The Call of The Black River Best Download || [Martin Adil-Smith], The Call of The Black River, Martin Adil-Smith, The Call of The Black River In Earth received its only extra terrestrial radio signal At NASA Professor Tom Jenkins is notified that the broadcast originated on our planet Tasked with discovering who or what is reaching out to the stars his mission will force him to confront the ghosts of his past in his hometown of Lorain Ohio Our government told us the signal was a hoax Agent Conrad Rei The Call of The Black River Best Download || [Martin Adil-Smith] - The Call of The Black River, The Call of The Black River In Earth received its only extra terrestrial radio signal At NASA Professor Tom Jenkins is notified that the broadcast originated on our planet Tasked with discovering who or what is reaching o

  • Title: The Call of The Black River
  • Author: Martin Adil-Smith
  • ISBN: 9780992696
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback

The Call of The Black River Best Download || [Martin Adil-Smith] The Call of The Black River Best Download || [Martin Adil-Smith] - The Call of The Black River, The Call of The Black River In Earth received its only extra terrestrial radio signal At NASA Professor Tom Jenkins is notified that the broadcast originated on our planet Tasked with discovering who or what is reaching o

  • The Call of The Black River Best Download || [Martin Adil-Smith]
    227 Martin Adil-Smith
The Call of The Black River

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  1. Martin Adil-Smith

    Martin Adil Smith was born to a Persian mother and an English father in London, 1978 He completed a BA Hons in Criminology at Middlesex University in 1999, before pursuing a career in commercial Real Estate.Martin s literary heroes are Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, and Anne Rice He is passionate about music, and in particular lesser known acts such as Paradise Lost, Fields of the Nephilim, and Serpico.He lives in Scotland, with his wife and daughter and when he is not reading or listening to music, he pretends to write.

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  1. This is one of those rare books that takes three good ideas, from completely different genres, and fuses them together to make something amazing.First we have the main story which a kinda Earth based sci fi It s that late 1970 s and there is an alien radio signal transmitting from Earth Prof Tom Jenkins and his team must race to find it before the russians do This reminded a great deal of Carl Sagan s Contact , and this story is as good There are also shades of The X Files and Outer Limits , and [...]

  2. This is what great science fiction should be all about not massive spaceships or aliens, but relationships under tension against the back drop of the stars.This is a wonderfully grim novella about Earth receiving an alien radio signal Whilst others ponder where the message came from, Professor Tom Jenkins is interested in who it was meant for With the backing of NASA, he and his team go in search of the would be recipient, only to find reveal the secrets that they all keep from each other and t [...]

  3. The Madness of The Black RiverLike Lovecraft You ll love this.Riffing on Cthulhu themes, and written in a voice that reminds of Clive Barker at his best, this is a gripping novella that gave me goosebumps.I read the author s novel A Gathering of Twine and love it so much that I m now a fervent fangirl, and this story did not disappoint.The scene with Gershom was a great nod to the short story The Demons of Emily Eldritch , and I loved the appearance of Carl Sagan maybe this really is how he got [...]

  4. This is a genuinely creepy novella about the deals that we make and the price we must pay.Tom s Jenkin s crimes are slowly revealed, and even though he can never wash the blood from his hands, he never stops trying to atone.And when his debt is finally called in, Tom must journey back to his hometown of Lorain Ohio, remembering his mis steps as he does so, all the while believing that he is tracking the Wow Signal alien broadcast it really happened In the finest Stephen King tradition, we never [...]

  5. Wild, weird, and worthy of a second read This is Lovecraft for the Gaiman generation with a dash of Stranger Things.On the one hand, this is soft science fiction, with its Earth setting as the heroes quest for the recipient of an alien broadcast On the other hand, there is something of the gothic horror with the deserted town in Ohio, and the echo of the past that is building like a wave to engulf all of those involved.A second reading reveals the hints and great foreshadowing of what is come to [...]

  6. The Call of the Black River by Martin Adil Smith is a fine science fiction fantasy story that revolves around a mysterious extra terrestrial signal Nasa is competing with the Russians to decipher and interpret it right the year is 1977SA employee Tom and his wife are called to investigate as the source is being traced that to a place in the US that has personal meaning for Tom There is also a separate narrative, a dream sequence that takes Tom back to his fighting days in WW2.This short story is [...]

  7. This highly original novella is both original and creepy really how classic horror should be, and reminded me of both Stephen King and Clive Barker at their height.Splicing reality with great fantasy fiction, it is difficult to tell where reality ends and the myth begins and I mean that in a good way.I was really sucked into the story of Tom Jenkins, as he remembers his final flight over Nazi Germany in the 1940 s, and races to find the source of an alien signal in 1977 not realizing that the tw [...]

  8. This is horror writing at it s finest You see nothing but shadows.You hear nothing but whispers.And all the while, you know that there is something is coming out of the darkness coming to claim you.On the one hand, playing to the ideas that we all have a debt to pay to our Gods, and mixing it with themes that our government agencies do not work for us, The Call of The Black River is one of the rare stories that played as a movie in my mind as I read it.The touches of humor The X files reference [...]

  9. The lies and the lives This brilliant novella raises a very important question what deal are you willing to make to get on in life And are you willing to pay the price, even if it is decades later Enter Professor Tom Jenkins, who miraculously survived a plane crash in WW2, and is now a senior member of NASA who is hunting the source of the infamous alien Wow signal Are all those around him who they claim to be What force brings him back to his estranged hometown of Lorain, Ohio And why has Carl [...]

  10. For V fansI picked this novella up after reading the excellent Demons of Emily Eldritch and I was not disappointed Taking the themes of memory, identity, and mental illness even further, this is the tale of Tom Jenkins and boy has head a very lucky life A loving wife, great career and now he has to pay Because Tom had made a deal with some very dark things in a way that reminded me of The Devil s Advocate , and when the rich characters must confront their innermost secrets we find that everythin [...]

  11. Always pay your debts.If you liked the original Nightmare on Elm Streets, you ll love this.The reader follows Lieutenant Colonel Tom Jenkins as he fights to reconcile the demons of his own past, and track down a signal that may or may not be alien all as the Soviets race to beat him to it.The tension never stops climbing, and I loved the way Tom s wife, Sherrie, begins to turn.If you know you re history, the touch with Agent Conrad Reid is just genius.One for all Wes Craven lovers.

  12. Well in the end everything made sense But I just don t think it was that interesting of a story Everyone is pretty unlikable and unrelatable, so by the end I just felt unsatisfied The Carl Sagan stuff felt very fan fictiony.

  13. Genuinely chilling tale of paranormal messages and the nature of receiving and paying a debt.Characters were well drawn, and the ending held a huge twist that called for a rare second read to spot all the clues.

  14. There are moments of brilliance in Martin Adil Smith s The Call of the Black River that elevate this novella from a simple science fiction story into something special The book does an impressive sleight of hand that initially leads the reader into believing this is a science fiction story in the vein of Arthur C Clarke or even Isaac Asimov The idea that a radio transmission bearing the same megahertz as the Big Bang certainly warrants the urgency and intrigue that had has scientific teams and c [...]

  15. Firstly, this book is a delight to read, simply for the sheer profusion and humanity of the issues it addresses and the sensitivity with which it does it, as it charts the reactions of various people from a variety of philosophical and religious backgrounds to the remarkable events it portrays.This is a book with only a little action but the action isn t the point the sheer profusion of ideas and the power of the message is.The main character, Tom Jenkins, is expertly drawn, and for the most par [...]

  16. This book has good ideas and characters as well as a nuanced plot but, having read the great A Gathering of Twine , I was expecting a fantasy story.This isn t fantasy this is sci fi I liked Tom Jenkins, the chief protagonist, who is psychologically complex and a striver for discovery he has a tense relationship with his team and boss, which influences the way he runs his unit Of course, he has to fight bureaucracy and the politics of Washington, and there is always the shadow of his past in the [...]

  17. An intriguing book with some powerful descriptions and characters I quickly cared about Fast moving and a great read It captures the time of tension between the US and the USSR very well.The downsides it s short, very short in fact I m a fast reader but even so this took me less than an hour and the ending, when it came, felt very abrupt Not exactly unfinished but it left many questions unanswered I d love to see a sequel that explores and explains of the subjects deliberately vague to avoid sp [...]

  18. I blame all the fawning reviews for ratcheting up my expectations too high Yes, Adil Smith s prose is incredibly sharp, but the story never lives up to its huge potential First, there s just WAY too much setup for such a small pay off Second, the characters are not likeable, so I was never really worried what might happen to them Also, the inclusion of Carl Sagan was cute but fairly pointless Third, the ending of this story, while very Lovecraftian in tone, struck me as weak.Still, THE CALL OF T [...]

  19. If you are a fan of Poe and Carl Sagan s Contact , you will love this.Splicing real history Conrad Reid and the Wow Signal with an almost dystopian view of government agencies, this is a chiller that stayed with me long after I closed the book.With a flair that reminded of Stephen King at his finest, the journey through Lorain was evocative and I loved the way the ghosts of his past solidified on the sidewalk a wonderful scene, which I often feel whenever I return.A great novella that I would de [...]

  20. This unnerving thriller reminded me of an uber dark and sinister The Devil s Advocate , and I read this novella in a single sitting.Fusing a Hellraiser style entity with a sinister It Pennywise, this story would make the likes of Clive Barker and Stephen King proud as we follow NASA scientists trying to uncover the source of the alien WOW signal all the while being pushed ever onward by the political machinations of Washington and their own departmental politics.The ending is just fantastic, and [...]

  21. The first 40 pages were beautifully written Then the last 5 pages sucked, big time I don t know if the writer got bored or if the writer decided to use some kind of random science fiction word generator, but the ending made absolutely not sense and completely ruined the experience for me I do NOT recommend this book and have a major problem figuring out how it got such a high rating.

  22. A rare one star for me I had higher expectations for this book, as it came off of one of my favorite lists here on GR.

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