[PDF] The Servant Prince | by ☆ Hurri Cosmo, The Servant Prince, Hurri Cosmo, The Servant Prince This is now only available under the book title of Ice Dragon Tales which is the combined books of both The Servant Prince and The Servant King Go here book show Original Blurb Prince Joron of Blade Rain was kissed by a man he had no idea was King Aric of Claymoor Doom Of course King Aric had no idea the one he kissed was even a man sThis is now only available under the book ti [PDF] The Servant Prince | by ☆ Hurri Cosmo - The Servant Prince, The Servant Prince This is now only available under the book title of Ice Dragon Tales which is the combined books of both The Servant Prince and The Servant King Go here book show Original Blurb Prince Joron of Blade

  • Title: The Servant Prince
  • Author: Hurri Cosmo
  • ISBN: 9781622321261
  • Page: 154
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] The Servant Prince | by ☆ Hurri Cosmo [PDF] The Servant Prince | by ☆ Hurri Cosmo - The Servant Prince, The Servant Prince This is now only available under the book title of Ice Dragon Tales which is the combined books of both The Servant Prince and The Servant King Go here book show Original Blurb Prince Joron of Blade

  • [PDF] The Servant Prince | by ☆ Hurri Cosmo
    154 Hurri Cosmo
The Servant Prince

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  1. Hurri Cosmo

    Hi, my name is Hurri Cosmo and I am a happy ending junkie I always have been You can be pretty rest assured everything I write will have one I am not big on angst I believe we get enough of that in real life so when I go to read something, to make the real world go away for awhile, I will most likely not chose something that will make me cry So I write for those people who, at least occasionally, feel the same way I m okay with the fact I will probably never write anything important but I guess I will have to see where my imagination takes me I would love it if you would come along.

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  1. WTF kind of ending was that Maybe I should really take the publisher s advisories seriously I knew there would be a book two, but the book seriously JUST ENDED With no resolution to anything ALOT of stuffrrAnd what is up with everyone wanting Joron And by everyone, I really do mean EVERYONE.I don t think there was one person who didn t want him except maybe his sister but she still thinks he s beautiful lol

  2. COME ON How many times can a guy almost get raped or make someone consider rape the first 50 pages or so Apparently a heck of a lot I so wanted to read this book but I m about 30% an can barely read it over the rolling of my eyes.The self less Joron inspiring rape everywhere he goes Aric raping Joron out of some sense of jackassery when they first meet in Claymoore A cute little kid who Joron just loves Oh and a cliffhanger ending.No really, I gave myself a headache making faces at this book.

  3. This was an awesome start for a series Joron is a cinderfella kinda of guy He is the second, bastard son of the dying King of Blade Rain His older brother, Diagus, is crowned king when the King of Blade Rain passes away Joron is hated by his stepmother and desired by the new king Joron has done his best to take care of his country by secretly supplying the citizens with food and medicine He is spotted by Aric, the King of Claymoor Doom, the largest and richest kingdom, during one of his trips to [...]

  4. 4 1 2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsJoron is a prince of Blade Run and has lived the last several years helping to fix the problems that his sex mad, cruel father ignored When his older brother, Diagus, returns due to his father s ill health he has hope that things will begin to improve, and he holds on to that hope even as he learns that he has to avoid Diagus at all costs When his brother inherits the throne, Joron learns he is the owner of Ice Dragon Pass and his step mother wi [...]

  5. Joron is just the kind of MC I can t stand view spoiler everybody loves him, wants to f him, too beautiful, too naive, innocent and selfless In a word perfect I spent so much time rolling my eyes I skimmed over most of the end.He wants to wander alone but he can t fend off anybody by himself Lack of communication between the MCs hide spoiler I don t know if I will read the next book.

  6. You know how in Twilight, everyone s obsessed with how beautiful she is and everyone s in love with her This is like the shitty fantasy slash version of that.Literally EVERYONE wanted to fuck Joron There were paragraphs and paragraphs in random people s POVs dedicated to this And he was such a paragon of virtue I wanted to cut my eyes out.Joron is the sweet virgin angel, and the evil people tended to be characterized as crazy sex maniacs Jfc, let a person enjoy having sex and NOT be evil I thoug [...]

  7. Started off great, nice writing, intriguing premise which had it s shining moments But poor, sweet, defenseless and irresistibly beautiful Joron the guy must be part succubus because anyone with a pulse, seriously, nearly EVERY character in this book, instantly yearns to throw his helpless tight butt to the ground and have their wicked way with him Those who don t try provide detailed fantasies, to the point of absurdity.

  8. 1.5 stars The story began decently enough, but soon took a turn for the worst The plot, characterizations, and relationships within the story were scattered and all over the place, so convoluted that they made little sense And the to be continued ending was just icing on an already topsy turvy cake.

  9. Ugh I got seduced by the cover I should ve listened to the reviews.Despite the bad writing, the obvious lack of editing, the non existent worldbuilding and the rapey characters, I somehow managed to finish this book And because of the incrediby annoying cliffhanger I might even have to read the next volume Why Let me give you some examples The bad writing The writing is very simple and often awkward, resembling bad fanfiction On the first few pages alone, you will find gems like He looked up and [...]

  10. I was a little worried about this one The early reviews are so far apart with very little in between But I ended up loving it So well written and the characters were wonderful I usually don t rate or review things much any but I still check before I buy and this one is a little money than I usually spend But it was well worth it Can t wait for the next one.

  11. Am still trying to figure this book out, well written, will say that Some of the characters are captivating like Prince Joron and King Aric, and Joron s sister Liarta Now our sweet Prince is hiding from a cruel stepmother and a brother who is way interested in his brother and not the sibling way.The first time Joron and Aric met, Aric thought it was a woman whom he rescued and kissed, not able to keep her of his mind he went to negotiate a marriage to Liarta , imagine his surprise when he discov [...]

  12. While the idea for the book is interesting and quite developed, it s too overly emotional in execution All the characters are too extreme to be believable, Joron is intelligent but incredibly dim Every description of him is either about his beauty, or his childishness He s apparently child sized, childlike yet incredibly insightful He s so stunningly beautiful the only ones who he doesn t affect are his sister, father and step mother, but the lust that every character feels for him is so extreme [...]

  13. I got about halfway through before I couldn t take it any.This is the story of Joron He is the most perfect perfection of princeliness that has ever walked the planet He risks his life every day to defy his father and help the needy in his kingdom He s kind and sweet and shy and his only goal in life is to build hospitals to help the sick He is also the epitome of sexual perfection Apparently everyone, and I mean everyone, loves young androgynous Joron He is small and smooth and soft, with big p [...]

  14. I couldn t finish this one 13% says my kindle app and I just could not handle the way the romantic interest, clearly identifiable even without remembering the blurb, looked at the main character in the most objectifying manner I was so disgusted with the way he lusted after a stranger without even considering that he was looking at a person not a sex doll The implication of being interested in than sex was there but so barely And after a sexual assault a few pages prior, naaah Just, naaah The t [...]

  15. Wow Really loved this one The characters were so real and the story was awesome Hated that it didn t end We will have to wait until the next one comes out to find out what happens but I totally loved this book My favorite of Hurri Cosmo s so far Wonderful story, amazing writing, so worth the price.

  16. Another excellent book by Hurri Cosmo This story had me captivated I felt like I was in the story with characters While reading the story I felt anger at some of the characters along with love for the characters It is very easy to get engrossed in this story and before you know it time flies Highly recommend you read this book You will not regret it.

  17. Really loved this book Can t wait for the next one Very plot heavy and a ton of great characters It isn t just a couple of MC s falling in love that is so common with this genre, there is life here and conflict and good guys and bad guys and some guys you are not all that sure which side they are on Wish the next one was out sooner May need to read this again when it does come out.

  18. This was an engaging read The MC has a lot on his shoulders and although surrounded by a host of strong supporting characters either to his benefit and detriment , he doesn t lose character I didn t put it down till the end Can t wait for the sequel It promises action and reveals I think

  19. hmmTo trochu bolelo.i nemam rada, kdyz je nekde ultra dokonala postava, kterou vsichni milujou A chtej se s ni vyspatteda vsichni ne, zadna zenska se ho jeste znasilnit nepokusila INehlede na to, ze ten kral je peknej kreten a vubec neni not cruelh, hroznej pocit

  20. Fair warning this is a big fat just freaking ends book Don t get me wrong, I sometimes enjoy tension, even a bit of a cliffhanger, if done right No, my problem is this is the sort that ends almost mid sentence It doesn t have any sense of the book being done, the king asks someone a question and then the book just finishes I like my book to actually be clear it has just finished, not hanging there in a way that leaves you wondering if you lost a page or something.Now, the book itself It does hav [...]

  21. 3.5 starsI think the author of this book have read too many yaoi mangas I see a classic pattern here, which is in no way a bad thing since I did enjoy this book a little bit too much We got young feminine male main character who need constant protection, hot older masculine possessive love interest, bunch of random guys who are attract to the young man.Prince Joron is the guy everybody wants He is so pretty, small slim that he can easily pass for a woman He is basically the damsel in distress th [...]

  22. A Joyfully Jay review 3 starsI m always up for a good fantasy romance, the swords and castles and knights the better Add in politics, intrigue, and complex characters and I m not putting the book down until it s been fully devoured The book opens well with Queen Erora taking the center stage She exudes that intelligent practicality of a good villain Unfortunately, the book is set up for Diagus to be the primary antagonist and he s just not as interesting as his mother His obsession with Joron i [...]

  23. Reposted I have been meaning to repost my review but it kept slipping my mind, because priorities Anyhow, to the troll who flagged the below review, nice try notice the sarcasm , but NO CIGAR , as I am NOT violating s ToS in any way, shape, or form, nor have I ever, and nor do I intend to I have correspondence and proof of that fact This review, as always, is my opinion of THE BOOK and NOT of the author, something I have a legitimate right to under s ToS So, instead of flagging something simply [...]

  24. Does everyone in the book want to have their way with Joron, even if it s against his will I don t think I can stomach the next book if it s of Joron dodging stalkers and rapists.

  25. Reviewed by LexiGenre M M FantasySee Review Here Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link facebook pages HeartsReview May Contain Spoilers Prince Joron was the bastard son of King Oxys who came to live with the king when he was very young and his mother died shortly thereafter The queen, Erora, didn t have much to do with Joron so he was raised, for the most part, by the castle servants Around the age of eighteen Joron discovered how terrible of a king his father was, and began to work behind the sce [...]

  26. 3.5 starsThis was a new author for me and I found this to be a pretty entertaining story I kept getting feelings of deja vu, like I had read something similar before but maybe it was because the obsession everyone had with Joron and I do mean everyone in possessing him and making him theirs reminded me of a little something called the Precious Joron s character left me a wee bit conflicted He was obviously very independent and looked out for others There was also no doubt he was generous, compa [...]

  27. After reading this, I cannot wait to pick up the second installment when it releases in September.Joron is a prince of Blade Run, but being the second and a bastard son, he is not the first in line for the throne When his older brother, Diagus, returns as their father is dying, Joron has no idea what lies ahead for him When he learns that his father intends to leave him as the owner of the Ice Dragon Pass much to the dismay of Diagus Joron knows he will not be safe after his father s death And w [...]

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