[PDF] Download ↠ That Night : by Alice McDermott, That Night, Alice McDermott, That Night On a warm suburban night the sound of lawn sprinklers is drowned out by the rumble of hot rods Suddenly a car careens onto a family s neat front yard teenage boys spill out brandishing chains and leather and a young man cries out for the girl he loves Tonight fathers will pick up snow shovels and rakes to defend their turf and children will witness a battle fueled byOn a warm suburb [PDF] Download ↠ That Night : by Alice McDermott - That Night, That Night On a warm suburban night the sound of lawn sprinklers is drowned out by the rumble of hot rods Suddenly a car careens onto a family s neat front yard teenage boys spill out brandishing chains and le

  • Title: That Night
  • Author: Alice McDermott
  • ISBN: 9780385333306
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ That Night : by Alice McDermott [PDF] Download ↠ That Night : by Alice McDermott - That Night, That Night On a warm suburban night the sound of lawn sprinklers is drowned out by the rumble of hot rods Suddenly a car careens onto a family s neat front yard teenage boys spill out brandishing chains and le

  • [PDF] Download ↠ That Night : by Alice McDermott
    321 Alice McDermott
That Night

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  1. Alice McDermott

    Alice McDermott born June 27, 1953 is Johns Hopkins University s Writer in Residence Born in Brooklyn, New York, McDermott attended St Boniface School in Elmont, Long Island, NY 1967 , Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead NY 1971 , the State University of New York at Oswego, receiving her BA in 1975, and later received her MA from the University of New Hampshire in 1978.She has taught at the UCSD and American University, has been a writer in residence at Lynchburg and Hollins Colleges in Virginia, and was lecturer in English at the University of New Hampshire Her short stories have appeared in Ms Redbook, Mademoiselle, and Seventeen.The 1987 recipient of a Whiting Writers Award, and three time Pulitzer Prize for Fiction nominee, lives outside Washington, with her husband, a neuroscientist, and three children.

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  1. What a night The night Rick and his friends came to bay at the moon and brought some chains with them to help Although there was some than a few specific departures from my own experiences of neighborhood at exactly the same time and with McDermott that has NOT been at all true before on 4 other books this one seems fairly spot on for the mix that was Alice s And Sheryl s and Rick s And the neighborhood connections and s People were far entwined and they did care for each other They did in doz [...]

  2. This book is an old standby of mine I reread it yet again over the weekend Indeed, it feels like a favorite song from the very first line When he came to claim her, he stood on the short lawn before her house, his knees bent, his fists driven into his thighs, and bellowed her name with such passion that even the friends who surrounded him, who had come to support him, to drag her from the house, to murder her family if they had to, let the chains they carried go limp in their hands That Night co [...]

  3. Floreat SuburbiaI lived in this neighbourhood at this point in history And I never thought the cultural desolation and dislocation that I remember of that time and place could be redeemed Alice McDermott in That Night and in Charming Billy has given me cause to doubt my existential prejudices Perhaps the treeless, soulless streets of 1950 s NYC suburbs provide material of general worth to ponder As of now I am amazed at McDermott s ability to simply describe what the time and place were like Tha [...]

  4. I hunted down this out of print book for a while before I got my hands on a brand new copy, and I was a little disappointed I made the mistake of seeing and loving the movie first in fact it was on HBO all the time when I was about the narrator s age on that night, and I would watch it repeatedly I haven t seen it in about 15 years, and one day it just occurred to me to read the book I thought there would be drama and romance and a lot about the relationship between Sheryl and Alice how in the [...]

  5. I read McDermott s Charming Billy years ago, and even though I couldn t tell you a single plot point from that novel, after reading one page of That Night, I felt a familiar hush and tingle McDermott writes the kind of sentences that make you want to linger and savor them deliberately crafted, yet with an effortless feel It s a quality of voice she shares with my wife, actuallyAs for the story, it reminded me a bit of The Virgin Suicides Only the narrator of That Night is a woman who s rememberi [...]

  6. I think this is now the fourth Alice McDermott book I ve read I question why, since they aren t ones I have loved Then again, it may be because I first read some of her recent works, that I quite enjoyed, while what s crossed my reading list lately are her first two books, and I definitely don t like them as much Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire revi [...]

  7. I have been reading everything by Alice McDermott I can get my hands on, and this early novel did not disappoint Both sad and funny Wonderful writing The chapter just before the beginning of Part Two, pp 107 114 in the hardback edition, contains one of the funniest conversations ever, and bunch of children sharing their inaccurate knowledge of how a pregnancy occurs.

  8. I had this book on a shelf for a while and picked it up because I didn t have a library book and thought it would bridge the time until one came in What a surprise this little book packed I couldn t put it down once I started The author mixes large, profound themes with ordinary life, permeating barriers like the walls of houses, even the walls of lives and individual thought with a narrative that floats like a ghost over an ordinary suburban neighborhood of the 1960s Love, death, longing, sadne [...]

  9. I can t fully explain why but this is probably favorite book I ve read in the past year or so I m still troubled by how the narration works there s no way she can know much of what she tells and sometimes the fragmentation would push me out of the proper headspace But the language The little vignettes that could stand on their own as wholly satisfying reading experiences Everyone has experienced teen angst and yet this book enabled this reader to experience it freshly and as a source of exhilara [...]

  10. This is an early Alice McDermott 1987 book which I missed somehow, until a website of favorite books urged me to read it I do believe this is a perfect novel It is short I read it in two days , compelling, and beautifully written Of course, I remember, and relate, to this era perhaps a younger generation would not truly understand it.

  11. I saw the movie of this on TV like, a really long time ago I want to watch it now, since I remember nothing about it, but there s no way I m paying 20 for a VHS tape.Anyway, I just found out about the book And my library has it REQUESTED

  12. I am so moved by this novel, the way it grows so quietly, and spreads among various points of view, various characters, so that you go deeper and deeper into the story of one night Her deftness with voice stuns me, and I m trying to learn from it.

  13. Found myself re reading pages 35 55 and felt everything was too repeated, boring, and dazed I did not enjoy this book at first McDermott writes with really long sentences, using lots of commas and junctions from clause to clause Then I decided to read this like a diary, and enjoy the long sentences They re attempts to describe everything, from a person s perspective who sees almost everything there is to see Views from one night in a small suburb, the events that led up to that night, and the co [...]

  14. That Night is a novel that focused mainly on one violent night in a suburban community in the early sixties When Sheryl is suddenly shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle due to an unplanned pregnancy, her boyfriend Rick and his friends in an attempt to rescue her clash with the older generation of the neighborhood as their children watch Told mostly through the viewpoint of 10 year old Alice one of Sheryl s neighbors at different points in her life, the novel s telling branches off from th [...]

  15. An intriguing book for those of a certain age who remember when, who experienced summer life in the New York suburbs in the early 60 s The story revolves around two star crossed teenagers whose burdensome back grounds draw them into love, sex and pregnancy at which point they are governed by outside forces That Night refers to the night unlike any night when the boyfriend and his tough guy friends arrive at the girlfriend s house, demanding to see her She has been shipped out of town and the boy [...]

  16. Erin, I know this isn t your usual style but I think you d enjoy it It s short, gripping, and extremely well written The action boy meets girl, boy looses girl is narrated by a neighbor girl who is 10 on That Night, and the picture of childhood through her eyes reminds me a little of Ray Bradbury s Dandelion Wine But the narrator also gives us glimpses of her grown up life and how things turned out for her family and other families in their neighborhood The book is full of reflections on what it [...]

  17. This book was a delight to read I was charmed by it I loved the structure, with the entire book turning on that night, everything moving backward or forward from that event I also loved McDermott s writing, which I find hard to describe She writes with a light touch, using fresh, unexpected descriptions After I read the book, I went to some of my other favorite books to compare the writing styles McDermott won, hands down.

  18. This book seems a bit like a stereotype that was just written up as opposed to fleshed out, but it has a charm that makes up for that somewhat I would have like It differentiated from the generic , but I still enjoyed reading it quite a bit I have to admit that.

  19. I enjoyed this little book I like Alice McDermott I read Charming Billy a few years ago and liked it.

  20. That Night is Alice McDermott s second novel, published in 1987 when she was thirty four A finalist for the National Book Award, That Night contains the hallmarks of her six later novels A blurb could easily be written about That Night describing an ordinary novel about an ordinary early 1960s situation, set in an ordinary suburb with ordinary characters, and written in ordinary, colloquial American English No trips to the dictionary to understand McDermott s sentences, no Googling to understand [...]

  21. Though this was McDermott s second novel and thus an older work, it still exhibits her talent and powerful ability to recount a period in time THAT NIGHT refers to an incident involving two teenagers living in a Long Island neighborhood When Sheryl becomes pregnant, her lover Rick organizes his gang of friends to drive past her house as a warning he wants her She should be allowed to leave her home and be with him But after hours of the slow drive by, the cars veer onto the neatly landscaped law [...]

  22. Really of a 3.8 Different than the movie, yet no less amazing and lovely and deserving of that knowledge It is not that the book, while written before the film, is better because of its presence in the order of things nor is the movie better because perhaps it gives a bit of want our hearts long for, rather they are both equally on par with being romantic and tragic within each s own right The book is well written, captivating, a sort of beautiful tragedy that is life It s the kind of simplici [...]

  23. This story broke my heart a little bit It takes place in early the early 60s in a post war suburb Beyond the story of lost innocence and lost love, the longing for things to remain the same is heart wrenching and maddening at the same time The easy judgmental attitudes of the families in their cookie cutter homes is very familiar to me The bonding through scandalous events is both small minded and validating The need to substitute something, anything, for that which has been lost is understandab [...]

  24. A masterpiece I wish I d read this book this morning when I was still able to write coherently instead of midnight when I m in the last seven hours of a twenty four hour read a thon I loved the way the author switches from first person singular narrator to first person plural narrator in the story I also loved the way the author provides little glimpses of the future for the characters who pop into the narrative These give the story a big vision both broad and yet full of disappointment.

  25. I hung up on this woman once She s a wonderful writer, and a nice human being even if you hang up on her I read this while working at the Westport Public Library, the first serious work of literary fiction I read since bombing out of grad school ten years earlier Her evocation of growing up in the Catholic suburbs, and of long summer evenings dominated by the sounds of parents and kids, made me realize I didn t hate literature, despite failing at academia Thank you, Alice.

  26. My first Alice McDermott and Wow She is truly an amazing writer How can a simple story with a simple premise be this beautifully written and moving I devoured every sentence I love her ability to make a simple event extremely extraordinary without being overly done by her amazing writing They were just perfect I find myself going back and repeating some phrases I cannot wait to read her other books

  27. I m not sure how this ended up in my to read list I think it was one of those cases of if you like this book then you ll like THIS book well, I really didn t It might be that I just came off a book that I really really did like, but this didn t capture me at all I read it because of the investment of starting it than anything I don t think that the writing is horrid or anything, but the story just didn t capture my attention all that much.

  28. Having grown up in the 50 s just a little before the days of hotrods, pegged pants, teased hair, too much makeup, and lotsa, lotsa burning love, I feel a great sense of nostalgia after reading this book, a little gem about the effect of teen love on the residents of a neighborhood in suburbia Very romantic, and yet very sad.

  29. Alice McDermott is one of the greatest contemporary American writers, and That Night is one of the best novels on teenage love I ever read.

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