[PDF] Download ↠ Opening Moves : by Steven James, Opening Moves, Steven James, Opening Moves Opening Moves In the Bowers Files novels FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers has stopped someof the most vicious serial killers ever imagined Now in the latest excitinginstallment author James takes readers back to Bowers terrifying beginning Available in a tall Premium Edition Original Full description [PDF] Download ↠ Opening Moves : by Steven James - Opening Moves, Opening Moves Opening Moves In the Bowers Files novels FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers has stopped someof the most vicious serial killers ever imagined Now in the latest excitinginstallment author James takes r

  • Title: Opening Moves
  • Author: Steven James
  • ISBN: 8601401006138
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ↠ Opening Moves : by Steven James [PDF] Download ↠ Opening Moves : by Steven James - Opening Moves, Opening Moves Opening Moves In the Bowers Files novels FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers has stopped someof the most vicious serial killers ever imagined Now in the latest excitinginstallment author James takes r

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Opening Moves : by Steven James
    156 Steven James
Opening Moves

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  1. Steven James

    Steven James is a national bestselling novelist whose award winning, pulse pounding thrillers continue to gain wide critical acclaim and a growing fan base.After consulting with a former undercover FBI agent and doing extensive research on cybercrimes, Steven wrote his latest thriller, EVERY CROOKED PATH a taut, twist filled page turner that is available now wherever books are sold If you ve never met environmental criminologist and geospatial investigator Patrick Bowers, EVERY CROOKED PATH is the perfect chance to dive into the series and find out what fans and critics everywhere are raving about.Suspense Magazine, who named Steven s book THE BISHOP their Book of the Year, says that he sets the new standard in suspense writing Publishers Weekly calls him a master storyteller at the peak of his game And RT Book Reviews promises, the nail biting suspense will rivet you Respected by some of the top thriller writers in the world, Steven deftly weaves intense stories of psychological suspense with deep philosophical insights As critically acclaimed novelist Ann Tatlock put it, Steven James gives us a captivating look at the fine line between good and evil in the human heart.

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  1. Opening Moves by Steven James should come with a warning on it It may cause sleeplessness and or nightmares It also should contain the warning that if you have a busy weekend coming up don t start the book as it may cause you to miss something important, like work, a business meeting or breathing.Written as the prequel to the Patrick Bowers series, Opening Moves joins Patrick as he starts his career in Milwaukee He is a detective and a new case has come to him Someone is honoring Jeffery Dahmer [...]

  2. Two in a row where I didn t get The Who done it right Fabulous I love it when I m wrong I m sorry I waited so long to continue with the series I will say I knew what one of the killers was but didn t put together who it was until right before the reveal.It was very descriptive with the killers But it made it all real, believable Wow and to find out how the author has a tie to real killers scary.

  3. Before he was an FBI agent, Patrick Bowers was a Milwaukee homicide detective With his sharp mind and uncanny ability to notice things , Patrick moved quickly up the ranks of the Milwaukee Police Department When a bizarre abduction and mutilation occurs, with eerie similarities to notorious serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer, Patrick is chosen to lead the task force responsible for locating the perpetrator However, Patrick s case also happens to have some semblances to a series of deaths FBI agent Ra [...]

  4. Steven James brought us Patrick Bowers in his debut novel The Pawn and the series has continued onward, earning Steven rave reviews and many awards along the way His last book The Queen continued the events of Patrick Bowers both professionally and personally, but one thing was always in the back of my mind, how did Patrick get this way With many series characters, the author sets you in the middle of their life, leaving the reader to wonder what happened to them in the beginning Steven answers [...]

  5. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK JANUARY 28, 2016At least I managed to finish the audio this time, being prepare for the gory details While I plan to listen to the rest of the series, I hope I ll be able to follow the story, unlike this prequel I found it hard to keep track of the investigation and why Ralph, the FBI special agent was there if Bowers was leading the way right to the end While I got that there were two killer threads interwoven together, I couldn t follow it and at the end of the audio, I sti [...]

  6. I should start by saying that I m not the typical thriller reader, but I love all of Steven s novels For me they are beautifully written forays into difficult psychological and philosophical questions that force me to take a deep look at life and into my true beliefs This latest offering is the most disturbing and therefore the most challenging of the bunch My favorite aspect is that while the villains are unbelievably creepy and evil, you also get inside of their heads and see what caused them [...]

  7. Steven James never disappoints, only gets better and better Steven James, best selling author of The Bowers Files takes readers back to FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers early years in Opening Moves the prequel that releases today, Sept 4th There readers find Bowers working as a homicide detective, ten years before his career as an FBI Special Agent James weaves fact and fiction together and uses 1997 Milwaukee, Wisconsin for his setting, just a few years after serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer s cann [...]

  8. The drama and suspense were epically intoxicating I think this however, may be the goriest book in the Bowers series I skipped over a few sentences cause it was a little too real Lol but the climactic ending was WORTH IT I m telling you when a book makes you sit straight up and almost throw the book you are so psyched it s a good read FIVE STARS EASILY

  9. Title Opening Moves Author Steven James Pages 483Year 2012Publisher Signet Select If you ve never read Steven James before, this book should be the first He does a masterful job of building tension, maintaining suspense, and action This book is the beginning of his Patrick Bowers series, a prequel if you will I ve read all of the other Patrick Bower books, which are great This one is no exception For this story, the reader finds Patrick Bowers as a homicide detective in Milwaukee This is where h [...]

  10. I really, really like Steven James s books They re extremely well written and full of facts This book has a lot of true crime mixed into it.This book was written after the first five books had been released, and I would recommend reading this one before you start The Pawn Having read the other books, I was almost at a disadvantage because I knew the outcome to the main plotline But don t get me wrong, this was still an incredible book Opening Moves is quite gruesome, so than the other books The [...]

  11. I love Steven James and I love all his books This one included But, this is a very, very hard emotional read There were many times I sobbed, felt gut wrenching pain and became very nauseous after reading many chapters This book is very graphic and while good is not for the squeamish.Many times after reading several chapters I laid in bed and asked God to just wipe us out The pure evil that people can do just boggles my mind The flood IMO came too early But, one the other hand if I think the worl [...]

  12. Opening Moves was just as good the second time reading it Even though it s only been a couple years since I originally read it, I still had forgotten a lot of the story, so things definitely ended up surprising me again I loved seeing how Patrick and Ralph met It was fun how they interacted with each other and I loved the ending It made me very eager to pick up The Pawn and continue reading Patrick s story.Overall, I loved this book The crimes in Opening Moves are very gruesome and cringe worthy [...]

  13. Wow As with the other books in this series, I could hardly put it down I really enjoyed going back to the beginning of Pat s career and filling in details that were alluded to in the previous books I now feel like I understand his character With this new insight, I now want to reread the series Maybe I ll get them squeezed in before The King comes out next spring.

  14. This was a really good read Chilling and gripping story that keeps you turning the page Had some true event elements to it which made t that much chilling.

  15. I really liked this book and I want to read in this series because of it I enjoyed how the author kept you guessing on who the killer was That is something that only really good authors can do I thought it was interesting that Detective Bowers knew one of the two killers Which leads to the next thing that was interesting There was two killers I thought that it was funny that the second killer made people commit crimes like previous ones from history that were well known in the Milwaukee area to [...]

  16. Review on review R1DN3M8TReview on my blog christianbookshelfreviewsI think Opening Moves might be one of Steven James most chilling and creepy Patrick Bowers book yet although all of them are creepy in their own way.I found Opening Moves very interesting and I loved getting to see Patrick Bowers in the way that we do and finding out about this case which was mentioned in other Patrick Bowers books.The story was super suspenseful and at times very gruesome even I had trouble reading it at time [...]

  17. I really do not know how to rate this book Based on technical aspects alone, it is no doubt a five star book, at the minimum It has great character development despite two of the main characters being so well known developed in the subsequent books , it grips the reader and carries the reader along, it has a crazy narrative, it intermixes fact with fiction to create a believable blend of reality, it is fast moving and has some twist and turns along the way it has mystery, action, suspense, and h [...]

  18. WOW This was a thrilling and gripping bookd also extremely gruesome and chilling I have never read any of the Patrick Bowers books before and kept hearing great things about them, but since I had read one of this author s other books Placebo and didn t care for it all that much I wasn t in a hurry to try this one I am glad that I finally did it was so great in a dark and creepy way.Opening Moves was actually the sixth book written in this series, but it s the prequel and that s why I chose to re [...]

  19. Because this book was written sixth in the series but is actually a prequel to the first book, I was very skeptical of the story Often I find that prequels tend to be trite, piecing together odd details to try to create a backstory as they go to cover every characteristic they have ever used in the booksEVER, I was very impressed with this book There were no gimmicky details that made you grimmace at how obvious they were played out in the other novels The one exception being Patrick Bowers disg [...]

  20. I think prequels are strange Having read all the other books in the series, and being personally acquainted with the author, I was really anticipating Opening Moves I was not expecting the historical connections that were presented in the earlier part of the book, but enjoyed getting to know Patrick Bowers a bit earlier in his careerd a couple of other characters that would appear later in the series The second half of the book was just great as the story progressed.I was trying to second guess [...]

  21. I read the book as I had heard a lot about this series I picked this book as its a prequel to the 1st book titled Pawn Patrick Bowers is the main character who is a detective in this series prequel and is looking for a serial killer who is aping other infamous ones in Milwaukee.The author has to be given credit for his characterization as the main character while being alike to Sherlock Holmes is much personable There s also the overall mystery which unlike most serial killer thrillers doesn t [...]

  22. I hate to give this book only three stars, because Steven James is one of my favorite authors However, I could not finish the book and it had nothing to do with the writing In fact, the writing was excellent It was almost too good because yes, it was very descriptive, yes, you felt like you were in the story, and these were my problem I would love to have finished the book, but it just got to me in a way that no other book of this style ever has This is my favorite genre, and it causes me pain t [...]

  23. I enjoy reading Steven James Bower series of books However, after reading the entire series to date I had eagerly awaited his latest edition not expecting it to be about the characters early career prior to the beginning of the initial book WTH is that about however it was an enjoyable read Awaiting his next book coming out next year.

  24. I think this was the best one so far Not to give too much away but it was nice reading about the case that he refers to so often in the other books I loved reading about how he met the other characters that we already know from the others Also, the story being related to famous past serial killers was interesting I loved it

  25. Amazing Love this series although this one was disturbing Use of real criminals and discussion of cannibalism makes it too real However the story is amazing You never see the twists coming It also fits nicely as a prequel to the others in this series.

  26. James said that he had a difficult time writing this book because he had nightmares about it He probably should not have written it The book was dark and had no redeeming benefits If I had read this first,I wouldn t have read any of his other works.

  27. This was one of his best books so far It is a prequel to the Patrick Bowers series but can be read at anytime during the process The bad guy in this book was downright creepy and his murders were grisly I loved this book and had a lot of trouble stopping at night.

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