[PDF] Liberty Belle | by ↠ Patricia PacJac Carroll, Liberty Belle, Patricia PacJac Carroll, Liberty Belle Set in Denver Liberty Belle is a story of finding freedom and forgiveness A jilted bride a wayward sheriff a small boy outlaws and a gallows provide plenty of action romance and hope Liberty Longstreet was left at the altar but that wasn t the worst of her day She awakens to the fact that she needs to declare independence from her controlling mother WantinSet in Den [PDF] Liberty Belle | by ↠ Patricia PacJac Carroll - Liberty Belle, Liberty Belle Set in Denver Liberty Belle is a story of finding freedom and forgiveness A jilted bride a wayward sheriff a small boy outlaws and a gallows provide plenty of action romance and hope Liber

  • Title: Liberty Belle
  • Author: Patricia PacJac Carroll
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Liberty Belle | by ↠ Patricia PacJac Carroll [PDF] Liberty Belle | by ↠ Patricia PacJac Carroll - Liberty Belle, Liberty Belle Set in Denver Liberty Belle is a story of finding freedom and forgiveness A jilted bride a wayward sheriff a small boy outlaws and a gallows provide plenty of action romance and hope Liber

  • [PDF] Liberty Belle | by ↠ Patricia PacJac Carroll
    452Patricia PacJac Carroll
Liberty Belle

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    Patricia PacJac Carroll Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Liberty Belle book, this is one of the most wanted Patricia PacJac Carroll author readers around the world.

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  1. I bought this book back when it was a kindle freebie My reaction to it was pretty meh That is mostly because I didn t really connect with any of the characters It s a pretty well done book actually if you don t mind an impulsive young heroine who wants to do everything on her own but doesn t actually know anything about the real world and a hero who spends half his time whining about not getting vengeance on his enemy and the other half pining after the heroine whom he won t actually pursue beca [...]

  2. This story has two things going for it Strong characters I liked Libby, Wade, and Flora I even liked Harley by the end It also has a well moving plot All the twists and turns kept the storyline from bottoming out However, it needs serious editing There are numerous sentence problems wrong tenses, misplaced words, and incorrect structure The sentences are also a bit juvenile in nature, and this became tiring to read It was as if an untrained voice belted out a professional singer s tune yes, I re [...]

  3. I am currently in the process of reading three nonfiction books that are all in the Civil War era Usually when I m reading about something that is deep and historical I like to mix in a fun fictional read that is also in that same time period, which is why I picked up Liberty Belle by Patricia PacJac Carroll.It s 1859 and Liberty Longstreet is left at the altar Feeling trapped in her current situation, with a confused heart and an overbearing mother, Liberty decides to take her life into her own [...]

  4. Great bookT his was a great way to spend the afternoon I would recommend this book to any book club reader.

  5. Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed the book, and I don t regret reading it at all But there were a few things that bugged me, hence the three stars Let s start with the positive I m a plot person over character Give me a good twisty plot, and I could care less if the characters are cardboard flat This book, happily, I felt delivered on both ends The plot had lots of twists and turns, and after the first 20% or so I was definitely reluctant to set the book down I truly cared about t [...]

  6. As Patricia PacJac Carroll s debut novel, Liberty Belle, provides an action packed tale of twenty year old Libby Longstreet s search for independence and freedom in 1850 Left at the altar by a childhood friend, Libby runs from the church and stumbles into the arms of Wade Calder, who saves her from falling Wade, running from his own past, restores Libby and gallops off dropping his sheriffs badge at her feet Their brief encounter is a moment where they both return to dream in the dark of night T [...]

  7. I got this free from.I really like historical fiction and this cover looked like something straight up my alley The heroine was a good chapter She is spoiled and her parents are overprotective and she just wants to experience life and have an adventure While incredibly naive, she was just looking for some space and experiences to grow and experience the world I the beginning this book was pretty good Hero and heroine meet and things happen with entertainment but then the book took a strange turn [...]

  8. A Brilliant story about seeking independence and forgiveness In the midst of doing what is right and walk the narrow road God sets before us Trails shape us and bring us closer to our Father and he in return helps us, restores us and give us abundance of new life.Loved every character in this book Libby a young woman trying to find herself Flora who is seeking a new life away from the hold of her brother Wade seeking revenge Mark the young boy who had a faith that made you stop and know that God [...]

  9. I started this book knowing nothing about the author I found out, I really like her The story had strong characters Patricia really made me feel like I was one of them Libby was amazing And so goes for Wade, Flora, Harley, and especially Mark I found myself smiling throughout the book There is one thing that lets me know that I really like a book, and that is when I am so in tune with the character or storyline that I can laugh at the things that happen and feel for the person It gets quite emba [...]

  10. This book is excellent Patricia PacJac Carroll paints an adventure that will keep you turning the pages This book is one of those that starts you in one place and by the time your at the end your amazed you read just one story Her characters are wonderful, different, and greatly enjoyable Liberty Belle holds a wonderful message of forgiveness, and fighting the fear and doubts that well up by putting your trust in God The kindle version has some glitches, but they should be fixed soon I don t wan [...]

  11. Patricia PacJac Carroll has captured the charm of the old west without losing the intensity of a suspense filled story Riveting Liberty Longstreet connected with me immediately through her humiliation and the manipulation she endured She kept me with her determination and compassion Then she twisted me into emotional knots as I rode with her through impossible circumstances.If you re a fan of Christian fiction, this indie author has got all of the talent and inspiration of the great ones Liberty [...]

  12. This one falls in my guilty pleasure category historical Christian romance It was fairly well written for that genre Not that it wasn t terribly predictable, but at least there was some pretty good action to go with the usual boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, boy thinks God s will is not pointing at girl AND girl thinks God s will is pointing at boy, then vice versa then repeat 5 dozen times then get married incredibly fast The action included some hare brained ideas, stage [...]

  13. Although it seemed to drag just a little toward the middle of the book could have been me instead of the book it picked up quickly Although I didn t care much for Harley the entire first half of the book, he quickly grew on me toward the end So much so, that i would enjoy a sequel that included from Harley I really enjoyed Wade and Libby as well as the story line Look forward to reading from this new arthur.

  14. What a fun, clean, wholesome romance story Feeling the need to save face plus a spirit of rebellion, Libby, with her tag along aunt, escapes to gain independence She begins to wonder what she was thinking as series of events take place Nothing worked out as she planned almost nothing.This book has a variety of characters and action until the very end keeping one in suspense until the very end.Occasionally there is a small lapse of adventure but the final chapters make up for it.

  15. Pretty much from the beginning, I had decided that this was most likely going to be a 3 star book However, I loved the ending so much that I went ahead and gave it 4 stars.I had been told that this was a clean book, but not a Christian book I would say, though, that this is definitely a Christian book It was pretty good throughout and had a great ending

  16. I loved it It was a free book,but I will gladly pay for the next one to come out By Ms.Patricia PacJac Carroll It has Romance and a lil bit of mystery I just this story about Libby and Wade and Mark.Wade is a strong man to take in the Son of the Man who killed his family I can t wait to read about Flora and Harley.

  17. This didn t satisfy me at all the female character leaves home to prove her independence and take charge of her life and almost immediately she meets a man who then needs to rescue her over and over And the writing wasn t that great lots of overdramatizing and reactions that didn t make sense with what we already knew about the character Ah well At least it was free.

  18. I liked the story and being a historical romance, I liked it It was a typical romance where the young virgin runs away from home, goes west and runs into the man of her dreams who happens to be a good guy in disguise It would ve been better if it weren t for the Christian references I am not into Christian novels where God is mentioned in almost every paragraph.

  19. This was a sweet read I enjoyed the storyline and the characters Set in the old west where women were scarce and the good Lord the last thing on anyone s mind, this story made me laugh and cry and remember that the Lord is with us in all situations I would highly recommend this one.

  20. This was a free download from Kindle, but it was pretty good Almost want to give it 3 stars, but the dialogue didn t flow very well sometimes, and it didn t make me want to go out and look for other books by the author so 2 stars.

  21. I really enjoyed this book It was a sweet historical romance that had a spiritual edge to it without being preachy It also was just steamy enough to keep me interested without being pure smut Loved it

  22. As AboveVery good I really enjoyed this Story Very well writtenIt had adventure, Drama, Love and Sadness And very Inspiring.Shirley Ketcham

  23. Great book Wonderfully written Make sure you grab the tissues The end is heartbreaking I love the characters Mark is so sweet and Flora is a hoot

  24. Fiction Christian book about a young lady making it on her own Really enjoyed this story and devoured it while travelling Recommended read

  25. Liberty Belle is a Christian historical book about a young girl traveling to Denver in the early days ZI liked the book, especially because it was Christian based.

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