Running on empty

Either my watch is bust or this 3 week lockdown has lasted 12 months. With all the talk of new waves and variants does anyone actually believe this will end or is this just our lives now? If they had stopped international travel in feb 2020 and then completely shut down (so no bakeries, butchers, hardware shops etc) in march 2020 then we might not have had to sacrifice a whole year of our lives. Why wasnt it compulsory to wear a mask from the start of this shitshow, they waited months before taking that step. Whose bright idea was eat out to help out? You tell a whole country in desperate need of social interaction they can see their friends and loved ones and get cheap food at the same time, is it any wonder they swarmed upon bars and restaunts. You cant blame people for wanting to celebrate making it through the other side of a pandemic and believing the worst was behind us because thats what we were told. At the start of this all Johnson said a death toll of around 20000 would be expected and now we are above 125000. One year on and nothing has changed because the people running the country havent changed. Its the same idiotic people making the same idiotic decisions they had been making long before anyone had even heard of covid, only this time round they figured out how to collectively screw the country as a whole. No one was surprised whenever an MP or Johnson ignored covid rules and regulations because who would trust a politician. We follow the rules and we suffer, they break the rules and we suffer. I dont know about you, but im tired of suffering for other peoples mistakes. Im just so tired of everything.

Published by scobbie94

Im just your ordinary mid twenties guy trying to live in a very un-ordinary world

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