Free Read The High Queen - by Marion Zimmer Bradley, The High Queen, Marion Zimmer Bradley, The High Queen This imaginative return to the Arthurian legend as told from its pagan priestesses continues with Book Two The High Queen Morgaine finally reconciled to the birth of her son must relinquish him to her aunt Morgause in exchange for the kept secret regarding his parentage Arthur marries the timid but dutiful Gwenhwyfar while ongoing wars with the Saxon invaders continuThis imaginat Free Read The High Queen - by Marion Zimmer Bradley - The High Queen, The High Queen This imaginative return to the Arthurian legend as told from its pagan priestesses continues with Book Two The High Queen Morgaine finally reconciled to the birth of her son must relinquish him to h

  • Title: The High Queen
  • Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • ISBN: 9781419324703
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Audiobook

Free Read The High Queen - by Marion Zimmer Bradley Free Read The High Queen - by Marion Zimmer Bradley - The High Queen, The High Queen This imaginative return to the Arthurian legend as told from its pagan priestesses continues with Book Two The High Queen Morgaine finally reconciled to the birth of her son must relinquish him to h

  • Free Read The High Queen - by Marion Zimmer Bradley
    458 Marion Zimmer Bradley
The High Queen

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  1. Marion Zimmer Bradley

    Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series, often with a feminist outlook.Bradley s first published novel length work was Falcons of Narabedla, first published in the May 1957 issue of Other Worlds When she was a child, Bradley stated that she enjoyed reading adventure fantasy authors such as Henry Kuttner, Edmond Hamilton, and Leigh Brackett, especially when they wrote about the glint of strange suns on worlds that never were and never would be Her first novel and much of her subsequent work show their influence strongly.Early in her career, writing as Morgan Ives, Miriam Gardner, John Dexter, and Lee Chapman, Marion Zimmer Bradley produced several works outside the speculative fiction genre, including some gay and lesbian pulp fiction novels For example, I Am a Lesbian was published in 1962 Though relatively tame by today s standards, they were considered pornographic when published, and for a long time she refused to disclose the titles she wrote under these pseudonyms.Her 1958 story The Planet Savers introduced the planet of Darkover, which became the setting of a popular series by Bradley and other authors The Darkover milieu may be considered as either fantasy with science fiction overtones or as science fiction with fantasy overtones, as Darkover is a lost earth colony where psi powers developed to an unusual degree Bradley wrote many Darkover novels by herself, but in her later years collaborated with other authors for publication her literary collaborators have continued the series since her death.Bradley took an active role in science fiction and fantasy fandom, promoting interaction with professional authors and publishers and making several important contributions to the subculture.For many years, Bradley actively encouraged Darkover fan fiction and reprinted some of it in commercial Darkover anthologies, continuing to encourage submissions from unpublished authors, but this ended after a dispute with a fan over an unpublished Darkover novel of Bradley s that had similarities to some of the fan s stories As a result, the novel remained unpublished, and Bradley demanded the cessation of all Darkover fan fiction.Bradley was also the editor of the long running Sword and Sorceress anthology series, which encouraged submissions of fantasy stories featuring original and non traditional heroines from young and upcoming authors Although she particularly encouraged young female authors, she was not averse to including male authors in her anthologies Mercedes Lackey was just one of many authors who first appeared in the anthologies She also maintained a large family of writers at her home in Berkeley Ms Bradley was editing the final Sword and Sorceress manuscript up until the week of her death in September of 1999.Probably her most famous single novel is The Mists of Avalon A retelling of the Camelot legend from the point of view of Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar, it grew into a series of books like the Darkover series, the later novels are written with or by other authors and have continued to appear after Bradley s death.In 2000, she was posthumously awarded the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement In 2014, Bradley was accused of sexual abuse by her daughter, Moira Greyland, who claims that she was molested from the age of 3 to 12 Greyland also claimed that she was not the only victim and that she was one of the people who reported her father, Walter H Breen, for child molestation In response to these allegations Bradley s publisher Victor Gollancz Ltd announced that they will donate all income from the sales of Bradley s e books to the charity Save the Children From

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  1. Dear Mrs Zimmer Bradley,Could you please kill Gwen in the next book My best regards,MatinaP.S Don t forget to make her suffer, thank you.

  2. Era isto que eu queria, afinal depois de todos estes anos, certo que sou est ril, que n o terei nenhum filho, mas pelo menos poderei satisfazer o meu desejo

  3. I was kind of worried when I picked this book up I wouldn t remember what happened in the first one of the series I think I read that one about five years ago And I seriously had no recollection of what had happened, save for the major events view spoiler like Morgaine getting pregnant with her brother s baby WHAAAAT hide spoiler.However, as soon as I actually started reading it and I have to say that the wonderful writing style of Ms Zimmer Bradley, was a huge help everything came flooding back [...]

  4. I swear If it wasn t for Gwenhwyfar, I would have loved this book We follow the story of Morgaine, Arthur, Gwenhwyfar and Lancelet, the tensions between the ancient religion connected to the powers of the Goddess of the Land, and Christianity, the building up of the kingdom of Camelot and the struggles against the saxons.Once what appealed to me in this book was the whole paganism versus Catholicism thing Through the discussions that the characters have concerning this theme, we get a glimpse o [...]

  5. Wow, that ending I didn t see it coming xD I m glad I have the next part at hand This second part of The Mists of Avalon continues Morgaine s story, and now Gwenhwyfar s voice narrates her own story too I love how the author manages to give each character their own distinct personality and voice, and their own personal worries and concerns Each of these women might be connected to Arthur but their world doesn t revolve around him, and it s really their tale we read here, and not Arthur s.I espec [...]

  6. 4,5Gostei mesmo muito deste volume V rios sentimentos surgiram como irrita o, dio, alegria, entre outros N o tenho muito a dizer a n o ser Gwen bastante irritante neste volume e s d vontade de a empurrar dum penhasco bem rochoso Espero que ela n o seja t o irritante no pr ximo livro, mas vejamos com o qu que a Marion Zimmer Bradley nos presenteia Para al m disto estou tamb m a gostar bastante de ler Cristianismo versus Paganismo est interessante, na minha opini o Sem d vidas que estou perante um [...]

  7. Mais uma vez, tal como no primeiro volume, a sinopse explicativa o suficiente para n o ser necess rio fazer um resumo daquilo que se passa neste segundo livro das Brumas de Avalon Por isso falarei apenas daquilo que achei do livro, sem dar muita import ncia a incluir factos do enredo na minha opini o.A primeira coisa que posso dizer em rela o a este livro e que sei que vai receber algum apoio dos leitores desta s rie, pois opini o comum , a seguinte a Gwenhwyfar irrita me Volta Morgaine, est s p [...]

  8. A Rainha Suprema o segundo volume da estrondosa obra As Brumas de Avalon Ap s a coroa o de Artur, este n o tem um momento de descanso preciso planear, proteger, treinar e fazer de tudo o que esteja ao seu alcance para que o seu povo possa viver em paz Enquanto isso, o mundo vai sofrendo uma transforma o Come a de forma subtil com a chegada da nova religi o, mas rapidamente costumes come am a ser mudados, cren as come am a ser reprimidas e h muito pouco que algu m possa fazer para mudar o curso d [...]

  9. Contrariamente ao que eu esperava, quando acabei A Senhora da Magia n o comecei logo este E tudo porque o mais recente livro de Anne Bishop Vis o de Prata se meteu pelo meio e, como j o disse, Anne Bishop tem primazia sobre todos os livros em espera.Mais uma vez pegar n A Rainha Suprema foi um regresso a casa Mais um bocado de Avalon a que regresso de quando em vez Apesar disso, apesar de conhecer toda a hist ria e de saber, quase de cor, o que se passa a seguir, a verdade que continuo a encanta [...]

  10. Oh Gwenhwyfar, I am so tired of your complaining that you haven t slept with Lancelet, you have to be married to Arthur and he isn t a Christian, that he believes in keeping his word as he promised the Lady of Avalon and fly the banner of the dragon The most positive thing I can say about this book on CD is that the reader, Davina Porter, is most excellent Otherwise, I m not sure I want to continue.

  11. Uma hist ria j muito conhecida e explorada, como a de Artur, a espada poderosa e os seus cavaleiros, contada nesta s rie de livros numa perspectiva feminina Gosto dessa ideia apesar de a personagem da bela rainha Gwenhwyfar ser irritante, apenas me identifico com ela por n o conseguir ter filhos mas mesmo assim n o ganhou a minha simpatia Quando ela aparecia a leitura tonava se mais lenta e por isso dou apenas 4 estrelas, ao fim e ao cabo a mo a n o precisava de ser t o nhonhocas

  12. Gwenhyfar tem um poder oculto a de irritar por sua infantilidade e falta de atitude Depois de sumida por anos, Morgana volta corte de Artur como um gato lambendo o leite dos bigodes.Apesar de Gwen irritar com seu jeito tolo, o final EXCELENTE

  13. Truth said, I ve read the four books one after another, nonstopping to swallow I have no opinion of each in particular.

  14. Continuing the Mists of Avalon series retelling the legends of King Arthur from the point of view of the women in the stories Book 2 focuses on the marriage of Arthur to Gwenhwyfar the welsh spelling and the influence that Gwenhwyfar has upon Arthur as she tries to convince him to break his vow to Avalon and declare his kingdom to be Christian This book, like the previous, also examines the Christian vs the druid religions and generally comes down in favour of the latter Unfortunately Gwenhwyfa [...]

  15. The high queen is the sequel on The Mists of Avalon In this book, Marion keeps telling the story of the King Arthur from the perspective of the women What I love about The Mists of Avalon is how Marion works with the information she already knew We know that some things occurred in the story but we do not have a proper reason in this story, she tells everything you need to know and you find out that it was always the women They are responsible for most of the happenings in the Arthur story This [...]

  16. Excelente livro N o vejo a hora de ler o terceiro Deve ser o livro que cont m a palavra deus e deusa mais vezes na hist ria dos livros rsAchei a personagem Gwenhwyfar muito cansativa e alguns di logos um pouco chatos, mas vale a pena pelo resto.

  17. hahaha os melhores livros terminam com menage deixei pra comentar melhor sobre o livro depois mas se passaram dias e ainda n o sei se tenho alguma coisa pra acrescentar gostei MUITO mais que do primeiro talvez porque agora eu esteja realmente no clima pra esse tipo de hist ria e j peguei o terceiro pra aproveitar o embalo fiz v rias marca es no livro, foi uma leitura realmente muito boa no primeiro eu tive uma impress o assim meio mais ou menos de avalon mas nesse aqui eu tava o tempo todo meu d [...]

  18. Finalmente Finalmente Pus as minhas m ozinhas neste segundo volume de As Brumas de Avalon Estava mais do que ansiosa para mergulhar neste A Rainha Suprema, depois de ter lido o primeiro livro da saga O livro conquista logo pelo lado est tico, mas isso algo a que a editora j nos habituou no entanto confesso que gostei mais da primeira capa, mas isto s o preciosismos.A hist ria deste livro mais uma guerra de poderes do que propriamente contextualizar personagens e momentos, tal como o anterior Gos [...]

  19. The story is pretty riveting The premise the story of King Arthur s court told from the perspective of the women is fresh and insightful And the clashing of two religions, Druidism and Christianity, leaves me unsure who the bad guys are I love that The disappointing part is that these stories told by women are beginning to smack of trashy romance novels In fact, some of it is so soap operatic that I find myself shutting the book, rolling my eyes and saying, oh puh LEEEZE And since I ve never rea [...]

  20. A Rainha Suprema tr s consigo os sussurros de um casamento que poder alterar os bem aventurados ventos de Camelot.Enquanto em Avalon a Senhora decai com o peso da idade e das responsabilidades, na corte uma beleza incompar vel confere instabilidade aos que juntos juraram unir a Bretanha, sob o olhar desatento e fatigado da vida que outrora prometeu prosperidade para a magia.Tudo est em aberto e o destino, garantido no passado, amea a quebrar o la o que mantinha um objectivo comum entre todos os [...]

  21. Foi uma leitura bem ma ante Focada na Gwenhwyfar, tive vontade de largar o livro v rias vezes Pois essa personagem muito infantil, ing nua e diria ainda ego sta Ela cr na superioridade de sua religi o sobre todas as outras e manipula seu marido de modo a ter o que quer Enfim, algo ainda bem atual, muita gente assim, mas n o algo que ati a minha leitura Acho que a hist ria aborda de uma maneira interessante essa quest o das diverg ncias religiosas, de cren as e tal, mas muito chato esse foco na G [...]

  22. To be quite honest, I wasn t exactly moved by the first book, but this one managed to be pretty nice There are obviously no changes in the narrative and you can still find several grammar mistakes in the Portuguese version of the book, but in spite of that, the story finally seems to be taking some shape I thought that there was a lot action in the second book, which is great The story also doesn t seem to be going so slowly any Some of the characters have been going through some psychological [...]

  23. Now we are in the second part of the story when King Arthur weds the virgin princess Guinevere who is secretly in love with Lancelot at this time Guinevere is rightly annoying for so many reasons because she simply cannot identify with her people and her obsession with Christianizing the kingdom is going to nearly tear the kingdom apart However, we see Morgaine and Guinevere reconcile some of their differences where Morgaine can acknowledge how much Guinevere is guilted by her faith whereas Guin [...]

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