Unlimited Half Past Danger - by Stephen Mooney, Half Past Danger, Stephen Mooney, Half Past Danger Summer and in the midst of a war waged by monsters Staff Sergeant Tommy Irish Flynn never expected to encounter a real one But on a remote island in the South Pacific theatre Flynn and his squad come face to fanged face with creatures long thought dead As the world falls apart a unique set of characters come together An embittered Irishman in a war not his oSummer Unlimited Half Past Danger - by Stephen Mooney - Half Past Danger, Half Past Danger Summer and in the midst of a war waged by monsters Staff Sergeant Tommy Irish Flynn never expected to encounter a real one But on a remote island in the South Pacific theatre Flynn and his sq

  • Title: Half Past Danger
  • Author: Stephen Mooney
  • ISBN: 9781613778494
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Half Past Danger - by Stephen Mooney Unlimited Half Past Danger - by Stephen Mooney - Half Past Danger, Half Past Danger Summer and in the midst of a war waged by monsters Staff Sergeant Tommy Irish Flynn never expected to encounter a real one But on a remote island in the South Pacific theatre Flynn and his sq

  • Unlimited Half Past Danger - by Stephen Mooney
    455 Stephen Mooney
Half Past Danger

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    Stephen Mooney Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Half Past Danger book, this is one of the most wanted Stephen Mooney author readers around the world.

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  1. Dames, danger, dinosaurs Yep, that kinda sums it up Let s be honest, this is not the best comic book I ve read this year but I would lie if I were to say it wasn t fun Of course this kind of Raiders of the lost ark story is as clich as they come but honestly I m not holding my breath till I find one that does surprise me And that s not the point actually There s action, nazis, dinosaurs, nazis eaten by dinosaurs and a spy fatale If you re into this kind of stuff, you know what to expect dont you [...]

  2. Full on fun from the first page to the last, and beautiful to look at with some truly gorgeous pulp style artwork

  3. I m not usually a fan of the military graphic novels, as I sometimes feel that the violence it a little too real for me But then I saw that there were Nazis and dinosaurs in the same book Hmmm, I thought, why not This could be a lot of fun As I started reading Half Past Danger, I was thrilled to see that the artwork was quite good and there was also an entertaining storyline After all, who doesn t love seeing two different times in our planet s history thrown together That is why the Jurassic Pa [...]

  4. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Halt Past Danger is an enjoyable throwback to 1950s pulp fiction graphic novel, featuring evil nazis, dinosaurs, double crosses, and femme fatales It doesn t take itself too seriously, which helps create a very friendly wink at obvious influences such as Indiana Jones.Irishman Tommy Flynn, a Sergeant in the army, is investigating a remote South Pacific island in the Summer of 1943 He finds an odd Nazi base just as his entire team is at [...]

  5. This was a fun, quick read.It features a loveable, whiskey drinking Irishman, a whole heap of dinosaurs yes, really , a bunch of Nazi baddies, an American super soldier, a Japanese whirlwind of a fighter, and a British spy.I enjoyed the humour, which was laugh out loud and caught me by surprise Picture me yelping with surprised amusement at random intervals throughout the comic, and that s an accurate description of my evening The action was well written and well drawn, and the dialogue was snap [...]

  6. Three words dinosaurs and Nazis If that already has you, then there s no reason to keep reading this Just run to your local comic shop and pick this up For the rest of you, I get why you might hesitate.Take your typical drunken Irish G.I Put him with a squad of soldiers on an island in the Pacific First they run across a secret Nazi base with Panzers in the Pacific , then they run across some dinosaurs, which do the kinds of things dinosaurs tend to do.Typical drunken Irish G.I now has a reason [...]

  7. Breve recomendaci n para una siempre recomendable raci n de pulp de ese que nos puede juntar a h roes Indianajonescos de la segunda guerra mundial con muy capaces femmes fatales, nazis, cient ficas rubias del III Reich, ninjas verdes de asalto del ejercito japon s con conciencia y una saludable raci n de dinosaurios Y es que Stephen Mooney quer a hacer lo que le saliera de los santos cojones y eso es mismamente lo que ha hecho en esta serie de 6 n meros que sale recopilada el mes que viene, con [...]

  8. A decent world war II historical spy thriller with an unusual element dinosaurs Yeah, and they are the man eating kind too so this makes for some fun gobbling scenes While totally unrealistic, the spy story and plot was pretty good with a double twist thrown in for added shock value I found it pretty easy to figure out what was going on but I read a lot of thrillers Mix together Nazi s, spies, and dinosaurs with a team consisting of a British femme fatale, a Jamesons drinking Irishman, a turncoa [...]

  9. I had never heard of it, but I grabbed this one by chance in the graphic novel section of Powell s Books in downtown Portland, Oregon I bought it based solely on the cover and a quick thumb through Action, adventure, Army men, pulp heroes, femme fatales, ninjas, Nazis and dinosaurs What s not to like This vanity project written and drawn by Stephen Mooney has it all and does it so, so well It s cinematic, it s Spielbergian , it s my kind of story All that s missing is a John Williams soundtrack. [...]

  10. To my friends in development Nazis dinosaurs is a SyFi original movie waiting to be made This is a light, fun ride with an interesting plot twist Engaging old school art fits the tone perfectly, almost like an old pulp novel in graphic form Aside from the blood Dino s chomping people in half sort of thing, done very tastefully would be a great read for kids too Not highbrow, but high concept.

  11. Once again, the Nazis are up to no good in Half Past Danger This time around they ve got dinosaurs and a deadly secret, with Stephen Mooney and a very good period toned coloration from Jordie Bellair tying it all together into a neat package wrapped around with colorful main players.Read More zomboscloset zombos_cl

  12. Half Past Danger opens with a U.S Marine squad finding a Nazi base on a Pacific island It is then ambushed by raptors followed quickly by T Rexes Sgy Flynn, the lone survivor, is then recruited to join a joint task force to further investigate the island After betrayal, train chases, sub hunting and many fights, Flynn and company prevail In all, an interesting comic Would not mind seeing of Sgt Flynn.

  13. I have posted my review of this on my blog, The Itinerant Librarian Click or copy paste to your browser the link below to read it in full Link to review itinerantlibrarian 2014 03 what time is it its half past dangerml

  14. For a first creator owned series, Mooney knocked it out of the park These are characters with longevity and hopefully we get a lot HPD Plus, this HC collection from IDW is just absolutely gorgeous Stellar inside and out.

  15. Exciting World War 2 era story about dinosaurs on a Pacific island and what the Nazis might have done with them It s got enough twists and plot devices to keep things interesting Overall a nice job.

  16. Bloody brilliant Shameless homage to Indy, with Nazis, dinosaurs, femmes fatales, and a wisecracking Irish hero.

  17. Now this was a lot of fun It s as if Steven Spielberg had written Indiana Jones invading Jurassic Park It got a little talky in the middle, but even that was overcome by the action and adventure.

  18. Very good comic with a great pulp like storyline Above average art and writing make it a great read Very recommended

  19. A tale of Dinosaurs, Nazi s, beautiful women and exciting action Someone in Hollywood, please, please read this graphic novel has it all

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