Групов портрет с дама Best Download || [Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев], Групов портрет с дама, Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев, Групов портрет с дама Best Download || [Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев] - Групов портрет с дама,

  • Title: Групов портрет с дама
  • Author: Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев
  • ISBN: 9789540904658
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback

Групов портрет с дама Best Download || [Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев] Групов портрет с дама Best Download || [Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев] - Групов портрет с дама,

  • Групов портрет с дама Best Download || [Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев]
    108 Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев
Групов портрет с дама

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  1. Heinrich Böll Хайнрих Бьол Любомир Илиев

    Heinrich B ll became a full time writer at the age of 30 His first novel, Der Zug war p nktlich The Train Was on Time , was published in 1949 Many other novels, short stories, radio plays and essay collections followed, and in 1972 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his writing which through its combination of a broad perspective on his time and a sensitive skill in characterization has contributed to a renewal of German literature He was the first German born author to receive this award since Hermann Hesse in 1946 His work has been translated into than 30 languages, and he is one of Germany s most widely read authors.

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  1. Construction and destruction of a narrative architecture shown in the process of building, with the scaffold still raised to support the work, thus hiding vital parts of the architecture behind it B ll is obsessed with building and destroying materials, houses, evidence, characters His stories are made up of Tr mmerlandschaften those scary skeletons of German cities and their inhabitants during and after the Second World War, witnesses of bombed out history B ll s protagonists wade through the r [...]

  2. 359 Gruppenbild mit Dame Group Portrait With Lady, Heinrich B llGroup Portrait with Lady German Gruppenbild mit Dame is a novel by Nobel Prize winning author Heinrich B ll, published in 1971 The novel centers around a woman named Leni, and her friends, foes, lovers, employers and others and in the end tells the stories of all these people in a small city in western Germany in the 1930s and 1940s 1984 20 1362 448 1377 557 9644160991 1383 557 1384 1388 9789643290788 1392 1972

  3. It is often the mark of a truly great book that style is at least as important as other aspects such a story line or character definition I have found this literary quality to be true in masterpieces by James Joyce, Proust, Faulkner, Gaddis, Gass, Virginia Woolf and many other genius literary novelists In fact, telling a tale in a new literary style distinguishes a good writer from a great one in my book So much so that I tend to discount straight ahead narrative styles as mundane and seek out n [...]

  4. Spoilers here This must be called Experimental Fiction, conflicted and preoccupied as it is with equivalent ways of telling the story Let s start again.For some reason author B ll hits on the idea that mindless categorizing, cross filing, a relentless focus on hierarchies and designations an accountant s myopia, of receipts and stubs well, no, there is some method to all that Once again.A book so willingly obtuse, bloodyminded and so obsessively nitpicking that no, once .There are somewhere near [...]

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  6. Ecco un vero capolavoro, un libro che racconta un epoca storica ben precisa, ma al tempo stesso valido ed attuale in ogni epoca.Boll l Autore racconta la storia di Leni attraverso le testimonianze di chi l ha conosciuta negli anni terribili del nazismo e della guerra, raccolte con teutonica metodicit e con discreti interventi in prima persona.Gli intervistati, come sempre accade, pi che della protagonista di cui dovrebbero parlare, parlano di loro stessi sebbene in relazione a Leni.Ed cos che si [...]

  7. What a marvelous, marvelous book If you ve never read B ll at the height of his powers, you ve a treat in store Humane, funny, rich, poignant, full of irony and love and compassion A great book, not to put too fine a point on it.

  8. At the center of this novel is a 48 year old German lady, Leni Gruyten Pfeiffer The narrator is the author but he refers to himself in the third person There are so many other characters, however, that before the story starts the author has a 2 1 2 page List of Characters which the reader would every now and then refer back to as a guide.The author s apparent aim is to know who Leni is He narrates of the countless interviews he made upon all these other characters and even other minor characters [...]

  9. B ll likes to play with bureaucratic language and other styles of conveying information that differ from the conventionally literary In this instance, his narrator is clear that he is not telling a story, but rather reconstructing a series of events actually a whole life with a large cast of ancillary characters as if he were somewhere between a journalist and historian He works strictly with primary sources, interviews and letters, and rarely interjects his opinion or at least frequently assert [...]

  10. I really loved this book a lot It is really post modern Filled with the author giving sources for all of his materials on the main character Leni, almost as if he is asking the reader to the doubt the author He even writes au when he wants to source his own thoughts and opinions And then by bringing a host of characters as character witnesses to Leni see the title of the book , many of whom of course contradict themselves and cast doubts on the others, he expands the field of knowledge to a much [...]

  11. this is a truly excellent bookthough it is a novel, if you didn t know better, you would think it was a straight biographyll who calls himself author throughout the book does everything a biographer would normally doews people, checks facts, travels around to get info etc the end of the book you really feel you know the character he is writing about leni pfeiffer as well as all her friends and relatives.exceedingly well done and highly recommended.

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