Trickster's Queen Best Download || [Tamora Pierce], Trickster's Queen, Tamora Pierce, Trickster s Queen The stage is set for revolutionAly no longer just a master spy but a master of spies Can she balance her passion for justice and her compassion for others and at what cost Sarai beautiful dramatic and rash will she fulfill the role chosen for her by destiny Dove she has always stood in Sarai s shadow Can she prove to the world that she herself is a force to bThe stage is set Trickster's Queen Best Download || [Tamora Pierce] - Trickster's Queen, Trickster s Queen The stage is set for revolutionAly no longer just a master spy but a master of spies Can she balance her passion for justice and her compassion for others and at what cost Sarai beautiful dramatic

  • Title: Trickster's Queen
  • Author: Tamora Pierce
  • ISBN: 9780375828782
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback

Trickster's Queen Best Download || [Tamora Pierce] Trickster's Queen Best Download || [Tamora Pierce] - Trickster's Queen, Trickster s Queen The stage is set for revolutionAly no longer just a master spy but a master of spies Can she balance her passion for justice and her compassion for others and at what cost Sarai beautiful dramatic

  • Trickster's Queen Best Download || [Tamora Pierce]
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Trickster's Queen

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    Hey, folks I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single star ratings except I haven t How do I know I haven t Because I haven t read those books at all So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites, know that I ve written GoodReads to find out what s going on.I return to my regularly scheduled profile Though I would love to join groups, I m going to turn them all down I just don t have the time to take part, so please don t be offended if I don t join your group or accept an invitation I m not snooty I m just up to my eyeballs in work and appearances Also, don t be alarmed by the number of books I ve read When I get bored, I go through the different lists and rediscover books I ve read in the past It s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things Obviously, I ve read a lot of books in 54 years I was born in South Connellsville, PA My mother wanted to name me Tamara but the nurse who filled out my birth certificate misspelled it as Tamora When I was 8 my family moved to California, where we lived for 6 years on both sides of the San Francisco peninsula.I started writing stories in 6th grade My interest in fantasy and science fiction began when I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien and so I started to write the kind of books that I was reading After my parents divorced, my mother took my sisters and me back to Pennsylvania in 1969 There I went to Albert Gallatin Senior High for 2 years and Uniontown Area Senior High School for my senior year.After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I wrote the book that became The Song of the Lioness fantasy quartet I sold some articles and 2 short stories and wrote reviews for a martial arts movie magazine At last the first book of the quartet, Alanna The First Adventure was published by Atheneum Books in 1983.Tim Liebe, who became my Spouse Creature, and I lived in New York City with assorted cats and two parakeets from 1982 2006 In 2006 we moved to Syracuse, New York, where we live now with assorted cats, a number of squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and woodchucks visiting our very small yard As of 2011, I have 27 novels in print, one short story collection, one comic book arc White Tiger A Hero s Compulsion co written with Tim, and a short story anthology co editing credit There s to come, including a companion book to the Tortall verse So stay tuned

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  1. 1.99 Kindle sale, November 2017 This is the second half of an excellent YA fantasy duology set in the world of Tortall, featuring Aly, the daughter of Alanna the main character in Tamora Pierce s SONG OF THE LIONESS quartet of books Aly has managed to keep, well, most of Duke Mequen s family alive while she was their slave Now she s freed by the family, but still serving them as they leave the remote island where they had been exiled and head back to the main island of the Copper Islands, into h [...]

  2. This is the sequel to Trickster s Choice, beginning six months or so after the events in that novel Alianne Cooper, daughter of Alanna the Lioness and George Tortallan spymaster has won her wager with the god Kyprioth and kept Sarai and Dove the two elder daughters of the Balitangs alive, but she has elected to stay in the Copper Isles and see the half blood Queen crowned.We begin the novel with the Balitang family arriving back in the city of Rajmuat, plunging themselves into political intrigue [...]

  3. The first half of the book is considerably slower than book one and seemed much political, but I loved the inclusion of the Darkings FUN and once things finally picked up, they didn t stop until the end I have to say the entire story arc of this duology is one of my favorites of the Tortallverse seriously, a realm where power is passed down through the women HECK YES Gimme that all day long Dove is probably in my top 5 favorite characters to ever come out of the Tortall world I would LOVE a boo [...]

  4. Well, that was disappointing I had hoped that the story would evolve from the stage that Pierce had set up in the first book, that the rather non existant stakes that Aly had faced would become something substantial once the Balitangs returned to Rajmuat Somehow things managed to come even easier to Aly than before and while I admired the old school spy games of the first book they now seem to require little effort, relying on magic and gods whims to do all the work All the villains are cartoon [...]

  5. Tamora Pierce was part of my literary diet when I was growing up The combination of Western fantasy with Western science fiction means that even now I picture the fantasy city with wide boulevards, low gabled houses, and amber sunlight dappling the warm streets.Malheureusement, growing up one comes to perceive the limitations of such a treatment of the genre.Trickster s Queen, then, is a painful reread because I approach it this time with a new clarity of vision It is a story, essentially, about [...]

  6. I have to say I did not like this one as well as the first My reasons for thus are as follow 1 the plot wasn t as structured as the first 2 The villains are so incompetent Aly glides through the plot easily 3 Things that go wrong are actually helpful for the heroes 4 Aly s relationship with Nawat feels off Still a book worth reading but not as good as the first First my beef with the plot The story begins with Aly and the Balitangs returning to the capital from their place in the country The ult [...]

  7. In Trickster s Queen, Aly s role has slowly turned into Spy Master Yes, she s what, 18 at this point And she s working with raka people who have been planing this for generations But, she has the talent and the skills to be an amazing spy master, and the raka aren t going to look a gift horse in the mouth Unfortunately for us as a reader, this means Aly spend a lot of time reading reports and attending meetings But Pierce doesn t make this dull or boring While Aly might not be directly involved [...]

  8. I would have read this book right after finishing Trickster s Choice but I m always afraid there ll be too much rehashing of previous events etc which gets really annoying Instead, there s very very little, and what there is is slipped in there naturally I was rather surprised at the things I d forgotten, like about Duke Mequen That was pretty significant, I m surprised I d forgotten that.The Balitang family return to the capital of Rajmuat where the formidable matriarch of the family, Aunt Niri [...]

  9. Grades 7 to 10 Genre FantasyNo longer a slave, Aly s life is still far from simple as she has become part of the plot to place a Raka queen on the throne of the Copper Isles Over the winter she has become a master of spies for the rebellion Another complication in her life is her relationship with the half man, half crow Nawat He wants to solidify their relationship and can t understand Aly s hesitation The family Aly serves is moving back to the city to become part of the court there Hoping to [...]

  10. Aly is one of my all time favorite heroines to hail from Tortall That she uses her intelligence and quick wit to accomplish everything that she does in astonishing I love getting lost in the dark and twisty place that is the spy world of the Copper Isles I ve read these books so many times and will continue to do so I just can t get enough Highly recommended to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  11. Usually the sequel to a book isn t nearly as good as the first one, but this was an exception Possibly I liked this book than the first one.Pierce continues in her quest to put a half raka girl on the throne, and take down the current rulers who are mistreating the raka On the way she endangers and saves and endangers again her creations, making a wonderful story.Only a few new people are introduced into this tail, but only a few are needed If possible, I think this sequel is action packed tha [...]

  12. My main problem with the book was the main character Aly I thought she d improve from the first book, but if anything, she got worse.Aly is arrogant, annoying, patronizing the list goes on and on Everything she does is right, everything she thinks turns out to be true, and absolutely nothing catches her off guard No matter what happens, she knows what to do a teenager with no field experience and she s not at all upset I won t give spoilers with specific examples, but it is incredibly annoying.T [...]

  13. More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.I wasn t actually planning on reading Trickster s Queen so soon after reading Trickster s Choice, but after a few books that were just meh, I found myself in a bit of a reading slump And when I m in a reading slump, I like to go back to books that I know I enjoy to get me out of it.What struck me immediately upon re reading Trickster s Queen is its great disconnect from the first book It picks up several months and much character develop [...]

  14. Quite the fun read I always like these kinds of fantasy stories, and the world is so rich with detail about the world and lands created The history of each country, there to explain why certain types of people feel certain ways about one another it s just so elaborate and just what a spy would need to know about to survive in a rival country.Another thing I like about Pierce is that her girls are full of adventure and believe, like me, that they can do anything Aly s wits are sharp and she is de [...]

  15. I m a huge Tamora Pierce fan Her Song of the Lioness and Immortals series both count among my childhood defining books I feel secure in crediting Alanna with my strange fascination with girls disguising themselves as boys, and Daine and Numair were likely a part of why I like a good mentor student relationship So I was really freaking excited when her new series came out Pierce is great with character continuity, and she likes to bring characters from former series into her new ones, which I lov [...]

  16. As usual, Pierce creates interesting characters with depth as well as growth As a sequel to Trickster s Choice, I liked that she provided plot twists and didn t head in the exact direction she implied from the first book This book is a fast paced adventure story, but also shows provides an interesting look at political intrigue and the consequences of a weak and ineffectual monarchy.Also as usual, my biggest point of contention with Pierce is the premarital sex between important characters Thank [...]

  17. This and my other reviews can be found at amethystbookwyrm The duchess has freed Aly from slavery and now she is spy and leader of the underground rebellion to put a Raka Queen on the throne of the Copper Isles The Balitang family plus Aly are returning to Rajmuat, and it is Aly job to put Sarai on the throne This is a very good book but it is a complex story and is very political, however, Tamora Pierce pulls this off I love a lot of the characters and even the minor people are still really dev [...]

  18. Second in the Daughter of the Lioness young adult adventure fantasy series seventeenth in the overall Tortall series about Aly Cooper, 16 year old spy for the raka rebellion If you re interested, there is a chronological listing of the Tortall books on my website.My TakeMost of Pierce s stories are written at a children s level This series is geared toward young adults simply because of the longer sentence lengths, sophisticated wording, and the greater reading comprehension required Do not ho [...]

  19. Part of my reread of books I didn t like by authors I love Still meh on this one Everything just seems to fall in place so easily for Aly Even the deaths removals of characters from the narrative that she s upset about end up playing into her hand She doesn t have to work through her issues with Nawat, she receives as a gift something which makes her spying incredibly easy She doesn t even really have to go through any personal growth I did enjoy the brief glimpses of Alanna in both books, and t [...]

  20. In the end, everything was as the prophecy said it would be Kyprioth losing it was SO FUNNY And then, the darkings TOTALLY BURNED HIM by saying he was shrieking like Petranne and Elsren a couple of four year olds That was TOTALLY my favorite part of the book It was the saddest thing ever when King Dunevon and Elsren and all those other poor little boys died in the magical storm And Taybur Sibigat s honest love and devotion for his little boy king is heartmelting I loved this book The epilogue ha [...]

  21. THIS BOOKJUST WOW Rereading this duology has given me a better appreciation of the scope of Tamora Pierce s creativity and writing This series is so unique from the other Tortall books, and I think that is why it stands out Compared to Alanna, Daine, and Kel, this book focuses on the behind the scenes of running a kingdom or taking over a kingdom whereas Aly s predecessors are involved in a hands on kind of way That s what I loved about this book Yes, it s mostly Aly sitting at a desk and goin [...]

  22. ugh no if any of you are thinking about reading it just let me know and i ll tell you how it ends and you won t have to put yourself through it.i think megan whalen turner s books have spoiled me when it comes to political intrigue and overly competent youngsters.

  23. Oy Ms Pierce, you kill me I recently completed the Song of the Lioness quartet and The Immortals series, rereading them for the first time since I was a teenager over a decade since I was curious to see how they held up I was thrilled to find that none of their potency or charm had faded with age The series are both comprised of well written, fast paced, and engrossing books, so I took up the Daughter of the Lioness books with the exuberance and confidence that I would love them just as much To [...]

  24. Graded By StephanieCover Story Is That You, Kate BFF Charm ConfusedSwoonworthy Scale 5Talky Talk Devil s In The DetailsBonus Factors Darkings, World BuildingRelationship Status Lady s MaidRead the full book report here.

  25. I tripped and fell down a Tamora Pierce rabbit hole this weekend.Here s the thing Aly was never a compelling character for me The first book of this duology was weak because it felt purely like setup This book was weak because everything was so easy That said, I always liked the final confrontation and I still found it exciting on this reread.Here s what stood out to me this particular time around.1 Man, Aly s parents and godparents are stupid Why would you teach a really bright young woman all [...]

  26. This book is a very effective demonstration of why the Alanna series works so well It simply ignores most of what made Tamora Pierce s original series so awesome The Adventure Alanna s adventures always happen in a very immediate way, with our heroine struggling for the very success of the single pursuit Maybe the world feels a bit small, as you only get to see what she sees show not tell Which is good.Aly, our protagonist in this book, almost never engages in direct conflict In the first novel, [...]

  27. It s amazing that a writer can produce books as breathtaking as the first two quartets in the Tortall verse, and also books as terrible as the Daughter of the Lioness books.What I love about Pierce s writing is the action, the magic, the diverse universe, and the way that you get to really know the characters.None of that happened here As someone else already phrased it in another review, The book reads like an account of someone doing a job recruiting, reading reports, attending meetings It jus [...]

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