☆ Deadly Gamble ✓ Connie Shelton, Deadly Gamble, Connie Shelton, Deadly Gamble Albuquerque CPA Charlotte Charlie Parker handles the business side of RJP Investigations while her brother Ron does the detecting When Ron is out of town however Stacy North who eloped with Charlie s fiance Brad years earlier comes calling hoping to hire someone to find her missing Rolex watch Charlie reluctantly takes the case and soon locates the watch SAlbuquerque CPA ☆ Deadly Gamble ✓ Connie Shelton - Deadly Gamble, Deadly Gamble Albuquerque CPA Charlotte Charlie Parker handles the business side of RJP Investigations while her brother Ron does the detecting When Ron is out of town however Stacy North who eloped with Charl

  • Title: Deadly Gamble
  • Author: Connie Shelton
  • ISBN: 9781890768003
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Deadly Gamble ✓ Connie Shelton ☆ Deadly Gamble ✓ Connie Shelton - Deadly Gamble, Deadly Gamble Albuquerque CPA Charlotte Charlie Parker handles the business side of RJP Investigations while her brother Ron does the detecting When Ron is out of town however Stacy North who eloped with Charl

  • ☆ Deadly Gamble ✓ Connie Shelton
    421 Connie Shelton
Deadly Gamble

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  1. Connie Shelton

    My love of books started with weekly trips to the library as a child and from the moment I learned to read I can t remember a time that I didn t have at least one book going For the past 25 years, that list has grown to include what I m reading and what I m writing at any given time I began writing my Charlie Parker series when my husband and I lived on Kauai, then continued them in my home state of New Mexico Charlie lives in Albuquerque and manages to travel to a variety of locations, wherever her investigation business and her husband s helicopter business take them My second series featuring Samantha Sweet, the 50 ish woman who breaks into houses for a living, is set in Taos, New Mexico.In addition to reading and writing, I ve traveled quite a lot, taught writing courses, and been a speaker at a whole lot of mystery conventions and writing conferences In my spare time I also love to paint, draw, cook and spend time at the beach.Series Charlie Parker Mystery

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  1. Disclaimer I am the author This was my first mystery and I had a great time writing it I was thrilled when I got great reviews on Deadly Gamble the Albuquerque Journal called it an impressive debut mystery Those good reviews encouraged me to keep writing the Charlie Parker series.

  2. 2.5 stars I liked it well enough but not enough for 3 starsE book freebieCharlie Parker, age 30, works for her brother s private detective firm Single, no kids, with only a dog to tie her down, Charlie likes her work and has few regrets that her boyfriend eloped with her best friend That was 10 years ago and she s moved on or has she When her former best friend, Stacy North, reenters her life, Charlie is surprised Stacy has come to Charlie for help Stacy is missing a Rolex watch Brad gave her It [...]

  3. I enjoyed the book itself Charlie reminded me of a sort of Kinsey Millhone light I love books with a female lead who is a detective so it was right up my alley Also the fact that it was set in Albuquerque was a big part of why I picked it up, and why I liked it I actually listened to the audiobook and if I had one major problem it was the production value I mostly listen to my murder mystery books on CD or MP3 and this one was maybe one of the worst I could actually hear the pages of the book tu [...]

  4. A lot better than many of the cozy mysteries I have read as it concentrated on the mystery and not so much on the every day details of the life of the amateur sleuth.

  5. A pretty good cozy mystery by a new author for me Charley Parker is a woman who is in the investigation business with her brother Usually, Ron, her brother, does the investigating, and Charley handles the accounting and taxes But when an old friend of Charley s comes asking for help in finding a Rolex watch that was stolen, with Ron out of town, Charley decides to handle this simple case However, things done stay simple and soon there is murder involved It s an easy read, and I enjoyed the audio [...]

  6. I had an enjoyable read through Connie Shelton s Deadly Gamble, the first in her Charlie Parker mystery series Charlie is a female amateur investigator her brother has the agency, she s just the bookkeeper who gets involved in a minor mystery handed to her by an old school chum Turns out, the chum has had an expensive watch stolen and her husband in very jealous the man who jilted Charlie and ran off with the best friend By the end of the first chapter we learn the man who stole the watch has be [...]

  7. Although the mystery is one of those where the investigator discovers who committed the crime when she is attacked by the culprit, I enjoyed this book for it s amusing descriptions for example a man with polystyrene hair I found the book worth reading just for the chuckles.

  8. Deadly Gamble, No 1 in the Charlie Parker Series, by Connie Shelton, B Narrated by Lynda Evans, Produced by Books in Motion, Downloaded from audible.Charlie Parker is an accountant who runs a business with her brother, Ron Parker, a private eye Charlie is surprised when her former best friend, Stacey, walks into her office They haven t seen each other for ten years, although they grew up together as best friends, because ten years ago, Stacey stole Charley s fianc and married him Stacey is very [...]

  9. A gamble that paid off This one took a bit of time to get going As the Sam Sweet story I read recently came from the successful Charlie Parker series, I thought I d start at the beginning It takes time for a writer to find their feet and the difference between the two books is marked Nevertheless, the strong characterisation and good story line shine through If I had found Connie Shelton twenty years ago, I would have suggested she was going to be an author to watch Hindsight s a wonderful thing [...]

  10. Deadly Gamble was a very good read I loved the character of Charlie I liked the writing and the fact that she was the office person in a PI office who gets into investigating The crime seems out of today s headlines, so very current The characters actions made sense, in other words she wasn t going off half cocked and chasing around willy nilly The mystery was well plotted with some hints that I suspected what had happened but was glad to see it confirmed I would classify this as a cozy, so reco [...]

  11. I enjoyed the mystery but too much detail on unimportant things at length Started to skim those parts to get to the plot Also any reason we needed to know what she didn t wear to bed Might try another in the series but in time.

  12. Deadly Gamble Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat Think With Your Taste Buds and A Book and A DishWorking on a case for Stacy North would have probably been the last item ever on my agenda Stacy had been my best friend and roommate in college My best friend, right up until the day she eloped with my finance, Brad North Although I came to realize later that it was all for the best, such situations do tend to put a damper on friendships So when she came to my office asking for [...]

  13. 3.5This is eerily similar to Sue Grafton s Kinsey Millhone series even down to the MC s McDonald s and takeaway habits It felt like the house brand of a Sue Grafton novel not quite up to the same level but a cheap substitution in a pinch On the ever slipping scale of free iBooks, this was of a 4 5 though it s rare to find a cringe free iBook but this was just that The story was good, the pace was good, the writing was engaging, the characters were a bit flat but passable I just can t help but f [...]

  14. Deadly Gamble a review by Connie SheltonCharlie Parker is the accountant in her brother Ron s PI business and is content to do just that but when an old school friend, Stacy, comes calling for help and Ron s out of town, Charlie decides to start the ball rolling, even though Charlie s rich lawyer boyfriend, Brad, eloped with Stacy behind her back Things take a sinister turn, when the lover Stacy got involved with ends up dead Charlie was only investigating him for petty theft Stacy s terrified t [...]

  15. I like this book and this series so far I actually read the second book first As I said I like the book, but I don t LOVE the book I like the mystery, the detective work, etc but it could have a lot less description in it and still tell a good story I assume all the descriptions histories are filler to make it a longer book, but I found myself skipping parts, skimming parts, etc I did like Charlie better in the second book.Now, I had the Kindle book with Whispersync which I LOVE , but this one d [...]

  16. This summer I read so many books one after another that I didn t take the time to update my list So I went to other readers reviews to refresh my memory That helped it was fun to see that others had some of the same thoughts I had about this story One of the reasons I liked this book was the lead character, Charlie, reminded me so much of Kinsey Milhoneactical, smart, inquisitive Another reason I and other readers liked it was the story didn t get bogged down in the everyday life of the detectiv [...]

  17. Deadly Gamble is a mystery set in Albuquerque, NM, which gave it interest since I am familiar with the area I like to occasionally read something a little lighter, and Deadly Gamble fulfilled that for me This first book of the series has some depth, good guys and bad, and is than I expected The author did not weigh it down with romance, bad language and too much detail I did figure out who the murderer was before the end of the book, but that did not spoil it for me In my opinion, this is not [...]

  18. I enjoyed the book and look forward to in the series It seems that Charlie wasn t very persistant in her investigation, though She took everything at face value and didn t seem to ask any hard questions She was entirely too lax with Stacy Stacy wanted Charlie s help, but she didn t really want to give much info Charlie s first mistake was not telling Stacy that if she wanted her help, she needed answers to her questions, ALL of them, right now It was, however, a hard book to put down Loved it

  19. Audiobook Very poorly read, and poorly recorded You can hear the pages being turned, the narrator swallow and thoughts are not completed before a pause Difficult words are correctly pronounced with ease, but completing thoughts is far less skilfully done A very odd and distracting combo Narrator was Linda Evans.I would not choose to listen to another read by her.It makes it difficult to know if other books in this series are worth reading.

  20. Quick ReadThis was an okay mystery Charlie is likable enough, though not particularly endearing There wasn t anything that made me really love her character The mystery wasn t terribly hard to figure out, but getting to the denouement was satisfying enough for a quick summer read.

  21. Listened to the audio book There was background noise people talking, pages turning which was weird and distracting Also, the voice actor had odd pauses throughout as well as mispronouncing many locations in the story All of thus took away from the enjoyment if the story, I may have liked it better had I read it instead.

  22. Charlie Parker RocksGood read, really enjoyed it The story was fast paced with lots of twists turn You don t find out the guilty party till almost the end, I never guessed it either Well written characters, great plot and a wonderful dog Who coud want Can t wait to get the next in the series.

  23. Hmmgood mystery, misleading labelI like the story I had my eye on someone else as the murderer but my murderer would have meant a complex storyline As a start of a series it is good but I hope the storyline develop as they go If you like a quick easy read this is the book for you Don t expect much of the dog in this first book.

  24. The very first Charlie Parker book She is an accountant for her brother s private detective agency but decides to solve a murder when her ex fiance s wife asks for help Her brother is out of town and this mystery simply can t wait.

  25. I thought the storyline was decent in this book, although, I listened to the audiobook version and all throughout, I could hear the reader turning pages and noises in the background I m sure I would ve enjoyed the book a little without these distractions.

  26. Helping a FriendThank you for this exciting murder mystery involving Charlie and her sleuthing I really enjoyed the storyline and the different characters I look forward to reading of your work.

  27. Too Easy to SolveThis wasn t a favorite of mine I read a lot of mysteries and had this one from gutted out about half way through the book If you don t read a lot of mysteries, this would be a good one to start with.

  28. Good easy reading This was a well written book Just a real good cozy story I liked all the characters there weren t a whole bunch you couldn t keep straight The characters you could really get to know Very enjoyable and will definitely read in the series.

  29. Deadly Gamble is the best cozy mystery I ve read to date The author kept my interest with a good plot and fine characters while my curiosity wouldn t let put this book down I will be reading and following Connie Shelton.

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