By Chance Best Download || [Cat Grant], By Chance, Cat Grant, By Chance A life of wealth and privilege doesn t equal happiness just ask Eric Courtland Growing up with a cold unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn t want out of life or love The troubled young man prefers a solitary life and is content to keep it that way until a campus emergency saddles him with an unwanted roommate Popular wholesome straA life of wealth By Chance Best Download || [Cat Grant] - By Chance, By Chance A life of wealth and privilege doesn t equal happiness just ask Eric Courtland Growing up with a cold unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn t want out of life or l

  • Title: By Chance
  • Author: Cat Grant
  • ISBN: 9781301832217
  • Page: 191
  • Format: ebook

By Chance Best Download || [Cat Grant] By Chance Best Download || [Cat Grant] - By Chance, By Chance A life of wealth and privilege doesn t equal happiness just ask Eric Courtland Growing up with a cold unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn t want out of life or l

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  • By Chance Best Download || [Cat Grant]
    191 Cat Grant
By Chance

About "Cat Grant"

  1. Cat Grant

    If you re looking for epic sci fi, fantasy, or historicals, that s not me Contemporary all the way, baby However, if you re looking for down to earth, complicated characters dealing with real world problems and the occasional comfort read , I might just fit the bill My Books Courtland Chronicles m m m m f By ChanceStrictly Business ComplicationsThe ArrangementTriadAllegro Vivace m m Sonata Appassionata m m Icon Men all m m The First Real Thing 2012 EPIC Award Winner Erotica Appearing NightlyA Fool for YouHabanera Originally titled Entangled Trio 2012 EPIC Award Finalist Erotica m m f Once a Marine m m Power Play with Rachel Haimowitz m m BDSM Power Play ResistancePower Play AwakeningIrresistible Attraction all m m PricelessDoubtlessFearless Flawless 2014 EPIC Award Finalist Short Fiction Forthcoming The Only One Who Knows with LA Witt January 2014The Only One Who Matters with LA Witt March 2014Black Dog Bannon s Gym 1 April 2014Takedown Bannon s Gym 2 July 2014Guarded with LA Witt work in progress

658 thoughts on “By Chance”

  1. Reviews say the series continues with breaking up the MCs and one of them getting married but that they continue to sleep together Sorry Not for me.

  2. Unlikeable characters, a relationship with no chemistry, and lots of drama Apparently this series is headed toward a menage with a woman I m outta here.

  3. 3.5 Stars Easy reading, slightly angsty, passionate and yes, rather enjoyable I was surprised how much I DID enjoy it actually The character Eric is a prickly sort, who comes across as real pissy and obnoxious but I liked him, not many might but he has a strength and take no bullshit attitude that endeared me to him.Nick s the hot jock who s not to be stereotyped They make an explosive pair and I enjoyed every minute of their shenanigans, from their first meeting to their first, er ment They bot [...]

  4. On the plus side this book is currently free on and it s not such a bad story about two young men falling in love and stepping out of the closet But then I found out this was part of a series and in the future books not only is there lots of cheating but that this turns into an MMF book This affected how I felt about this book and not in a good way.It s not even a true menage Eric ends up marrying women twice and also makes a separate arrangement to also have a relationship with Nick I apologize [...]

  5. I really wanted to like this It never felt comfortable The relationships didn t gel If the sex had been hot, I would have upped my stars to 3.5, since I m shallow and can be easily entertained by good sex.

  6. 3.5 stars I really liked this story and both Nick and Eric for what both we re trying to deal with in their lives Eric has a hard time with his emotions and pushes people away stemming from a tough home life where he takes care of his mother because his out of the picture dad seems to only use them when he needs them Nick is riding a scholarship for football to go to college and is afraid to come out because he can t lose this funding The ups and downs we re angsty and the love was something the [...]

  7. This book was available free on and is the first book in a series that also includes some m m f This particular story is set in the college days of Eric, son of a business tycoon and Nick, football jock Forced to room together, this is a fairly typical story of gay boy falling for straight roommate who then fears coming out Adding a level of complexity is Nick s relationship with his ex girlfriend Ally and Eric s parental issues.A good quick read.

  8. 2,5 stars This was an ok read.Probably it didn t grab me so much, because the old college room mates jock and nerd trope comes here in a not very original variation And I read many of those.Both MCs remained pale to me I probably won t read the sequels It was written well, and it didn t show any of my pet peeves.

  9. No thanks because this series turns into a cheating thing with one of them getting married and still sleeping with the boyfriend I made the mistake of reading The Arrangement first Of course, that put me off the whole series Don t like cheating.

  10. 2.5 5I had no idea this what I was starting into a huge series when I picked up this book I didn t find out there were books until after I had already finished TBH, I m shocked at where this series leads I don t plan on reading any so none of that really matters.This was just an okay book for me I feel as though I ve read a million college, closet case, MM romances and this one was just average Nick and Eric both were pretty difficult to like or care about I didn t understand why they broke up [...]

  11. Reviewed by Sean Genre M M ContemporaryRated 5 hearts Check out the review at Hearts On Fire Reviews

  12. In this re worked, newly re published start to the Courtland Chronicles, the drama is just beginning for two collegians from different economic backgrounds thrown together as a modern day Oscar and Felix Eric comes from a family who hides their emotions and hurt others before they let themselves get hurt which has led to him keeping to himself He tries to keep his surroundings in order since his family life is so out of control until the day a naked football player comes out of his shower Nick i [...]

  13. I have had this whole series on kindle for over a year and I am asking myself why had I not read this book sooner This was a really good book my only compliant is that it has a BDSM tag on it and there was no BDSM in it Eric Courtland grew up with a cold, unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn t want out of life or love The troubled young man prefers a solitary life and is content to keep it that way until a campus emergency saddles him with an unwanted roommat [...]

  14. This was a beautifully crafted story about Eric who kept to himself and cared first for his mother and her condition He felt all his responsibilities were for her and then add to the mix Nick Eric who is openly gay finds himself with a unwanted roommate who happens to be a straight football messy jock Of course Eric instantly has the hots for him and that just pisses him off and doesn t fit into his already messed up life Once he finds out Nick isn t as straight as they both thought they fall he [...]

  15. This is the second book by Cat Grant that I have read and it is one of her Courtland Chronicle s series I ve also read and enjoyed Strictly Business but I have not read The Arrangement as yet I am terrible for not reading the series in order, but I will get around to it.I really enjoyed this book which revisits Nick and Eric from Strictly Business and tells the story of how they first come to meet each other in College I loved reading their back story, getting to know about them, and what makes [...]

  16. I tried to understand why Eric was the one who apologized at the end and I can t This is stupid After their first serious fight Nick has sex with Ally and of course Eric is bitter and he has every right to be So what that he called Nick a liar If I was in Eric s place I would have great temptation to throw boiling water at Ally s private parts and beat up Nick and try my best to forget both of them.

  17. 3 3.5 starsNice sweet romance, following Eric Nick falling in love their junior year of college It s nothing earth shattering but I enjoyed it I got this free months ago from but was hesitant to read it because reviews say this develops into a menage relationship in the other books I hate menage but I can sometimes tolerate mmf so I m going to continue with the series and see how it goes.

  18. I really enjoyed this romance, the relationship developed slowly and I felt their connection growing, the sexual tension was hotness, and watching them both find their way was very enjoyable.

  19. 3.75 starsA story of friendship, self discovery and compromise.Eric is a loner He keeps to himself and he likes it that way A self confessed slut, he prefers his encounters with his men to be impersonal and without expectations Then his world is turned upside down when, after returning from Christmas break, he finds himself with a roommate A very handsome, football playing roommate And from then on he knows he is a goner.Nick is an attractive jock who lives in denial and fear He seems like your [...]

  20. By Chance is a self published re release of the first of a series of, I think, five books As far as I can work out, the first two books are m m only and the rest are m m f The book follows two college students, Eric and Nick Eric is openly gay and very anti social So much so that he bribes the guy in change of rooms in his dorm so he doesn t get a roommate However, when one of the other dorm blocks is flooded out, there s no choice but to put another guy, Nick, in with Eric Eric is furious and d [...]

  21. Genre Keywords Gay Coming Out Friends become Lovers Students RoommatesRating 3.5 of 5 stars Heat level 2 of 3 flamesBy Chance is a totally sweet story about two very young men, who have to share a dorm room because of unexpected circumstances Rich lone wolf Eric isn t too happy about that But quarterback Nick is a nice and easy guy and Eric s attitude doesn t scare him away, the two men become friends despite of Eric s defenses Eric is gay and has the hots for Nick from the beginning, but doesn [...]

  22. I ve been meaning to read one of Cat Grant s titles for simply ages now, so when I laid hands on By Chance, I grabbed it It s a free read on , BTW Eric Courtland has it all, except a happy home life, it would seem Money can t make up for the realities of a dysfunctional family and Eric has withdrawn from meaningful human interaction as much as possible Whatever sexual encounters he has are quick, anonymous liaisons no strings attached He s quite happy or at least he thinks he is alone in his col [...]

  23. 3.4 starsI downloaded this book last year when I saw it offered for free on I was super excited about trying a new author new to me writing about one of my favorite tropes Jock geek romance All my excitement quickly fizzled when I started reading the reviews this is the beginning of an MMF series which is a deal breaker for me I read menage books but only MMM It is not that I haven t read MMF books, as a matter of fact, that is how I got started reading m m books Whenever I was reading MMF, I fo [...]

  24. This was almost a DNF for me, but that might have had something to do with the fact that I was reading it on an 11 hour coach trip from London to Amsterdam nothing short of a nuclear blast would have held my attention during that nightmare.The writing is really good, though I noticed quite a few phrases that were english than american something I do all the time The characters were OK, I liked them Eric s relationship with his parents was interesting I found it hard to tell them apart, Eric and [...]

  25. Contemporary college M M romance with gay for you plot where a sad isolated out and proud rich boy finds a way towards happiness by sharing his single room with a roommate when there is a housing shortage in collage Eric Courtland is our poor little rich guy who knows that he has a lot of hang ups, but doesn t feel motivated to fix anything So the unwanted roommate is Nick Thompson who is the new lead quarterback for the college football s team who has a body like a Greek god, although it is pro [...]

  26. Actually 4 1 2 stars According to the author s notes, BY CHANCE is volume one of a reworked, re released series, The Courtland Chronicles Since I did not read the previous version I can only comment on this one When originally published the books came out in a different order than chronologically, which would give the reader an insight into the future that is unavailable here I m one of those readers who prefers to read a series in chronological order so this suits me just fine.I enjoyed this bo [...]

  27. By Chance is the first installment in The Courtland Chronicles by Cat Grant I enjoyed the romance between Eric Courtland and his college roommate Nick While Eric is a prickly, selfish bastard in the beginning of the novel, under Grant s deft hand he is turned into a sympathetic character who finally figures out he s worthy of love I also liked Nick, the shy farm boy who falls for his gay roommate and comes to terms with his own sexuality This was a nice coming of age tale that used the GFY trope [...]

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