The happy cook

I have worked in kitchens for almost 3 years now and slowly worked my way up through the ranks of dishwasher and general dogsbody to where i am now, a fully fledged line cook. Ive always had an interest in the creative side of food and discovering new ways to make vegetarian dishes interesting whilst at the same time delicious. Cooking has now become like my therapy in a way but for a long time there was a lot of negative energy attached to being in kitchen despite my love for it, and that is down to, in the past, the job feeling like a job, a chore, a burden rather than a passion project. I went from one bad kitchen environment to another and convinced myself i had no place there and no right to want to create a life for myself in that industry. Its stupid i know but on some level i have always believed in fate and in the past it always seemed like fate and circumstance was against me. Now, however, i have found myself at a job where i am actually excited to go to work and learn. A job where it doesnt feel like im just being dragged along for the sake of it, a job where i am actually trusted and respected enough to have a little freedom. A job where i dont have to walk on eggshells anytime i step into the kitchen. It feels like now i have eveything i wanted: friends i love, a dog i love, and a job i love. I quite like this new life.

Published by scobbie94

Im just your ordinary mid twenties guy trying to live in a very un-ordinary world

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