[PDF] Read ✓ Small Remedies : by Shashi Deshpande, Small Remedies, Shashi Deshpande, Small Remedies Shashi Deshpande s latest novel explores the lives of two women one obsessed with music and the other a passionate believer in Communism who break away from their families to seek fulfilment in public life Savitribai Indorekar born into an orthodox Hindu family elopes with her Muslim lover and accompanist Ghulaam Saab to pursue a career in music Gentle strong willShashi Deshp [PDF] Read ✓ Small Remedies : by Shashi Deshpande - Small Remedies, Small Remedies Shashi Deshpande s latest novel explores the lives of two women one obsessed with music and the other a passionate believer in Communism who break away from their families to seek fulfilment in publ

  • Title: Small Remedies
  • Author: Shashi Deshpande
  • ISBN: 9780140294873
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ✓ Small Remedies : by Shashi Deshpande [PDF] Read ✓ Small Remedies : by Shashi Deshpande - Small Remedies, Small Remedies Shashi Deshpande s latest novel explores the lives of two women one obsessed with music and the other a passionate believer in Communism who break away from their families to seek fulfilment in publ

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Small Remedies : by Shashi Deshpande
    220 Shashi Deshpande
Small Remedies

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  1. Shashi Deshpande

    Novelist and short story writer, Shashi Deshpande began her career with short stories and has by now authored nine short story collections, twelve novels and four books for children Three of her novels have received awards, including the Sahitya Akademi award for That Long Silence Some of her other novels are The Dark Holds No Terrors , A Matter of Time , Small Remedies , Moving On , In The Country of Deceit and Ships that Pass Her latest novel is Shadow Play.Many of her short stories and novels have been translated into a number of Indian as well as European languages She has translated two plays by her father, Adya Rangacharya, Shriranga , as well as his memoirs, from Kannada into English, and a novel by Gauri Deshpande from Marathi into English.Apart from fiction, she has written a number of articles on various subjects literature, language, Indian writing in English, feminism and women s writing which have now been put together in a collection Writing from the Margin She has been invited to participate in various literary conferences and festivals, as well as to lecture in Universities, both in India and abroad She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2008.List of books by Shashi DeshpandeDark Holds No Terrors 1982 That Long Silence 1989 A Matter of TimeMoving OnSmall RemediesShadow Play 2013 The Narayanpur IncidentIf I Die TodayIn the Country of DeceitThe Binding VineShips That Pass 2012 The Intrusion And Other Stories3 Novels A Summer Adventure, The Hidden Treasure, The Only WitnessCome Up Be DeadCollected Stories Volume 1 Collected Stories Volume 2 Writing from the Margin And Other Essays

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  1. This was quite an interesting departure from my normal reading This is literary fiction by an author who is apparently very well known in India, but practically unknown in the West If marketed here, it would probably be called women s fiction, because Small Remedies is a very introspective first person narrative by a woman who has lost her son, and as she traces the histories of two other influential women in her life, while also unveiling all her other formative experiences, she ties a multitud [...]

  2. I had expected this book to be a fairly typical inter generational, soap opera esque Indian novel with the usual multitude of characters, and was pleasantly surprised at how personal the novel was I also liked how Deshpande s prose style wasn t self consciously Indian which with other Indian writers can get a little toornacular so I felt like was a reading the work of a good writer, rather than a good Indian writer.

  3. Really enjoyed, and very involved The story revolves around 3 women, Madhu the narrator, Leela and Bai All are women who have led extraordinary lives by the standard of the day and all have tragedies and secrets of their own.It s a complex novel which explores both the past and the present in the lives of Bai and Madhu, Madhu is engaged in writing a biography of Bai It is whilst listening to Bai that Madhu remembers her childhood when she lived near the singer, so she s aware of the things the w [...]

  4. this book is very different from books i have read.e writing style, the way the characters relate, the plot, etc it s not really a happy book it is quite intense the writing style is like giving the reader pieces of a jig jaw puzzle, and you can see the picture bit by bit loved the book in a melancholic note.

  5. Already going to my favorites list I ve never read something honest and hauntingly beautiful Living so many lives and stream of consciousness was as if I was in someone s head As gripping as any thriller Truly Indian So beautiful.

  6. First of all the best place to buy this book is from indiaclub and secondly I m still not too sure on whether I like this book or not Here are the reasons Leela is a writer, sent by the small magazine company she works with, to write a biography on the famous singer Savitribai now known throughout the novel as Bai Madhu finds out that Bai was her next door neighbour and that she was good friends with her daughter Munni.From this point on Madhu starts escaped into her torrid past In fact the she [...]

  7. I would rank Shashi Deshpande as one of the top Indian authors today Small Remedies starts with a lady who has lost a son, and is now trying to get over her loss by writing a book on a doyen of Hindustani vocal music The book provides a deep insight into the lives and relationships of various women 2 women who defied cultural and societal norms of their times Savitribai a leading classical singer who defies her marriage and customs to achieve her ambition of being a leading singer Similarly, Lee [...]

  8. An extremely touching and intense read It s one of those books that leaves you wondering and in a daze after the conclusion it s that unsettling feeling To have touched upon several sensitive matters, also considered as taboo by many, is a daring task by itself and to implement that so beautifully is an achievement for sure.The characters are real The storytelling is flawless the intensity and intimacy between and of the characters are surreal The intricacies and nuances of language, tradition a [...]

  9. It was really difficult to get into this book and I have to admit that I was never fully into it There were too many characters thrown at you at the start of the book and I didn t really care the least bit about the narrator until about page 150 There were about 80 100 pages in the middle that I quite enjoyedbut otherwise I just was too drawn in.

  10. A beautiful book about human relationships, feelings, emotions etc I wonder how the author managed to fill a book with these Of course there are several characters in the book, each very different than the other There is no right or wrong and black and white, most characters are grey as with real life Very touching and poignant Shashi Deshpande is one of my favourites.

  11. Madhu, in mourning over her son killed in a bombing, visits a famous singer, Bai, to write her biography and in this process, works through her own grief Beautifully written, shows complexities and conincidences of life in a realistic way.

  12. This book is brilliant But brilliant in an understated sort of way It is a story of relationships, of families, of love, of longing, of betrayal, of painGreat writing.

  13. Obliquely about women who transgress the boundaries that society places upon them but about a mother and her grief It s a gorgeous story But I thought it was going to be about Leela.

  14. This is a beautiful, well written book I was truly surprised how this story appealed to me I look forward to reading other books by this author.

  15. Nicely written, and the characters are carefully drawn out But I found the story slow and not very compelling.

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