Ü Human Universe ↠ Brian Cox AndrewCohen, Human Universe, Brian Cox AndrewCohen, Human Universe Human life is a staggeringly strange thing On the surface of a ball of rock falling around a nuclear fireball in the blackness of a vacuum the laws of nature conspired to create a naked ape that can look up at the stars and wonder where it came from What is a human being Objectively nothing of consequence Particles of dust in an infinite arena present for an instant iHuman life is Ü Human Universe ↠ Brian Cox AndrewCohen - Human Universe, Human Universe Human life is a staggeringly strange thing On the surface of a ball of rock falling around a nuclear fireball in the blackness of a vacuum the laws of nature conspired to create a naked ape that can l

  • Title: Human Universe
  • Author: Brian Cox AndrewCohen
  • ISBN: 9780007488803
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover

Ü Human Universe ↠ Brian Cox AndrewCohen Ü Human Universe ↠ Brian Cox AndrewCohen - Human Universe, Human Universe Human life is a staggeringly strange thing On the surface of a ball of rock falling around a nuclear fireball in the blackness of a vacuum the laws of nature conspired to create a naked ape that can l

  • Ü Human Universe ↠ Brian Cox AndrewCohen
    366 Brian Cox AndrewCohen
Human Universe

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  1. Brian Cox AndrewCohen

    Brian Edward Cox, OBE born 3 March 1968 is a British particle physicist, a Royal Society University Research Fellow, PPARC Advanced Fellow and Professor at the University of Manchester He is a member of the High Energy Physics group at the University of Manchester, and works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland He is working on the RD project of the FP420 experiment in an international collaboration to upgrade the ATLAS and the CMS experiment by installing additional, smaller detectors at a distance of 420 metres from the interaction points of the main experiments.He is best known to the public as the presenter of a number of science programmes for the BBC, boosting the popularity of subjects such as astronomy so is a science popularizer, and science communicator He also had some fame in the 1990s as the keyboard player for the pop band D Ream.

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  1. I have read many books, fiction and non fiction I love science and learning all I can about life This latest offering from Professor Brian Cox, based on the very latest scientific understanding as of right now, in late 2014, expanding and developing the TV series now available on DVD of the same title, left me astounded, amazed and actually breathless It is beautifully illustrated and brilliantly written It is by far the very best and most compelling book that I have ever read on anything It is [...]

  2. This book is based on its namesake BBC documentary, Human Universe If you did not see it yet, you should totally worth it the others in the series too Brian Cox does an amazing job presenting it his enthusiasm and joy are written all over his face and you can hear it also in his voice Part of that excitement is present here, in the book, too.The facts themselves aren t ground breaking but the way they are presented is a total different story From Big Bang to quantum physics, from Lucy to Paul Yo [...]

  3. This is another sumptuous book from Professor Cox in conjunction with the BBC tv series of the same name The book is full or amazing photographs and articles showing the amazing challenges and how we have excelled over them through the ages from evolutionary imperatives to pushing the boundaries of our planet Professor Cox is a very human face to what could be a very dry and antiseptic subject My only possibly criticism is that the this time round they have chosen such a wide subject with so man [...]

  4. If you are not deterred by very occasional moments of trite humanist polemic, special pleading for investment in hard science and a slight tendency to pander to an American readership, this is an absolutely brilliant introduction to current scientific cosmological thought It deals with big questions in an adult, uncompromising but clear way Cox and Cohen have managed to offer us some seriously hard science well above my comprehension as jewels in a setting of explanation that mean we actually ca [...]

  5. I ve got a confession to make I m having a love affair The name of the one that s stolen my intellectual heart science, and in particular, physics And I ve primarily got one man to thank for that Professor Brian Cox Brian Cox writes, speaks and explains vast, mind bending complexities with the air of a man who, to coin a term, knows his stuff Thanks to him, I ve started to grasp the very corners of physics, from Einstein s theories of special and general relativity to white dwarf stars and black [...]

  6. This was an amazing read Brian Cox has a way of mingling mind bending physics with his own brand of down to earth humor which results in a really entertaining read I m not a scientists by any stretch of the imagination, but the topics discussed in this book, from the moments before the Big Bang to Why are we here are explained and discussed in such a way, that anyone can follow the theories and enjoy discovering new science It s a really uplifting and engaging read, peppered with some punchy mom [...]

  7. In the book to accompany the TV series of the same name Professor Brian Cox links human evolution to the development of our exploration of space or tries toIn fact this is a confused and confusing book There are two stories trying to work together but they don t really manage it The story of the development of space exploration and understanding is well put together and whilst some of the maths and concepts may be beyond the average reader, it doesn t become a textbook of quantum physics The par [...]

  8. I simply loved it, non ebook ever could be beautiful than the hardcover version of this book, it makes you feel proud to be a human, it makes you to love astronomy, to want to reach the stars It gives you hope about the future It makes you like a child again looking forward to read each page and to look each picture without wanting to miss any detail and when you finish this pleasant trip through the history You feel like your new cool friend is now gone.

  9. Fascinating, compelling, uplifting and inspiring, this is a warm and humane exploration of science, the universe, and our place within it As the author himself puts it, Human Universe is a love letter to humanity, filled with a light of optimism Read it and be inspired.

  10. Human Universe by Professor Brian Cox Human Universe is a very good complementary book to the BBC documentary series of the same name Professor Brian Cox takes the reader on an uplifting journey of the big questions that has taken humanity from ape man to space man This entertaining 256 page book is broken out by the following five sections 1 Where are We , 2 Are We Alone , 3 Who are We , 4 Why are We Here , and 5 What is Our Future Positives 1 Innate ability to make science accessible and fun f [...]

  11. another awesome book from Professor Cox after i watched the tv series Human Universe i love to read the book because i am melting from the greatness of episodes

  12. Ok I have a bit of a science back group A levels and then a bit Anyway, did I like this book I didn t watch the TV series love the pictures scenery but Prof Cox I find a bit too media friendly look, tone of voice, etc etc so tend not to want to see science bastardised that way Anyway, this really wasn t dumbed down science I found it took us through things but didn t stop in a patronising well, they won t understand it anyway he continued, including explaining theorem and equations, and I found [...]

  13. Restores your sense of wonder hope for humanity Here you have a book that makes you feel better about being human, that makes you look at the stars and think of your cells and the unlikely reality we experience by being here in a universe full of wonders full of impossibilities by being human.I loved the historical references, the history of our history not as nations or races but as humans, the reverence for the accumulation of knowledge for the sake of understanding a little bit , while knowin [...]

  14. What a piece of work Man is So certain, so vulnerable, so ingenious, so small, so bold, so loving, so violent, so full of promise, so unaware of his fragile significance This book is astonishing, fascinating and very well written It is a reminder that we are unusual creatures living for a finite time in an unusual place set in a vast mysterious universe and that what makes us even unusual is the fact that we are able to question who we are and where we come from and, no matter what, stubbornly [...]

  15. Bryan Cox produjo un documental con el mismo nombre esta puede ser considerada la version extendida del mismo es un viaje atravez de billones de a os, desde las teorias sobre que pudo haber ocurrido antes del Big Bang hasta nuestros presentes dias con la necesidad de explorar el espacio es un libro entretenido para todas las personas que quieran tener una introduccion a las ciencias naturales personalmente me quedo con el capitulo en el cual explica la ecuacion de Drake en este capitulo Cox defi [...]

  16. Enjoyable pop physics and cosmology book that explores our place in the universe Lavishly illustrated.

  17. Human Universe was written by Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen, both theoretical physicists It was based on the series with the same name In this book the authors try to make sense of human life in a very clear way I guess their main point is to make us appreciate and value humankind instead of destroy it They believe in the power of education to help us live in a constructive way and to focus on what is really crucial for our survival as a species.

  18. Wow I mean Wow.I cannot, will not because I cannot praise this book enough Fascinating I ve always been fascinated by science and space and astronomy yeah yeah, who isn t , so I bought this book, having always been a fan of Brian Cox s work, to give myself a change in scenery rather than watch his show I thought I d read the accompanying book instead.At first though I thought that was all it was going be, a kind of bonus feature to the TV series Perhaps a sort of behind the scenes look at how it [...]

  19. We, as a humanity have made an extraordinary and epochal transformation from ape man to space man in Professor Brian Cox s own words But how did this stupendous change take place What significant events occurred that made such a breathtaking evolution a reality Questions such as these are the preserve of Human Universe Professor Brian Cox and co author Andrew Cohen go back in time and also in space to chart out the wonderful path of human evolution from primate to astronaut During the course of [...]

  20. This book made me feel wondrous on multiple occasions with its mind blowing revelations I was constantly telling people the fascinating things I had read in here, from the magnitude of our galaxy, the number of galaxies in the universe, how intelligent life might have ended up on this planet, the space race, and how all things are all made up of such a small set of elementary particles 4 and not 5 stars due to occasionally it got a bit too technical without really adding anything which made me s [...]

  21. Human Universe is the book accompanying the BBC television series of the same name Brian Cox is the host of the show and author of this book He is a physicist and science popularizer in the same spirit as Carl Sagan, and his writing reminds me very much of Carl s Like COSMOS, Human Universe is a person voyage and Brian gives his personal perspective on how our understanding of the universe is woven into the fabric of society What I admire most about his presentation is his clear delineation of w [...]

  22. Quiet a few people have landed on the moon, before i read the book i thought there were only two The book talks about the universe, and how insignificant humans are, at the same time how unlikely we are The size of the universe is unbelievable, from atoms to galaxy, even atoms are composed of quarks, an infinite space More interesting is the idea of inflation, which caused the big bang, there are an infinite number of universes with different physical laws, and we are in one with laws favorable [...]

  23. This book is hugely enlightening not only on a scientific level but on a personal level also it engages you, explaining the science in a way that someone who is maybe not completely familiar with the topics at hand can understand whilst entwining the facts and theories with the wonders of human endeavour By the end I was left feeling inspired and in total awe of the universe and all that resides within it, including ourselves I cannot recommend it enough.

  24. The sense of wonderment Dr Cox has for the subjects that he is writing about makes this a compelling read The subject matter is, of course, quite dense so it generally falls into two categories 1 I know this already as it s explained in layman s terms and 2 this thing he is explaining is incredibly complex and I have not the faintest in what he is talking about, but the bit words sound lovely.

  25. Loved this book.Gets pretty heavy at some points with physics and mathematical stuff, but the authors passion and ability to express ideas is fantastic and it has alot of information and stories that really make you think.

  26. Wonderful book Brian makes you think about the universe and your place in it and at the same time he gives you insight in astronomy, physics, mathematics and so on.Enjoy this book

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