[PDF] Read ✓ One Night in the Spa : by Kathy Lyons, One Night in the Spa, Kathy Lyons, One Night in the Spa What starts out as a simple massage treatment for spa manager David s best friend Kim turns into a night of seduction and sexual discovery Always relegated to the friend zone David is determined to show Kim what she s been missing one erogenous zone at a time Sure their friendship is on the line And sure David s hiding a motive larger than either him or Kim But theWhat sta [PDF] Read ✓ One Night in the Spa : by Kathy Lyons - One Night in the Spa, One Night in the Spa What starts out as a simple massage treatment for spa manager David s best friend Kim turns into a night of seduction and sexual discovery Always relegated to the friend zone David is determined to

  • Title: One Night in the Spa
  • Author: Kathy Lyons
  • ISBN: 9781622662449
  • Page: 100
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read ✓ One Night in the Spa : by Kathy Lyons [PDF] Read ✓ One Night in the Spa : by Kathy Lyons - One Night in the Spa, One Night in the Spa What starts out as a simple massage treatment for spa manager David s best friend Kim turns into a night of seduction and sexual discovery Always relegated to the friend zone David is determined to

  • [PDF] Read ✓ One Night in the Spa : by Kathy Lyons
    100 Kathy Lyons
One Night in the Spa

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    Librarian Note Also writes under the pen name Jade Lee.KATHY LYONS writes light, funny, sexy stories for Harlequin Blaze She loves the faster pace of category books and that her humor can shine through.She leaves the dark, tortured love stories to her alter ego, Jade Lee.Visit them both on the web at kathylyons or jadeleeauthor

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  1. This book is incredibly short, but incredibly hot It will have you reaching out for your partner before you re through the scene At the very least you ll be craving a glass of ice water.Kim and David, have been dancing around each other for three years, he runs the spa next door to her running the fitness studio A former pro athlete, Kim is just coming into her sexuality, her hormones having caught up with her, and suddenly she s lusting after anything that resembles a man Something she admits t [...]

  2. ARC provided by Netgalley Who doesn t like a good romance between two best friends Well, not me that s for sure Unfortunately I was hoping for in One Night in the Spa , my expectations were maybe too high and the results weren t completely there It was nice and short, I liked it but it s not a book I ll re read David didn t want to stay in the friends zone with Kim and made it clear to her that he was ready for during that massage Some details in the storyline were original but a little over t [...]

  3. I sort of stumbled across this title when looking up cheesy romance titles on This was listed in the similar books and given my latest obsession with massage porn, I had to one click, even if the blurb was not that alluring.This was a novella that pairs up David and Kim, best friends for the last three years and sort of neighbors of industry Her as the manager at the gym and David as the manager of the spa that shares the space But David isn t just the simple spa manager you picture, or the best [...]

  4. I m always a sucker for a friends to lovers story which is why One Night in the Spa initially appealed to me Once I started reading and realized that the heroine, Kim, is 24 years old, it took everything in me not to immediately stop reading As I ve expressed many times on this blog, I m pretty much over reading about 20 somethings in adult contemporary romance Since this is a novella, I figured I d put aside my annoyance about the age and give it a chance.I m going to start off by saying that t [...]

  5. The premise was good, a friends to lover story is usually engaging Seduction in the guise of a facial spa treatment promises a lot of heat which it did deliver David and Kim s relationship was definitely well defined in the novella The witty dialogue, the beginning sexual attraction on Kim s part and the devotion that David had for her were the positive factors in the story Downside of the book, too much background info regarding Kim s past, the corporate espionage was also something that could [...]

  6. A NIGHT AT THE SPA , by Kathy Lyons, is a short story of 77 pages published by Entangled Publishing I m not sure how long Entangled Publishing has been around yes, I looked, but couldn t easily find an answer but I ve read of their books in the past year and I ve been incredibly impressed by their authors book selections.Kim David work at connecting health businesses she s the manager of a gym and he s a masseuse at a spa One night he offers to give her a massage and all their normal walls com [...]

  7. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickOne Night In The Spa is a contemporary romance novella by Kathy Lyons What originally drew me in was the cover and the blurb I was excited to read this one because of the friends to lovers trope I am definitely a sucker for a guy who has the feelings and is determined to win over his heroine However for me, this story just didn t work This story was very short, almost so short that if you blink it is over Despite the short length, I found it h [...]

  8. Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review2.5 STARSSometimes I read a book and I feel like I m at a tennis match watching the ball go back and forth, back and forth and then BAM it s over That was pretty much how I felt about One Night in the Spa by Kathy Lyons Overall it didn t hold my interest there was so much indecision followed by an immediate resolution with little time to digest and it just felt a little too rushed for my tastes.Kim Cas [...]

  9. I received an ARC through NetGalley.The blurb for One Night in the Spa had me at seduction and sexual discovery For being so short, it definitely delivers on both Kim and David have been friends for three years She s manager at a gym, and he s the manager at the neighboring spa He s been in love with her for their entire friendship, and now she s finally looking at him as a man rather than simply her best friend However, David is keeping another secret from Kim, and Kim is going through some cha [...]

  10. 3 StarsI really truly liked the premise and theme behind Kathy Lyons One Night in the Spa It was a storyline that has been around for ages, but the detail she adds, the characters and the complications they face on a day to day basis is something I have never encountered before I liked the easy friendship between David and Kim, their similarities and their differences, their opinions and ideals, and their support for one another They were truly best friends to end all best friends except for the [...]

  11. Kim is an early 20 s woman that manages a fitness center She has been training heavily as an athlete for much of her young adult life When an ACL tear sidelines her professional career, she s unable to train, slowing her down, and causing her body to suddenly jolt in her long dormant puberty stage Fortunately, she has her best friend David by her side David is the manager of the spa that is attached to the fitness center He s been lusting after Kim since he met her Unfortunately, neither David n [...]

  12. This novella had so much potential based on the blurb alone I thought it was be a quick read that was a sweet, hot friends to lovers romance Unfortunately, this book was all over the place and really difficult to follow Kim was very unlikeable and David, while he could have been great, was weird and scheming I nearly stopped reading multiple times, but I stuck with it because I was hoping something better would happen I guess I m just a glutton for punishment, although it did have its moments.Ki [...]

  13. The title is a dead giveaway, isn t it Pride and Prejudice this is not Nor is it Gone Girl, The Husband s Secret, or Dangerous Girls This, my friends, is pure entertainment.Kim is a former professional squash player, forced to retire due to injury She works at a fitness gym, and David, the spa s manager, offers to give her a stress reducing massage In the spa One night.David, you see, doesn t want to be relegated to the friend zone for one moment, so he plans to let Kim know that he s intereste [...]

  14. Reviewed by Kimfor Read Your Writes Book ReviewsOne Night in the Spa is full of surprises Kim Castillo is the manager of John s Fitness David Pepke is the spa manager of Pamper Me Spa The two have known each other for three years, every since Kim started working at John s Fitness, and are now best friends.For a twenty four year old, Kim has overcome a tragedy that has shaped her life With the loss of her professional racketball career, Kim s life is spinning out of control Things are happening t [...]

  15. Really Interesting Heroine This book surprised me with its depth and uniqueness, then charmed me, and this let me down a bit because of the constriction of the novella on the love story Lets talk about the surprises and uniqueness The title makes it sound like this book is going to be a quick erotic read with romance in there We have a friends to lovers story We do get this but because of the nature of our heroine She is a ex professional athlete who s sexual physical life has been delayed becau [...]

  16. 2 1 2 stars I don t think I m a standalone novella kinda girl So I ve read novellas before but mostly they ve been stories that were part of a series I felt so detached from this story and these characters It just wasn t for me.I agreed to review this one because I LOVED the premise I love the idea of a guy who is clearly in the friend zone finding a way to the lover zone Who wouldn t love the idea of that happening in a spa So, yeah, I wanted to read it.But I also need a story where things happ [...]

  17. One Night at the Spa is a fun, flirty story that brings the heat Though the book is a short read, the characters are developed in a way that feels natural and unrushed.Kim is a 24 year old racquetball player and has spent most of her life training 10 or hours a day When she is sidelined for a knee injury and unable to workout, things start to change for her Her activity level has slowed her development, and without the harsh routine, puberty starts accelerating.David is her best friend and co w [...]

  18. Review Copy Provided By PublisherThere is just something sexy about a guy giving a girl a massage, the closeness between the two, the intimacy of the act And I loved that part of the book, but for the most part, I was kind of disappointed Kim kinda of drove me nuts quite a bit during the story I just struggled to find anything that I liked about her she was a tad self obsessed and too woe is me, for me but I did like David even though, he was a bit of a jackass in places i mean, there is one thi [...]

  19. As novellas go, this one is a good introduction to the author It suffered perhaps from the length there wasn t enough character development for me What was there was strong, the lead couple was interesting The female lead seemed a bit broken and I would have liked to have had longer to get to know her and see her character evolve The premise of the story was intriguing, it just needed to be fleshed out a bit for me All that being said, I would definitely read from this author The love scenes we [...]

  20. Full review on my blog, Becky on Books.I enjoyed Kim and David s relationship, and the scenes at the spa were well done a nice blend of compassion and steam Plus, they really left me wanting a massage Even the regular variety would be fine Where the book started to lose me, though, was the secondary plot Without spoiling anything, let me say that there s something else going on with David besides his hidden feelings for Kimd the novella really could have done without that detour It gets resolved [...]

  21. Great, steamy read I just love unconventional locations besides the bedroom This was an enjoyable read for me Kim was an ex athlete who devoted her life to racquetball When her career ended because of an injury, she was left dealing with things she ignored before like her sexuality for example.From the beginning of the book, she was a woman in heat This is also the time she started noticing how hot her best friend David was.David was a great friend He wanted what was best for Kim and was always [...]

  22. Kim has always been so focused on her sports career that everything else was pretty much irrelevant Then she had an injury that wouldn t allow her to continue the sport and now everything that she missed out on is coming with full force One of the symptoms is pretty much making her into a horndog noticing things about guys that she didn t have time or the urge to want to know Her best friend David has been by her side of a couple years now and has been hiding his true feelings towards Kim as wel [...]

  23. Lately,I read book s about love.Many.And I m not complaining.I t a perfect book.Not long.but I think I want to be a little ling.I want to know ,but It was pefect like that too.Kim is a manager and a trainer.His career in sport was finish.About tree years ago she made a friend,Davis who is a employee on the spa.The fist day that there meet David fall in love for Kim.But she was to bussy with all the things that happened to her and her career.But one night will change everything.One night in spa,w [...]

  24. One Night in the Spa is a super steamy read While it fared on the shorter side, with a plot that wasn t completely developed, I still enjoyed it quite a lot I loved that there was a turn I wasn t expecting in this one I had no idea it was coming or what it would be Overall, One Night in the Spa had a great premise The one thing that was missing for me was a complete continuity arc By last quarter of the book seemed really rushed and I had a harder time buying into it I am definitely curious to r [...]

  25. I m going to admit this book was not what I thought it was going to be from the cover and the blurb I was expecting a sexy read about sexual discovery And yes it had that element but it also had some intrigue too which I wasn t expecting I really enjoyed the interactions between Kim and David I especially loved seeing how David dealt with Kim s predicament which i was surprised by not being a sporty person myself.For me the ending seemed a little rushed i would have liked a little depth there b [...]

  26. Arc generously provide by NetgalleyAlthough this was a fun little adventure a novella, of all things , it wasn t exactly perfect The flow of the story was decent, and the sex was hot, but I felt that the characters could have been multidimensional Also, I want story with my sex, so go figureI know, I know, with an erotic novella, you can only expect so muchHoping that the author will make some improvements by turning this one into a seriesGiving this one 3 stars

  27. I found this book to be ok It didn t blow my socks off First off, I am not a fan of short books novellas This aside, I felt that this story was just silly in many ways Without revealing any spoilers, I felt that several parts of this story were so unrealistic This book just didn t do it for me I couldn t connect to the characters It was ok for a fast read, I guess this ARC was given to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

  28. I love the friends to lovers trope so I had high hopes for this novella Sadly, I found it over the top ridiculous Besides the heroine, Kim, freaking out because she horny all the time, there was the corporate espionage,a thwarted assault and a horrific childhood trauma for her to deal with This is a novella so there isn t really time to do one of these themes justice, let alone all three I was laughing at the silly resolution to the espionage sub plot.

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