[PDF] Read ↠ Waltz in Time : by Eugenia Riley, Waltz in Time, Eugenia Riley, Waltz in Time She waltzes across time as a matchmaker only to fall in love with the groom Stephanie Sergeant has returned to Natchez to live with her sister Sam in the splendid antebellum mansion both inherited from Great aunt Magnolia But there is no peace at Harmony House The grand estate is haunted not only by an ever fretful Magnolia but also by a gaggle of ghosts from theShe waltzes across [PDF] Read ↠ Waltz in Time : by Eugenia Riley - Waltz in Time, Waltz in Time She waltzes across time as a matchmaker only to fall in love with the groom Stephanie Sergeant has returned to Natchez to live with her sister Sam in the splendid antebellum mansion both inherited f

  • Title: Waltz in Time
  • Author: Eugenia Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ↠ Waltz in Time : by Eugenia Riley [PDF] Read ↠ Waltz in Time : by Eugenia Riley - Waltz in Time, Waltz in Time She waltzes across time as a matchmaker only to fall in love with the groom Stephanie Sergeant has returned to Natchez to live with her sister Sam in the splendid antebellum mansion both inherited f

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  • [PDF] Read ↠ Waltz in Time : by Eugenia Riley
    416 Eugenia Riley
Waltz in Time

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  1. Eugenia Riley

    Eugenia Riley is the award winning, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary and time travel romances, including A TRYST IN TIME, TEMPEST IN TIME, and TIMESWEPT BRIDE She is a 1 Bestselling Author of Time Travel Romance at and Kindle She has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin and Dorchester.Eugenia is delighted to announce the launching of Eugenia Riley Classics, a new imprint featuring all of your favorite Eugenia Riley historical, contemporary, and time travel romances, finally available again in Kindle, NOOK, Kobo and at iBooks Eugenia s currently available e book list includes WANTED ACROSS TIME BUSHWHACKED BRIDE BUSHWHACKED GROOM PHANTOM IN TIME EMBERS OF TIME A CHRISTMAS IN TIME LOVERS AND OTHER LUNATICS TIMESWEPT BRIDE TIMESWEPT BABY THE PHANTOM OF THE BATHTUB TEMPEST IN TIME and TWO HEARTS IN TIME.Eugenia s latest release, WANTED ACROSS TIME, is an April 2013 release in Kindle, NOOK, Kobo, and at iBooks WANTED ACROSS TIME is a wild and sexy romp back in time to the Wild West, in the tradition of BUSHWHACKED BRIDE and BUSHWHACKED GROOM.Eugenia is especially acclaimed for her nine time travel romance novels Her first two, A TRYST IN TIME and TEMPEST IN TIME, were Waldenbooks romance bestsellers in mass market paperback both titles sold out of print three times Three of her time travels placed on the Ingram s romance list and EMBERS OF TIME was a top ten bestseller in time travel at Borders Eight of Eugenia s time travels have earned 5 star ratings or better at Heartland Critiques, and all have won numerous high ratings and rave reviews in publications such as Romantic Times, Rendezvous, and The Literary Times Reviewer Harriet Klausner calls Eugenia the empress of time travel romance She has received thousands of fan letters on her novels, from locations all over the world.Eugenia is the winner of the HOLT Medallion for WALTZ IN TIME She is a magna cum laude graduate of Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, a former English teacher and editor of TOUCHSTONE Literary Quarterly She lives in Texas with her husband they have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

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  1. Waltz in Time is just that Stephanie, I young window encounters ghosts of her great aunt Magnolia, who gives her a mission to Fix the past, and end the sorrow of those who lived in the mansion 100s of years ago.Stephanie is a strong woman who will not let a man rule her life, she accepts the fact that she has time travelled extremely well While trying to get Andre to like Ebbie, so Stephanie can return to the present she falls in love with him.Andre is a devoted father who let s his children rul [...]

  2. Genre Romance Time TravelAuthor Eugenia RileyBook Waltz in TimeMy Star Rating 4.5 out of 5Will I read I read it again YesNow usually I wouldn t read a book with kids already in the picture but I didn t mind it in this book Also, now since my husband is in the Army and has gone to war, I don t read books with the soldiers being killed in a war zone In this book her first husband died in war, but it really didn t bother me because she didn t dwell on it I found that I really like all the character [...]

  3. Geez and to think that I used to enjoy this type of book UGH Stephanie is one of those TSTL heroines whom you just want to smack some sense into And Andre is a rogue who Stephanie finds charming but I just found smarmy and sleazy If I hadn t needed this book to complete a few challenges this month, I would definitely have given up, as it was I literally had to force myself to keep reading this utter crap.I think the problem was that I m jaded by paranormals where ghosts are run of the mill Steph [...]

  4. It s the first book I ve read of this author I must say that it s plot is refreshing to me I am used to reading heavy plots of war and such that the book s lighter mood gives me a good feeling But not as much as I like Constance O Day Flannery s Time After Time.The setting s almost similar Modern widow falls through time to meet widower, who kinda is unable to take care of his child children due to mourning or guilt, and the heroine never wants to go back any and in the end they get to stay and [...]

  5. Delightful romanceQuick paced read with wonderful endearing cast of characters I thoroughly enjoyed this story which made me laugh out loud The children are a spark that makes this romance come alive I read a lot and I never saw the ending coming Would I recommend this novel You bet I will definitely be read from Eugenia Riley.

  6. I didn t expect to love this as much as I did because I ve been disappointed with the last couple of historical romances I ve read recently It was surprising and refreshing to say the least I think what I loved most was that it didn t include any over the top soap opera drama like crazy ex mistresses, jealous admirers, controlling relatives, or shady blackmail and murder plots thrown in just to keep it interesting It started as romance and stayed focused on the romance which I loved It didn t th [...]

  7. I found the hero infuriating From the inside front Matchmaker s masquerade When Stephanie Sergeant inherited a rambling old mansion in Natchez, Mississippi, she had no idea she d have to share it with the ghost of a lovelorn Victorian spinster Now the haunting straings of a violin disturb her sleep each night And when she does dream, her late Great aunt Magnolia comes to call, complaining that someone has to deal with that man Traveling back in time to play matchmaker, Stephanie seeks to pair up [...]

  8. Be careful to sip wine you didn t see poured.This review is from Waltz in Time Kindle Edition What every Romance needs, a little mystery, a little cad you wanna slap, and most of all a steamy response after the slap, kids and love When she thinks she can t have kids a trip back in time to make sure a ghost that is haunting her marries the cad she thinks is the problem Well things get a little strange the cad isn t a total toad, in fact after a few weeks she finds she likes kissing this prince Th [...]

  9. There wasn t much to the story, so I got a little tired as it carried on for 378 pages Also, this is the second book I ve read by Eugenia Riley, and it was much too alike to the first I even skimmed through a third, and it too was pretty much the same Same characters with new names and a slightly different backgrounds They even say and do the same things I m starting to think Once you ve read one of Eugenia Riley s books, you ve read them all.

  10. This is the first book I ve read by Eugenia Riley and after reading all her glowing reviews I was disappointed This book was slow paced which is the main reason it is over 300 pages I found the time travel element a little confusing and I didn t feel any connection to the heroine Stephanie I did a lot of skimming to get to the end.The romance is this book is okay and the historical detail is enough to make me feel transported back in time to Natchez in 1878 I just wished it would have been edite [...]

  11. RomanticI had to give this five stars She is a great author and this book was so cute and passionateBut it could have still touch a little in the present timeBut all in all a great book

  12. Another great one from Ms Riley She brings old songs to her story and I find myself finding them on youtube and listen to them while reading.This story had 5 little ones and 2 of them were little misfits and also adorable.

  13. It was a joy to readYou know you really enjoy the book when you re sorry to see it end I will definitely be reading of your box.

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