Red Cavalry Best Read || [Isaac Babel Michael Dirda], Red Cavalry, Isaac Babel Michael Dirda, Red Cavalry One of the great masterpieces of Russian literature the Red Cavalry cycle retains today the shocking freshness that made Babel s reputation when the stories were first published in the s Using his own experiences as a journalist and propagandist with the Red Army during the war against Poland Babel brings to life an astonishing cast of characters from the exuberant One of the gre Red Cavalry Best Read || [Isaac Babel Michael Dirda] - Red Cavalry, Red Cavalry One of the great masterpieces of Russian literature the Red Cavalry cycle retains today the shocking freshness that made Babel s reputation when the stories were first published in the s Using hi

  • Title: Red Cavalry
  • Author: Isaac Babel Michael Dirda
  • ISBN: 9780393324235
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback

Red Cavalry Best Read || [Isaac Babel Michael Dirda] Red Cavalry Best Read || [Isaac Babel Michael Dirda] - Red Cavalry, Red Cavalry One of the great masterpieces of Russian literature the Red Cavalry cycle retains today the shocking freshness that made Babel s reputation when the stories were first published in the s Using hi

  • Red Cavalry Best Read || [Isaac Babel Michael Dirda]
    140 Isaac Babel Michael Dirda
Red Cavalry

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  1. Isaac Babel Michael Dirda

    Isaak Emmanuilovich Babel Russian 1901 1940 was a Russian language journalist, playwright, literary translator, and short story writer He is best known as the author of Red Cavalry, Story of My Dovecote, and Tales of Odessa, all of which are considered masterpieces of Russian literature Babel has also been acclaimed as the greatest prose writer of Russian Jewry Loyal to, but not uncritical of, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Isaak Babel fell victim to Joseph Stalin s Great Purge due to his longterm affair with the wife of NKVD chief Nikolai Yezhov Babel was arrested by the NKVD at Peredelkino on the night of May 15, 1939 After confessing , under torture, to being a Trotskyist terrorist and foreign spy, Babel was shot on January 27, 1940 The arrest and execution of Isaak Babel has been labeled a catastrophe for world literature.

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  1. These laconic, brutal sketches packed with lush, eccentric imagery tell the story of the campaign of the Cossacks of the Red Calvary against the Poles in the days following the revolution.Babel a Jewish intellectual from the cosmopolitan port city of Odessa was assigned to a regiment of Cossacks, and he used his sharp eye and outsider s perspective to reveal to his readers the character of these barbarians of the plains He shows us Cossacks who are violent, merciless, sentimental, cynical, and y [...]

  2. Isaac Babel was a witness of history, a partaker of the fratricidal Civil War And his frightfully and mercilessly graphic Red Cavalry may be considered as a horrifying historical document.The stories are written in the precise, laconic and juicy language and are as vivid as colourful photographs Fields of purple poppies flower around us, the noonday wind is playing in the yellowing rye, the virginal buckwheat rises on the horizon like the wall of a distant monastery The quiet Volyn is curving Th [...]

  3. Wow I just got this finished, barely in time to be included in this year s reading challenge I picked a doozy to finish the year with, from an author I had never heard of writing about an obscure conflict that had occurred without the knowledge or permission of any other chronicler of war, apparently.What a hard book to rate The work is a book of fiction, on the face of it, written by Babel who actually did accompany Cossack cavalry into Poland when Russia invaded that hapless country shortly af [...]

  4. La CavallarmataBabel nel 1920 era giornalista al seguito della Prima armata a cavallo del Feldmaresciallo Bud nnyj, quando la Russia rivoluzionaria cercava di travolgere la Polonia Quella esperienza venne riversata in un libro molto bello, sincero, indigesto, scritto benissimo La particolarit del libro sta nell esprimere contemporaneamente l a assoluto dell autore per la rivoluzione russa e per l armata cosacca e l enormit della brutalit e violenza gratuita sugli inermi con la quale la rivoluzio [...]

  5. Crudo Algunos relatos no son tan memorables o parecen muy similares entre s , pero logran su objetivo contar e impactar Varias im genes se me quedaron pegadas a la mente por la forma en que est n descriptas Ejemplo Entro y me hiere el brillo de dos plateadas calaveras en la tapa de un f retro roto.Es una de las primeras citas impresionantes que encontr , as que lo que resta es un horror No pod a esperarse menos de historias basadas en la guerra y escritas por un hombre que la conoci de cerca.

  6. A fine edition of a 20th century Russian classic about a forgotten war.Red Cavalry is a brilliant account of part of the Polish Soviet War This grew out of the Russian Revolution and Civil War, as Bolshevik leaders sought to expand their territory, while aiming to provoke revolution in Germany by driving through Poland.A very young Isaac Babel rode with the titular cavalry forces, jotting down his impressions while doing administrative work and trying to get along with Cossacks Shortly afterward [...]

  7. During the Polish Soviet War of 1920 1921, Isaac Babel was attached to the Red Army Cavalry that fought in Southern Poland Most of this area had been part of the Russian Empire for centuries and was well known to him This was also part of the infamous Pale of Russia.The Pale of Russia was the eastern part of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth before it was partitioned between Austria, Prussia and Russia at the end of the eighteenth century This was the area that Jews were ghetto ized into Most o [...]

  8. It s hard to say I like this book, given the subject matter of war and death, but I certainly admire Babel s writing His imagery is both nightmarish and fantastic Fields of purple poppies are blossoming around us, a noon breeze is frolicking in the yellowing rye, virginal buckwheat is standing on the horizon like the wall of a faraway monastery The orange sun is rolling across the sky like a severed head, gentle light glimmers in the ravines among the clouds, the banners of the sunset are flutte [...]

  9. This is Babel s fictionalized account of his journalistic days as a writer for the Krasny Kavalieri The Red Cavalry the Bolshevik propaganda newspaper written for the Cossack shock troops who marauded the Ukraine and Poland in 1918 1919 As harrowing as any war coverage ever written by Ernest Hemingway, Babel has a precise, beautiful, haunting prose style excellently translated in this Norton Edition Banned under the Soviet Union, Babel was purged by Stalin for displaying the horrors of war and i [...]

  10. Red Cavalry consists of around 100 pages of Isaac Babel s Red Cavalry stories, plus another 90 pages of field notes Babel took during the Polish campaign and a few other odds and ends The stories come in the form of a stream of consciousness that oppresses me by its closed perspective and traps readers in a permanent present The loosely connected tales have no beginnings and no ends, no character development, nor even any plot to speak of Lacking any explanations, the stories in no way enlighten [...]

  11. This is an excellent collection of stories the horrors of war I found it to be of the same outstanding quality as Erich Maria Remarque s All quiet on the Western Front The big question is having read one or two books in the genre why would you want to continue I leave this question to you My interested in Babel s book came from the fact that it involved the atrocities committed by the Communist Cossacks in the Polish Russian War of 1918 1920 that my wife s grandfather participated in on the Poli [...]

  12. Dmitry Bykov was in town giving a talk on Babel so I decided to refresh my memory with Konarmia Well, a refresh I wanted and blown mind I got This small collection of short stories written in 1920s, is shocking both in its content an absolutely brutal raw description of Russian civil war and its form harsh, vivid, sometimes fantastical language, ferocious in its intensity and expressivity Imagine listening to the 4th movement of Mahler s Symphonie Fantastique in a locked room with Schiele s pain [...]

  13. O ex rcito de cavalaria composto por 34 textos, que contam de forma real e um pouco ficcional, atrav s de outro narrador, a passagem de B bel pelos ex rcitos vermelhos, os ex rcitos de L nin e Trotski, na guerra contra a Pol nia.S o textos violentos, com cheiro de sangue Mas o narrador da hist ria n o trata isso como anormal Tudo que contado nos relatos n o possui emo o ou arrebatamento, como se fosse mais um dia comum de tortura, estupro, morte e fome na vida dos soldados.Minha expectativa com [...]

  14. Ravaged countrysides, ravaged people turning on each other Cosacks weeping over dead horses while corpses pile up Civilians trying to survive Hayrides armed with machine guns Our hero finds himself pissing on a dead Polish soldier, covered in ripped up propaganda leaflets Synagogues burning, 20 years before Hitler made it official The word Czernobyl pops up once or twice for extra emphasis Even harsher in hindsight.

  15. Absolutely stunning Babel is a favourite of mine, up near the top.Read an article today July 09 about him on Narrative narrativemagazine issues sde me want to go and dig out my copy immediately I will when I get home from work.I notice no friends have this on GR I can t believe none have read him Is it because it s so obvious it doesn t need saying or maybe the comments are on another edition, I ve noticed that in the past.

  16. Ik las het boek omdat het is uitgekozen als boek van de maand in de leesclub van De Correspondent De verhalen van Babel zijn huiveringwekkend n prachtig Een vreemde combinatie die me nog het meest doet denken aan maanlicht op een uitgestrekt natuurgebied alles staat in een koude gloed, schaduwen zijn zwarter en het licht is witter Ik kan de verhalen meer waarderen wanneer ik ze hardop voorlees.

  17. Isaac Babel, a Ukrainian from Odessa, is one of the best known short story authors of the 20th century Red Cavalry demonstrates the horrors of war Its focus is on the Red Army s Soviet invasion into Poland, which occurred for two years 1919 1921 The collection of short stories was based on Babel s diary written while he was a journalist covering the First Cavalry Army of the Soviet s His diary has been transformed into horrifying stories which reveal the atrocities of war and of anti Semitism Mo [...]

  18. Isaac Babel s collection of short stories entitled Red Cavalry was published in 1926 and is a classic of Soviet literature It deals with incidents of the Civil War and the 1920 campaign against Poland led by Cossacks under Budyonny s command It focuses on the conflict between the intellectual protagonist and the violent soldiers and the contradiction between the actions of the ruthless revolutionary soldiers and their idealistic, although usually inarticulate aspirations Babel doesn t flinch fro [...]

  19. Alice Munro must love Isaac Babel I mourn for the bees They have been destroyed by warring armies There are no longer any bees in Volhynia.We desecrated the hives We fumigated them with sulfur and detonated them with gunpowder Smoldering rags have spread a foul stench over the holy republics of the bees Dying, they flew slowly, their buzzing barely audible Deprived of bread, we procured honey with our sabers There are no longer any bees in Volhynia The Road to Brody And whenever the obdurate wil [...]

  20. Grim Fairy TalesThe text of these short tales flows best as bare narrative, though Babel desperately tries yo embroider them with fiery and original imagery which fails to distract from the callous savagery of the action and indeed in many ways complements it in an unexpected and almost garish light Echoes of Gorky prose and even Chekhov s consideration of the imperial poor But a whole new level to the single minded execution of revolutionary duty Makes it grotesque and fascinating though one su [...]

  21. Short stories of Isaac Babel They re humorous in that the narrator is a Jew in a regiment of Cossacks he doesn t really fit in, and he doesn t ignore the cultural differences of Jews and Cossacks If you liked Catch 22, I think you d like this one too.

  22. Nella prefazione al volume che ripresentava le opere di Babel al lettore sovietico nel 1957 Il ja Erenburg scriveva Nell Armata a cavallo non c una difesa avvocatesca della rivoluzione, difesa di cui la rivoluzione non ha bisogno Gli eroi dell Armata a cavallo sono a volte feroci, a volte buffi in essi c una esuberanza e una sfrenatezza primaverile Ma della giustezza della causa per cui essi combattono e muoiono compenetrato tutto il libro, anche se se l autore e i protagonisti non ne parlano Pe [...]

  23. I don t have too many thoughts about the stories in the Red Cavalry cycle Isaac Babel doesn t leave much room for interpretation, which makes sense, seeing as this is basically a chronicle of the Polish Soviet War with a few names changed As far as what I ve read in this genre, Babel stands out, but this style has never been the kind of thing to pique my interest I struggle to fully appreciate quality prose when it s chopped up into so many different snapshots of war.My appreciation for the book [...]

  24. A collection of short stories written from the front line of the Polish Soviet War of around 1920, by Isaac Babel Despite having read a lot of Russian literature, this is the first time I have read any of Babel s writings, and he had a fascinating life that itself tells the story of early 20th century Russia It took me a while to get into these stories, as they are quite emotionally detached and understated It can be hard to unpick the reportage from the fiction, and the squalor and violence alw [...]

  25. During the Russian Polish War 1919 1921, Isaac Babel was a journalist and propagandist with the Red Army The first half of this book contains short stories, bringing the horror of war into focus Babel describes the Polish towns, the Cossacks and Red Cavalry battles, the shteles and pogroms against the Jewish population A true nightmare of destruction and violence, but written with clarity and insight Very well done, a fine collection of short stories, gruesome as they are.The second half is made [...]

  26. this felt like a taste of real war, revolution, civilisational collapse and a tour of western russia ukraine poland belarus a century ago when they were full of ethnic antagonisms much as now but with an additional well established jewish population babel has humanity and poetry in him, but also recounts his own part as a cog in the revolutionary war machine from what i understand, this book launched him on his way to literary celebrity in soviet russia, as well as ultimately imprisonment and ex [...]

  27. Ru nas humanas na inf ncia da revolu oVoc provavelmente n o conhece Isaac B bel 1894 1940 e muitos dos que conhecem, incluindo eu, s tiveram contato com sua obra depois que o autor foi mencionado no romance Vastas Emo es e Pensamentos Imperfeitos, de Rubem Fonseca, no qual um cineasta brasileiro era levado Uni o Sovi tica para trabalhar no roteiro de um longa metragem que adaptava um fict cio romance de B bel, encontrado anos depois de sua morte Depois do livro de Fonseca, aquela que considerada [...]

  28. Tard un rato en encontrarle el tono y el ritmo pero una vez que le encontr , todo se fue en sufrir y sufrir Si no hay miseria, sufrimiento y desgracia, realmente es una novela rusa Una novela qu trata de la guerra pero que no habla sobre batalla alguna, m s bien habla sobre la desesperanza y la miseria que produce la guerra en los soldados desconocidos y los civiles que los tratan, todo aderezado a ver como las promesas de los soviets se iban desvaneciendo.

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