The Spider Catchers Best Download || [Marilynn Larew], The Spider Catchers, Marilynn Larew, The Spider Catchers Sex money and terrorism What do the violent takeover of Fez brothels and a new stream of terrorist funding have to do with the disappearance of Alicia Harmon from the Fez office of Femme Aid Maroc When CIA analyst Lee Carruthers tries to find out she is swept into a tangled web of dirty money and human trafficking and people will kill to find out what Alicia knew IfSex mon The Spider Catchers Best Download || [Marilynn Larew] - The Spider Catchers, The Spider Catchers Sex money and terrorism What do the violent takeover of Fez brothels and a new stream of terrorist funding have to do with the disappearance of Alicia Harmon from the Fez office of Femme Aid Maroc W

  • Title: The Spider Catchers
  • Author: Marilynn Larew
  • ISBN: 9780991091218
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback

The Spider Catchers Best Download || [Marilynn Larew] The Spider Catchers Best Download || [Marilynn Larew] - The Spider Catchers, The Spider Catchers Sex money and terrorism What do the violent takeover of Fez brothels and a new stream of terrorist funding have to do with the disappearance of Alicia Harmon from the Fez office of Femme Aid Maroc W

  • The Spider Catchers Best Download || [Marilynn Larew]
    112Marilynn Larew
The Spider Catchers

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  1. Marilynn Larew

    MARILYNN LAREW is a historian who has published in such fields as American colonial and architectural history, Vietnamese military history, and terrorism, and has taught courses in each of them in the University of Maryland System.She has lived in seven states and two foreign countries, so she has always been interested in different cultures and different places Being the new kid in so many places, she has always had to adjust quickly Reading helped her deal with that, and her library card has often been her best friend She has always liked to write, but the idea of writing fiction didn t occur to her until after she finished her PhD in history Everybody who goes through that grueling program swears to write a book revealing how awful it is Marilynn wrote a hard boiled detective story with a female protagonist It almost sold, but when it didn t, she focused on her teaching and research Perhaps her most interesting scholarly publication is about 300BC Vietnamese military history.It was only after she retired from teaching that she was able to return to writing fiction The two volumes in the Lee Carruthers series are the result Her protagonist is still female, but perhaps she is not so hard boiled Lee Carruthers is a CIA analyst who has a conflicted relationship with the Agency She is often sent where no analyst goes, and she has the scars to prove it one from a 9 mm bullet and three knife cuts She keeps trying to quit, but the Agency keeps coming back like a song.There are two Lee Carruthers thrillers in the pipeline, and she is currently working on a third book in which the protagonist is a medium boiled female private eye.She writes thrillers because she likes to read them She also likes to read Vietnamese and Chinese history and military history of all flavors.She lives with her husband in a 200 year old brick farmhouse on the Mason Dixon Line in southern Pennsylvania She belongs to the Sisters in Crime, the Guppies, and the Chinese History Military Group.

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  1. Very well done A fast paced, well researched, entertaining read A nice blend of tradecraft, wit, violence, recovery, humor, and heroism All with some great environmental detail thrown in Look forward to reading the next in the series.

  2. Great read Well researched, well paced and well executed Grabs you, pulls you in and keeps you engaged throughout A refreshing change from the mass produced, crash and bang novels churned out by the hundreds these days The perfect book to take with you on vacation and sink into Can t wait for the sequel.

  3. Review also on jolasbookshelf.wordpress The Spider Catchers is a good mystery thriller novel I don t usually like stories surrendered by terrorists, but this book was doing a pretty good job at keeping me hooked The main character, Lee, is a strong badass woman and I enjoyed getting to know her I ll be looking forward to the sequel Thanks to Marilynn Larew for sending me an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

  4. This is the first book in an intriguing new mystery suspense series featuring our main character, Lee Caruthers, a CIA analyst who seems to have had than her share of assignments where she is risking her life She is growing tired of field work and wants out but clearly that isn t meant to be at the start of this book Lee is a strong character She is fiercely independent, loyal to the right people, and hard to crack She is tough on the outside when she needs to be but also just as vulnerable as [...]

  5. Lee Carruthers is sent to Fez, Morocco to find out what became of Alicia Harmon, a CIA analyst who has gone missing while investigating a potential new source of terrorist funds So begins The Spider Catchers, Marilynn Larew s first novel that deals with the battle between the CIA and terrorism.Carruthers bemoans receiving the new mission so quickly after just returning from Baghdad However, she heads back into the field without much persuasion Once in Fez, she meets with a hostile reception Each [...]

  6. 4 STARS This is a mystery that is gritty dealing with spies, terrorists, sex trade that keeps you guessing about who are the good guys and bad guys.Lee Carruthers is CIA analyst out of Paris who is sent to Fez to look for another CIA Alicia that has gone missing their for over two weeks Lee used to be out of Fez so she had lots of contacts still No one knows exactly what Alicia was doing or when she had disappeared Dealing with slavery, terrorists in that area of the world is a lot of violence L [...]

  7. Marilynn Larew s novel Spider Catchers is a page turning adventure from the first paragraph The protagonist, Lee Carruthers a CIA operative is an interesting, unpredictable, and believable character Often, female characters playing the role of a tough guy are over the top and clich not the case in this novel Larew s knowledge of her topic, the region, the lingo, and the world of terrorism is quite impressive and reminiscent of Tom Clancy in terms of its realism Larew takes the reader on a fast p [...]

  8. Definitely not a cozy mystery, Spider Catchers takes the reader to a third world country with different cultural morals As a woman, working to protect other women from abuse and rape, Lee set up Femme Aid Maroc many years before At a point in her career when she seriously thinks of leaving the CIA for a normal life, she is sent back to Femme Aid Maroc when the woman who was working there disappears Alicia had been asking a lot of questions and as Lee tries to find out what happened to her she is [...]

  9. By the time I finished Spider Catchers, I was convinced Ms Larew had to have been in the CIA The scenario was too real Not to sound sexist, but this is the type of book usually written by men with a macho hero Lee Caruthers is a formidable heroine, and Ms Larew pulls her off with style, wit, and believability One review compared the book to early Ludlum I ve read all of Ludlum s books the early work, but Spider Catchers was plausible even though the stakes were high Looking forward to seeing wh [...]

  10. When a CIA agent is dispatched to Morocco to track down a missing worker for an international charity who seems to have been asking the wrong questions of the wrong people, things take a turn for the worse Suspenseful, fast moving and readable, this first in a series featuring Lee Carruthers is atmospherically rich and feels very authentic Fans of spy fiction won t be disappointed.

  11. Protagonist Lee Carruthers is a CIA Analyst with the cynicism of a noir private eye I found Marilynn Larew s writing style to be engaging and entertaining from start to finish I would happily read another book by this emerging and talented author.Glenn MullerAuthor of TORQUE a Chas Fenn thriller

  12. A Chilling ThrillerA chilling, fast paced thriller with CIA analyst Lee Carruthers sent to Morocco to find a missing agent She finds trouble in the form of a new terrorist group supposedly being funded by a clean foundation And it seems everyone is out to kill her.

  13. Lee Carruthers is a female CIA spy Actually, her job description is as an analyst, the spy part is known by only a few She s sent to find a missing employee, one who had taken a job she once held in Fez She d rather stay in Paris who wouldn t But she follows And learns the missing woman is probably dead Which, could very well be her destiny as well This is as swash buckling Is that the term I want as they come Evil villains, sexy men, and devious plots galore Definitely a page turner.

  14. Lee Carruthers is a CIA spy, but that s only known to a few Her job description is as an analyst She s sent to find a missing woman in Fez She d rather stay in Paris who wouldn t , but she goes She learns the woman may be dead, and that could be her immediate future as well.There s evil villains, sexy men, and nefarious plots galore Definitely a near over the top thriller that keeps the reader turning pages.

  15. This is a great book with lots of authentic CIA type stuff in it and suspense as well Very interesting and likeable heroine I

  16. Disclaimer I received this book from first reads for free.I couldn t get into this book I didn t find story interesting and after 82 pages I stopped reading it

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