☆ Skateboard Party ✓ Karen English Laura Freeman, Skateboard Party, Karen English Laura Freeman, Skateboard Party Richard can t wait to show off his flat ground Ollies at a friend s birthday party at the skate park but a note home from his teacher threatens to ruin his plans He really meant to finish his assignment on howler monkeys but he just got distracted If only he could focus on his schoolwork he wouldn t get into this kind of trouble Can Richard manage to put off geRichard can t wai ☆ Skateboard Party ✓ Karen English Laura Freeman - Skateboard Party, Skateboard Party Richard can t wait to show off his flat ground Ollies at a friend s birthday party at the skate park but a note home from his teacher threatens to ruin his plans He really meant to finish his assignm

  • Title: Skateboard Party
  • Author: Karen English Laura Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780544283060
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Skateboard Party ✓ Karen English Laura Freeman ☆ Skateboard Party ✓ Karen English Laura Freeman - Skateboard Party, Skateboard Party Richard can t wait to show off his flat ground Ollies at a friend s birthday party at the skate park but a note home from his teacher threatens to ruin his plans He really meant to finish his assignm

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  • ☆ Skateboard Party ✓ Karen English Laura Freeman
    434 Karen English Laura Freeman
Skateboard Party

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  1. Karen English Laura Freeman

    Karen English is a Coretta Scott King Honor Award winner and the author of the Nikki and Deja and The Carver Chronicles series Her novels have been praised for their accessible writing, authentic characters, and satisfying storylines She is a former elementary school teacher and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. This is book two of the Carver Chronicles No need to wait to read book one in order to read this one These books are meant to be read as a stand alone novels With the author s background of being a retired elementary teacher it did help Karen knows what kids like and how to write a book that is easy to read and understand I am always keeping this in mind when I am on the hunt for new books for my nephews to read I want ones that are wholesome and ones that they can read themselves I think it is [...]

  2. I expected to really like this book It s has some great reviews and I personally love skateboarding I am really surprised by how much I disliked this book It felt like a lecture from a parent or teacher telling a child that if he just applied himself and focused, his life would be so much better The characters could be charming, but the plot and cliches are just so ridiculous that it s hard to look past them As a school librarian at two elementary schools, I try to focus on whether my students w [...]

  3. In this sequel to Dog Days, Richard has put off doing his project on Howler Monkeys His teacher, Ms Shelby Ortiz, gives him a note to take home on a Friday, but he decides that giving the note to his parents will ruin his weekend of playing video games, so he conveniently forgets Even though he is assigned several lunch detentions and has to sit on the bench at recess, he decides to withhold the note for various reasons, like the fact that he hid cereal in a plastic container in the oven, and hi [...]

  4. Author Karen EnglishIllustrator Laura FreemanTitle Skateboad Party The Carver Chronicles, 2 Plot Richard has a note to take home from his teacher but he knows if his parents find out he will not be allowed to go to the skateboard party Find out what happens as he tries to keep this secret.Setting Carver Elementary School, Richard s houseCharacters Richard, Ms Shelby Ortiz, MotherPOV 3rd personTheme School, Responsibility, ConsequencesStyle Chapter book with some illustrations Copyriht 2015Notes [...]

  5. 2 4th grade Richard really wants to go to a skateboard party this Saturday, but blowing off schoolwork has come back to bite him Regularly spaced pencil drawings, supportive but stern parents and teacher, and annoying brothers The central character and his teacher are African American in the drawings, but otherwise his race plays little to no part in the story hooray for the publisher, we need of this

  6. Richard REALLY wants to go to a friend s skateboard party, but a note home over missed work threatens to get in the way of his fun This slight title definitely written with third graders in mind will pass along lessons of responsibility and truth telling without feeling too preachy Read in preparation for obob2017

  7. Richard s parents brook no nonsense when they learn he has fallen behind in school and failed to give them a note from his teacher His web of lies and excuses has fallen down around him and he works hard to get things right during the week he s on punishment Many kids will recognize excusing away those pesky responsibilities.

  8. Short easy chapter book about a boy that avoids doing his homework and really doesn t care But, when he can t go to the skateboard party because he hid the note from his teacher, he begins to really do his homework and realizes what it s like to do well in school and enjoy learning Would be a great read aloud for a discussion on classroom school responsibilities.

  9. I didn t read 1 in the series, so I can t comment on how this connects I did not feel as if I had missed something, so I think this can be read as a stand alone I like Richard he seems like a real boy with his faults and endearments, especially trying to make his way as the 4th little brother The events are realistic but have suspense and a satisfying ending.

  10. Kid doesn t do homework, kid gets caught, kid procrastinates the day of his repentance, kid gets multiple consequences for multiple infractions, kid does the homework and finds that he enjoys it, kid still gets to go to the party he was being punished from participating in due to a rainstorm, kid learns his lesson.Also, reading should NEVER be a punishment.

  11. Richard can t wait for the big party at the skate park He s finally going to show off that flat ground ollie he s been working on But when his teacher sends a note home, Richard has to make some decisions Should he give his parents the note and be grounded for the big party A quick read with some interesting ideas for kids about choices and consequences Recommended for ages 7 9.

  12. Age of main character 3rd gradeSport SkateboardingIssues difficulty in school, lying to parentsRaymond gets in trouble at school and at home when he forgets to do a homework assignment and doesn t tell his parents.Second in the series but works well as a standalone Reads young best for grades 2 early 4th.

  13. Elementary OBOB 2017 Third grader Richard procrastinates on a report and gets in trouble with his teacher and parents, but after a week of punishment, makes up for it by getting 100% on his spelling test and giving an excellent oral report Good story.

  14. A nice pick for 2016 OBOB with a quick book that offers character diversity, ADHD, and strong parental roles as a main character puts off a major school assignment, lies, and lies and then consequences dealt and excellent resolve and character growth.

  15. Richard loves his new skateboard and cannot wait to show it off to all his friends at the skate park However, his plans do not go as planned This teaches young children that showing off is not good and that there are consequences when you choose not to do the right thing.

  16. OBOB 2017, book 1 Had a good message about getting school work done Other than that, the book was pretty unremarkable The narrative of present tense, third person annoyed me somehow.

  17. Nutmeg 2017 elementary, school problems, responsibility, report, consequences, three older brothers, friendship

  18. I think this was a nice early chapter book for boys about a boy who is bad at school but great st skateboarding My only reservation was the hopeless sounding of school performance.

  19. Kiddo gives it 4 stars I d give it about 3.25 Richard s needless procrastination drive me nuts However, that may just be because it reminded me of myself

  20. This book is and excellent lesson for students who love to have fun but have difficulty being organized, making good grades, and dealing with consequences.

  21. If only real life was as easy as this book makes it seem But really good for kids to read, especially for those kids that like to procrastinate.

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