Free Download The Killing Moon - by N.K. Jemisin, The Killing Moon, N.K. Jemisin, The Killing Moon The city burned beneath the Dreaming Moon In the ancient city state of Gujaareh peace is the only law Upon its rooftops and amongst the shadows of its cobbled streets wait the Gatherers the keepers of this peace Priests of the dream goddess their duty is to harvest the magic of the sleeping mind and use it to heal soothe and kill those judged corrupt But whenThe city burned ben Free Download The Killing Moon - by N.K. Jemisin - The Killing Moon, The Killing Moon The city burned beneath the Dreaming Moon In the ancient city state of Gujaareh peace is the only law Upon its rooftops and amongst the shadows of its cobbled streets wait the Gatherers the keepers o

  • Title: The Killing Moon
  • Author: N.K. Jemisin
  • ISBN: 9780316187282
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Killing Moon - by N.K. Jemisin Free Download The Killing Moon - by N.K. Jemisin - The Killing Moon, The Killing Moon The city burned beneath the Dreaming Moon In the ancient city state of Gujaareh peace is the only law Upon its rooftops and amongst the shadows of its cobbled streets wait the Gatherers the keepers o

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  • Free Download The Killing Moon - by N.K. Jemisin
    178 N.K. Jemisin
The Killing Moon

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  1. Beautiful, complex, and refreshingly original, The Killing Moon shines bright Ehiru the dreamer Ehiru is a Gatherer in the city state of Gujaareh He has devoted his life to serving the goddess Hananja Upon taking a commission, he enters a person s dreams and gathers the dreamer s soul so that they will live in peace forever, even though their body dies in the process Ehiru has never questioned his faith until now After a Gathering goes horribly wrong, Ehiru begins to doubt his own magical abilit [...]

  2. Every now and then, something special brings a new flavor, a blending of colors, an amazing moment, that just leaves me saying wow Jemisin did that for me in The Killing Moon An unusual story line, an interesting fantasy world, multi culti characters, and theological sophistication while being oh so readable made for an engrossing, delicious read I sat down today and read until it was finished, breaking only for dinner and to follow the sun as it shifted around the yard.The story takes place in [...]

  3. I found this one fairly slow going in comparison to how much I loved her other novels, oddly enough Things went big time with the Inheritance Cycle and MUCH bigger with The Broken Earth, so I felt like a floundering fish in a relatively deep exploration of two cultures where dream magic is shrouded with dark secrets and a very careful and gentle facade The best part is the magic and the world building, in my honest opinion, but I really shouldn t overlook the importance of just how much ground i [...]

  4. Evil was the most contagious of diseases, so virulent that no herb, surgery, or dream humor could cure it One s sense of what was normal, acceptable, became distorted by proximity to wrongness entire nations had succumbed this way, first to decadence, then collapse To be totally honest I was pretty disappointed by this novel N.K Jemisin is one of the best fantasy authors currently writing I rave about her Broken Earth series The Fifth Season constantly But I had a really hard time here despite t [...]

  5. DNF at 42% Perseverance is me.Warning the gif is incredibly strong in this one You are quite welcome.Believe it or not, I was forced to DNF this book for medical reasons Doctor s orders and stuff I kid you not Now why would Dr Prawn advise me to relegate this most fascinating book to the DNF Graveyard, you ask Because too much adrenaline Yes, that s right This story is so bloody shrimping thrilling and such an exhilarating roller coaster ride that I heart palpitations while reading it.I had a wh [...]

  6. The Killing Moon is the first in a new epic fantasy series by the author of the The Inheritance Trilogy, N K Jemisin Jemisin has said that The Killing Moon is her homage to epic fantasy as opposed to the Inheritance Trilogy, which was my eyeroll at epic fantasy This book hit me hard and stole me away from reality, completely I was not expecting it I had read great things about the Inheritance Trilogy, which I really need to read I now fully understand that I really need to read it and I thought [...]

  7. Ah NK Jemisin, you can do no wrong For some reason it took me a long time to pick this up, mainly because I loved her OTHER world so much I got pouty that she was moving onto another one Well, she built the last one to be amazing, she does no less in this one, perhaps even BETTER.The blend of cultures and lore she draws on to make this very unique world is just stunning, and the fact that she inhabits it with such 3 dimensional characters is even impressive The Gatherers are some of the most in [...]

  8. One of the things I say frequently is, this was an interesting book Well, this was an interesting book The world according to the author has multiple influencesough it springs largely from ancient Egypt There are influences from all over however and if you care to look you can see them.Actually however I d suggest you just relax and enjoy the book This is an exercise in detailed and skilled world building Ms Jemisin had to build the world, lay out the magic system and then build the characters a [...]

  9. This turned out to be a bit of a bore I had high expectations for The Killing Moon due to its non typical fantasy setting, it was loosely based on ancient Egypt, but N.K.Jemisin s description of her fantasy world was so sparse that I only ever managed to form a vague picture of it I was not a great fan of Jemisin s writing in general As well as the sparse descriptions of the settings this book was lacking in background information that would have made the world, characters, and plot easier to un [...]

  10. The Killing Moon A challenging and excellently crafted workOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureN.K Jemisin is my favorite fantasy author of this decade In just six years, she has already established herself as a major force with three fantasy series to date, INHERITANCE 2010 2011 , DREAMBLOOD 2012 , and BROKEN EARTH 2015 What makes her so distinctive is her incredible world building skills, strong and complex characters and themes, and insistence on avoiding the overused conventions of the ge [...]

  11. 9 10 N K Jemisin was already established for me as a very promising newcomer on the fantasy scene, with her Inheritance series I was both intrigued and apprehensive about her decision to try something completely different for her second outing, thinking of some rock bands who put out an excellent debut album, only to follow with a lukewarm, rushed second, containing outtakes or failed experiments But I like her courage to explore new subjects and not stick with one successful setting for an endl [...]

  12. I m really struggling with my rating here I loved this book Absolutely and completely The whole time I was reading it I had that magical feeling going when we read a new favorite book, one of many and many, for the first time But my conscious is questioning whether it deserves a full five score For now I m saying yes But for any objectiveness you can bring it down to four and a half if you wish.Where to start I m definitely not going to try to explain the plot But let s just say for world buildi [...]

  13. 5 Recenzia complet palarisme chef carti 76 car tiai c scrierea pove tilor le ucide Dup c teva minute risipite n neant, timp n care am admirat coperta i am z mbit la scurta not a autorului, m am desprins cu u urin de realitate i de lumea nconjur toare pentru a p i pe str zile din cetatea Gujaareh, unde am fost prins ntr un vis mult prea frumos i tulbur tor pentru a i dori sau gr bi sf r itul.Nu este un secret c iubesc c r ile fantasy i c mi este team de fiecare serie pe care o ncep M g ndesc ce s [...]

  14. There is nothing to fear in nightmares, so long as you control them Wisdom Two things about me I love ancient Egypt anything I love fantasy.Combine those two things what do you get One very happy Anasylvia.I ve been hearing amazing things about N.K Jemisin for a very long time I was actually planning on reading her Inheritance Trilogy, but then I saw this one, and just take a second to look at that cover Isn t a beaut And well after learning about the ancient Egyptian like setting, I never had a [...]

  15. Wow That was amazing This is a fantastic book 2012 continues to prove a fertile year for fantasy with the first in a new series by NK Jemisin So far, it appears that there will only be two books, this volume and the next, titled The Shadowed Sun, which I ll be acquiring as soon as it comes out, which is thankfully on a payday for me Overall, I enjoyed this book than The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms The growth in her writing is extremely evident Her distinct authorial voice is still there, but shar [...]

  16. It was said that the Gods favored fools because they were entertaining to watch Remarkable prose, stunning and unique worldbuilding filled with intricate characters, and unapologetic and daring questions book asks of you throughout reading it Magic was mother s milk to the people of Gujaareh They were steeped in its necessity, proud of its benefits, dismissive of its consequences It was impossible to understand Gujaareh without understanding the source of its power Story follows three characters [...]

  17. It takes some time to get into the story, as it starts with a whole new creation myth for an exquisite world, new and unknown concepts I heartly recommend reading the glossary at the end before starting the book, as it may considerably ease your immersion into the story I loved how each chapter begins with a quote from Hetawa s Law or Wisdom, helping you better understand the society and its system of beliefs.The characters are exceptionally well written, all complex and layered, with flawed and [...]

  18. I ve liked fantasy, or at least the idea of it, pretty much since I could read And yet my feelings about the high epic whatever variety have always been rocky Some of my favorite and least favorite books fall under that category, and the latter caused me to steer clear of the genre for the last few years Even so, this quote by JRR Tolkien sums up why I didn t give up entirely I have claimed that Escape is one of the main functions of fairy stories, and since I do not disapprove of them, it is pl [...]

  19. True dreamers are both geniuses and madmen Most lands can tolerate only a few, and those die young What a stunning, stunning read Jemisin s universe is utterly immersive, her world building solid, and the details she gives us actually stay consistent without info dumps or hammer over head obviousness It s heartbreaking to realise how few fantasy books there are available, still, with a POC as a main character It s heartbreaking to realise how few books there are available, still, that aren t utt [...]

  20. Don t let my 2 star rating dissuade you from reading this book The Killing Moon was not for me There are aspects of the book I enjoyed such as the magic system and desert setting but the story didn t click with me.The Killing Moon follows 3 main characters Sunandi is a Speaker a political office of sorts from the city state of Kisua She gets involved with two Gatherers, servants of the goddess Hananja, who gather people s souls and help them move on to Ina Karekh, the land of dreams where they d [...]

  21. Una dintre rarele serii in care ambele volume m au fortat sa raman intre paginile lor E asa fain sentimentul ala de melancolie dulce dupa ce le termini.Mai vreau Restul recenziei aici youtube watch v cmRlQ

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed this story It s pretty much got it all cool magic system, interesting characters, propulsive plot, excellent writing, political corruption, quotable quotes.It feels to me like Jemisin is taking Ancient Egypt as her jumping off point, which is a nice change of pace from ten billion and two versions of fantasy tales based on the European Middle Ages So that alone gets it some coolness points Taking that inspiration and creating a decidedly different and fully realized world is [...]

  23. Sometimes, if you are very lucky, books come along when you need them to I was very lucky that The Killing Moon arrived when it did and I chose to read it when I did The Killing Moon is Jemisin s second trilogy after her widely successful Inheritance Trilogy and as I had read and enjoyed her debut work, I figured I would try the Dreamblood series Jemisin s world building is so detailed and exquisite and hey, she is blurbed by Kate Elliott I am not one to usually read a book by the success of the [...]

  24. This is a brilliant book Absolutely brilliant I wanted to love it, but I m afraid it pushed HARD on certain psychic scars I have But I admire it so much I would recommend it as a TBR for anyone interested in literary reads as well as fantasy reads I have an unusual suggestion at this point If you truly want to experience this book without it being spoiled at all, I suggest not reading any of these reviews on GR, including mine Go ahead and read the book first To explain the book, a lot of spoili [...]

  25. I ve been hearing good things about this author, but this was my first time reading any of her work I was pretty impressed The story and the characters grabbed me right away and held my attention to the end There are some morally ambiguous plot elements, as opposed to a story where it s very clear what s right, what s wrong, and what to root for.This is one of those books that will exasperate some people, at least in the beginning, because the author throws a lot of unfamiliar terms, names, and [...]

  26. NK Jemisin s best yet Halfway through the story I worried resolution would be deferred to the next book, which will be released shortly, but the author slammed the end of the story down like a card player laying a flush of spades I would love to see fantasy like this, featuring an end at the end, a rich setting at the beginning, and a magic awash with moral uncertainty.This book revolves around moral dilemma Dreamblood seems to be the energy released when a soul is shoved escorted to the afterl [...]

  27. I saved this duology for quite a while before reading, because I don t know when there ll be of Jemisin s work for me to enjoy And enjoy it always is I was warned that my anxiety issues might be sparked a bit by the world set up here, but they weren t.God, I loved the characters Ehiru just at first I feared that he might be too sure of himself, too arrogant, or perhaps even worse, too perfect But he wasn t perfect, and I ached for him, and for Nijiri because of how much he loved him I loved tha [...]

  28. As is so often the case with great novels, the opening chapter of N.K Jemisin s The Killing Moon offers a snapshot of the conflicts and relationships that end up driving the whole story We meet the Gatherer Ehiru as he stealthily travels through the city state Gujaareh at night, collecting tithes of dreamblood for the goddess Hananja from its dying or corrupt inhabitants This dreamblood will then be used by his order s Sharers to heal and help others Ehiru s first commission is an old man who gl [...]

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