[PDF] Murder Talks Turkey | by ☆ Deb Baker, Murder Talks Turkey, Deb Baker, Murder Talks Turkey It s finally spring in Michigan s Upper Peninsula and the locals have only one thing on their minds the turkey hunting opener But for sheer adrenaline value not even turkey season can compete with the local Credit Union getting held up at gunpoint Committing a robbery in a town where everyone is armed for combat is not the smartest thing to do and the gunman is shot deIt s f [PDF] Murder Talks Turkey | by ☆ Deb Baker - Murder Talks Turkey, Murder Talks Turkey It s finally spring in Michigan s Upper Peninsula and the locals have only one thing on their minds the turkey hunting opener But for sheer adrenaline value not even turkey season can compete with t

  • Title: Murder Talks Turkey
  • Author: Deb Baker
  • ISBN: 9780738712253
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Murder Talks Turkey | by ☆ Deb Baker [PDF] Murder Talks Turkey | by ☆ Deb Baker - Murder Talks Turkey, Murder Talks Turkey It s finally spring in Michigan s Upper Peninsula and the locals have only one thing on their minds the turkey hunting opener But for sheer adrenaline value not even turkey season can compete with t

  • [PDF] Murder Talks Turkey | by ☆ Deb Baker
    387 Deb Baker
Murder Talks Turkey

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  1. Deb Baker

    Bestselling, award winning author Deb Baker writes the hilarious Gertie Johnson mystery series set in Michigan s Upper Peninsula A native Yooper herself, Deb brings her blend of humor and sass to everything she writes, including mysteries written under her pen name Hannah Reed.In addition to the Yooper mysteries, Deb Hannah also penned a doll collecting series, beekeeping mysteries, and a Scottish Highland trilogy.

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  1. Murder Talks Turkey A Yooper Mystery by Deb Baker is a thoroughly enjoyable tale I feel the author has hit a home run with this one I ve always enjoyed quirky characters, and Turkey clearly has an abundance of those To me, this series feels like Murder She Wrote meeting Northern Exposure I was a big fan of both I ve read all three of the Yooper series mysteries now and I m hoping for a 4th In this one, the characters are a bit developed and we see Gertie s attitude softening somewhat towards th [...]

  2. Spring in Upper Michigan Yooper means TURKEY HUNTING TIME and not all the blinds are being used for hunting Of course when the local credit union is robbed at gunpoint no one is talking about turkeys Why would you plan a robbery in a town where everyone is armed and ready The plan falls apart when the gunman is shot dead but somehow the money is still missing Faster than you can say Tom Turkey, Gertie, Cora Mae, and Kitty are on the case, in this hoot of a whodunit Dollycas s ThoughtsGertie John [...]

  3. Gertie Johnson is minding her own business, just waiting in line at the Stonely Credit Union, when a young man wearing orange gym shoes walks in and holds up the bank A quick thinking teller hits the alarm button and, within minutes, acting sheriff Dickey Snell and his deputies surround the bank The robber is shot dead, but neither the cops nor the bank patrons claim responsibility for his death So who shot the robber And why is his pillowcase full of play money instead of the real stuff With Sh [...]

  4. I just love Gertie Johnson Seems like trouble follows her everywhere she goes She reminds me of the older version of Stephanie Plum I love the adventure in the UP of Michigan This is a great series and I loved every minute of the book

  5. Innocent s not Guilty100 plus stars is what I give this series It s a clean mystery that the whole family would enjoy to read It s funny, has family moments that well have but, most importantly what it has it a hard hard hard family and friend core that will keep you reading this wonderful mystery series.

  6. This is another great book by.Deb Baker I just Gertie and her coherts in fighting crime In this book, they was in the credit union, then a guy with orange shoes held up the place The teller set off the silent alarm, then when the sirensgot close in someone shot the robber But, when everyone was at the dance, Someone shot the shooter, with the gun that Gertie hide in her truck Gertie her friend from the body I let you read the story to find out what happen It will make you laugh wonder who did it [...]

  7. This was a low three It was pretty preposterous I like the characters and enjoy the UP stuff went to college in the UP The action in this one was over the top and unbelievable and Gertie should have pretty much been in jail for the rest of her life after all of the laws she broke in this book Last I checked catching a killer and solving a crime doesn t offset grand theft auto, breaking and entering, impersonating a law officer and jailbreak and I think there were a few I ll keep reading despite [...]

  8. I m very said that this is the last book in this series Again I laughed out loud frequently by the escapes of Gertie and her friends I was waiting for her love life to pick up with George and thats why I jumped right in to this one It took over 40 pages before we saw any sign of him It did get interesting after that I think she needs to flesh out her peripheral characters a little She mentions them and does a little interacting but you never find out very much about them All in all a funny book [...]

  9. Gertie Johnson is minding her own business, standing in line at the bank when it gets robbed From her position on the floor, Gertie watches as a gunman on the roof of a nearby building shoots the bank robber dead She quickly decides that she and the other members of her Trouble Buster Investigative Company all single women in their later years need to help their hapless sheriff solve the case These books are really an enjoyable, laughable hoot great read

  10. I love Gert and friends It makes the UP come alive for me as I ve never been there but I feel like I have, thanks to Deb and family Read Passes the Buck and ordered the others I haven t gotten to I can hardly wait to finish this one I laugh along with Gert and friends and she makes being older not so bad With her on duty, the cops might just as well deputize Gert or just get out of the way.

  11. Book 3 in the Yooper MysteriesIt s turkey hunting season for both types of turkeys the animal and human The story starts out with a bank robbery where Monopoly money is taken from the bank s vault Why was there fake money in the vault and why did the thief take that instead of real cash Blaze s gun is found at one of two crime scenes Problem is the gun had been in Gertie s possession This one wasn t my favorite wasn t as funny as the other two in this series.

  12. Murder talks turkey is yet another great Gertie Johnson book This time she and her gang were really in hot water It made me laugh, cry, and even warmed my heart I can t wait to read the next one in the serie although I think I m reading them out of sequence I love this series Deb Baker draws you into the story You can feel the cool UP weather, smell the scents of the forest and if you listen very closely you might be able to hear a few turkeys gobble.

  13. This is my first time reading Deb Baker stories and I really enjoyed the story and the characters Looking forward to the rest of the series However, I read it on my Nook and have to say there were a lot of typos plus the words then and than were used incorrectly several times So I would recommend a new proof reader.

  14. I think this is the best book of the series so far I really enjoyed seeing Gertie come into her own, rather than pulling the stunts she pulled in the first and second book This was a serious tale, with some fun thrown in I m glad Blaze wasn t always on her case I hope the next book keeps going in this direction.

  15. I went Deb Baker crazy and bought all her books I m from the Michigan, UP and can so relate to her stories She is funny and knows how to write I love her characters I can picture each one of them, which I love when I m reading She keeps you reading I would recommend her books to anyone that enjoys reading.

  16. This has been on the TBR pile for a while Judging by the receipt in the book it s been sitting to be read for 4 yrs I really enjoyed the folksy story which is set in the northern Michigan peninsula known as the UP Characters are well developed This is a few books into the series but I was able to follow the plot and relationships without a lot of backstory I d definitely read of these.

  17. Murder talks turkey a zany murder mysterya bank robbery.e robber is killed and the bag of money is monopoly moneyever there is lots of money missinglooks like a inside job.rhaps people are murdered and there seems to be a connection with orange sneakerswhat s the deal three older women take on the task of finding the real murdererfun book

  18. Enjoy this series and the quirky characters They are quick, fun reads.My only issue with the book is the perception given that Gertie is old, or borderline elderly, at the age of 66 This bugs me for some reason.

  19. Love Gertie JohnsonThis series has been one of the best for me Its a fast paced, FUNNY murder mystery that keeps you giggling and guessing whodunnit up to the end Can t wait to dread by this author

  20. for anyone who enjoys a fun murder book these books set in the UP of Michigan are fun If you are familiar with the people in this area they are AWESOME she gets the whole UP lifestyle

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