Lifes a dealer

Ive never liked the term label. Its such a non word and some people will write you off because to them how could you be anything other than your label? Everything is suddenly all about that. All of your actions and words and thoughts they assume is caused by the things you cant control about yourself, in their eyes you are your label and nothing more. You could label me as autistic, bisexual, depressed and a whole deal more and i will fake smile my way through those encounters. In a perfect world i would be none of those things because each one comes with its own hurdles and I can never seem to jump high enough. Some days i tell myself i can overcome whatever is dragging me down but i still fall, and then there are days where i convince myself that i will always be falling. Every fall has its eventual end. I like to think im a decent person, but deep down I know im nothing special. Im just me. This is the hand i was dealt and people like me dont win this game.

Published by scobbie94

Im just your ordinary mid twenties guy trying to live in a very un-ordinary world

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