s why 1 , Tolerant View of Prostitution I don t want to have to go into details, just simply that it wasn [...]

  28. This one was almost a disappointment, because I loved The Stress of Her Regard so much, and the plot of this book pretty much a sequel to The Stress seemed a little stretched, a little repetitive in parts I still liked it a lot, though, especially because it introduced me to poets and artists I hadn t exactly been interested in before I looked up Algernon Swinburne during a reading break and spent the rest of the book snickering to myself whenever he showed up He sure was something There was som [...]

  29. I had read The Stress of Her Regard roughly 20 years ago and totally forgot I had when I picked up Hide Me Among the Graves 20 years, aiyayaya Still managed to enjoy Hide Me Among the Graves immensely without remembering a single thing about the first book despite some reviewers advising to read it first I only cottoned on that Hide Me was the sequel when I came to to leave my review Hide Me Among the Graves did get a bit ponderous in the beginning but I waded through because I loved that no one [...]

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