Free Download A Learning Experience - by Christopher G. Nuttall, A Learning Experience, Christopher G. Nuttall, A Learning Experience Earth is not alone There is a towering civilisation out in the galaxy far greater than anything we can imagine But we are isolated from the galaxy until now When a bunch of interstellar scavengers approach Earth intending to abduct a few dozen humans and sell them into slavery in the darkest they make the mistake of picking on Steve Stuart and his friends ex milEarth is n Free Download A Learning Experience - by Christopher G. Nuttall - A Learning Experience, A Learning Experience Earth is not alone There is a towering civilisation out in the galaxy far greater than anything we can imagine But we are isolated from the galaxy until now When a bunch of interstellar scavengers ap

  • Title: A Learning Experience
  • Author: Christopher G. Nuttall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download A Learning Experience - by Christopher G. Nuttall Free Download A Learning Experience - by Christopher G. Nuttall - A Learning Experience, A Learning Experience Earth is not alone There is a towering civilisation out in the galaxy far greater than anything we can imagine But we are isolated from the galaxy until now When a bunch of interstellar scavengers ap

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  • Free Download A Learning Experience - by Christopher G. Nuttall
    370 Christopher G. Nuttall
A Learning Experience

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    Christopher G. Nuttall Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Learning Experience book, this is one of the most wanted Christopher G. Nuttall author readers around the world.

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  1. Keep your politics out of sci fiI have purchased quite some few of the authors books end enjoyed his writing but this book get preachy about American politics and reads like a GOP propaganda manual Message to Chris Just enter in your bio that I hate anything that is not White Anglo Saxon I get it your conservative who lives in a society that has an artificially inflated standard of living based on colonialism I get it as I benefit every day from being born in the U.S however I m not dumb enough [...]

  2. I would say that this book is a bit different It is not the usual adventure book about a bunch of humans that discover that aliens do exist, get hold of some alien tech, and boldly goes on an adventure into space Well, it is a bit of that but it is also quite a bit a political story about breaking free from the Earth and the existing governments and creating a whole new nation.Normally I do not like books with too much political slant in them but I have to say that I found this one rather enjoya [...]

  3. This is a new series by Nuttall I have become a big fan of the various Nuttall series In this book our hero is Steve Stuart and friends who are all ex military An interstellar gang of scavenger abducts Stuart and friends with the goal of selling them into slavery Stuart and his buddies take over the ship an advanced alien ship and instead of returning to earth decide to establish a colony on the moon Of course, they have lots of exciting adventures in the process.The book is well written with lo [...]

  4. A Learning Experience.A really good story, political and military science fiction but as good as the story is, there are some very real and hard truths about the political realities in the USA In today s world, this is a possibly very real portrait of the conditions underlying the premise of the story Give it a ll be entertained.Plus have something to reflect on.

  5. Loved itthis is one of the few books that really kept me interested lots of action and down home thinking I for one would love to see a sequel to this book, maybe even a series.I would recommend this book to everyone.Country ways of life, military thinking and space ships, what could you ask for.

  6. This book is pure science fiction There isn t much better science fiction than what this story tells You have aliens, advanced technology, Earth veterans military guys, women, and a bunch of criticism of the government What could you ask This starts out with a group of military veterans, friends and their brothers out camping in Montana The military veterans have all recently gotten out of the military for one reason or another with most not happy the way things were going These people lived an [...]

  7. Left me shaking my head in wonder, how did this book get printed Firstly no character development at all, they are literally pop up card board cut outs.Secondly character interaction is awful stereotypical, b grade dialog, which i can normally live with, as long as i get my sci fi fix, right well i did read it all, so guilty there, sadly the book left me feeling almost insulted it really does treat you, like your an intellectual muppet quick exampleI loved the part where his girlfriend gets kidn [...]

  8. At times it was hard to listen to such a right wing nut job, but since the premise of the story is terrific, and Nuttall is a good writer when he s not being self indulgent, I had to power through it There are even some times when Stuart seems to acknowledge the error of his ways, and realize he is a hypocritical tool who bases many of his beliefs on unfounded propaganda I m hoping the next book in the series finds us in space among the stars where Stuart will find less cause to rave about how b [...]

  9. I really like it when an author makes me think things like what if and what might happen, next A Learning Experience is one of those books Nuttall skips over some of his usually rich character development the characters are good, just not as deeply developed as they could have been, nor as developed as Nuttall usually offers This was an intersecting trade off, unfortunately it felt like a trade off instead of a balance between world building and characters.One thing I am discovering is that no t [...]

  10. There s a decent story hidden underneath all the political ranting The author really needs to learn the difference between English and American phrasing, though Also, since when are Conservatives the ones who are pro science Perhaps the author lives in a parallel universe, but in this one, Conservatives are anti science Also, I understand that some people want to have guns, even if most of those shouldn t, but seriously, what s with insulting people who don t own guns for not owning guns But I g [...]

  11. Essentially a condensed, twentieth century take on BATTLEFIELD EARTH A scruffy tribe of aliens try to abduct a group of disaffected ex military Montanans The Montana troopers proceed to annihilate the aliens, steal their technology, and set up a lunar base populated by libertarian misfits, almost literally straight out of Heinlein The strident political message is cut a good bit by showing how the technological power corrupts those who wield it, but there s still than a surfeit of anti governme [...]

  12. Interesting and of course readableChristopher Nuttall never disappoints You may not agree with him I had also thought of Montana as the place where men are men and sheep are scared , but he is so prolific that just wait, you probably will agree with the next book Anyway, I expected to hate this book, didn t, found myself agreeing with a lot of his protagonists actions even the adult sheep and enjoyed the book I recommend that you suspend your natural distaste and just enjoy.

  13. This had such great potential then ruined it with political garble I couldn t get past the anti government rambling to try to get to what could have been a good story

  14. This comes across as a poor effort from the author I haven t read any of his other work so perhaps this is an excellent effort on his part but he s just got a really low ceiling in terms of talent.Nuttall appears to be poorly informed in terms of actual science which is unforgivable The entire repository of human knowledge sits there, available for the perusal of anyone with time to spare A SCIENCE fiction author should spare the time to know what they re talking about.The characters are flat an [...]

  15. Nuttall might be the most prolific author in the world at the moment Lots of fun fantasy and Military SF released in a timely fashion for very little cost Even if I don t love every one of his books, I m never bored A Learning Experience is the first of his novels I ve actively disliked It s hard to see how a lad from Edinborough can write characters that espouse far right US libertarian nonsense and it not be a satire But he plays it so straight that I began to wonder if Nuttall himself might b [...]

  16. This was a very fun what if book There are strong influences from Heinlein which is definitely not a bad thing in my eyes I enjoyed the exploration of what is a US Military war veteran s utopia and what concessions would have to be made when applied in reality The characters weren t to important to me, but the interactions were interesting due to the plot and their fairly transparent motivations.I found it enjoyable and will recommend it to my friends 4 5

  17. This author is a favorite of my son He recommended this book as a first read from the author I really enjoyed the story and the concept of creating a society and government, almost from scratch This is the first of a series and I plan to read The author s Libertarian political stance is readily apparent He makes several good points about the negative consequences that have occurred following well intentioned government programs.

  18. There s always a hidden jewel out there amongst the stars of books Large scale and fast paced galactic development Much to ponder as I enjoyed this political and military ride.

  19. Nuttall tells us a history of a group of humans that are abducted by an alien race, however the aliens choose a family of veterans from the US army and intelligence, leading to the humans quickly overpowering the aliens and taking over the ship From there they start building a society based on the alien tech.This is the plot of the book However i had two big problems with this book First, you need a huge dose of suspension of disbelief to accept how easily humans adapt to the alien technology Th [...]

  20. This book can be summed up as Libertarians in space If you don t agree with their political ideology you will not enjoy this book Politics aside, the book is very scarce on the sort of details that makes science fiction great I would not recommend this book, you d be better off reading something else.

  21. The basic idea behind the story was OK but I didn t enjoy it as much as I thought I would I found the story a bit disjointed as if bits were missing and the only person I got to know during the whole book was Steve.Unfortunately this was one of the problems, I want to like my heroes but at times I found Steve to be a naive reactionary toddler and even though he had his good parts I just couldn t like him.Another aspect of the book I found slightly worrying is that the women in the book were eith [...]

  22. What Decisions Would You Make With great power again comes great responsibility An extended family with an ex military, independent, libertarian and humanitarian streak even bigger than their Montana ranch take the fateful possession of a Starship whose mercenary crew was sent to collect a sample of humans for experimental cyborg implants But once in possession of such an advanced weapon what should be done with it This is the Learning Experience that goes beyond just what one man and his kin de [...]

  23. I usually love Nuttall s books but this one just did not work for me It was mostly the political bent that got me Because I started thinking about the challenges of living in space or on the moon and came to the conclusion that little regulation sounds good but when some idiot get greedy as is bound to happen en shortcuts are taken guess what an entire section of your habitat is blown out into space and twelve are killed.What this book did do for me is confirm and cement my belief in my own euro [...]

  24. Best of the books I read from Nuttall There is originality in 30 pages then the other books have combined At the ending the auther confess to having listened to feedback, dunno if thats why the book feel so different in a good way Christopher, you should check out Simmel s theory on the tragedy of culture Im sure it would help you abit Please continue to explore how earth would be affected and dont turn it into a generic spacebattle with alot of aliens PS Would buy the sequel DS

  25. Christopher has done a John Ringo Recommend,Troy Rising,and the Black Tide Rising series Let his right wing views dominate a good story.I have read 90% of his books but this one throws overtly the libertarianism view up to preaching in the 2nd book s fine for the setting,but it gets a little too preachy to be relevant to the story.With hope if there is Empire Corps to come,that he doesn t fall down the hole that John Ringo Ringo did recover but The Last Centurion,was unreadable fell down,and de [...]

  26. In this book a bunch of ex military, paranoid, sovereign citizens seriously take over an alien spaceship and decide to start their own nation The sheer level of tropes in this book made me sick, and when the ATF didn t show up to arrest the main characters I was utterly disappointed I didn t get very far before I had to put it down Did not finish.

  27. GREAT story Yes, Chris I Want A Sequel With that out of the way, I have to say that I liked the story line for the thoughtful plotting throughout The character development was first rate, and made for an enjoyable reading experience Worth your dime BTW, Chris could you post the forums that you drop your test chapters into , in your next afterwards

  28. Here s the thing I liked this book originally i thought that i would read the other ones in the series frankly, the overwhelming biased of the author just makes it to difficult to do i like the story and ideas, but it often felt like i was reading his manifesto on why the government is bad I don t share his opinion in a lot of ways so it made it hard to appreciate the book.

  29. I always loved the work of mister Christopher Nuttall, I ve fallen for the schooled in magic series and I was eager to test some of his stories Well, I wasn t disappointed I really liked how everything played out in that story, it was really realistic in a star trek kind of way I m definitely buying the second book.

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