Free Read მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს - by Herta Müller, მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს, Herta Müller, Free Read მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს - by Herta Müller - მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს,

  • Title: მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს
  • Author: Herta Müller
  • ISBN: 9789941430602
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს - by Herta Müller Free Read მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს - by Herta Müller - მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს,

  • Free Read მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს - by Herta Müller
    222 Herta Müller
მეფე დაიხრება და კლავს

About "Herta Müller"

  1. Herta Müller

    Herta M ller was born in Ni chidorf, Timi County, Romania, the daughter of Swabian farmers Her family was part of Romania s German minority and her mother was deported to a labour camp in the Soviet Union after World War II She read German studies and Romanian literature at Timi oara University In 1976, M ller began working as a translator for an engineering company, but in 1979 was dismissed for her refusal to cooperate with the Securitate, the Communist regime s secret police Initially, she made a living by teaching kindergarten and giving private German lessons Her first book was published in Romania in German in 1982, and appeared only in a censored version, as with most publications of the time.In 1987, M ller left for Germany with her husband, novelist Richard Wagner Over the following years she received many lectureships at universities in Germany and abroad In 1995 M ller was awarded membership to the German Academy for Writing and Poetry, and other positions followed In 1997 she withdrew from the PEN centre of Germany in protest of its merge with the former German Democratic Republic branch.The Swedish Academy awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature to M ller, who, with the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the dispossessed.She currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

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  1. Yesterday, I had the privilege to listen to Herta M ller reading an extract from this outstanding reflection on life under a dictator She took part in an international Teacher Summit hosted by the Nobel Center in Stockholm which was guided by the idealistic motivation that we need true teachers in a world of fake facts I can still hear her voice in my head, adding a layer of affection to the text which I had not seen when I first read it, a long time ago.Her German is softly spoken, and there is [...]

  2. Placute coincidente cu Gabriela Melinescu amindoua sint femei, poete si au emigrat din Romania, ajungind sa fie foarte cunoscute apreciate in tarile de adoptie, Suedia, respectiv Germania Herta Muller se afla de 10 ani pe lista propunerilor Germaniei pentru premiul Nobel.Spre deosebire de cartea Gabrielei Melinescu Ghetele fericirii referirile le fac pentru ca e cartea citita anterior, deci conexiunile sint involuntare , Regele se nclina si ucide are o latura mult mai grava Experienta personala [...]

  3. publicado originalmente em literasutra Meu primeiro contato com Herta M ller me gerou muitos sentimentos, e n o h maneira mais eficiente para explicar estes sentimentos que n o seja citando as palavras da pr pria, encontradas no objeto que me proporcionou este tal primeiro encontro Se devo explicar porque considero um livro rigoroso e outro raso, s posso apontar para a densidade dos trechos que evocam a corrida errante na cabe a, trechos que imediatamente puxam meus pensamentos para onde as pala [...]

  4. If in her novels she is one of the most difficult writers I have ever read, in this volume of autobiographical essays, Herta Muller is not only a great story teller, but also a wonderful and pertinent thinker on the condition of man actually, woman, her very case against tyranny and its dehumanizing effects Her stories, filled with sorrow and latent despair, give a relevant measure of the true face of totalitarianism and its incredible aberrations, its abusive intrusions into the private lives o [...]

  5. Herta M ller was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for literature A German friend who grew up in Romania gave me this as a gift she considers Herta M ller to speak with her voice I understand my dear friend much better after reading this account, which describes the daily grinding horror and paranoia of living in a repressive regime I read this in the German and don t know how the English translation is But in the original, M ller s voice and witness is a shattering first person account of life under [...]

  6. Este libro contiene una serie de art culos y memorias de conferencias y pl ticas que la autora ha impartido En ellas se encuentran reflexiones sobre su vida bajo la dictadura de Ceausescu, la influ ncia que la literatura tiene sobre ella, como medio de escape y resistencia ante la adversidad, as como de represi n de un sistema corrupto, su familia y su infancia en Rumania y su exilio en Alemania Son nueve los escritos que estan en el libro, y aunque narran algunas situaciones bastante crudas, qu [...]

  7. voluntariamente avessa a toda formata o do pensamento em geral, s ideologias em particular voluntariamente avessa ao que se nos dado sem questionamento tudo passa pelo seu crivo pessoal intenso, observador, analista, l cido, cr tico e ao mesmo tempo de elevada sensibilidade e humanismo revela se nos assim ocorressem me mais palavras definitivamente a sua escrita impar conquistou me e o seu modo de pensar, tornei o aliado do meu o macrocosmos uma ilus o criada para formatar comportamentos, sistem [...]

  8. Ok I read this book back in University, just after I finished some 19th century Russian novels Do not enjoyed though Mainly because My age or translation, i suppose English edition was some kind of confusing, Chinese edition was not better My friend thought the Background of Author making the story powerful, I agreejust can not get the story Or may be I just don t want to get sad tone.

  9. La povert , la paura, la fuga leggere Herta M ller per comprendere i migranti e i rifugiati di oggi Se stiamo in silenzio, diventiamo sgradevoli se parliamo, diventiamo ridicoli.

  10. I have finished reading The King Bows and Kills and not only I must recommend it, but that book has changed my perspective regarding Herta Muller.The book is a series of essays about her own life In her novels, I always had the impression that although she is very gifted, that she writes like no one else, occasionally the lyricism is too much and, in certain sense, it aliviates the tension inside the novel Not only, the novels sometimes seem to be a bit out of this world, because Muller rarely i [...]

  11. Leggere o anche scrivere non porta rimedi Dovendo spiegare perch per me un libro rigoroso e un altro insulso, posso fare riferimento alla densit dei passi che nella mente provocano uno smarrimento, passi che mi spingono subito i pensieri pi in l dove non esistono parole che possono fermarsi Passi che provocano uno smarrimento, passi che spingono subito i pensieri pi in l dove non esistono parole che possono fermarsi Quale calzante, efficace, condivisibile formula per definire ci che accade a un [...]

  12. Nu aveam idee cum s a simtit cineva vizat de Securitate Cartea este o relatare personala intr o forma literara excelenta, introducand cuvantul si forma lui ca simbolistica a ceea ce simtim.E prima carte pe care o citesc a Hertei Muller Eram curios dupa ce a castigat Nobelul pentru literatura Voi continua sa o citesc.

  13. Gro artig Die Sprache von Herta M ller hat s in sich ber viele Texte muss ich lange nachdenken, daher les ich die Anthologie nicht in einem Rutsch , sondern trau mich nur immer mal wieder, wenn ich Mu e habe, an einen neuen Text ran Sehr inspirierend.

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