[PDF] Savage Bay | by ✓ Christopher Forrest, Savage Bay, Christopher Forrest, Savage Bay Fans of James Rollins Matthew Reilly and Clive Cussler will love SAVAGE BAY An ancient secret An astounding scientific discovery A coded message hidden inside human DNA In his new action thriller bestselling author Christopher Forrest delves into the secrets of a lost civilization encrypted inside human DNA When a secret research facility is invaded by hostile Fans of James Rollins M [PDF] Savage Bay | by ✓ Christopher Forrest - Savage Bay, Savage Bay Fans of James Rollins Matthew Reilly and Clive Cussler will love SAVAGE BAY An ancient secret An astounding scientific discovery A coded message hidden inside human DNA In his new action thriller be

  • Title: Savage Bay
  • Author: Christopher Forrest
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Savage Bay | by ✓ Christopher Forrest [PDF] Savage Bay | by ✓ Christopher Forrest - Savage Bay, Savage Bay Fans of James Rollins Matthew Reilly and Clive Cussler will love SAVAGE BAY An ancient secret An astounding scientific discovery A coded message hidden inside human DNA In his new action thriller be

  • [PDF] Savage Bay | by ✓ Christopher Forrest
    161 Christopher Forrest
Savage Bay

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  1. Christopher Forrest

    Christopher Forrest, best selling author, propels his readers through the fast paced, action filled adventures of the TITAN SIX special ops team.Christopher Forrest has lived on a sailboat, explored Mayan ruins in the jungles of Central America, been struck by lightning, free dived the barrier reefs off the coast of Belize, and solo hiked through the Everglades Hard at work on his next novel, Christopher lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife Amy and four chihuahuas who think they are people.

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  1. Awhile ago a colleague and I discussed action scenes in books, and interestingly she mentioned that sometimes she finds books with too much action sequences and she ll skim through it I just nodded and smiled politely, all the while thinking to myself that there s no such thing as too much action It s like saying an action movie has too much action, right Besides, action is what keeps a plot moving I prefer that to pages and pages of monotonous world building Well, I m now whistling a different [...]

  2. This book was written as though it were a movie, with far too many action sequences for my taste and not enough emphasis on the code that was supposed to be its premise The characters were basically interchangeable no personality and all mission specific skill It also bothered me that, when the code did briefly come into the plot, the numbers that supposedly have such great import to all of humanity seemed to depend entirely on a base 10 number system to have meaning But then again, I m not a ma [...]

  3. I received this book via first reads The back cover really does a poor job of describing the ride you are in for The book takes place on an island medical research facility where the human genome is being translated to mean than simple DNA proteins The book itself follows a special ops team trying to regain control of the facility after hostile invasion A very unfriendly invasion that is still going on when the special ops team appears to rescue scientists and date alike Data that in the wrong [...]

  4. I got this book from.I enjoyed this thriller It was a good distraction had surgery 9 days ago It had me turning the pages and I finally had to make myself put it down to go to sleep It was pleasant to read a thriller without the bad language that seems to be so common with the genre I threw away a Cannell thriller a couple of weeks ago because it was so bad I will be looking for other books by Forrest.

  5. Not really my normal reading material but it turned out to be very interesting, action packed, and I d definitely see it as a movie.

  6. Book received August 10, 2012 through Giveaways.This thrilling book written by Christopher Forrest is filled with action packed adventure, twists in science fiction and leaves questions about ancient civilization Savage Bay is a story about a covert ops team that would be considered much like a navy seal team on steroids The team is called Titan Six and their mission is to secure and recapture a secret research facility located in the remote island of Es Vedra south of Spain Their employer, Cath [...]

  7. The first part of this book is just action packed It is as if someone played a video game and wrote down the action as they were playing Despite all the action I still found it boring Later when the story turned to the code hidden in our DNA and brought in some pseudo science and a little science fiction I found it interesting I thought the idea was pretty original If not for this part I would have given the book only two stars I found the writing style irritating at times The book contains a l [...]

  8. Savage Bay by Christopher ForrestOutnumbered and outgunned, an elite team of corporate mercenaries find themselves trying to save the most powerful secrets of their employer.Catherine Caine is a corporate titan Her companies are knee deep in high tech research The Genesis Code has been explored in previous Forrest books It is coded messages hidden in our DNA These coded messages could reveal hidden information that would allow a dramatic improvement in the human race or its destruction Caine s r [...]

  9. First reads book I was excited to win this book based on the description It was somewhat of a letdown to actually read it The premise was good and the writing style was okay liked that foul language was not used This book reads like a young adult novel than anything else in my opinion Normally, I would give a book like this three stars, but the editing was bad enough I dropped the rating by one star There were missing for Dante s thoughts there was a lack of inconsistency in that commandos was [...]

  10. Pretty lame Most of the characters are caricatures Reads like a bad comic book then a novel Why the head bad guy soldier doesn t use a gun and only attacks the good guys with hand to hand combat is a complete mystery Lots of illogical behavior throughout on all sides The whole message in our DNA thing has no real point It could be any industrial secret that s being fought over Same for the secret society They add noting to the story At least it was not full of grammatical errors.

  11. Savage Bay is very much in the Clive Cussler James Bond genre so if you like those books you will probably like this one It is non stop action, shallow and undeveloped characters, over the top sequences and technology, money can do anything, and one dimensional bad guys I did find the basic premise regarding DNA to be interesting Like summer blockbusters, this is a book strictly meant to entertain, and I think it does a decent job at that.See my reviews at michaelscifan

  12. I was generally unimpressed with the plot and the creativity of the story The scientific aspects were forced and often incorrect I appreciate the effort to link molecular biology with an adventure story, but you have to at least read a page before you throw all these facts around I also felt like the story did not try to have an ending in any regard All of the loose ends were still loose at the finale.

  13. Won this book via a giveaway At first I thought the book was interesting and scientifically new The chapters ended at good places that made me read the first few pages of the next chapter, however the plot itself seemed to lack the strength to fully pull me in I couldn t get immersed in the book.

  14. The story was interesting but had no real character development.A lot of the ideas seemed immature, almost like a teenager trying to write a Matthew Reilly book.It is just like an Expendables movie you basically know what you re expecting, there won t be any surprises, there is no fantastic acting or amazingly memorable lines, but plain and enjoyable.

  15. This is not really a Science Fiction book in my mind It s of an action thriller book with some science fictional elements in it Unfortunately the story is like a B movie script The science is fairly poor and it ends with a shitload of loose ends, just like a movie where the producer is hoping to create a sequel.The book is okayish but no .

  16. bored to tears I couldn t even finish it I got to about 60% before I got to the point where I wanted to fling my kindle out the window I was hoping info about the DNA aspect of the story Instead it was just killing off the Chinese Should I finish will it ever get to that point

  17. Not a book that I would recommend to anyone I don t know if I will read the follow up book Genesis Code I finished this book because I really don t like to stop reading after I start.

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