[PDF] A Firing Offense | by ✓ George P. Pelecanos, A Firing Offense, George P. Pelecanos, A Firing Offense George P Pelecanos has forged a deserved reputation for mixing the classical with the new hard drama and atmosphere along with a plentiful supply of pop culture references and a dash of social conscience His creation of hard livin Washington DC appliance salesman Nick Stefanos is a welcome addition to the varied pantheon of put upon gumshoes Technically Nick isn t eveGeorge P Pel [PDF] A Firing Offense | by ✓ George P. Pelecanos - A Firing Offense, A Firing Offense George P Pelecanos has forged a deserved reputation for mixing the classical with the new hard drama and atmosphere along with a plentiful supply of pop culture references and a dash of social conscie

  • Title: A Firing Offense
  • Author: George P. Pelecanos
  • ISBN: 9781409139614
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] A Firing Offense | by ✓ George P. Pelecanos [PDF] A Firing Offense | by ✓ George P. Pelecanos - A Firing Offense, A Firing Offense George P Pelecanos has forged a deserved reputation for mixing the classical with the new hard drama and atmosphere along with a plentiful supply of pop culture references and a dash of social conscie

  • [PDF] A Firing Offense | by ✓ George P. Pelecanos
    108George P. Pelecanos
A Firing Offense

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    George P Pelecanos born 1957 in Washington, D.C is an American author of detective fiction set primarily in the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C He is also a film and television producer and a television writer He has worked extensively on the HBO series The Wire His novels use an ensemble cast of characters, following their exploits across several generations While there are some elements of redemption for these characters, Pelecanos tends to focus on hard luck, small time criminals and crooked cops whose only way to survive on the crime infested streets of D.C is to get over any way they can His gritty depiction of street life spanning from the late 1960 s to the present puts him in the running as an heir to the work of Jim Thompson and James M Cain.

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  1. When an old man that knew his grandfather asks Nick Stefanos to find his missing grandson, Nick agrees out of a feeling of kinship for the boy But what does an ad man in an electronics store know about detective work Here we are, George Pelecanos first novel The Pelecanos I read, the higher he is elevated in my esteem A Firing Offense is no exception.A Firing Offense starts off with a standard hard boiled plot someone is missing In this case, it s Jimmy Broda, a young man that reminds Nick way [...]

  2. Ah, the 90s When people still went into stores and bought stuff like chumps instead of just clicking a mouse to spend all our money But back then when I hit up an electronics store for a new VCR or Discman, I don t remember being able to hire a private detective at the same time.Nick Stefanos worked his way up through the sales ranks of Nutty Nathan s to an office position doing their advertising, but the job is feeling hollow and he s got a nagging young boss on his ass So when he gets a call a [...]

  3. I ve been meaning to read George Pelecanos for quite a long time His books receive a lot of glowing reviews in the press and here on I got a a little push this month from the pulp group and here I am There is something appealing for me in starting a new author from his debut and following his development over the years, but the first Nick Stefanos novel was a bit of a disappointment, mostly due to the high expectations mentioned above I imagine Pelecanos later books are accomplished, but for th [...]

  4. Pelecanos first novel, published in 1992 when he was 35, the first of the three Nick Stefanos novels the others being Nick s Trip 1993 and Down By the River Where the Dead Men Go 1995.I can t really compare this book to the others that I ve read very well, since I don t have access to any of those books, being on vacation However, it does seem to be a first novel based on no than my remembrances of the polish of those other books.One thing that surprised me was the first person narrator Nick St [...]

  5. This early book from George Pelecanos introduces Nick Stefanos Nick has worked his way up from the sales floor to become advertising director for an electronics retailer named Nutty Nathan s But he s drifting, drinking too much and still hasn t found his real niche in life When a stock boy at the Nutty Nathan s warehouse named Jimmy Broda goes missing, the boy s grandfather asks Nick to try to find him Broda has apparently spoken favorably of Nick to his grandfather, hence the request Stefanos a [...]

  6. I ve been waiting for this for quite some time now, the first Nick Stefanos mystery and the first crime novel by George Pelecanos, it was worth the wait and I feel the urge to read everything else from one of the men behind The Wire now and hopefully I do mean immediately.Nick Stefanos isn t a detective, he isn t a PI, he isn t a bounty hunter, gumshoe, cop, MD, CSI, mystery author, interested party, relative or accidentally involved in a crime, Nick Stefanos is in the marketing department of an [...]

  7. I ve read a few of George Pelecanos s recent novels and liked them very much, so I decided to go back to the beginning This was his first book, published in 1992, and while one can see the seeds of greatness in it, one can also see how much he has learned in the intervening years The protagonist, Nick Stefanos, is Greek American like so many of Pelecanos s main characters He works in a discount electronics chain as Pelecanos himself did, according to the dust jacket He s thirty years old but ha [...]

  8. Probably my least favourite Pelecanos book the homage to James Crumley is apparent as being an influence in the early iteration of Pelecanos own style but I just thought the execution missed the mark though I can t quite pinpoint the exact reason for this Perhaps the inconsequential over descriptive nature of the place setting or the volume of music references which, in his later novels works well is the cause Then again, perhaps it was lead character Nick and the jump from being a sales adverti [...]

  9. I like these early books by Pelecanos They are a little raw, but you see the fantastic writer that is in there, just waiting to emerge Like most of his stories, this one is gritty and fun at the same time If you ever worked retail, especially electronics retail, you will see many people you worked with and for in this one The male characters are so well drawn that the reader walks away wondering how the people from the book are doing No problem there are two Nick Stefanos Books Also, one of the [...]

  10. I made the mistake of starting in the middle of Pelecanos canon instead of the beginning The sense of desperation so familiar to most crime novels is what I found lacking in Drama City and while I enjoyed King Suckerman, I recall it mostly for the sum of its parts than the book as a whole What It Was entertained with an interesting lead but too often, I felt like I was reading about an episode of The Wire while missing out on the whole show.That s not the case with this one Yes, it is a first no [...]

  11. Although I am reading A Firing Offense from the collection Three Great Novels Down By The River A Firing Offense Nick s Trip, I am including this review under the individual book since that is by far the most common way readers experience this book.A Firing Offense A Five Star Title was originally published in 1992, Pelecanos first book It is gathered here by Orion Books Ltd of London in 2002 as the first book in the Nick Stefanos trilogy It seems that my collected works is even an autographed c [...]

  12. A Firing Offense, the first in the Nick Stefanos mysteries, has its moments of wit, quirkiness, and intrigue, but unfortunately these moments are few and far between The debut into this series is clearly the transition from Nick being salesman at Nutty Nathan s to full blown investigator In A Firing Offense, Nick gets a request to find Jimmy, a stock boy at Nutty Nathan s who has recently disappeared Jimmy s grandfather is concerned and believes that Nick is the right guy for the job While reluc [...]

  13. I have to agree with a lot of the reviews that I have read for this book As a detective novel, it is an undisciplined, cliched mess To begin with, it takes about 70 pages out of 216 for the detective story to get going When the clues scattered throughout the story are put together, the ending is very clumsy The Bogart like talk between Nick and one of the perpetrators at the end sounds very hackneyed There are some annoying repetitions, like calling a two seat table a deuce That might be cool, I [...]

  14. Nick Stephanos is in a middle management position at a large chain of electronics stores He s getting by OK, with an apartment in DC and a cranky one eyed cat A young man that had previously worked in the electronics store warehouse, had bonded with Nick over a shared love of punk rock When he goes missing, his grandfather begs Nick to find out what happened to him Nick has no training in investigation, but is a stubborn character Moving into one of the local stores in the District, allows him t [...]

  15. This is the first Nick Stefanos novel, a detective that isn t really a detective to begin with But once Nick is hired to track down a young man who has gone missing, he s on the case until the end Nick is a classic hard boiled detective He drinks too much, he sleeps with whatever woman is nearby and occasionally he gets punched in the face Nick starts out as the advertising director for Nutty Nathan s, a Washington D.C electronic store Nick has worked his way up from the sales floor to the execu [...]

  16. The power of Pelecanos writing is that he immerses the reader in the protagonist s world and he has a fine observational eye for how social relations play out The characterisation, dialogue and scene writing is first class In particular, Pelecanos perfectly captures the people and banter of the sales floor, the tricks used to tumble customers into sales, the micropolitics of workplaces in general, and the ambivalent and conflicted nature of family relations The plotting of A Firing Offense, howe [...]

  17. Mini ReviewSurprisingly self assured debut from Pelecanos that defies his inexperience as a writer, however his writing follows a template I never cared much for He tries to add authenticity to the setting by leaning on a detail laden descriptive style The book suffers for it, most of it is somewhere between mundane and redundant and will only appeal to a niche group of readers such as Washington natives or people with questionable music taste The actual crime mystery covers at most one third of [...]

  18. Hard boiled, violent mysteries aren t my thing, but A Firing Offense succeeds as a novel as well as a mystery due to the excellent writing and characterizations The local setting in Washington, D.C was an added plus He was a short, barrel chested guy in his fifties with a wide, flat nose that appeared to have been smashed in by a shovel As he walked towards me, I noticed that his gut had swelled, his neck had all but disappeared, and there was much gray salted into his hair He looked somewhat l [...]

  19. Another beach read I don t usually do this but it seemed to sum up my thoughts too Nick s as robust as his mystery is anemic This debut is promising but better wait for Pelecanos to throw better stuff Copyright 1992, Kirkus Associates, LP from The focus was largely on Nick Stefano s debauchery with his friends, while trying to find a missing 19 year old, but I heard about his vices than his mystery solving ability and the situation went from bad to worse with a shoot out for drugs and money bef [...]

  20. This was an adequate thriller, but not a lot The story is not too predictable but is unfortunately let down by a lack of likable characters in my opinion I felt myself uncaring as to whether the protagonist would solve the case his issues and the people he surrounded himself with and allied to were even worse.It was fine to try but I won t be rushing to pick up another Pelecanos.

  21. This was an above average story of neo noir detective s first outing as such Ended much better than it began Dark elements, DC and some snatched cocaine Really like 3.5 stars from this reader.

  22. This is my first George Pelecanos book It was not what I expected, it was way better Nick Stefanos, our main character and hero, is my age and a lot of the pop culture references, especially the music rang true with me, or at least 1989 me Actually, Nick was a bit ahead of me on the music curve Anyway, I was expecting something a little zany when I read the summary Maybe kinda of like Brian Wiprud s Garth Carson Novels I was thinking 3 stars for about the first 50 pages, then 4 stars through th [...]

  23. For the first three quarters of this book, I was like this is the same guy who wrote those amazing episodes for The Wire No way But then the fourth quarter of the book came and I was like oh yep I can definitely see it now I wish, in this book, Pelecanos focused on the racism and the lack of police enforcement surround D.C It would ve been a lot meaningful.However, I think having Malone die illustrated that point effectively His name was listed in the newspaper exactly where he said it would b [...]

  24. Brilliant, cannot wait to get into the rest of the series Pelecanos has a great style and the use of language makes this unputdownable.

  25. Drugs, drinks, skinheads, punk music, and a private investigation into the underbelly of late 90s DC against the backdrop of retail ennui Yes, please.

  26. The plot leaves some to be desired, but Pelecanos exceeds in creating a modern day noir with its hardboiled language and D.C setting that never feels cheesy or fake.

  27. I had read some of George Pelecanos later books, namely the Derek Strange Terry Quinn series and really enjoyed them so I was excited when I picked up all 3 of the author s novels for his first character, Nick Stefanos This being the first book in that series seemed to be the logical place to start.All three books are short, between 200 300 pages long However this felt like War Peace I hated everything about it, the writing, the main character, the lack of a real story, the glorification of juve [...]

  28. A Firing Offense is the first novel by George P Pelecanos, one that started the Nick Stefanos trilogy The author has not yet developed the D.C noir style so characteristic for his later novels, and his pen is not yet as assured as in Right as Rain or The Night Gardener It is the early 1990s in Washington D.C Nick Stefanos is an advertising director in a consumer electronics and appliances store chain A young man who worked in the company s warehouse has disappeared and his grandfather asks Nick [...]

  29. In George Pelecanos first novel A Firing Offense , he introduces one of his best characters, Nick Stefanos While working as the advertising director and salesman at an electronics store, Nick is asked by one of the stock boy s grandfather to help him find the missing young man Nick s former work as a process server gives him the know how to poke around Where it leads him is into a dark world of criminal activity.By the time the story concludes, Nick may be on his way to becoming a private detect [...]

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