☆ Cause of Death ✓ Renee Benzaim, Cause of Death, Renee Benzaim, Cause of Death A Serial Killer Black widow spiders A race to catch the perp before he strikes again Best Selling author Renee Benzaim writes about the ultimate female detective fighting against time to catch a serial killer in Bakersfield CA before he strikes again Meet Robbery Homicide Detective Annie Avants and her partner Detective Tom Weston of the Kern County Sheriff A Serial Killer Black ☆ Cause of Death ✓ Renee Benzaim - Cause of Death, Cause of Death A Serial Killer Black widow spiders A race to catch the perp before he strikes again Best Selling author Renee Benzaim writes about the ultimate female detective fighting against time to catch a ser

  • Title: Cause of Death
  • Author: Renee Benzaim
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Cause of Death ✓ Renee Benzaim ☆ Cause of Death ✓ Renee Benzaim - Cause of Death, Cause of Death A Serial Killer Black widow spiders A race to catch the perp before he strikes again Best Selling author Renee Benzaim writes about the ultimate female detective fighting against time to catch a ser

  • ☆ Cause of Death ✓ Renee Benzaim
    327 Renee Benzaim
Cause of Death

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    Renee Benzaim was born in Wenatchee, Washington, but grew up in California She attended college in Modesto and Turlock while living in California, and in Dover, Delaware.While living in Hawaii, she had the pleasure of working with the top Hawaiian Chefs at two of the beautiful resort hotels on the Big Island.Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel were her first experiences working with Executive Chefs Corey A Waite and Goran V Streng Her job, as their Administrative Assistant, exposed her to all of the recipes and techniques these excellent chefs used to create their culinary masterpieces.After two years at the resorts, she went to work for Master Chef Sam Choy Hawaii s Ambassador to the World according to then Governor Benjamin Cayetano as his Executive Assistant While there, she assisted Chef Choy in writing two excellent cookbooks as part of his series of cookbooks based on Hawaiian and Pacific Rim cuisine.During her last 18 months in Hawaii, she took her Paralegal training and then returned to California after an absence of 10 years She then worked for several years as a Paralegal in California s Central Valley.She now lives with her husband, Aziz, and their ever changing collection of stray cats and kittens and is a full time writerNTACTING RENEERenee s Blog Renee s twitter Renee s Facebook Page Renee s Email renee reneebenzaim

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  1. Cause of Death is book one of the Det Annie Avants series The Cause of Death follows Det Annie Avants investigation to find a serial killer who killed young girls using Black Widow Spiders I enjoy reading Cause of Death once I forgot about the spiders and got involved with the story I like it I learnt about the different law enforcement in California and their roles in the communities Renee Benzaim portrayal of her characters and the way they entwine together throughout the book I found fascinat [...]

  2. Check out my complete review at Cause of Death Det Annie Avants 1 ReviewCause of Death is the first in the series of Annie Avants Mysteries A serial killler is on the loose who kills Hispanic women with black widow bites a very painful way to die Detective Annie Avants along with her partner Detective Tom Weston team up with Deputy District Attorney Jesse Greyeyes and Technical Investigations Chief Laine DelMonte to figure out who the killer is before another woman gets killed.The mystery is rea [...]

  3. In Cause of Death, Detectives Avant and Weston are out to find a serial killer who tortures victims with black widow spiders prior to their deaths There are also a few side stories which add to character and plot development as well as hinting at potential upcoming romances in future volumes.Aside from a few typos and spacing issues, which could be due to the fact I was reading an ARC, the text and story line flows very well with exhilarating action.There were a couple of details that seemed to [...]

  4. I was so fortunate to receive a free download of Cause of Death Det Annie Avants 1 by Renee Benzaim, in exchange for an honest review This is one of the best serial killer murder mystery thrillers that I have read in a long time.This book was AMAZINGd it definitely gave you the creeps The novel centers around a serial killer, his Black Widow Spider PETS and a race in time to catch the perp before he strikes again This is about a serial killer that keeps tokens from his victims.Annie Avants and T [...]

  5. Did I read the same book as everyone else This could have been a great story It had me at death by black widow spiders I thought it would be a nice creepy read butThe execution was awful, I can t put it any other way The writing was incredibly stilted and flat There was no emotion, no sense of dread, no sorrow or any joy It was just flat this happened and then they did that and she said and they talked and they ate this The food, all the characters were obsessed with food It detracted from the s [...]

  6. My Review I wanted something to read over the weekend I have quite a few ARC copies to read and review, but I wanted something quick This book features only 198 pages, so I figured what the heck I could knock it out in two days As soon as I picked it up, I could not put it down I found myself driving my fiance crazy reading well into the wee hours of the morning he s forever bothered by the light from my ereader too bad, a bookaholic has to get a fix every now and then Serial Killer check.Detect [...]

  7. Police procedural Cause of Death is the first mystery thriller for author Renee Benzaim, and the first entry in the Det Annie Avants series This exciting book is fast paced, easy to follow, with engaging characters and a highly suspenseful storyline I couldn t put it down I didn t put it down, and read it straight through in a day I just had to find out whodunit The story is told from alternating points of view of different characters, including Annie, the victims, and even the perpetrator The r [...]

  8. A hispanic female had been found dead lying in a vineyard along South Fairfax road in California The body did not have any cuts or scrapes, but there had been signs of her being bound and held for a period of time On a closer inspection of the body, there were thirteen insect bites found on her abdominal and legs They had considered the bites may have been due to vineyard but there was something peculiar about them, they were bites of the same species but happened at different time or days inste [...]

  9. Renee Benzaim, I don t know you, but I think you should write cookbooks or a restaurant guide Your book is full of eating, mostly mexican and Detectives going home for dinner while a serial killer is out and around You even let the witness decide WHEN he wants to take the time to meet with the sketch artist Even checking leads are not so important as to get lunch or do some pottery with the new girlfriends daughter oh and by the way, I don t think, even in Bakersfield, a SWAT Team will be ready [...]

  10. I feel like I need to reason out why I ve given such a low rating.This book had some great moments Twists turns in the plot that no one would see coming definitely made it worthwhile reading Unfortunately we also got a whole lot of side plots that just felt unnecessary Tito being my main bone of contention Another issue is that the book just ends Literally stops dead There is this huge build up, you can feel the hairs on your neck rising because this is the moment you ve been waiting for the ent [...]

  11. Found this on and though it be the kind of book I like.And I Loved it great detective series so then went and read the 2ndDefinately read if you like detective crime novels

  12. An interesting police procedural with good characters and a fascinating tale I will definitely read the second in this series.

  13. This is a book based in Bakersfield, California where the detective is on the search for a serial killer who targets young hispanic girls The book is readable and enjoyable.

  14. I was so glad that I read this book I couldn t put it down Read it in one session It drew me right in, and thoroughly enjoyed it Cant wait to read no 2 now thanks

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