[PDF] Download ↠ Bound to Please : by Joey W. Hill, Bound to Please, Joey W. Hill, Bound to Please Thanks to her new Dom s exquisitely special set of skills Madison is discovering how delicious it can be to lose control Logan is committed to awakening Madison s long buried desires and after he shows her the depths of ecstasy they can reach with a little bit of roleplay he s ready to take her to the next level But when Madison s old fears resurface Logan grows waryThanks to h [PDF] Download ↠ Bound to Please : by Joey W. Hill - Bound to Please, Bound to Please Thanks to her new Dom s exquisitely special set of skills Madison is discovering how delicious it can be to lose control Logan is committed to awakening Madison s long buried desires and after he sh

  • Title: Bound to Please
  • Author: Joey W. Hill
  • ISBN: 9780698135987
  • Page: 101
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Download ↠ Bound to Please : by Joey W. Hill [PDF] Download ↠ Bound to Please : by Joey W. Hill - Bound to Please, Bound to Please Thanks to her new Dom s exquisitely special set of skills Madison is discovering how delicious it can be to lose control Logan is committed to awakening Madison s long buried desires and after he sh

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Bound to Please : by Joey W. Hill
    101 Joey W. Hill
Bound to Please

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    BDSM Romance for the Heart Soul Winner of the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement award, Joey W Hill has published over forty contemporary and paranormal BDSM erotic romances, including six series Her emotionally intense love stories offer everything from vampires, mermaids, witches and angels, to boardroom executives, cops and simple housemaids Free excerpts from all her works are available at her website Additional vignettes, character interviews and graphics inspired by the work are at the fan forum site.Website storywitchTwitter twitter JoeyWHillFacebook facebook JoeyWHillAuthorFan Forum storywitch community

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  1. 3.5 stars Review posted June 20, 2014This third installment was my least favorite Granted, the final 25 %, which were hot and emotive and included not only great smexy times but also some deep conversations, saved Naughty Bits Part III for me and I did enjoy that part very much But otherwise it didn t have that huge emotional or intense pull that I felt with the two previous novellas The scene at 62 % didn t cut it for me at all Madison s crying jag and outpour and the reference of yet another B [...]

  2. Naughty Bits part 3 is intense, emotional, kinky and SEXY HOT It s about letting go and embracing the life you re meant to live I adore this 4 part novella story.Madison is the, proprietress of women s fantasies, and she s finding her own fantasies harder and harder to resist Madison s sexual discovery journey at the hands of Logan continues with Kinky blissfulness In all aspects of her life, Madison s confidence is increasing in every way but she still allows fearfulness to rule her Fear about [...]

  3. 5 Pleasing StarsThe voyage of Madison s self discovery continues She thinks she is submissive but what if she really is a dominant On her quest, she discusses the idea with Logan and he decides it s an idea that she should explore She can t explore with him but maybe she could explore with Troy if his Mistress says yes Mistress Shale and Logan will supervise the scene During the scene, Madison has an epiphany and she truly begins to embrace her inner thoughts, fears and desires The real voyage o [...]

  4. 3,5 stars.Part II of Naughty Bits gave an idea what the third part would be about it promised this time some pain would be mixed with pleasure in Bound to Please, and it delivered Madison enjoyed it than she expected, and I enjoyed reading about it, but that was no surprise at all Those scenes are amongst those I look forward to most in this author s books, because she writes them so well, so well I find myself disappointed when the Dom Domme in question doesn t have a sadistic side Logan seems [...]

  5. I m enjoying this serialised novel so much now that I waited until all the parts were available so I could read them all quite close together This story is getting hotter and hotter and I m desperate for Madison to give in to her desire to let Logan claim her Madison has come such a long way since the first book, she is growing in confidence daily and it s clear that her sister really did know what was best for her all along I loved Logan from the beginning and I ve enjoyed seeing him introduce [...]

  6. An emotional sensual journey of a woman who thought she lost everything Joey W Hill has recently become my favorite BDSM writer I am thoroughly enjoying this series.It will be bittersweet for me when the last book comes out in July Ms Hill, in book one started us on a journey with Madison when she leaves the life she had in the big city to come run her sisters erotic store Naughty Bits after her sister passes away from an illness that Madison didn t even know she was suffering from until days be [...]

  7. Part III, Bound to Please, is the continuation of Madison s exploration as a submissive with Logan guiding her through her journey And what a wonderful, exciting and well Hot journey it is Madison explores the BDSM world and her submissiveness and also her growth as a Lingerie Shop owner Being able to connect and guide her customers has helped her grow and accept her own true identity Logan is the perfect Dom both as trainer and personally as a lover Ms Hill has a unique gift of combining the p [...]

  8. The tantalizing scorching heat of the next novella in Naughty Bits III Bound to Please by Joey W Hill was not a disappointment Ms Hill third book in the novella is hot, sexy, and leaves nothing out Her ability to suck you into her characters is a blessing Naughty Bits III, leaves off in a perfect timing of the highest Leaving you needy and wanting.

  9. Logan continues to open Madison up and with respect to her emtions and palpable feelings She has her setbacks and is not ready to go all in but she is beginning to understand why she s had so many relationship failures A major turning point is when she finally agrees to a pain pleasure session with her Master It follows her foray into being a Domme While she initially enjoys the session using Troy as her sub she realizes she truly is a submissive Her cathartic response to Logan s discipline cr [...]

  10. 3.5 I LOVE LOGAN Stars eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Penguin In this installment we continue with Madison s journey to accepting her inner submissive through the help of the new love of my life Logan As Madison fights this process it starts to drag on a bit for me I know she has issues as everyone does but her wall of resistance was getting a bit old for me.What makes this series fabulous hands down is Logan He coaxes Madison s truth and emotions out of her with his domineering and loving w [...]

  11. LoveI absolutely love this series I can t wait to start the next one This is a wonderful series,, you should read it

  12. Review of NAUGHTY BITS PART III BOUND TO PLEASE, by Joey W HillReview by Jaycee for Books N Cozy Spots Book Reviews, Talon psMadison s journey continues Through open, honest conversation with Logan, combined with a couple of life experiences with customers, Madison is learning to parse through the white noise in her life and get to the substance that is in her heart to trust it, to trust Logan and to trust herself.Part of Logan s therapeutic approach if you will, was to let Madison explore all o [...]

  13. A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings.So much happened in this penultimate installment of NAUGHTY BITS that it s hard to know what to cover in this review Madison has become comfortable working in the shop and being around Logan, yet there s still the nagging feeling that she s not quite ready to submit completely to either one Now that the reality that her sister Alice isn t ever coming back has finally sunk in, Madison is ready to move pas [...]

  14. let s just say wauuuuuu this book blows all the charts there is and leaves you crazy with wanting and repeating the same thing all over it s a book beautifully written about the road to self discovery and what it means to find all the layers that make you YOU and doing it with someone how loves and supports everything and every layer there is to you and who also gives you what you need Logan and MadGirl love this , are continuing their journey into themselves and Madison is trying to find out w [...]

  15. Naughty Bits Part III Bound to Please 4.5 StarsThis is a part 3 of the new novella series by the wonderfully talented Joey W Hill being released monthly I have to be honest, if I see her name, then it is an automatic purchase I am never disappointed After her sister Alice passes away, leaving Madison her Lingerie shop Naughty Bits, Madison s life changes in so many ways In this book, Logan encourages Madison to open not only her mind but her heart to him and the BDSM lifestyle she so obviously c [...]

  16. This was such a disappointment, especially since the other 2 books got 5 stars Madison is coming to the point to where she thinks she is falling in love with Logan She is becoming so open.She tells him so much that he can have total power over her, even though he wouldn t take advantage of her Throughout this book that broad was effing around Logan is serious about having a relationship with her and she keeps doing the bus stop on this brother Make up your darn mind Madison I can t just put it a [...]

  17. Bound to Please Naughty Bits Part 3 by Joey W HillB , inferno, high kink, BDSM, 107 pagesEver since Madison inherited her sister s lingerie shop, she s been slowly working her way to a relationship with Logan, a Dom who owns the hardware store next to the lingerie shop They ve messed around a bit as Madison explores the submissive side of herself Logan has promised Madison a session to explore the pain pleasure connection, she just has to tell him when.Madison has a history of failed relationshi [...]

  18. Review featured on books n kisses4.5 Hearts This is the 3rd installment of Naughty Bits and I think the best so far Madison and Logan have had a connection in the previous two installments but it really explodes in this one Madison has such a realization in this story that it changes everything I love this story I have enjoyed Logan so much and the man he is I love reading his insight and the way he understands what he is but is willing to let Madison discover what she is Yes the sex in the stor [...]

  19. Exhilarating, Sexy, and tug on your heartstrings great Bound to Please was all of the above and Logan and Madison draw closer together, and their relationship becomes defined in this third installment of the Naughty Bits series There was so much to love about this story and I couldn t bear to put it down until I finished it While there were other people and some very titillating interactions, my favorite parts were the times when Logan and Madison were alone Their interactions are so intense, [...]

  20. Yeay The first book for the year The story continues with Madison exploring her BDSM side and trying out her hand in being a Mistress with the help of Logan, Troy and his Mistress Shale Lots of hot spanking action I love the development between Madison and Logan Madison is almost convinced that she has found what she has been yearning for in her life to be loved and owned by a Master such as Logan But she s still not fully convinced What will it take for her to realize she is in love with Logan [...]

  21. This has been my favorite installment so far Troy s training is completed but the buildup in the first two short stories was not concluded in this third part Instead it was expanded further and we spent some time with Troy s better half A hot Domme and we got to see a bit of her style in the flesh At the same time we saw Logan and Madison take steps into building a relationship beyond just the Dom sub elements we ve seen so far.I look forward to the fourth and final installment I hope that Logan [...]

  22. Paige s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewI really enjoyed watching Madison grow and change She is always challenging herself I love that she is willing take a chance While trying to find her way as a submissive, she wonders what it would be like if she were on the other end Loved the special appearance of Shale.Logan is demanding as ever but I wouldn t want him any other way.He s trying to give her time and space but he knows, in the e [...]

  23. 4.5 starsWe re finally getting deeper into Logan and Madison s relationship in this third installment in the Naughty Bits serial This was the strongest segment yet, and I really enjoyed it overall.I continue to adore the characters and I loved the addition of a player mentioned previously in the story, Shale, Troy s mistress She was an interesting addition and I loved seeing the other couple, in addition to just Logan and Madison.The plot is starting to heat up even I am quite antsy to see how [...]

  24. I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review I felt that the third installment was just as sexy as the first two, but I also felt there was a backing off from the Sub Dom part of the relationship and a forward progression into an emotionally intimate one The less rash, less rough but no less sexy Joey is an explosively talented writer of many a fans love scenes They are steamy I finally feel a connection than just the sex building for Madison and Logan into something that may be [...]

  25. I think I ve found what may be an upside to reading a serial but I think it may only apply with an author of Joey W Hill s caliber Having time between each installment allows you time to think and reflect on the characters and what they are going through I find it has enhanced this story and given me time to reflect and sympathize with Madison I am enjoying watching Madison Logan each growing in a very real way This installment allows each of them to step outside their comfort zone and learn fr [...]

  26. This third instalment shows the relationship that continues to grow between Logan and Madison.Logan continues his careful yet firm teaching of showing Madison what she needs, him as her master There are a good few in depth discussions between the two where Logan really shows his maturity and understanding that Madison is struggling still to accept the new world that she is entering.So far this is the best book in the series.

  27. Madison is slowing going over to Logan s way of sexual healing but still can t quite give up complete control She likes to role play and Logan has discovered her deepest darkest fantasy and is determined to make it come true He also realizes that he wants nothing than to keep this woman for himself and not just for her submission Again a hot installment.

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