Absorbed Best Download || [Penelope Crowe], Absorbed, Penelope Crowe, Absorbed When Violet finds a beautiful but mysterious gift on her front doorstep her sometimes missing and always abusive boyfriend Mick is not pleased How will this gift change both of their lives forever Absorbed is a page short story you do NOT want to read to the kids Absorbed Best Download || [Penelope Crowe] - Absorbed, Absorbed When Violet finds a beautiful but mysterious gift on her front doorstep her sometimes missing and always abusive boyfriend Mick is not pleased How will this gift change both of their lives forever Ab

  • Title: Absorbed
  • Author: Penelope Crowe
  • ISBN: 2940013356221
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Nook

Absorbed Best Download || [Penelope Crowe] Absorbed Best Download || [Penelope Crowe] - Absorbed, Absorbed When Violet finds a beautiful but mysterious gift on her front doorstep her sometimes missing and always abusive boyfriend Mick is not pleased How will this gift change both of their lives forever Ab

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  • Absorbed Best Download || [Penelope Crowe]
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    Penelope Crowe was born in Venice on the forth of July, which meant nothing to anyone in Venice.She was raised by the Queen s illegitimate sister Veronica who taught her how to put on make up and brew a delicious cup of coffee.She slept at the cafe at night under the front window and wrote sad love songs until she met Jimmy Page and had his intitials tatooed under her finger.She lived in Spain and painted her front door a different color every day.Then she became an author and artist and sometimes hears the songs she wrote on the radio.

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  1. Change always comes bearing gifts Price PritchettViolet finds an exquisitely wrapped present left on her doorstep the giver s identity remains a mystery unwrapping the gift brings changes to Violet s life and to her relationship with her boyfriend Mikethor Penelope Crowe s dark short story is a mesmerizing journey into a woman s psyche as she undergoes an eerie transformation.Violet s tale is as hypnotic as it is chilling at first, i looked at the mysterious gift as something symbolic or a metap [...]

  2. Book AbsorbedAuthor Penelope CroweGenre Psychological Suspense, Psychological Horror, ThrillerLength 16 PagesCurrently Available , Barnes and Noble, Smashwords all e reader formats Great read for horror fans Violet gets a mysterious gift in a beautiful box left on her doorstep Her on again, off again boyfriend, Mick, is not happy about this Then again, I couldn t see that anything would really make Mick happy unless it was berating and abusing the one person that loved him, Violet.This gift, tho [...]

  3. ABSORBED is a short story thriller about Violet, a woman pushed to the edge by a violent, psychotic boyfriend, and how an elaborate gift she finds on her doorstep one day triggers events in both her life, and that of her boyfriend s, which changes their lives irrevocably.ABSORBED is a vivid, suspenseful adult story of a toxic personality who manages to maintain an air of sympathy for the reader throughout the course of the story A story with punch, it is graphic without lingering too much on det [...]

  4. Absorbed is a Poe esque tale that will get under your skin Short in length, but not in content, this tale will make your skin crawl, as well as have you rooting for a character you re not so sure you should support Crowe has crafted another fantastic piece of psychological thrill.

  5. I don t usually read horror stories however, I made an exception when I found Penelope Crowe s Absorbed for free on This sixteen page short horror story is dark, grisly, and its plot gives me goosebumps Absorbed details the transformation of a somewhat timid woman named Violet as she becomes twisted by an unexpected gift.Violet s gift is a necklace that begins to absorb her life completely The necklace grafts into her neck, and changes her from being the queen of graphic design to slowly likenin [...]

  6. I ve read this three times now The second, because I forgot I read it The third today, on my lunch break because I saw it had so many 5 star reviews I figured I missed something, so I would give it a second third shot What an awful idea This is just terrible I finished it three minutes ago and can t remember any details about the main character I know it s a short story, but there has to be some way to make your characters memorable.I m not sure why this is marked as a horror Nothing particularl [...]

  7. This free short story definitely was not what I expected I didn t know what I was reading until after I finished All I knew was that this was a free since the title didn t give anything away.It begins when Violet is at home and she receives a package She doesn t have many friends so she wonders where she got it from She has made a name for herself She is very successful She has her own car and home in which she lives alone She has a very abusive boyfriend named Mick, which she seems to always en [...]

  8. I have one simple and uneloquent word for this novella Wow I read this yesterday on the train ride home and was instantly engaged from the first paragraph The novella starts off simple enough Violet, a successful New York City woman in her own right, receives quite a regal looking package on her front door She s intrigued and starts going through her mental checklist of who it might be from Her girlfriends Nah, they re strapped for cash Her boyfriend Nah, he s an abusive SOB Ultimately, she open [...]

  9. A freebie that I picked up on , this was a short story with a Twilight Zone kind of feel A mysterious, and exquisitely wrapped package appears on Violet s doorstep Inside is a gorgeous and unusual necklace No clue as to who the sender is The note that came with it was cryptic and of no known meaning to Violet.But the moment Violet puts the necklace on, something in her changes Where she was one meek and I m sorry to say somewhat pathetic when it came to her abusive boyfriend Mick, now she is a p [...]

  10. This was a very easy and quick to read short story Some of the elements were quite creepy, which I think was the author s point Reading about Violet s transformation was a bit of fun, though the portrayal of her abusive relationship had me cringing like they re supposed to make you feel but I was very bothered by how her boyfriend kept using the word retard and its variations As the story progresses along, we see that Violet s mysterious gift is a necklace that completely transforms her personal [...]

  11. I m not a fan of dark stories Its just me, I like a Happily Ever After at the end of my stories But this one intrigued me.The subtle twists from what seems to be such a wonderful thing, into something much darker and sinister helps to draw you into the piece and really makes you wonder just who you re supposed to be rooting for.I enjoyed the link back to something historical, and the gift makes me think of an Artifact from the show Warehouse 13 Looking back, I could almost expect to have seen P [...]

  12. Short stories can be difficult to write The author needs to provide the reader with enough info to get them interested and, in the end, make an impact Tough.Absorbed is roughly 188 Kindle locations once you subtract the intro and ending bits I downloaded this one when it was offered as a freebie.The main character is solid and the creepy necklace concept is such fun My only complaint is I wish I had a little build up regarding the men More subtle abuse less in your face It would have made me wa [...]

  13. Wow Amazing short story I rarely give a short story this well a rating but Crowe s story was titillating and slightly chilling Absorbed told the story of a woman who constantly found herself in abusive relationships, and the chilling change in her personality after mysteriously receiving an old but gorgeous necklace The amount of thought put into this story and it s plot is phenomenal, especially considering the page length.I d recommend this to both teens and adults The slight chill you are lef [...]

  14. Author PENELOPE CROWE is at her best with ABSORBED, in this bizarre short story regarding jewelry, boyfriend issues, and something that lurks in the dark.Who would have guessed I ve read CROWE S other works, such as 100 UNFORTUNATE DAYS, and this author never fails to entertain I m also a fan of her blog, As The Crowe Fiies.I read this fabulous short story, ABSORBED, in about twenty minutes, and actually had to sit on my porch and give the story a good thought, since the ending was so unexpected [...]

  15. Absorbed was a great short story Complex, thrilling and compelling, I read it in 30 minutes or less, it was really, really short, I wish it had pages because I enjoyed it very much.Violet is like a lot of women in the world They stand abusive pricks just because they think they re so in love and doesn t realize that they don t deserve this treatment Penelope Crowe did a great job writing Violet s issues with her abusive boyfriend, Mick I hated him so much, its unreal I loved how she managed to [...]

  16. This short story had a Hitchcock like feel to it As a fan of Hitchcock I was totally delighted, there is a subtlety to the darkness of the story that draws you right in and won t let you go Violet receives an intriguing gift which is left on her doorstep She has no idea where or who this gift has come from, but it becomes very clear that there is to the beautiful gift than meets the eye Not wanting to spoil the story for you, what I will say is this is well worth down loading It s a story you w [...]

  17. I loved the premise It was dark and on the paranormal side of things Violet, the MC, comes home to a strange box waiting on her doorstep Inside it, she finds a beautiful necklace When she puts it on, it literally becomes a part of her.However, I would ve like to have known about Violet and why she ended up with her abusive boyfriend Nothing about her, allowed me to empathize with her.I also felt the story was disjointed at times Making connections was impossible Especially the ending This diamo [...]

  18. This short story is, in a word, brilliant From the very first sentence I was hooked The author really did a great job of not letting you know where the story was going until you needed to, which was excellent You knew something was going to happen, you just didn t know exactly what or when.This short story was masterfully done, extremely well written, and one that I would read over and over again This was the first thing that I read by this author but I d like to read after reading this Great s [...]

  19. Penelope Crowe has indeed shown ud a ski crawling piece on a mysterious piece of jewellry and it has worked wonders.i liked the idea, the characters build up and the way the story sets.However, ADVICE TO THE AUTHOR, it would ve been interesting if the main character after seeing the photo with her necklace, did a background check on both the woman in the picture and the necklace might ve also made the book a tad longer and she might ve found out who the sender and the mysterious artist was.other [...]

  20. Picked this up and read it right away this is really very clever and of all the kindle books ive read so far i dont know that any of them have covered this story i wont give it away here but you really should read this one it is a short story and it wont take you long but you get a good glimpse at the intelligent writing style of the author im thinking that once you have read this you will be keeping an eye out for of her work i know i will and that sums up how much i liked this one

  21. It should really be a book and not a short storybut I m just not a short story person so I would say that about most short stories The first sentence had me captivated I really disliked the cursing and abusive boyfriend bitI wish I could rewrite the book using the first sentence and the idea of the gift being absorbed into her was cool Could have been sooo much better had it been developed .

  22. Absorbed is a fast read that leaves you wanting Crowe spins this short tale with a modern day Poe feel It s captivating and thought provoking it triggered quite a bit of emotion and internal debate as I fell deeper into the story I am a fan of Crowe s 100 Days and would encourage readers of Absorbed not to pass up Crowe s other works Grab this short story and enjoy a new millennium twist on an old classic style page turner you won t be able to put it down.

  23. It looks like a lot of others really liked this short story, but I really don t think there was anything I liked about it It was way too short It was a little creepy, which I m not saying as a bad thing, but it just really didn t give me enough There wasn t enough of a plot to get interested or to care about the characters.

  24. With her short story Absorbed, Crowe has presented an emergence from co dependence and psychological and physical abuse The means to this growth can be perceived as supernatural especially considering the protagonist s actions for ridding herself of the detrimental in her life , but I believe that it is effectively symbolic for finding and incorporating one s inner strength.

  25. I wish there was of this story A very dark short story about a woman who is drawn to abusive men and receives an amazing gift one day that changes her life I don t want to say and give anything away, but if you re looking for a quick read, Absorbed is worth the short time it takes, and perfect for Halloween time as it is a bit creepy and disturbing.

  26. Fun little gruesome tale of a woman s vengeful scorn Short, quick little fantasy piece from a battered girlfriend with suppressed anger at her perpetrating boyfriend and how a necklace gives her confidence Nice read but don t get any ideas ladies, because all men are not worthy of this fate.

  27. Penelope Crowe has an amazing talent for writing the macabre I was hooked from the start The characters were well developed, and what I thought would be a lovely romantic story from the beginning turned out to be the perfect tale of twisted revenge I am looking forward to many stories from this very talented author.

  28. Great short story quick read It s a bit scary what we are capable of doing under the wrong influence When Violet receives a mysterious gift at her doorstep, finds its a beautiful necklace, of couse she puts in on, what girl wouldn t right But the inflience power of it is something she didn t expect make her very bold in standing up forherself Read to find out for yourself.

  29. This was a nice introduction to Penelope Crowe s work The story is a bit of a twisted one, but that is good I felt the ending left a little to be desired and would have liked for the author to have not left it so frayed But, all in all, a good short story.

  30. Chilling tale of a woman scorned one to many times and fate intervenes and sends her spiraling down into the grips of a powerful evil force A force she is than happy acceptt someone you would want to date I really liked this one

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