Free Download Meta - by Tom Reynolds, Meta, Tom Reynolds, Meta It s been ten years since Connor Connolly lost his parents in The Battle a fight between The Governor and Jones two of the world s strongest metas Before The Battle the world had been full of metas super powered humans whose amazing abilities came from mysterious wristbands Since that day one has never been seen again Now years old Connor lives in Bay View CiIt s been ten years since Co Free Download Meta - by Tom Reynolds - Meta, Meta It s been ten years since Connor Connolly lost his parents in The Battle a fight between The Governor and Jones two of the world s strongest metas Before The Battle the world had been full of metas

  • Title: Meta
  • Author: Tom Reynolds
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Meta - by Tom Reynolds Free Download Meta - by Tom Reynolds - Meta, Meta It s been ten years since Connor Connolly lost his parents in The Battle a fight between The Governor and Jones two of the world s strongest metas Before The Battle the world had been full of metas

  • Free Download Meta - by Tom Reynolds
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    Tom Reynolds Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Meta book, this is one of the most wanted Tom Reynolds author readers around the world.

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  1. Meta is a story about a teenager who suddenly finds himself with superpowers in a world where others are also suddenly gaining them 10 years ago, metas were everywhere, and since disappeared Now they re back.There are several reasons for the 2 stars, both a poor match up with me and what I assume is the target audience, but also there are some issues with the writing and story itself.1 I think this book is best suited to a 12 or 13 year old audience It s very straight forward and pretty two dime [...]

  2. My first review on GoodReads for two reasons a an up and coming author needs all the support he can get, and importantly b finally an original book worth reviewing.What I thought about when reading Meta Very simply, Meta takes me back to when I was about 13 and lapping up young adult fiction The likes of Ender s Game, NetForce, Harry Potter, Famous Five, His Dark Materials, etc weighing down my shelf Meta is a very simply book and for that reason I polished it off in 24 hours and enjoyed every [...]

  3. I originally found this book on Wattpad, after passing it by for weeks slowly making its way into the 1 spot for Sci fi fantasy I finally gave in and started to read it by the time I got caught up to chapter 30 I knew I couldn t keep waiting for a new chapter to be posted so I took advantage of the.99 deal in and bought it Even if it was only to read the last 7 chapters, it was definitely the best dollar spent I am with many others I m sure waiting not so patiently for the next book in the seri [...]

  4. I m going to start out by saying that I cannot wait for the 2nd oneI really like the way the author ended the book, perfect set up for the next one He did a real good job by focusing the story on the main character Connor, and basically introduced the supporting cast of characters such as Sarah and Jeff I truly believe that was smart on the author s part because it was a short book and we got to know the main character very well and learn small bits and pieces of the rest I think it will make th [...]

  5. Tom you lucky dog, you have the pleasure of reading my first review, as I had the pleasure of reading your first book.I m actually giving this a 3.75 5, but it seems like fractions are discriminated against here.I ve only recently re learned how to read and have been in the midst of a mass book binge athon the past 2 months I definitely enjoyed reading Meta and was equally impressed considering this was Tom s first non smut book.My main criteria for determining how much I enjoyed a book is by l [...]

  6. This book was an easy and exciting to read with short chapters that lead into each other well building suspense and gripping drawing the reader in and giving them an enjoyable read The storyline was not unlike the villan and its spin off series however it was also hugely different and original.The main character is Connor a normal guy who lost his parents in a fight between two Meta s, now has uncovered that he too has super powers that he wants to use to help others With the help of an older me [...]

  7. This book was a fun read It had a good plot as well as good characters, but it wasn t very suspenseful It seemed to have great potential, but fell short at times It was sometimes obvious what was about to happen It was almost too easy when Connor found someone to help him with his powers right away and how easy it was for him to learn how to use his powers Despite its faults, I did enjoy this book, because of how relatable Connor was and the awesome powers that he and the other Metas possessed W [...]

  8. In a world where bookshelves are currently filled with dark distopias and post apocalyptic wastelands Meta is a welcome change Quite simply, it s just a fun book Tom Reynolds has captured a fantastic, snarky self deprecating voice that made his main character one I really wanted to keep reading and that s not something that happens often The plot is a creative tweak on your average superhero origin story All in all, it s a great read and one that leaves you looking forward to adventures with th [...]

  9. The story was okay there were some general flaws with the pacing and what not, but it was still a fine diversion The author should not have tried to narrate it himself, however Every character had the same voice, and there were many times when I couldn t tell if another character had started speaking or it was still the original one, nor could I tell when the hero was thinking to himself or speaking out loud There was also a lack of gravity during the action scenes, it was just being read out of [...]

  10. Congratz on Best Seller for Fantasy Super Hero I finished the read earlier today Very entertaining and the fight scenes were well written Looking forward to the next part to this series Connor Connelly, Omni, is a very relatable protagonist Thumbs up

  11. Meta is a superhero story, but one that stands out for its clever writing and exceptionally well written characters The story follow s humans with superhuman abilities, known as Meta s because they wear Meta Bands that allows them to gain these abilities, which differ depending on the person wearing them As with all of these stories, there are those that are good, and those from the dark side of the dark side of the fence At the end of the day, powers are just powers, it is how the person uses t [...]

  12. In the last five years or so superhero stories have become legion This one has a slightly better than average set up for addressing the concerns about average people gaining super powers I think I would have greatly enjoyed it when I was 14 Now, however, I found portions strangely wordy like reading in detail about just how far into the woods a party is and why Then other items I expected to be covered weren t, like what exactly caused the main character s brother to decide the main character is [...]

  13. A brilliant example the super hero genreMost YA authors have a difficult time balancing the story and immersing the reader Not this book though This is the 2nd time I have read it and I have to say it is even better the 2nd time around.The teen angst that is typical in these sorts of books is there but it does not overwhelm That would have made me put down the book instantly as most writers seem to either overdo it or not include it at all.I find myself wanting to read on this character and fel [...]

  14. Mmmmm.Everything about this is so standard and not novel at all A very weak three is the mark I give it The prose is wooden and there is no passion at all The characters are quite flat, main character is self centered with endless amount of internal dialogue.This book made me realize the strength of the hero team, a writing construct where you can bounce point if view, express feelings, and make info dumps without long winded talk to themselves Sadly I have two books in the series already bough [...]

  15. I found the book enjoyable The main character was believable Unfortunately it s hard for me to say it s great because in the audible narration the author chose to read himself Not sure if that was for money or what but very poor choice He just reads the book, no inflictions or changing in tonality It really took from the overall enjoyment of the novel As a result I won t be buying the next I feel a little bad for putting this in a review but I wish I d paid attention to others warnings.

  16. Worth readingThis is a tough rating I really enjoyed the pacing and the characters All of it But there were a LOT of errors in this book If it were only 3 6, I would have rated 4 stars, but there were than four times that many at least So I gave it a 3 star rating.Still, don t let that discourage you from reading this book Story wise, it is one of the best in this genre.

  17. It was good, I really enjoyed it and loved what happened in the end fight Also enjoyed both Connor and Sarah s character and the way both of them are awkward and prone to rambling both in narration and dialogue But I felt it was too short though, and while I can t put my finger on what it missed, it did miss something that I felt it probably woulda had if it was longer Maybe character development or something I dunno

  18. Got the book for free thanks to prime I started out not liking it very much and was very bored with the infinitely powerful main character Although I loved the villain The writing was straight forward, but was a short enough read that it wasn t too big of a problem Overall I enjoyed it Not sure whether or not I ll commit to the rest of the series.

  19. I decided to give this book a try, given the depth to which I enjoyed Drew Hayes Super Powered series and Forging Hephestus Tom Reynolds has a truly unique voice that I found refreshing and he seems keyed into the mind of the average adolescent boy who is suddenly endowed with incredible abilities though still forging his way as an unpopular teen I laughed, I cheered.

  20. Fantastic I don t recalled that I have ever read any superhero book before This book already gave me a good start However, I wish it was like in range of 300 400 pages book Plus, 200 pages book mean less details and stomach wretch moments I think storyline is pretty creative but background and setting is somehow blah.

  21. This book was enjoyable It kind of reminded me of a comic book That may be because it s about superheros thoughI m not sure since this is the first superhero type book that I ve read The main character seemed to be your typical unpopular teenager There wasn t much depth to him I may continue on with the series, but probably not right away.

  22. 4 stars for creative, light readThis is not a challenging book, but it is an action packed, fantasy novel involving super heroes If you are looking for a deep, moving, edifying novel, look elsewhere If you want a fun fantasy adventure with cartoonish violence, no sex, and very little foul language this book is for you.

  23. InterestingI liked the look at a different means of superhero having powers, especially in a super hero saturated culture Also having found this book through other content from Tom, his voice is refreshing here.

  24. It was okay I like superheroes in general, so was intrigued by the idea of the book However, it reads like a comic book than an actual book That, coupled with the plot holes, spelling errors, and questionable grammar, made it difficult to really enter into the story.

  25. 3.5 I actually enjoyed the novel, it felt like college humour I had some issues the writing sometimes, first off how did the protagonist get his powers, what is the origin of the bands at some point the story was all over the place I hope the second book is better I really like this genre.

  26. An interesting take on the superhero genre, written from the perspective of a newly minted young meta in sort of a journalistic style without actually being a journal The way it was written put me off at times but it was still a tale worth experiencing.

  27. Hmmmm, well, I did enjoy it for the most part, but it wasn t mind blowing or anything Midnight is a total Batman ripoff Still, it was good enough that I m considering possibly reading on Maybe But then, I m a total sucker for super powers.

  28. Loved it It s really difficult to put the super hero world into non comic book form Really well done, well definitely be moving on to book two

  29. Good for a quick read I read it in a day and the pace was amazing and the story unfolded perfectly Definitely not a book that will be taught in colleges or anything, but good for what it is.

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