進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19] Best Read || [Hajime Isayama 諫山創], 進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19], Hajime Isayama 諫山創, Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19] Best Read || [Hajime Isayama 諫山創] - 進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19], Shingeki no Kyojin

  • Title: 進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19]
  • Author: Hajime Isayama 諫山創
  • ISBN: 9784063956368
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback

進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19] Best Read || [Hajime Isayama 諫山創] 進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19] Best Read || [Hajime Isayama 諫山創] - 進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19], Shingeki no Kyojin

  • 進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19] Best Read || [Hajime Isayama 諫山創]
    418 Hajime Isayama 諫山創
進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19]

About "Hajime Isayama 諫山創"

  1. Hajime Isayama 諫山創

    Japanese name Hajime Isayama Isayama Hajime, born 1986 is a Japanese manga artist from yama, ita His first and currently ongoing serial, Attack on Titan, has sold over 22 million copies as of July 2013 He has mentioned Tsutomu Nihei, Ry ji Minagawa, Kentaro Miura, Hideki Arai and T ru Mitsumine as artists he respects, but stated that the manga that had the biggest influence on him was ARMS.

752 thoughts on “進撃の巨人 19 [Shingeki no Kyojin 19]”

  1. Damn, I hate cliffhangers Amazing vol just like the rest.Can t believe that there s only one volume and then it s done.

  2. How can this volume end like this What is going to happen Who managed to survive ArgggI want to next one now

  3. I don t really know any I really don t what to think or feel about this any Marco s Death Reiner and Bertholdt Annie.It all broke my heart.

  4. Chapter 75 Rating 4.5 Chapter 76 Rating 4.5 Chapter 77 Rating 5 Chapter 78 Rating 4.5 Overall So Far 4.625 Holy shit This is the kind of action I ve been waiting for again Enough with the talking and the deciding who is going to rule Did we forget that there are titans Not any These three chapters, especially the last one, has so much action I love it view spoiler AND MY POOR BBY MARCO hide spoiler I think that this one really shows just how much things have changed and how the stakes have been [...]

  5. Nice to see some flashbacks focused on view spoiler Marco s death hide spoiler Once again we get to see conflicted sides of the enemy Isayama truly portraited amazing villains, two faced, contradictory and complete with their human side The question is where is Annie and Ymir We need to see these two amazing ladies in action.

  6. Oh mon Dieu Quel tome incroyable D j , il y a le plaisir de revoir Reiner et Bertholt mais nous avons aussi droit au flash back sur les circonstances de la mort de Marcoj en suis encore toute retourn e.

  7. StoryApparently a few years ago, the author estimated the series would end after 20 volumes I sure hope that s not true any It s not because I don t want it to end, but because it feels like things have meandered too much, and there are too many questions to be answer in just a few chapters.This volume is another good example Instead of revealing a lot of detail moving us towards some kind of conclusion, we only get a bit, and the rest of it seemed to be about moving the characters around.Don t [...]

  8. I will update this review section as I read through the chapters when they are released, starting chapter 78 of this manga I will also do the reviewing like this with other ongoing manga series I m currently reading and waiting CHAPTER 78 DescentRating 5 starsDisclaimer There may or may not be spoilers in this review Please proceed in cautionOUGHTSI refuse to believe the casualties in this volume It s kinda short for me The action sequences weren t many and there were lots of talking but we ve b [...]

  9. Another good volume The action really picks up in this one as a major fight takes place Plus, we get an introduction to a new weapon And, as always, it ends on a FREAKING CLIFFHANGER I think Hajime Isayama is starting to become the king of cliffhangers Can t wait to read the next one

  10. Leggere i manga in cartaceo tutta un altra storia Mentre leggevo le scan, non mi sono resa conto di quanto in realt questo volume fosse ben disegnato ed adrenalinico Dopo questa bella rilettura, riconfermo che Reiner,Berthold ed Annie sono in assoluto i miei personaggi preferiti

  11. Sehr sehr actionlastig, aber auch spannend und eben AoT xDDDDD Ich liebe und verg ttere diese Reihe einfach, weil sie so viele geile Elemente miteinander verbindet und auch seine eigene Welt immer wieder komplett ver ndert, ohne dabei billig oder falsch zu wirken Einfach gro es Kino

  12. Manga is always hard to review, since most volumes are usually the same in quality, and if you ve read up to volume 19 of something, it s unlikely anything I say is going to stop you reading it now.This volume is a very quick read I devoured the first 3 chapters in less than half an hour, since most of it is a fight scene between the Ard Titan, Eren, and some of the Survey Corps The final chapter is a bit wordy, but is again fight oriented than most other chapters of the series There aren t ma [...]

  13. An intense ride from start to finish And of course, another cliffhanger endingPlot lines are coming together, unanswered mysteries are finally starting to be solved, and surprises galore are rampant in this latest volume of Attack on Titan This volume also touches on the consequences of war, in the most brutal way Are the choices that we make in the heat of the moment forgivable Or do they haunt us for years to come I love that theme that this volume addresses because war is costly, in every sin [...]

  14. No tengo muy claro cu ndo acabar ataque a los titanes, pero le das las palabras de su autor hace untiempo espero fervientemente que no lo alargue innecesariamente Y no es que no me est gustando la obra, es que pienso que cuando se va por los cerros de ubeda la calidad del manga se resiente mucho,Por suerte no es el caso de ste tomo diecinueve, un tomo que apenas se centra en darnos acci n y mostrarnos ligeramente los planes de los dos bandos que se enfrentan.Es un gustazo total y absoluto leer s [...]

  15. So there wasn t as much cage match as I thought there would be, Reiner and Eren do fight, but that s not the main plan But that s kind of the point, right To keep both sides guessing view spoiler Though the reason Reiner survived that sounds like a bunch of bullshit But, not my story hide spoiler It was interesting to get a little backstory on the shifters view spoiler including seeing just how crazy Reiner is Though I still don t feel that sorry for them They have to die Though between this vol [...]

  16. Picking up where the cliffhanger of volume eighteen left off, this volume offers many twists and turns, and a lot of action For my taste, it revisits, albeit ever so slightly and nowhere near as pronounced as previously, some of the issues with the problematic action sequences in the series this is likely tied to the fact that there are yet again action sequences involving battling Titans While this lowers the overall grade for me, it does so by no than half a star, and given the developments [...]

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