[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Forty Thousand in Gehenna : by C.J. Cherryh, Forty Thousand in Gehenna, C.J. Cherryh, Forty Thousand in Gehenna Set in the same future as the Hugo winning Downbelow Station but fully self contained this is a story on the classic theme of human understanding of the alien Once again Cherryh proves herself a consistently thoughtful and entertaining writer Publishers Weekly [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Forty Thousand in Gehenna : by C.J. Cherryh - Forty Thousand in Gehenna, Forty Thousand in Gehenna Set in the same future as the Hugo winning Downbelow Station but fully self contained this is a story on the classic theme of human understanding of the alien Once again Cherryh proves herself a co

  • Title: Forty Thousand in Gehenna
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780932096265
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Forty Thousand in Gehenna : by C.J. Cherryh [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Forty Thousand in Gehenna : by C.J. Cherryh - Forty Thousand in Gehenna, Forty Thousand in Gehenna Set in the same future as the Hugo winning Downbelow Station but fully self contained this is a story on the classic theme of human understanding of the alien Once again Cherryh proves herself a co

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Forty Thousand in Gehenna : by C.J. Cherryh
    456 C.J. Cherryh
Forty Thousand in Gehenna

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  1. C.J. Cherryh

    Currently resident in Spokane, Washington, C.J Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel, photography, reef culture, Mariners baseball, and, a late passion, figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began with the modest ambition to learn to skate backwards and now is working on jumps She sketches, occasionally, cooks fairly well, and hates house work she loves the outdoors, animals wild and tame, is a hobbyist geologist, adores dinosaurs, and has academic specialties in Roman constitutional law and bronze age Greek ethnography She has written science fiction since she was ten, spent ten years of her life teaching Latin and Ancient History on the high school level, before retiring to full time writing, and now does not have enough hours in the day to pursue all her interests Her studies include planetary geology, weather systems, and natural and man made catastrophes, civilizations, and cosmology in fact, there s very little that doesn t interest her A loom is gathering dust and needs rethreading, a wooden ship model awaits construction, and the cats demand their own time much urgently She works constantly, researches mostly on the internet, and has books stacked up and waiting to be written.

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  1. I will attempt to convey exactly how I feel using this review but will fail miserably Forty Thousand in Gehenna is an absolutely fantastic work of science fiction In every sense of the word.I am completely in awe with what Cherryh has done with this story I won t go into detail, because I simply won t do it justice Just read this book However, I would say, if you ve never read Cherryh before, start elsewhere Cherryh is an amazing writer, but she makes the reader work If you re not used to this, [...]

  2. This novel, set in the Alliance Union universe, may be science fiction, but it s really about what happens when language fails Since it s a written text, there s a certain level of narrative distance from the events, as it moves across several generations of settlers and their descendants on a planet where everything is exactly as it is, and nothing is what it seems, unless you know how to, as St Augustine put it in his On Christian Doctrine, read rightly And none of the protagonists know how to [...]

  3. I should have figured out of the tone from the title You don t name a vacation palace Gehenna And this book confirmed me in the idea that officer is an insult.Also, never EVER kill a lizard on an alien planet Just don t do it.

  4. Where to start Well the fact that I flew through this book today even with working a 14 hour day ought to tell you something There is in this book a strange sense of naivete and mystery and hope and human pig headed ness throughout the book.There are parts that don t work The early on census reports don t work and I was glad when they were replaced part way through by genealogy charts.Did I say genealogy Yup, this book covers some 200 years in medieval health conditions So the book is written as [...]

  5. The Union settlers that come to Gehenna as part of a political expansion find themselves abandoned there in the company of the native giant lizards who may have sapience than it first seemed This novel chronicles the fall and creation of civilizations, and as such has a strange structure The first two thirds is an overview of broad swaths of time, seen in glimpses from various denizens the staccato pacing helps balance the distant narrative Only the final third introduces characters to appeal t [...]

  6. Wow, this lady can write The problem is what to classify this as Psychological feudal scifi All her books have intricate, well developed and totally strange culture clash This is no different A colony is established on a planet, thought to be devoid of intelligent life A few hundred humans and 40K clones start the colony which quickly reverts to agrarian status when promised support doesn t show due to the war From there the story leaps years at a time out to 300 years from first landing It is s [...]

  7. Cyteen and Downbelow Station are two of my favorite Sci Fi novels 40,000 in Gehenna occurs just after Cyteen in the Cherryh Universe timeline see The Universes Of C.J Cherryh I suggest reading Cyteen before 40,000 I think the latter would be a bit confusing otherwise This book is pure Cherryh If you want to know what that means, and it means a lot, start reading her works She will be an SWFA Grandmaster IMnsHO.9 of 10 stars

  8. The was originally published in 1983, making it one of Cherryh s earlier works, and it is easy to see the development of many themes that Cherryh later mines for gold in the Foreigner series the epic sweep of nations and politics, human alien cultural divides, and individual endurance in fact, it is easy to compare 40,000 to Foreigner, as the last half of the book centers around the observations and experiences of a starman diplomat to the native Gehennans This is a book to savor, not just for C [...]

  9. Pros Really neat treatment of how humans, abandoned on an alien world, can go native and form a symbiosis with the existing lifeforms giant lizards Cool invention of a very fascinating melded culture Intriguing characters, especially towards the end of the book.Cons Tries to do too much Cherryh could have done better by starting nearer the end of the book, instead of trying to show the whole thing from the beginning and forcing the reader to span multiple generations of characters, and reusing t [...]

  10. This is a fascinating story of a colony, with a great historical overview but Cherryh s at her best when she gives us people to people interactions, individual characters we can care about and with 300 years of history, just as we come to care about a character, we ve moved on another 50 years so the book is at its best in the final half, when we finally get to stay with one particular group of individuals She also takes a little side trip, in the midst of a story about human alien communication [...]

  11. Cherryh binge I first read this without context of what it meant in terms of other books in the Alliance Union Universe, and it was still fascinating Someone once told me that Cherryh does alien mindsets, and she really does pull you into the discombobulation of a perfectly consistent other.The story of a population, really, and its relationship with the world, told through key characters in various generations.

  12. I ll admit that the cover was close enough to Dragonriders of Pern to make me uneasy not to disparage McCaffrey s work it has simply been a while since I ve wanted to read that sort of story , and the background made it sound like yet another technologically advanced humans encounter peaceful, tranquil aliens who have not been tainted by human greed and failings story along the lines of, say, Le Guin s The Word For World is Forest, or Cherryh s earlier Downbelow Station Not that there s anything [...]

  13. Forty Thousand in Gehenna is a story set in the Alliance Union universe, and is briefly mentioned in Cyteen Unfortunately when I went to read this, I didn t remember the mentions in Cyteen too well When I read Cyteen I remember the mentions being really interesting Since this book was written before Cyteen, it s rather sparse on the why of the major plot detail.Gehenna is a new world that is colonized by Union, the homogeneous space state I guess that s what you refer to it as that s always doin [...]

  14. I adored this A generational story spanning about 300 years, it almost reads like a prequel to something like a Pern novel Forty Thousand in Gehenna is part of the lengthy Alliance Union universe series, but does not itself appear to have a direct sequel if it does I would love to be introduced to it, since I want of Cherryh s aggressively nonverbal dragons Between this, Rider at the Gate, and the Foreigner series I m on a bit of a Cherryh kick, but her stories of first contact and unsuccessful [...]

  15. Note Read this book before CyteenA very unusual and wonderful book, exploring a colonisation of an alien world, complete with 40,000 slaves lab grown humans stacked in spaceships for months, and landing on a planet with alien animal species The book takes place over a period of 200 years, with a short epilogue 100 years after that.Through weather and a misunderstanding of the aliens, the main base collapses and a slow anarchy ensues No further support spaceships arrive, and a reversion to stone [...]

  16. This book is set in Cherryh s Union Alliance Universe, but stands alone very well Don t feel like you need to read anything else to enjoy this one, and enjoy it you will The basic premise doesn t seem very original new colony starting out a fresh inviting earth type planet It quickly departs from the expected and turns darker From the way the azi are transported and the rest of the colony shipped out to the reasons for the colony s very existence it s unsettling and thought provoking.It continue [...]

  17. There are a lot of books that imagine what it would be like to reboot human society on a new world very few of them seem to get beyond the mechanics of reinventing soap and marriage Cherryh starts way beyond that.Cherryh s one of my favorite authors but when I first read this book it was not easy to get into It was only after I started seeing the full shape of the story that I began to really appreciate it That s fitting because within the story, it s only when the full shapes of things are seen [...]

  18. The overall rating of this book, IMHO, reflects the desperate circumstances of the people who are its subject matter One isn t happier after reading it GEHENNA and DOWNBELOW STATION, particularly, give one insight to our current world situation The first book by Cherryh that I read was CHANUR Everything she s written is worth reading, IMO, although the fantasy is different and darker than most of those that fit the science fiction category I consider the rating system ill suited for her books, b [...]

  19. This is a story of a world of a world through the generations of people who lived there Which is itself amazing, though sometimes its hard to leave off a story, and move to the next generation just because I wanted to find out about individual characters during that period Though through successive generations you begin to see characteristics, traits and personalities that keep popping up keeping them all related tied together even if only with the thinnest of string and pattern lines An impress [...]

  20. I m going to have to think on this one a bit, to settle into my final feelings on it But for now The Good Filled with fascinating moments and thoughts on evolution, alien communication, the observer and whether or not observers can stay uninvolved , cloning, and A great discussion book because there were so many areas to discuss Seriously.The Bad Well it s a cultural evolution over 200 years It can be a bit hard to follow or feel tied to because of this Add in the complications that come from t [...]

  21. After slogging through a couple other books that were good ideas executed with great mediocrity, it s really nice to read a book that s a great idea executed well No wonder C.J Cherryh has won so many awards for her novels.As for the story itself, it s a fascinating account of human attempts to colonize a planet inhabited by alien lifeforms that defy classification in human terms By the time off world assistance comes back into contact, the human society has developed into something alien itself [...]

  22. This is a re read, as it s very much worth it First read inoriginal publication year Hi Dan Seldom give this author 5 stars usually 3 or 4, though she s a good sold writer and usually interesting This one may be the convey the mood and emotional feeling of getting to know an alien thought pattern as well as I ve ever seen it done Notan easy read, or particularly up beat, but this is a good one.

  23. On one hand, I was disappointed that this book wasn t about six times as long spanning about 200 plus years meant that it touched upon many characters and many situations most of which were described in such a way as to leave me hungry for On the other hand, it was perfect as written, showing generational changes and what can happen to humanity when faced with upheaval, societal changes, and alien environments and life.

  24. Very enjoyable book much than I remembered from my first read That s most likely because this time I read it knowing it was a multi generational saga, as well as reading it in light of Cyteen It s not linked as well to Cyteen as I might have hoped or maybe I missed something , but the questions raised in Cyteen created an interesting perspective on the events and society development in this book.

  25. This was very different from Cyteen, in a way, not concerning one person, but a whole world and in a sense the meaning of intelligent life Very intense in its own way Reading it directly after Cyteen probably adds to the book It gave me a better understanding of the azi than the first time I read it It also showed another menaing of the word sociogenesis I very much enjoyed it.

  26. Cherryh rarely disappoints, and she delivers here another solid tale of the Alliance Union universe This one takes a very long range, multi generational look at how an isolated colony of settlers adapts to, and eventually becomes symbiotic with, the local animate species.

  27. This would have to be my favourite book by Cherryh, so far.The caliban and human partnerships, the ways of communicating on such huge scales and in those methods, the caliban themselves Wow.Really enjoyied this book.

  28. Excellent, almost mystical story of humanity s assimilation into the fabric of an alien planet I d like to have me a Caliban, for sure.

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