[PDF] Sparks | by ☆ R.S. McCoy, Sparks, R.S. McCoy, Sparks Everyone in the world has a Spark a light inside that guides them keeps them alive Starting school is supposed to be a fun and exciting time for any new student But for Lark a skilled archer and fledgling mind reader it s a creative form of torture Locked in rooms and hallways with both friends and enemies bombarded by the thoughts and feelings of his peers Lark Everyone in the world [PDF] Sparks | by ☆ R.S. McCoy - Sparks, Sparks Everyone in the world has a Spark a light inside that guides them keeps them alive Starting school is supposed to be a fun and exciting time for any new student But for Lark a skilled archer and fl

  • Title: Sparks
  • Author: R.S. McCoy
  • ISBN: 9781495970351
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Sparks | by ☆ R.S. McCoy [PDF] Sparks | by ☆ R.S. McCoy - Sparks, Sparks Everyone in the world has a Spark a light inside that guides them keeps them alive Starting school is supposed to be a fun and exciting time for any new student But for Lark a skilled archer and fl

  • [PDF] Sparks | by ☆ R.S. McCoy
    174 R.S. McCoy

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  1. R.S. McCoy

    Rachel McCoy is a Texan living in New Jersey Between binge watching MTV reality shows and baking gluten free treats, she writes paranormal fantasy and science fiction novels She is the self published author of the Sparks Saga trilogy, The Alder Tales series, and The Extraction Files Back when she lived in the real world, Rachel earned a degree in marine biology, which contributed to her die hard love of manta rays To connect with RS McCoy or swap recipes , visit her on her website rsmccoyauthor or check out her Facebook page facebook AuthorRSMcCoy You can also join her newsletter to receive release updates, free stories, and bonus extras eepurl YItp1.

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  1. This review is on my blog bookchick2013 2014I was given this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.I don t really read much paranormal or fantasy books but this one blew me away.Wow And this is a debut novel I am blown away at this book I don t like fantasy books I like contemporary much better, but this book was amazing I ll be honest, in the beginning of the book, I didn t like it much, but the second half raised the rating by about two stars.It was amazing to be with Lark thr [...]

  2. My original Sparks audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Sparks is of the training school variety of fantasy Boy with unexplained abilities gets shipped off unexpectedly to said place where abilities are explained Boy has mean, evil tutor, who doesn t teach him nice Girl and bully show up Boy loves girl, boy fights bully, boy saves girl from bully Characters develop and do plot moving things that I won t mention to keep from spoiling it for you, then the partially t [...]

  3. I m pretty much always on the lookout for a book that will take me into a new world, and finding a world that is as spellbinding as this one rarely happens I was quite enchanted with the whole story, and enjoyed watching both Lark and Khea grow from the starving children from Lagodon into strong young adults, with responsibility and power in their hands than many twice their age I enjoyed that, though the story was fast paced in the way that it spans many years, you never felt it was moving too [...]

  4. I am so very glad I stepped outside my comfort genres to enjoy this 5 star adventure Paranormal Fantasy isn t a genre I read very often.Something really has to get my attention.The description immediately made me want to chance it It just sounded interesting and intriguing I definitely wasn t disappointed.Very impressive for a debut I saw very little to make a notable recognition for a first time release I am talking about editing errors,holes in plots,slow pace,loss of attention,etc The element [...]

  5. This is a brilliant epic fantasy that grabs you from the start and refuses to let go throughout It is an emotionally packed story that will keep you turning the pages, long after you should have put it down and gone to bed The main characters of Lark, Khea and Micha are all fantastic and I loved all three of them for their varying abilities and differing personalities I wasn t too sure about Avis to begin with, but before long, I was loving every scene he was in As this book takes place over a n [...]

  6. I won this book on one of the FIRST READS Giveaways I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it I read it in pretty much 24 hours I can t wait for her next one Good job for your first novel The only complaint a few editing errors throughouta little distracting, but I got over it because the story was amazingFund unique.

  7. As a first novel, this is phenomenal I was very impressed with the way that McCoy drew the reader into the story and the stakes that were presented Although the main characters were very believable, I loved Avis What an awesome character

  8. The book was slow to start however, as I kept reading the plot and characters developed into a novel worth reading Recommended book.

  9. I m torn on Sparks, which is unfortunate The entire story takes place over the course of 7ish years, with much of the first half of the book barely better than summary There s little telling, but it s impossible to get deep into the characters or their situation with the time frame moving along at such a rapid pace.I like the concept of the Sparks and I love the fact that the chosen one is not the main character However, that impact is lessened when the main character discovers he also has the s [...]

  10. Wow I was totally enthralled and focused on this novel, ignoring other things I was supposed to have accomplished today oh, like last minute xmas shopping, laundry, cleaning, organizing, etc You knowuff I put off on a daily basis because I d rather read My friend bought me a copy of this book last year, but I hadn t yet read it The author offered a read in exchange for an honest review thing and I took it to read the whole series WOW I loved the characters, the world created, and the sparks Lark [...]

  11. I haven t read a book from the Fantasy genre for a while, so I was really pleased when I realised that Sparks belonged to this genre Fantasy is special to me because it reignited my love of reading after experiencing a reading drought When I started reading Sparks, I was NOT disappointed I was immediately transported to another world where anything could happen and I found my hero straight away.Although similar to other books I have read in the Fantasy genre, it was also different I found elemen [...]

  12. Lark Davies enrolls in Myxini School for Children, which is a special scholl for kids with powrful Spaarks Lark finds out just how rare his ability is after he s been at the school for a little while Lark meets Khea, a frightened girl who brings out Lark s protective instincts where she is concerned.A bond develops between them that Lark doesn t undestand As time goes on, Lark unravels power beyond what anyone thought he could be but this has also made him a target for those who want to use him [...]

  13. What to say about R.S McCoy s SPARKS I really enjoyed the book and look forward to the sequel but to categorize this book is difficult It had elements of the Harry Potter series, Ender s Game and Eragon The sparks within the characters reminded me so much of the cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender I thought about the collection of children as in The False Prince and The Hunger Games d I bring to mind the true love of Wesley and Buttercup from The Princess Bride McCoy also delves into the bloody ri [...]

  14. Born to be TogetherLark and as brought up in a small fishing village He learned how to hunt from his father made himself a bow and arrows which helped his family to survive His mother was very ill but they didn t have the money for medications That s why when the tracker came, he knew there would be enough money for medicine if he went with him There was a young girl in the cart when he went to the cart and Lark tried to help her When they finally camped, the tracker told them why he had taken t [...]

  15. This book is a great addition to the fantasy genre It s like a mix between Graceling and Harry Potter, with a few plot twists thrown in The characters are mysterious and well developed, and the setting is believable and beautiful The relationships between the characters were admirable and heartwarming The plot is unique Would I read by R.S McCoy I plan to Would I recommend this book to others Definitely.See the full review on my blog, Awesome Book Assessment.

  16. Great first novel from this young author A really fun read Plot is tremendous I look forward to her next effort This young author is worth a strong look by established publishers.

  17. This book was very unexpected It had me captivated until the end I really like the idea of abilities that are called Sparks This story tells of two young teens from a poor village brought to a school for the gifted Sparks, and how they grow, learn, and struggle with their talents They make strong connections with a few and find themselves pawns in a much bigger scheme The school to help the gifted develop, may not be all that it seems.If you continue to read on prepare for a spoiler of sorts Tow [...]

  18. McCoy s work has been a pleasure to read as you open the pages into new worlds with redefined rules and this book, Sparks, is no exception McCoy has once again created a world where love, mystery, tragedy, hope, and every other emotion is not only seen but can be felt You become invested in the characters You want them to achieve their goals You want them to find that love and defeat that evil Magic found inside individuals who thought they were on the verge of death only to become some of those [...]

  19. Liked it was different but not sure that I will continue the series as I don t see where it really could go

  20. This book was the first book RS McCoy wrote This is also the first in a trilogy I am a member of the rep team of Rs McCoy I signed up to be part of her rep team because I really enjoyed her works and I also believe in her talent I read about two of her series The Extraction Files and The Alder Tales when she wanted people to be a part of her rep team I readily signed up and thankfully, I got in Now, I get to enjoy her books for free while helping her tell the world of how amazing and engaging he [...]

  21. This book has all the expected elements of a great fantasy book It s not muddied up with highschool drama or shifter wolf lovers There are no vampires or ghosts There s no detailed intimacy Nope, this is simply a great, well planned, and satisfyingly executed fantasy novel, the first of a now complete trilogy Unlike some fantasies, though, the story is told from Lark s perspective limited 3rd person the entire time I found this somewhat refreshing It s not that I don t enjoy a little perspective [...]

  22. Take Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stone, mix it with Graceling and First Year and there you have it Sparks The book is really entertaining, with neat characters and a fast paced plot It does have some clich elements, but it doesn t stop you from loving the story In this world, everyone has a Spark inside them which, in some cases, is strong enough to give people different powers These people are offered the possibility to be trained in a school until they have mastered the use of their abilit [...]

  23. This story is told through Lark s eyes, a boy who was only trying to improve his lot in life When he is chosen to go to the Myxini School for Children, he feels a lot of guilt over leaving his father and sick mother behind He is a good kid and has problems adapting to school life His mentor, Avis, is a thorn in his side and does everything he can to get Lark to give up and go home Lark, however, is determined to give his best no matter the circumstances.Chimalma, a city in the Nakbe Islands, was [...]

  24. Overall Rating 4 Rockin RS McCoy s book, Sparks, is an amazing novel about fantasy, love and loyalty The story takes place in a fictitious world A world where some of the people have sparks a magical light inside them that guides the person to read minds, bend the elements, or talk to animals Lark Davies from Lagadon, is a Reader He contains the spark of sensing thoughts by being able to read thoughts He is sent to the Myxini School for Children at fourteen summers There he begins to develop his [...]

  25. I always have loved stories, especially fantasy stories, that take place in some sort of school Whether it is for magic, or vampires, or sword fighting, as long as it takes place in a school, it s for me So it was no surprise that I knew instantly I was going to like this one Okayyou got me was initially because of the title, but can you blame me It s absolutely stunning At first, I had no idea it was about a school Note to self READ THE BLURB Usually with every book I read, I will But in this c [...]

  26. The ability to manipulate the earth and control the wind has been in the minds of men for thousands of years Self proclaimed wizards have said to have secretly discovered ways to manipulate the rivers and run with the forest animals It is one of the most common fantastical ideas that men have shared and have yet to achieve a god like power over the differential elements of the earth This book is a story about the possibility of humanity obtaining the goal of controlling various elements in the e [...]

  27. NB I received the book for free through First Reads.The premise of this story was really good unfortunately it didn t reach its potential.Initial impressions I felt that the sentence construction was slightly awkward although I got used to it and there were a couple of typing grammatical mistakes There were also several minor things that didn t really make sense or that the author didn t fully explain view spoiler For instance, why Lark had so little interaction with others in his village, or wh [...]

  28. 3.5 stars this book was pretty incredible, and I was pleasantly surprised at the story it told Lark, the main character, lives in a poor village He hunts to bring home food to his sick mother and starving father Nearly everyone in the village has the same illness, as no one can afford the expensive medicine Soon after, Lark learns that his father has sold him in order to get money to help their mother In a strong scene, Lark doesn t hold any resentment towards his father for this but he can t he [...]

  29. I will be honest I like the idea of this book much than the actual execution I received a free copy of this book from the author and I d like to point out that while it was worth the read there are several corrections I d like to see happen Edit The name of the book on the spine of the copy I received is spelled SPAKRS Edit Specific errors citing has been removed Any author will check completely and fully for errors like these before sending the book out for publishing.I found the use of langua [...]

  30. A fantasy novel with decent editing and writing, and no plot holes that I can remember Some things that felt clunky and forced near the beginning turned out to be reasonable later on, so if you come across anything that feels that way to you, don t give up on it I continually had the feeling that I was being told the story at a much later date, and while the story was interesting enough to keep me reading, I didn t feel like I was experiencing it I think that s why I didn t develop an attachment [...]

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