A Good and Useful Hurt Best Read || [Aric Davis], A Good and Useful Hurt, Aric Davis, A Good and Useful Hurt Mike is a tattoo artist running his own shop and Deb is the piercing artist he hires to round out his studio s motley crew of four The last either expects is romance but that s what they get as they follow their off kilter careers and love lives into complete and total disaster When Mike follows a growing trend and tattoos the ashes of deceased loved ones into several cuMik A Good and Useful Hurt Best Read || [Aric Davis] - A Good and Useful Hurt, A Good and Useful Hurt Mike is a tattoo artist running his own shop and Deb is the piercing artist he hires to round out his studio s motley crew of four The last either expects is romance but that s what they get as they

  • Title: A Good and Useful Hurt
  • Author: Aric Davis
  • ISBN: 9781612182025
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback

A Good and Useful Hurt Best Read || [Aric Davis] A Good and Useful Hurt Best Read || [Aric Davis] - A Good and Useful Hurt, A Good and Useful Hurt Mike is a tattoo artist running his own shop and Deb is the piercing artist he hires to round out his studio s motley crew of four The last either expects is romance but that s what they get as they

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  • A Good and Useful Hurt Best Read || [Aric Davis]
    157 Aric Davis
A Good and Useful Hurt

About "Aric Davis"

  1. Aric Davis

    Aric Davis is married with one daughter and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he has worked for the past fourteen years as a body piercer A punk rock aficionado, Davis does anything he can to increase awareness of a good band He likes weather cold enough to need a sweatshirt but not a coat, and friends who wear their hearts on their sleeves In addition to reading and writing, he also enjoys roller coasters and hockey.

795 thoughts on “A Good and Useful Hurt”

  1. One of the best things about being an established blogger is that you get to read new books from authors you might not have known about otherwise A Good and Useful Hurt was one of those kinds of books for me.Honestly, it kind of blew me away and I didn t expect that I accepted the book for review because Aric Davis is a body piercer and is covered with tattoos Since I have many piercings and tattoos, I wanted to read what he d written, particularly because of the body modification element I wond [...]

  2. I decided to read this book because it was about tattoos and the paranormal I had no idea it was going to effect me like it did I think I felt just about every emotion possible while reading this book and I was completely vested in each of the main characters.I will note that I have several tattoos and have spent a fair amount of time in tattoo shops, so this could have a lot to do with my connection to the story, considering that this is the backdrop for the 1st half of the book That being said [...]

  3. Wow, what an unusual book Mike owns a tattoo studio and begins to get requests to use the ashes of peoples deceased loved ones in the ink People are very grateful for these permanent, very special reminders of their loved ones Especially when strange things begin to happenAnd then before he knows it, Mike is investigating a serial killer Loved the characters Loved the focus of tattoos, piercing and other fun stuff Really interesting perspective.I m glad I read some reviews first and realised tha [...]

  4. This book was a happy surprise, good, believable characters, and a good mystery mixed with a bit of paranormal A tattoo artist along with some old friends try to find a serial killer through some unorthodox methods of tattooing and ghosts I will look for books from this author.

  5. I liked this book even though there was SO MUCH I hated about it Lots of depictions of the torture of women and then there was that thing where every strong female character in this book was deemed to be crazy, but in a good way I am so tired of that SO TIRED But I still liked this book which made me mad at myself The premise was interesting than expected Can we all agree to stop being faux feminists that only write the manic pixie dream girl whose sanity is always barely holding on by a thread [...]

  6. I get very flustered when I finish a bad book It s like that moment right after having bad sex during the course of the nightmare romp you try to find a spark anything but sooner or later you resign to the fact that it s just not happening and you lay there in crushing, mind blowing disappointment.I promised myself that I would only give 50 Shades of Gray 1 star I believed that I couldn t find any book that could even touch the crap that was 50 Shades This book is on the scale of 50 Shades of Gr [...]

  7. The book had an interesting concept It rapidly switched from a slow moving love story to ghost story thriller I was completely unprepared for the second part of the book because it changed so radically and I had not read the full description of the novel prior to starting it I tried to go with the flow of the story, but I admit that it was a little hard I appreciate that he wanted the reader to feel a little shocked with the second half of the book, but I think it could have been done better.I t [...]

  8. This is probably one of the most unusual books that I have read in my many years of reading I waa curious about it because you don t see many books that have a tattoo shop as a central location It combines tattoo artists, body piercers the good guys and a serial murderer the bad guy duh The first half of the book focuses on the relationships between the tattoo shop personnel, as well as the relationships that are forged with their customers The premise of individuals having a tattoo done with a [...]

  9. This should probably go up to 3.5 stars This was an odd book didn t launch into anything supernatural until around the middle so I wasn t quite expecting it That actually worked it s very character driven and I really liked the characters, so being able to get fond of them somehow made the supernatural element plausible palatable.

  10. So I gave this book 5 stars Why, I have no clue 4 stars just didn t seem sufficient I found it to be incredibly different and unique, in a good way I ve read my fair share of mystery murder thriller books but this one was unlike any I d read There was a bit of civilian playing detective but only towards the end and in a way that is quite unorthodox Instead, the chapters alternated between Phil the rapist murderer, Mike the tattoo artist, and the clients who had had tattoos which ashes done The p [...]

  11. Why did I read it It seemed like it could be an interesting story and it was recommended for those who appreciated Stieg Larsson, though, having read it, I am now trying to figure out why.What s is about Mike is a tattoo artist with his own shop, who is haunted by visions of Sid, his girlfriend who committed suicide When he hires Debs to take on the piercing and body modification side of things, he starts to live again Mike doesn t really question it when he receives a request from a customer to [...]

  12. I m going to to explain what type of book this is without being spoiling anything, but if I do then forgive me It s sort of a difficult book to review because it doesn t really fit into any specific category and in order to explain the tone to potential readers, I ll have to be a little specific No big plot spoilers that d ruin the book for you though, so no worries.I ll warn you right here and now this book might sound like a thriller, but it s not The bulk of the novel deals with developing t [...]

  13. This book was not at all what I expected I really enjoyed the story except some of the violent bits sorry Aric, I am such a fragile and delicate blossom I didn t think I would based on the review in Library Journal It is the story of a tattoo artist Mike who lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan He owns the shop he works in and has a buddy Lamar who helps him He meets piercer Deb who also enters his personal life until SPOILER ALERT she is brutally murdered Mike and another character figure [...]

  14. A Good and Useful HurtBy Aric DavisI really liked this novel It has a unique story and it is told thru good writing, descriptions and endearing characters.A Good and Useful Hurt takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan Most of the comings and goings revolve around a tattoo parlor The character Mike owns the place and lives upstairs He meets Deb and hires her as a body piercer They fall in love While this is going on we hear about Phil, a brutal serial rapist and murderer.At the time Mike gets an od [...]

  15. I struggled with whether to give this murder mystery super natural ghost story novel 3 or 4 stars The story was actually very well crafted and a page turner I was fascinated with the paranormal aspect of the story telling and I loved most of the characters If you could spend time with your loved ones again in your dreams, would you get a tattoo with their ashes mixed in the ink in order to do so That said, getting inside the mind of a rapist serial killer was heavy stuff and too much for me I di [...]

  16. There is a lot to like about this book The writing isn t always the smoothest but despite the occasional clunky parts its heart and originality win out It isn t every day that you can sit down to read a romantic supernatural thriller and get some great insight into the world of body modification, piercing and tattooing to boot It is about big things love and death and art and life and friendship And it is about the little moments too It was well balanced and had some interesting characters It wa [...]

  17. Awesome read This book is about a tatoo artist who, at the request of one of his customers, starts doing tatoos occasionally of thier deceased loved ones mixing thier ashes into the ink of thier tatoos In a paralel story a serial killer is terrorizing the city and murdering women At some point while reading this book it changed from a good story and an interesting read into something much It sort of freaked my shit out Awesome read

  18. That was really, really good I listened to the audiobook for this, it actually came free with the Kindle Unlimited download.This is a brilliant read The story itself is very unique and really quite gripping It had me from the start and didn t let go till the end.Well worth a read, check it out.

  19. I didn t know what to expect, in the end it was a very thrilling and interesting book I liked the whole tattoo shop idea especially.

  20. I enjoyed the book once the plot got going, BUT it took 75% of the book before that actually happened Everything up to that 75% was meandering I get that the author wanted to establish the main romantic relationship, but including all the details of what they ate during one date was a bit excessive Then other parts of the relationship were just plain skipped over It was very uneven and unfocused.That being said, I found the characters engaging enough that I didn t want to stop reading listening [...]

  21. Not sure how I feel about this book in the end 2.5 stars, really Like, it was enjoyable but a bit meandering and in the beginning, when I thought it was a somewhat predictable story about a man with a dark past who falls in love with a Manic Pixie Dream Girl with a slightly harder than average alternative edge and they get sucked into catching a serial killer There would be some tense moments and some sexy ones, and maybe even someone close to them would die, but it would, for the most part, all [...]

  22. Like several others, I d edge toward a 3.5 here, but was closer to 3 than 4 when forced to choose.A Good and Useful Hurt is a surprising book, and its plot and setting are definitely among its strengths as tattoo shop owner Mike falls in love and discovers that his tattoos may actually have a supernatural effect on the grieving, even as a serial killer and rapist hunts the city The book s tattoo shop setting is appealing and interesting, and offers a unique and likable view into that world espec [...]

  23. I bought this as I often buy books that I end up enjoying immensely it was on sale, 1.99, how could I refuse and I liked the cover once again, I successfully proved the old adage wrong When I read in the blurb it was about tattoo shop workers trying to catch a killer, I was sold I always am down to watch some douche crash and burn writing about the tattoo world With schadenfreude fully engaged, I began readingd was shocked that I was impressed The writing was of a much higher caliber than what I [...]

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